Jul. 17th, 2011

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Sometimes I love my life.

Day 27: Favourite Chris photo.

This whole photoshoot (H magazine, evidently?) is beautiful, but--one, I'm a sucker for Chucks+suit, and two, he just looks simultaneously so badass and so happy here. Guh.

Day 28: Favourite Darren photo.

I cannot narrow it down to less than two. How can I explain?

This is the one that I use as album art for his songs in iTunes (that aren't really on an album--stuff I've yoinked from YouTube and such), and is also printed off and hanging over my desk:

And don't get me wrong, I love me some sweet, cute, innocent Darren.

But this is the one that I keep coming back to (and is currently my phone wallpaper):

I fixed this one so that you can click through for fullsize (the other two just are at fullsize), and you really...just should. Really. Really really.

I don't even like hairy men Darren you really are a liferuiner OMG
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I just bought a tie (online). It should be here Tuesday or Wednesday, worst case scenario Thursday (I'll likely be popping home before I head out for the concert).

So I'm effectively going to the Darren Criss concert in Dalton Academy uniform cosplay. (Sans blazer/sweatervest/sweater, though, because DUDE, it's JULY. Also all of the above would take more time/effort to replicate than I have time for.)

(Okay maybe the black sweater would be easy enough to find, and I know the "D" patches are out there, but again, JULY. Also, still the issue of time.)

and it's not like I don't wear ties to work occasionally anyway so I'm sure I'll wear it again and it was actually cheaper with shipping on that site than just the tie on other sites and OMG I AM SUCH A NERD

Now I have...four days to hash out what kind of jewelry I can pair with it. And what to do with my hair. (Probably not much/mostly up because OMG JULY AND THE CONCERT IS OUTSIDE.)

Going to sleep now. GAH.
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Day 29: Favourite Criss/Colfer photo.

So that rules out anything where they're in character/in uniform (unless it's obviously a set photo). Hm.

They're both awfully adorable here, even though Darren seems to be sock-phobic. =)

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I have my baby name book out because I'm having to come up with names for twelve characters (because I am insane and I'm at least starting that Glee Project AU; no idea if it'll get finished--I may post the first chapter on FFN with a link to my site just to get traffic); and on a whim I looked up Kurt and Blaine.

Kurt is a French/Latin name meaning "courteous."

Blaine is an Irish name meaning "thin and lean."

And I was like...they were each named after what their soulmate, well, is.

I know there's no way that could've been intentional but it just plays further into the whole thing and dangit I might have to go and write a ficlet about that.
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Well, I've chosen my 12 names. I think I've got a good mix, from fairly realistic to Glee levels of exotic (we are talking, after all, about a show that had a female Quinn, and a Finn, who dated each other). I kind of went with a measure of how unusual the actual actors' names were, as well. I debated just using the actor names as character names, but the fact that one girl is named McKynleigh--when the show's school is William McKinley High School, often just referred to as McKinley--just made that feel unlikely and weird. In one case I did use their actual first name as the character's last name--Ellis was the name that was pushing me toward the "just use the actor names!" because seriously, how cool is Ellis as a first name for a girl?

I might be a bit biased, though, I used some names that reference things that have meaning to me. (Parker? Totally my niece's middle name, that I really wish she would use--and she may, when she gets to be a teenager and there's seven Madisons in her classes. Things like that.)

I have also started plotting out the relationships and--GAH. This is going to be fairly fun, methinks.

The hard part is going to be coming up with music--much as I love it, I'm not that up on the latest top 40, and my musical taste is, well, only mine. Musicals and oldies often elude me, at least until they use them on the show. But we'll manage.

And now it's time for the new episode. =) And dinner.

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