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So I participated in a secret santa over on [ profile] beyond_dapper. And today was a bad day. And I don't know what possessed me, but I made a video of myself opening my presents.

So yeah. That's me. =)
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Kia made me a Klaine fanmix!!!


Nov. 28th, 2011 06:44 pm
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Putting up a wishlist for the Beyond Dapper Secret Santa. WOOT. If you're not the person who has my name, just scroll on by and ignore this entry, lol!

Christmas wishes! )
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Spoilers ahoy! )
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There are all kind of prettyful/funny Glee-related things on my Tumblr. =D

Also, Darren.
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Blaine's transfer and all Klaine scenes were 100% PERFECT. Kurt totally acknowledged that Blaine didn't need to be transferring just for him and Blaine was all "nope, this is for me too." And they're stupidly adorable in love. And BOWTIES, and the HUG, and HOLDING HANDS IN THE LIMA BEAN.

It's Not Unusual? 'Scuse me, I might be pregnant now. Best New Directions audition OF ALL TIME? YES.

Santana getting booted? I...I am torn. But I'm hoping it leads to a redemption/coming out storyline for her.


Why the heck is Emma STILL a virgin??? WHY? I'm glad they're--dating? Living together? But GRRRRRAHGH. On the other hand, good job Mr. Schue, after the smackdown on Sugar, we might have to look into getting you a Man Card.

Quinn? Quinn looks awesome. I hope she rejoins Glee but maintains the badassery. And the HAIR. Minus the smoking, BAD Quinn! And lol Unholy Trinity. Maybe Santana will join the Skanks as well? =/

Lindsey's (from The Glee Project) character is as annoying as Lindsey herself. But I CANNOT WAIT to see the other three! Kind of glad we've got her more or less out of the way.

Sue is...Sue. She makes me want to rip my teeth out and I wouldn't change a thing about her ever.

Thanks, Finn, you having no clue what you want to do with your life is EXACTLY my headcanon, and exactly why I can't decide if you're good for Rachel or not. (I'm sure Kurt could be an awesome stepbrother and help you work on that; you were fairly awesome to him last year when he was having a hard time. After you got your head out of your ass anyway.)

Where was Karofsky? NGL, I want him to join Glee and then for it to give him the guts to come out, having the support of the rest of ND. Wasn't Becky supposed to join Glee, BTW? Ah, well, we just got started I suppose.

And I think I'll withhold comment on Mercedes' boyfriend for now. So far, I am...not enchanted. I was way more excited over the brief hint of Samcedes in the finale. He'll gain a lot of awesome points if he signs up, even if he kind of only doo-wops and shuffles along. =)

And GRR apparently I don't get Fox anymore. So I'll be watching online. >_

Oh, Darren

Sep. 18th, 2011 06:58 pm
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I don't even want to admit how much time I've spent looking at this since Darren tweeted it...

my new baby

Sep. 1st, 2011 10:59 pm
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I'm caving to the obvious; his name is Darren.

1. This car is male; stick-shift innuendo aside I just get that vibe.

2. Also he's a bit of a flirt/show-off.

3. And maybe kinda loud? Maybe it just sounds that way to me because I've always driven automatics but I feel like he runs louder than Laurien.

4. Also, baby looks good in red (click for fullsize, if you're so inclined):

Just like:


So for Christmas, I want one of these. Because it would just be hilarious if Darren-the-car also had the eyebrows.
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The only real tragedy here is that Chris (Kurt? Are they supposed to be in character?) didn't get a solo. SO CLOSE AND YET SO FAR. But hopefully this means that Kurt's got a shot at doing pre-80's Bowie as some point this season because clearly the issue is not getting the rights to his music. =)

UNF DARREN. *repeat forever*
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This is a silly pop song. A silly 80's (early 90's? not sure) pop song all about sex and not much else.

WOW holy huge YouTube frame, not sure how to change that, so have a cut. )

But, left to his own devices, HE STILL MAKES IT SOUND ROMANTIC.

(Anyone seen the Family Guy cutaway where Peter's on ecstasy and is rubbing Stewie's head going "It's so soft,  HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT? HOW YOU--HOW YOU DOING THAT?" Yeah that's pretty much my thought process at this point. Minus the ecstasy.)

Glee 3D

Aug. 14th, 2011 07:16 pm
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I'm pasting my reply comment from a previous entry:


I might actually see a movie in theaters a second time, for the first time ever.

Worth $10 JUST for the Warblers' three songs+Born This Way. Easily.

AND AND AND the 3D was DONE RIGHT and was AMAZING. OMG. I actually feel slightly compensated for not getting to meet Darren IRL because it was SO SO REAL LOOKING. OMG.

Only sad thing: they didn't really show the between-song skits. So no Klaine proposal. =(

Also: if you go, SIT THROUGH THE SLUSHIE CREDITS, THERE'S ANOTHER SONG. I was the only one that stayed, and so I'm sitting there in my good seat and all the other people that were down by the door were scrambling to find another seat real quick to watch it.


The whole conceit is that they really are in character whole time--the backstage interviews were Kurt, Rachel, and Mike (etc), not Chris, Lea, and Harry. To us it's Glee Live, to the people in the movie it's the New Directions/Warblers International Tour, intercut with some stories from fans of how Glee has changed their lives and what they've learned--which, honestly, was kinda Lifetime-movie-ish and I could've done without, because I would've much rather seen the skits. KLAINE PROPOSAL. WHY WHY WHY?

Also, I'm a bit sad--Kurt and Blaine don't sing together, unless you count the Big Group Numbers where they let Darren onstage. Kurt is not in the Warblers during their three songs.

Kurt's solo--I Want To Hold Your Hand--was really sweet. He kept pausing in the middle of it to say "Hi there!" to people in the front row. =)

What else, what else...? Oh, Holly Holiday was there and did Forget You, which makes me wonder--did Gwyneth Paltrow do the whole tour? Really? She didn't have a movie or anything? Or did she just pop in for a show or two and that was when they filmed?

Okay. Can't really think of anything else more specific than capslock and flailing, other than I'm definitely getting the DVD when it comes out.
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I put my "live album" together and put up a (crappy) piece of Klaine fanart on my website.

well crap

Jul. 28th, 2011 10:09 pm
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I was toying with the idea of going to this, with some friends. But none of them were going to be able to make a trip that weekend.

Then I was toying with the idea of going alone, if my family was receptive to me crashing in St. Louis on Friday and Saturday and therefore I wouldn't have to get a hotel.

And then I looked again this evening--less than 24 hours after tickets became available--and they were sold out. Sad Trombone.
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If you prefer, you can watch the whole concert on my website, via YouTube. I didn't want to have to re-upload to get it on my site, and YouTube has the nifty annotations.
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This is the entire freaking concert. Enjoy. Please.

Any and all squees welcome. =)
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I was wearing my Pavarotti necklace:

And then we rode a rollercoaster (the one from the pic of Darren, actually), and as we were slowing down at the end, I realized I was only wearing a chain--I should've taken it off but it hadn't occurred to me.

I thought I'd lost it, and frankly, that would've been very upsetting. I bought this necklace just a few days after Cody left and it really means a lot to me.

And then, miracle of miracles, I realized something was poking me in the butt, and--sweet relief--there it was. I just fixed it, good as new.

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I have so many FEELINGS about the Darren concert--namely, a weird kind of disconnect because we were so far back (row S, and A was at the front), and we didn't get to talk to him afterward or anything; he wasn't signing. So yes, there's video, and the pics Dani took, but it still feels a little unreal that I was THAT CLOSE.

But it was an amazing set, and Darren was exactly as humble/dapper/polite/charming/amazing/amazeballs/supermegafoxyawesomehot as he always seems to be--it's not fake. Someone (I'm presuming a girl =/) passed out during the concert and he stopped and was genuinely concerned, for her, and for everyone else (lecturing everyone to stay hydrated out there). And. Just. GUH.

How do you not just love a guy who walks out with his guitar and starts his set with a Disney song?

Okay. I'm putting the videos on YouTube first and foremost, and I'm sure I'll have more direct/coherent things to say there.

Also, this was why he wasn't signing autographs afterward, as far as I can tell (judging by the fact that it's empty):

And part of me thinks I should be kind of mad, but he just looks so darn adorable and excited--and I rode that roller coaster maybe half an hour before the concert and I don't blame him, it was awesome--that all I can really summon up is a mild irritation. Not getting an autograph just means I have a reason to see him in concert again. =) And. You know. Celebrities are people, too (scroll down to where he's answering the first letter, the bold text). Amazing as they are.

I'm a bit ridiculously starstruck right now, and I need the concert on my iPod ASAP. OFF TO DO TECHNICAL SORTS OF THINGYS NOW.
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(link to the original on DA)


It could very well be in tomorrow's mail when I get off work.


Except to pop around to a thrift store and buy a not-quite-right tie. SADNESS.

BECAUSE THE TIE IS WHAT MAKES IT RECOGNIZABLE. Seriously, I think I'd rather be wearing a cute outfit and my Gleeky accessories if I can't get the cosplay right. =(


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I just bought a tie (online). It should be here Tuesday or Wednesday, worst case scenario Thursday (I'll likely be popping home before I head out for the concert).

So I'm effectively going to the Darren Criss concert in Dalton Academy uniform cosplay. (Sans blazer/sweatervest/sweater, though, because DUDE, it's JULY. Also all of the above would take more time/effort to replicate than I have time for.)

(Okay maybe the black sweater would be easy enough to find, and I know the "D" patches are out there, but again, JULY. Also, still the issue of time.)

and it's not like I don't wear ties to work occasionally anyway so I'm sure I'll wear it again and it was actually cheaper with shipping on that site than just the tie on other sites and OMG I AM SUCH A NERD

Now I have...four days to hash out what kind of jewelry I can pair with it. And what to do with my hair. (Probably not much/mostly up because OMG JULY AND THE CONCERT IS OUTSIDE.)

Going to sleep now. GAH.


Jul. 5th, 2011 02:34 am
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It's official; I WILL be seeing Darren Criss live in concert at Six Flags St. Louis on July 21st. (I doubt anyone else here is; if so let me know because that would be kind of epic!)

It's going to be a helluva crazy day week. I'll be leaving work at noon that day and I'll have to go to work the following day, and I have to make up all four of the hours I'm missing. This is going to involve fifteen-minute lunch "hours" all week and coming in early 2-4 days, depending on when the bosses arrive to work in the morning (staying late is not an option, grumble grumble).

I may well be going to work on that Friday on no sleep.


No idea if he'll be doing autographs or anything, I will be taking as much video as I can (I'll need to dump everything on my iPhone between now and then; honestly it takes much better pics/vid than my digital camera, which is starting to show its age). I'll be taking something to get signed just in case. I bought pink sunglasses, lol.

If I could find a Dalton tie for stupid cheap (the cheapest I've seen is $15+shipping) I would very seriously consider going go in halfass Warbler cosplay. (I have a white button-down and gray pants; I think I could get away with skipping the jacket considering we're going to be outside and a concert would be "off campus." Lol.) I need to check the thrift stores on that--the actual stores seem to be fond of a very similar pattern that also has a thin white stripe which just won't work at all. =P

What all this means to my family is another post that is brewing. =/

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