Aug. 14th, 2011

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Dude! Remember a couple of weeks ago I answered the Writer's Block question about getting revenge on crappy bosses?

He commented on some silly thing I posted on Facebook, and it turned into a conversation about "the good old days" at Taco Bell and how it was kind of the high school experience for us since neither of us went to actual high school--and then he admitted that I never deserved all the crap he gave me and that it seems like it really is the smart, mature kids that get picked on.

Oh, here, this kind of thing is quick and easy to post now, let me just show you:

(I was the one that "liked" his last comment. The timestamps aren't accurate, I had to redo the second one because I missed a comment.)

I'm actually really touched. Like, I was tearing up over the fact that he was admitting this.


...and now I find out on Facebook that Cody's released another EP. -_-* I downloaded it--didn't listen, don't think I could take it, I have all his old stuff saved with all the pictures, but I took it all out of iTunes--but I read over his lyrics in the lyric box in iTunes, and the description on bandcamp. I think he has a crush on someone else. Sounds unrequited. HAH. But that still really stings.

Truthfully a lot of the lyrics on his last three EPs were hurtful, once I read them. Babies. Real Angels Sing. The last one, I listened to it, but after he left I read the lyrics and it all kind of struck me as "yeah, my wife sucks."


(And now--I composed this a while back, called my mom, fell asleep and just woke up so this is getting posted hours after the fact. Go me. Going back to sleep here in a moment.)

Glee 3D

Aug. 14th, 2011 07:16 pm
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I'm pasting my reply comment from a previous entry:


I might actually see a movie in theaters a second time, for the first time ever.

Worth $10 JUST for the Warblers' three songs+Born This Way. Easily.

AND AND AND the 3D was DONE RIGHT and was AMAZING. OMG. I actually feel slightly compensated for not getting to meet Darren IRL because it was SO SO REAL LOOKING. OMG.

Only sad thing: they didn't really show the between-song skits. So no Klaine proposal. =(

Also: if you go, SIT THROUGH THE SLUSHIE CREDITS, THERE'S ANOTHER SONG. I was the only one that stayed, and so I'm sitting there in my good seat and all the other people that were down by the door were scrambling to find another seat real quick to watch it.


The whole conceit is that they really are in character whole time--the backstage interviews were Kurt, Rachel, and Mike (etc), not Chris, Lea, and Harry. To us it's Glee Live, to the people in the movie it's the New Directions/Warblers International Tour, intercut with some stories from fans of how Glee has changed their lives and what they've learned--which, honestly, was kinda Lifetime-movie-ish and I could've done without, because I would've much rather seen the skits. KLAINE PROPOSAL. WHY WHY WHY?

Also, I'm a bit sad--Kurt and Blaine don't sing together, unless you count the Big Group Numbers where they let Darren onstage. Kurt is not in the Warblers during their three songs.

Kurt's solo--I Want To Hold Your Hand--was really sweet. He kept pausing in the middle of it to say "Hi there!" to people in the front row. =)

What else, what else...? Oh, Holly Holiday was there and did Forget You, which makes me wonder--did Gwyneth Paltrow do the whole tour? Really? She didn't have a movie or anything? Or did she just pop in for a show or two and that was when they filmed?

Okay. Can't really think of anything else more specific than capslock and flailing, other than I'm definitely getting the DVD when it comes out.

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