Jul. 5th, 2011


Jul. 5th, 2011 02:34 am
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It's official; I WILL be seeing Darren Criss live in concert at Six Flags St. Louis on July 21st. (I doubt anyone else here is; if so let me know because that would be kind of epic!)

It's going to be a helluva crazy day week. I'll be leaving work at noon that day and I'll have to go to work the following day, and I have to make up all four of the hours I'm missing. This is going to involve fifteen-minute lunch "hours" all week and coming in early 2-4 days, depending on when the bosses arrive to work in the morning (staying late is not an option, grumble grumble).

I may well be going to work on that Friday on no sleep.


No idea if he'll be doing autographs or anything, I will be taking as much video as I can (I'll need to dump everything on my iPhone between now and then; honestly it takes much better pics/vid than my digital camera, which is starting to show its age). I'll be taking something to get signed just in case. I bought pink sunglasses, lol.

If I could find a Dalton tie for stupid cheap (the cheapest I've seen is $15+shipping) I would very seriously consider going go in halfass Warbler cosplay. (I have a white button-down and gray pants; I think I could get away with skipping the jacket considering we're going to be outside and a concert would be "off campus." Lol.) I need to check the thrift stores on that--the actual stores seem to be fond of a very similar pattern that also has a thin white stripe which just won't work at all. =P

What all this means to my family is another post that is brewing. =/

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