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Where you go to print off a sheet of address labels, and almost stick in a second and third page of blank ones, say to yourself "Why not?" and then pause, and awkwardly answer yourself "Because you're probably going to be moving soon."

I'm applying for jobs in St. Louis. I can make twice as much working in a video store there as I do at a desk job here. (And honestly? I think it'd be less stressful. Debt collection sucks.)

I want to get the divorce settled first, but as soon as that's done I want out of here. I fucking hate living here, I have for so, so long. I should've moved away for college--I likely never would've met Cody--and I'm just not happy with my life.

(This isn't a cry for help, by the way. I know it will get better, and I have my coping devices in the meantime. I'm just whining.)

Also angst about turning 26 next month and finding myself single after thinking I was done with all that. The idea that I have to start all over, and that I wasted so much time on a man boy who obviously is not The One after all honestly makes me a little sick. Considering I want to take things slower next time around, I could be 30 before I get to be married again. 30. THIRTY. Ugh. I'm having a quarter-life crisis (thank you, John Mayer, for the metaphor).

I don't think everything will magically be better. But I think living in a place I actually want to be--accomplishing a huge, huge, huge bucket list item--will bring the happiness baseline up so high that it'll make everything else so much more bearable.


Mar. 7th, 2011 09:40 pm
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Avril Lavigne's new CD comes out tomorrow...or, according to the woman at Walmart, possibly as early as 10:30 tonight. =D

Heading out around 10:15.

...most of the musicians I would be willing to do this for have never been on MTV/had a #1 hit/etc etc music business, so this is a rare treat for me.

And YAY happy birthday to me! (Okay, okay, it's my niece's birthday, but mine's next Monday!)

ETA: Am I wearing my Abbey Dawn necklace for this excursion? OF COURSE I AM.
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[ profile] animorphs has been quiet...too quiet. Really, no posts all weekend? WTH?

So I've been getting caught up on all the other reading I need to get done instead of immersing myself in meta, which might be good. One more book to read for the infographic and the deadline is Saturday. Um, February, where'd you go?

I think I might be in love with Darren Criss. He's good on Glee but [ profile] smiley_face86  has been poking me in the direction of his IRL music and GUH. This is a guy whose YouTube consists of covers of songs from Disney animated movies, and he also writes beautiful, poignant original songs. And he's pretty cute/hot as well so that never hurts.

The taxes were not as exciting as I had hoped. =( We actually have to pay in to the state. Cody and I will both be changing our withholding on Monday because GRRR. Apparently they hold out more, rather than less, if you claim zero? This is completely illogical to me. Then again, it's the government.

My birthday is coming up. Three weeks from tomorrow I'll be able to rent a car, and in July (when the term is over) our insurance should go down. Come to think of it Cody's turning 21 like eight days before the term is over so that might help, too.

I feel old. This is the last milestone birthday before you start getting Over The Hill crap, right?

Okay. Going to read. Hopefully write some, too. We shall see.
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Cody's moving in.

He was spending so much time here that it got to the point where it seemed a little bit ridiculous to be paying two rents, two sets of groceries, etc.

We're going to the courthouse and getting married on paper solely to keep my parents from throwing a hissyfit/killing either of us/withdraw funding from the wedding, WHICH WE ARE TOTALLY STILL HAVING, same plans as before. As far as Cody and I are concerned, we're not really going to be married until then. We're not going to celebrate the courthouse anniversary in any way.

I'm not pregnant--I couldn't be pregnant, lol, we're still waiting. (If that was what was going on, we'd be canceling/postponing the wedding...I've seen too many marriages go sour after being jump-started by a baby.) It's just financially logical. And it will allow us to get a good bit of paperwork out of the way--we can set up our joint checking account (which, yeah, we could have done anyway but he didn't want to until we were living together), get my name legally changed, and apparently pay considerably less for car insurance for both of us than either one of us pays alone (at least, so said last night). I can travel under my married name on our honeymoon (which we will be taking after The Wedding).

We're already moving his stuff over, hopefully we'll be actually tying the knot tomorrow. We were going to do it Friday (having decided this Wednesday night), but all the offices were closed because of it being the 4th weekend. >_< If we can't do it tomorrow it'll be either Wednesday morning or Thursday. (Trying to work around work, lol.) Wednesday's Cody's birthday, lol.

It boils down to this...we didn't have any extra money left over as it was, but this way we're going to have the same money coming in, minus a lot of bills--so we can redirect that to the wedding. Just his rent payment for the next 3 months will pay for our flights and hotels on the honeymoon.

Work is kind of crazy. I'm now working a 24-hour shift, from 8 am Tuesday to 8 am Wednesday, in addition to the 10 hours I had with my other client. (9-noon Monday, noon-4 Wednesday, and 9-noon Friday, which should show you why we're having trouble finding time to actually GET married, lol.) There's also this training stuff at work, which we're doing Mondays from 2-5ish, but hopefully tomorrow will be the third and last one of those.

I'm kinda sorta trying to find a new job. The new hours make it not quite so necessary, but I still really want to be behind a desk. I was looking into a part-time job when I only had 10 hours, but now there's no way I could take on a second job--I'd have to quit the current one.

The 24-hour isn't so bad, there's a bedroom for us CareGivers and we can sleep, if the client's sleeping. And as of the day I was there, she's now on a med that makes her sleep through the night. It just sucks being isolated from the outside world that long--you'll probably notice I update my Facebook status a lot there, lol.

Anyway. I should be asleep. Or maybe I should stay up...Nah. Sleep. TTYL!
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You Are a Drawing

You appreciate things that are simple and elegant.

You believe that complexity is mostly used to mask flaws.

You believe that art is about leaving more to the imagination.

The best art isn't overly showy or flashy. It subtly beautiful.


Your Body is 23 Years Old

Your body is exactly as old as it should be.

You're taking fairly good care of yourself, but you could be doing a better job.

Keep eating well and exercising. And if you're not doing this already, it's time get started.

Minimize your bad habits. They may be fun, but they eat years off your life!


Aside to [ profile] smiley_face86: Edited your chapter last night, but couldn't get the whole story to open on the iBook because it wasn't saved in compatibility mode. Properly saved files are now on flash drive, should be able to write mine tonight. Was able to work on a different story for three-ish hours on the fully charged battery, so forecast is good! =D
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So Saturday was my birthday, and I'm 23 now, but that's beside the point, and at the same time the crux of everything. Lol.

Okay, so Kristy got some birthday money a couple of weeks ago (her bday's three days before mine but whatever), and since she had finally given up on her car ever being in good working order a week or two prior to that, she invested in a bike, and a bike trailer if she needs to haul a kid. Being the awesome friend that she is, she taught me to ride. It took me two days and I'm still not the best rider, but I got the basic hang of it. (I think I probably posted about this at some point...ah yeah, in this meme.)

Then I got really stoked--if I could get a bike of my own, I could ride it! I could go to Cody's or her place, or the post office, or Walgreens, or any number of places within a couple of miles (I can walk at least four miles and that's easily well beyond getting to any of these places, and a bike would make the trip faster and easier so I could theoretically go even farther if I had the need, right?). I could save gas AND lose weight before the wedding! So I decided that that's what I wanted for my birthday--a bike.

Long story short, my parents got it for me. (I had been thinking that I would take birthday money from them and my grandmother and go buy it myself, but they went ahead and surprised me. ^_^) We went out to birthday dinner on Thursday since they were going to be out of town on the weekend, and then we came back to my place "for cake" and they wheeled in the exact bike that I wanted! =D

Later, after they left, I texted Kristy and was all "ZOMG BIKE YAY!!!" and she texted back that we should go riding. Through some texts this shifted to I should come over for lunch, then when I said that I was a wee bit scared to ride across town alone my first time out, she agreed to go in to the office in the morning that day, meet me at the corner and we would bike to her place.

All went well. It took nearly an hour to get there (fifty minutes) and I had to stop and catch my breath a lot (HILLS ZOMGWTFBBQ), but other than more or less crashing into a utility pole (more like a bump, slow as I was going, didn't hurt anything) nothing out of the ordinary happened.

I set back home at around ten past five. I called Cody before I left so he'd know I was on my way (he was waiting for me at my house, having planned on having dinner with me). I was making much better time on the way back as I was walking my bike up the worse hills and catching my breath as I walked instead of trying to overtax myself--bear in mind, I was alone this time and was trying to be careful because there was no one to take care of me.

Well, I got roughly halfway back (I've checked this on google maps). I started wobbling a little (as I am still prone to doing, five weeks into the biking thing) and I was getting too close to the cars for comfort (there's sidewalk the whole way, which I took into account planning my route). So I swerved the opposite way. In retrospect, I overcorrected. >_<

I felt myself falling, and planted my foot on the ground to catch myself. Well, all my weight and that of the bike slammed into my knee, I felt it pop, and it hurt. BAD. I tumbled, but at least I tumbled into the grass and not the traffic. I tried to hop back up--nope, pain, not gonna happen. So I laid there for a second, then my next thought was to get the bike off my leg. I took my messenger bag off and then pushed the bike off--already my knee was like "NO! DON'T MOVE ME! AGGGGH!" While I'm sitting there, thinking I will let the pain subside, get up, and continue on my merry way, I hear someone asking if I'm okay. At first I thought it was a car that had slowed down or stopped, or had to stop for the light (this was right before an intersection), but as it turned out it was two Mormon guys. They had seen me crash and pulled into the driveway right before and gotten out to check on me.

They offer me a ride, or a cell phone, and I tell them no, I'm okay, I have my own cell phone in my bag, and I think if I just take a minute I'll be able to get up and go, or at least be okay to walk the bike if nothing else. One of them picks up the bike and sets it upright, on the kickstand. I also tell them that my fiancé can come get me. After another moment I get up, and the minute I put weight on that knee I KNOW I'm not riding the bike anywhere. I stand there, untangle my headphones, and they keep asking if I'm really okay and finally I convince them I am. Then they tell me they're Mormons like I couldn't read their nametags (even if they were without them, they kind of...stick out--they were either Mormon or JW, and I think the latter have a more relaxed uniform) and give me a brief schpiel and their card. Which was awkward, sort of, but they were both really nice. After I take their card and they're heading back to their car, a redheaded woman walks up and said she saw me crash and just had to turn around and make sure I was okay, and offered her cell phone. I tell her all the same things but thank her for stopping.

So I start wheeling the bike along. By the time I'm to the next intersection I'm grateful for the bike-as-crutch. And yes, I could have called Cody, but I was really worried that he would make me LEAVE the bike wherever he found me. (He says now he could have fit it in his car, but still.) He'd been after me about getting a helmet--it's not the law here in Arkansas and I didn't want to fool with it, and certainly didn't want to spend the money on one.

I knew I'd done something to my knee, at one point I tried walking on the non-kickstand side of the bike because my arms were getting tired and I only got about two steps. Also at one point with a steep slope down, I tried to coast downhill--I couldn't bend my knee far enough to pedal but I thought I'd save a little time and effort. I couldn't get the bike going, though, at least not without wobbling, and when I lightly tapped that foot on the ground it hurt VERY badly.

Anyway, I walk more or less a mile home (you can walk places where there are no roads according to Google Maps, after all) and get inside. Cody could tell I was upset.
"Are you okay? What's the matter, sweetie?"
"I have something to tell you, but you have to promise not to freak out."

And I tell him everything (showed him the card the Mormons gave me, lol), and I roll up my jeans to see, and of course the knee is swollen. I insist that ice and painkillers will be enough to fix things. I'm not BLEEDING so OBVIOUSLY whatever I did couldn't be too bad.

I kept ice on it, and I don't remember when, but I figured out that it hurt to bend it too far and I flat couldn't straighten it out all the way.

Monday night [ profile] thehobbitwaffle directed me to the Mayo Clinic's website and I deduced that what I probably actually did was tear or bruise my cartilage. Their recommendation? Ice, Tylenol, keep it elevated, don't walk too much, and it should take care of itself.

So I've been limping around ever since Friday afternoon. Kristy had her Annual Birthday Costume Party the next day and I sat better than 95% of the time. I've been trying to veg as much as possible and not walk too much, and not go up or down the stairs until I HAVE to, though yesterday I felt good enough to walk around Wal*Mart (leaning on the cart) with Mom, and today I finally drove. (It's difficult to get in and out of cars, though.) It's been hurting less every day. I can kneel ALMOST without pain, but I can't bend it any further. I'm hoping I'll be able to fully straighten it soon--the swelling simply won't allow it at this point, though the swelling doesn't look that bad to me.

Cody has been an absolute dear. The first two days when I could barely walk without something to lean on, he cooked for me and made trips up and down the stairs and to Wal*Mart as needed, even when it was for costume things. =) He is so good to me--better than I deserve, really.

And speaking of Kristy's costume party, Cody and I went as Lady Luck and a gambler. =) I got him into an all-green outfit--nice shirt and pants and a TIE (OMG, he was SEXY) and drew a mustache on him (the only thing he wanted...weirdo, lol), and I wore my red dress from Shelly's wedding with a string of playing cards tied around me, and we both had shamrock necklaces. (Yay St. Patrick's Day, on which I failed to consume any alcohol whatsoever. And I had rum in the fridge!!) Kristy has all the pics, I will post when I get them, lol. And don't worry, Shelly. I didn't actually alter the dress any, so I can still wear it to a formal function if I ever have one, lol. I got the idea googling "red dress costume" but so many of the ideas I saw required a short red dress or gluing things to it! >_< I was pleased with myself--Cody and I spent all of $4 on these costumes, $3 for the necklaces and $1 for a deck of cards, since I don't have any that aren't special, lol. With a larger budget and more time, I probably would have added a fake cigar and a fedora for Cody (mine didn't fit him), and I've seen boas made out of fake dollar bills for me. Also dice or dollar sign jewelry. I have a black shawl and meant to grab it but forgot (what with the whole having a hard time walking thing).

Next time I have a chance to wear a costume, though, I think I'm going to steer away from the "concept" costumes. Last year I was the Snow Queen and no one got it, and this year only one person claimed to get Lady Luck--and that was after someone else asked me. She was all "Oh yeah, I thought that's what you were, I was going to ask." (Then again, I didn't do much better with Josie from Josie and the Pussycats at Halloween, but I think that was just plain too obscure.) Cody and I have batted around the idea of going as Peter and Lois from Family Guy, though, lol. (This would be at some point in the future if/when Cody gets tired of his hair, I guess. I can't fathom fitting a short wig over that massive hair. Now that I think about it, he could wear the same green pants as the gambler. Lol.)

Okay, I think that's enough content to make up for my non-content entries for a while, other than this last tidbit...

Most of you probably remember me talking about Sam. I was going to link to all the entries tagged with his name but I think the breakup post does it the most justice; if you REALLY need the whole story you can click the tag. We were a couple for all of 91 hours around this time last year (two months before I met Cody). Anyway, while Kristy and Cody and I were sitting around waiting for more people to show up (Kristy was still working on her costume, lol), she said "blah blah blah Kristin blah blah blah Dena blah blah blah Sam said something about bringing a roommate..." And I was all "Sam's coming?"
"Oh." *turn to Cody* "That's the guy I was with like right before we met..."
"The one who didn't last a week?"
Well, he showed up and there was no drama, everyone was cordial all around, Cody included (because he is AMAZING. Period.). At one point pretty much everyone was playing Rockband in the living room, but Kristy was still sewing her costume and Cody and I were sitting at the kitchen table with her. Cody leaned over and pulled me close so he could whisper. "The one in the red shirt, right?"
"The Trekkie." (Sam was costumed as a redshirt from Star Trek. It was a pretty decent costume, IMHO.)
"Oh. Yeah. That's him."
... "HE dumped YOU?!"
I busted out laughing, I'm surprised no one asked me what was so funny. Later on back at my place, Cody was all, "Sweetie, you deserve way better than me but I'm like a thousand times better looking than that guy!" Glad he could see it. =) He's such a sweetheart, I'm reminded constantly...okay, I should stop there. I'm sure none of you want to hear me wax poetical about being the luckiest girl in the world and all that jazz.

I need to get some sleep--or, at this point, stay up all night. I think I'll go for the former. Top of the morning to you!


Mar. 11th, 2009 04:11 am
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Tomorrow (well, now, technically) is Kristy's birthday, and she's having her party on Saturday, which is my birthday.


*dances and strews confetti*
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[x]You know how to make a pot of coffee
[x] You keep track of dates using a calender
[x] You own a credit/debit card
[ ] You know how to change the oil in a car
[x] You've done your own laundry
[x] You can vote in an election
[x] You can cook for yourself
[ ] You think politics are exciting

[ ] You show up for school late a lot
[x] You always carry a pen in your bag/purse/pocket
[x] You've never gotten a detention
[ ] You have forgotten your own birthday at least once
[x] You like to take walk/run by yourself
[x] You know what credibility means, without looking it up
[x] You drink caffeine at least once a week

[x] You know how to do the dishes
[x] You can count to 10 in another language
[x] When you say you're going to do something you do it
[ ] You can mow the lawn
[x] You study when you HAVE to
[x] You have hand washed a car before

[x] You can spell experience, without looking it up
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name
[ ] Your favorite kind of food is take out
[ ] The first thing you do when you wake up is smoke a cigg
[ ] You can't go to the store without getting something you don't need
[x] You understand political jokes the first time they are said
[x] You can type pretty quick

[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment
[ ] You have been to a Tupperware party
[ ] You have realized that no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job
[ ] You have more bills than you can pay
[x] You use the internet every day
[x] You have been outside of the united states 3 or more times
[x] You make your own bed
Repost this as "I act--------years old
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Tuesday--Lunch with Dad at El Charro's. Helped him pick out agreed with his choice of conference table for his new office, which he's getting because he has a new boss who (rightly) thinks his current office (given by the previous boss, who made him move out of his nice one) sucks. Kristy's party. Awesome, pics to come when I feel less lazy. Jungle juice=OH. EM. GEE. Met Sam, didn't really get to talk to him but drove him home. (Short version on Sam: Kristy and I made a McD's run and we bumped into him, said hi, left. I bugged Kristy, all, "who was that??" and she agreed to invite him so I could meet him. Yay!) Claims to be extremely proficient with Rubik's Cube, have yet to see that. Definitely proficient on Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitar.

Wednesday--Lions, per new usual. I'm on the Social Committee (capitals mine). Vaguely disappointed at first (I didn't get to pick, I was involuntarily volunteered and I was kind of hoping to become, like, a copy editor or writer for the newsletter or some such) but then I realized that this means that not only do I put up crepe paper for the banquet but I might get to influence the color. Lol.

Thursday--Left work early (yay!), picked up Nico, drove back roads (yay Google Maps) to Springfield, met up w/Shelly, Dani, and Kia and had dinner @ Fazoli's. Got to see Shelly's ring in person, got to catch up. ^_^ Went to Hammons Hall for RENT. Words cannot describe how much better it is live. (Raunchier for sure, lol, funnier, sort of, and sweeter in spots--particularly seeing Angel and Collins get together. It's not really in the Broadway recording and it's just kind of taken for granted in the movie, but in the play it's acted out.

Angel: "Baby, I've been hearing violins all night."
Collins: "Is it anything to do with me? Are we a thing?"
Angel: "Baby, we're everything."
And thus ensues I'll Cover You.)

During intermission, a gay man (wearing an awesome hat and a pink shirt) walked up and asked if I had a Chocolate Kitty (I assume he meant Chococat) purse, and I told him no, just regular Hello Kitty. He pulls out his wallet, it's a pink Hello Kitty wallet with hot pink sequins. "I lived in Japan for three years. Old habits are hard to break." I squeed. "Lucky!" ^_^ Also, the woman who tore our tickets said that my shoes were cute, and Shelly liked my top. It was a happy night of compliments.

Afterwards, Shelly and Kia had to get back because they had class/work in the morning, but Dani was up for ice cream so she went with Nico and me to Steak & Shake. It was the really old one, that I remember as looking really old when I was there as a kid, lol. I totally didn't think it had any inside space, because we always only ever went to the drive-up window, lol.

Friday--MY BIRTHDAY!! Katchan woke me up, calling to wish me happy birthday. ^_^ Called Mom and moved lunch from the Steak House to Pizza Hut (goddammit, I wanted pizza), went back to sleep for a bit. Had lunch w/Mom and Dad, and Mom brought me birthday cookie (I totally thought I wasn't getting anything like that--Kristy offered to make me a birthday cake, but she didn't go to work Thursday or Friday because of Coldzilla), so yay! The parents gave me $$$ rather than presents. They know me so well. (Well, Mom said that she looked for a steering wheel cover but couldn't find one I'd like. I asked where she looked and immediately came up w/a store she missed. Lol.) Dad said his desk came in, etc, and he'd been putting it together, so I offered to come help him with it.

After he left Mom gave me The Record. (This is a long story, more on that later.) I took it, and the cookie, and the leftover pizza to my house (hey, I have pizza!...) then went out to Dad's office and helped him with the desk (which is black and glass and is going to look hot. Apparently Maxim magazine has a furniture line, and, more surprising, my dad actually likes it). He had to leave at 2:30 because he and Mom had a Lions thing in Little Rock (District Governor training, lol), so then I went around shopping. Got a Hello Kitty license plate frame at AutoZone (I went to look at steering wheel covers because I figured Mom only looked for purple ones and I could find something I liked), bought Ultra Violet Manic Panic and a fingernail-piercing kit at Tattooz by Sassy (where Brandon got his tattoo, when I went with him, lol), then it occurred to me to look at Hastings and found the matching steering wheel cover. ^_^ There was too much pink on it (waaaay more than the frame) so I doctored it (later) with colored Sharpies. YAY. Looks better than you'd think.

Got a call from Nico and hung out with him for a while--he's been sick, so we just watched TV-on-torrent-downloaded-and-burned-DVD and ate popsicles. He gave me an awesome PotC birthday card that plays the main theme when you open it. Soooooo going on my desk, at least for a little while. Left his place and went to SmartStyles to have my hair done. I got the red redone and had just a little bit of layering put in. While I was waiting, I missed a call, but heard the voicemail alert, so checked my messages, and SAM had called me. "Hey, it's Sam. Um, happy birthday! I'll talk to you later. Bye." SQUEE! Called Kristy and she said she gave him my number. :) Stored it.

Stopped at Arby's for dinner, and the only downer of the day happened--they quit selling cheesecake bites. I told the girl at the window that they couldn't DO that, it was my birthday, and that I was writing to corporate, lol.

Went home and started to use the Manic Panic, but read that you're supposed to use a tint brush, went on a wild goose chase to Walgreens and back to Wal*Mart, only to come back home and do it by hand. -_-* Oh well. Noticed that Wal*Mart was selling some restaurant booths for $40 a pop. Watched some TV (House, yay!) and went to bed.

Saturday--Nico woke me up wanting to go shopping, I told him to give me time to flatiron my hair, Kristy called wanting out of the house and to tell me that I DID have birthday cake, lol. Long story short me, Nico, Kristy, and Brandon ended up at Wal*Mart, I bought one of the restaurant booths (can you think of anywhere else to get a table and seating for four for $40?--I'll likely replace it eventually, but OMG I HAVE A TABLE), and Brandon drove it over in his truck. He and Nico were just leaving when Kristy and I got there, so Kristy and I went about our shopping while the two menfolks delivered my truck. Apparently they had to dis- and reassemble it to get it in. They ate some of my birthday cookie, and I would have been mad, but they cleaned the table, too. ^_^

In the meantime Kristy and I had...a meal of indeterminate name at McD's, lol, then went to drop off my groceries at my house before going to her house to meet up everyone for the club. Jacqui dropped by (I had missed a call from her, I had planned on calling her back from Kristy's) and gave me my present (Ty Pennington's book, which actually did have the nice pictures that I thought it didn't, that misunderstanding being the reason I didn't plunk down $20 for it when it first came out, and Hello Kitty gummy snacks, lol), and came with us to Kristy's, where A) Sam, Dena, and Raymond were watching Sin City, and B) all us girls put on club makeup/glitter lotion/really nice fake tattoos that I had just picked up at Wal*Mart. (Somehow, of course, I ended up watching Elijah Wood get mutilated/killed/etc, and totally missed all the good parts of that movie. -_-*) Boondock Saints also got watched, I got to sit next to Sam a lot.

At some point he asked if I got his message, and I was all, "Yeah! That was really sweet. *big grin*" When we left for the club, it was me, J, Kristy, and Sam in Kristy's car. ^_^ Had some drinks at the club, nothing new other than the Jamaican Wet Dream (something Nico had once a long time ago, the one time we went to the club before I could drink). Good stuff. Danced a little with Sam but was hesitant to touch him, had another drink, told Kristy about it all and she was like, "Dude, just back up to him and give him some *bump/grind motion here*!" Lol. Went to dance some more and couldn't find him. Brandon offered to dance with me and I turned him down. (I don't know. Salsa's one thing, but grinding him? Just no. And I like to grind, thanks. Nico says this is immature of me, Kristy was all "Frickin right!" I just knew I didn't want Sam to see me dancing with him and get the wrong idea.)

Complained to Kristy about not being able to find Sam (it was really crowded) and she helped me look--he was playing pool. Grabbed another drink and watched him play (I thought he kinda sucked, but I think he was just having an off night because apparently he's played in tournaments, etc), then dragged him back to the dance floor. This time I put my arms around his neck and he didn't seem to mind too much. X3 Danced until I was ready to fall over.

Sam came with me back to the table and met everybody (it was kind of funny, he hadn't been back to the table once Nico and his group showed up, I think Nico was starting to think I had made him up o_O). Then they gave last call/last song and we all left. I complained about the cold and Sam gave me his jacket. :D There was a lot of fighting going on in the parking lot--there had been cop cars there when we got there. We decided Sam should drive since he was the only one who hadn't had ANY alcohol, though I think either Jacqui or I would have been fine to drive. Kristy, on the other hand, was pretty sloshed (and for the record, Kristy gets lovey when she's drunk, she gave out lots of hugs, lol). We almost ran over people trying to get out of the parking lot. It was CRAZY. We had to pull over for Kristy to decide she wasn't sick after all, the group in Jared's car took the long way around, through Midway, and I don't even know about Nico.

We went inside Kristy's for a minute, I grabbed the rest of my cake (Kristy, J and I had each had a slice earlier, in between the makeup and stuff), and then Stuart was like, "I love you all, but I'm tired, so I'm kicking you out!" Lol. Gave the keys to Jacqui and told her to get in the car, and then everyone else walked off and it was just me and Sam standing there and I asked if he was working the next day.
" you want to have dinner with me tomorrow?"
"Uh...sure. You have my number, right? From when--"
"Yeah, from when you called me. I'll call you...tomorrow afternoon?"
"Sure. See you tomorrow."

Got in the car, squeed, drove home with J, and we chilled for about an hour (okay, okay, we drooled over Ty) and she went home.

Sunday (today)--Slept until about 2:30, got up, had some breakfast. Kristy texted me to have me go for a walk with her, got dressed, went over there. Called Sam on the way and set up dinner (as I told Kristy later: "It's supper, with Sam, at six, at the Steak House. It's all nicely alliterative."). Kristy and I walked from her house to work (she's determined to get back in shape and so she's walking to work this week, so she wanted to time it), then halfway back before her knee started to hurt--she twisted it a little last night, dancing. Stuart came and got us, we stopped at the gas station to say hi to Jared (he called after we walked through the parking lot and was all indignant, lol), then went back to Kristy's, then I went home to refresh before meeting Sam.

We were both a little early, lol. Dinner was nice, even though conversation was slow--I think we have the whole "it takes a while to get started with someone" thing going on. My silence, at first, is not at all indicative that I'm not having a good time.

As we were finishing, I was all, " you want to go do something else?"
"Well, there's only two things to do in this town besides go eat, and that's go bowling or see a movie...and I really don't want to go bowling."
"Let's go see a movie."

We called the two movie hotlines (HA, I'm not the only one with them in my phone! XD) and decided on Jumper. I texted Jennifer from the theater bathroom, lol, to say that dinner had progressed to dinner-and-a-movie, and that so far he had picked up the tab even though I had done the asking. She texted back "Good boy!!!" Lol.

Jumper was good, Rachel Bilson's actually a decent actress (I was shocked; still hate The OC). I really wanted to grab Sam's hand, but resisted--though my hand was within his reach most of the time, lol.

After the movie I asked Sam if he wanted to do anything else or call it a night, and he just kinda shrugged, "Was there anything you wanted to do?"
"Nothing in particular, just, I don't have to be anywhere until I have to get to sleep..."

We decided to call it a night and I drove him back to his car, and as he was getting out, he was like, "Well, see you later." GACK. SAVE THE MOMENT.
"I had fun."
"Yeah...hey, when do you get off work tomorrow?"
*mental sigh of relief* "Well, four-thirty theoretically, but I usually get there half-an-hour late, so--"
"Well, do you want to do something tomorrow?"
"Call me when you get off work?"

:D So I have another date with him tomorrow. Checked my voicemail and Nico had called during the movie, called him back, and we decided to hang out and he'd be there to get me in a few moments, which I used to call Kristy and update her. Nico and I drove around aimlessly, did our construction rounds and got some fast food before he dropped me off. Watched some TV, started downloading the ep of Lost I missed to see Rent, and the complete series of John Doe (how did I forget about THAT this long??), wrote this, and went to bed. Here's to tomorrow!
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At the costume party night before last, Abi asked me what I was, and when I told her I was the snow queen, she was all, "Ohh, I hate you." She was kidding, lol.

I told her I'd fix it so that it would snow everywhere except in a little circle right where she was, so just now I took my "wand" from my costume over to her cube and waved it around and I told her "Okay. Now it will never, EVER snow in your cube." Haha.

I plan on posting pics sometime this weekend. Rent is tonight, and we're going clubbing Saturday night, but other than that the weekend is mine to go crazy in. Hehe.

ETA: There was a deploy last night so Kristy's not here, she worked late yesterday and got even more hours last night. She left a note on my dry-erase board: "if you reading this...i was eated by teh ZOMBIEZ! my escape Routes not sufficient. zombies imune to stapelers. Take care of mah fishies. I love you all."

...had it been me, I would have left staples all over the floor, like we did at Taco Bell back when they had staplers that unfolded in the traditional way and the teenage guys used to have staple wars. More convincing that way. X3
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Sarah the Magnificent says:
...why did Stuart make you roll a D20 before you cut your cake?
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
atack roll
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
is a D&D thing
Sarah the Magnificent says:
oh, 'cause you were attacking w/a knife
Sarah the Magnificent says:
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
Sarah the Magnificent says:
well you kicked that cake's ass
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
yeah i did!
Sarah the Magnificent says:
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
it only had like 3 hp
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
ac of like 1
Sarah the Magnificent says:
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
armor class
Sarah the Magnificent says:
Sarah the Magnificent says:
so like nothing, lol
Sarah the Magnificent says:
frosting = NO PROTECTION
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
yeah pretty much
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Kristy: *holds out tote bag full of fabric* When next you see me, THIS shall be a kimono!

Costume party. Freakin' right.

Pictures. There will be pictures.


Mar. 7th, 2008 10:31 am
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What An Iris Says About You

You are incredibly hopeful and courageous.

Even when you've been challenged in life, you have faith that everything will work out.

Your feelings run deep, and you are a very grateful person.


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I just found what I want to do for my birthday!!!

In Springfield, the night before my bday, $45 a person for the GOOD tickets. OMG OMG OMG!!


Feb. 8th, 2008 01:52 pm
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The day St. Patrick's Day usually falls on (March 17th) is some other Catholic holiday this year (anyone have the slightest idea what Holy Monday is??), so the Pope officially moved St. Patrick's to the Saturday prior.


I'm not working that Friday (it's my birthday!), we're going to go to Springfield to salsa on either that Friday or Saturday, and Saturday is St. Patrick's Day. Holy tipsy weekend, lol.

Though...considering the relative importance of the holidays in question (seriously, have they no respect for the grand St. Patrick?), why didn't the Pope move Holy Monday? XD

ETA: Especially considering that it seems Holy Monday is, in fact, nothing more than the Monday before Easter, occurring in the last week of Lent. (Yesterday was the first day of Lent, IIRC, because my calendar says Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. I think that's how that works. Either that or Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. *shrug*)
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At the moment I have either food poisoning or the flu. Not sure which, but I threw up so I'm SO staying home tomorrow. I emailed in sick so I don't have to get up and call. Not taking sick time, though, it's early enough in the pay period that making up the hours will be easy. I'm pretty sure it'll be a day or two before I want a lunch hour. >_<

Yesterday was Esme's first birthday, and today was Elijah's (if you go by the idea that it's still officially Monday, since I haven't gone to bed yet). Congrats, woohoo, fanfare, etc. I promise I'll care more tomorrow.

Esme being a year old feels about right, but Elijah being 27 makes me feel OLD. (As does my own impending 22nd birthday, and Maddy's seventh, and the boys' fourth, though I think I'm okay with Mirielle's second.) Have I really crushed on him that long? Five years? (Maybe more if you count the strictly Frolijah days?) DAMN.

I told my mom that it made me feel old to be turning 22 because there's no more milestone birthdays until you hit over the hill, no matter where you place that mark, and she pointed out to me that it hit her the other day that she's going to be SEVENTY pretty soon. (Which isn't exactly right, she'll be seventy around the time I'm thirty; but I get what she means.) She said that SEVENTY is what's truly "old" to her and she's kind of freaked that she's going to be it.

It is kind of odd.

My grandparents on her side are going to be eighty on their birthdays this year. WOW. My other grandpa is going to be 86, I'm pretty sure. Craziness.

And me being sick is making me ramble with little to no point. In lolcat: I sleepz nao. Kthxnite.


Jan. 14th, 2008 10:45 am
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So it's one month to Valentine's Day and I'm not any closer to not spending it alone than I ever have been. -_- Yet another SAD--Single Awareness Day. (Why yes, I am well aware of how appropriate that acronym is!)

And exactly one month after that is my birthday. I'm looking forward to it; I'm in an even better place than I was LAST year when it rolled around (both the nicer apartment and in life), but turning 22 makes me feel OLD. I think it's mostly because 21 is the last "landmark" birthday before the over-the-hill birthdays come along. The next landmark is 30. On the bright side, this puts me in the same age group as all my friends that are older (Katchan, Nico, Jacqui, Kristy...more or less all my close RL friends but Michele...)

But damn. I kind of figured that by this point of my life I'd've been in at least one relationship. Whether it worked out or not would be immaterial. (I doubt I'd end up married to anyone that I would have started dating before I moved out.)

On the bright side, that's the only thing I've set out to do at some point in my life that I HAVEN'T accomplished...

Meh. I'm vaguely irritated by this but not nearly as upset as I could be. (It will be worse as the days roll closer, I assure you. There's a WHOLE MONTH in which, you never know, I could magically obtain a secret admirer. *goes off to delude self until then*)


Dec. 14th, 2007 02:10 pm
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After today, five more days of work before vacation.

From today, it's seven days until payday. Eight days until the Christmas party. Nine days until I leave for St. Louis. Twelve days until I leave for CANADA.


Three months from today (or 13 weeks to the day, as well, since my birthday's on a Friday) I'll be 22. (OMG, how OLD does that sound??)

My birthday IS on a Friday. Can we say "three-day weekend," anyone?
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So I went to Branson with the parentals and Shelly this weekend. Shelly got me a really pretty throw that matches nicely in my living room. I had to call her later, when I opened it up, to inform her that the name of the color is...(like more than two of you will get this joke)..."Warm Chocolate." ^_^

Shelly met up with us after me and my parents went to the Ripley's Believe it Or Not! museum, which was pretty cool. ^_^ I wanted to post pics, but I haven't yet managed to figure out how to move them from phone to computer.

I also got the Sims 2 (okay, so Dad wasn't quite sure what I was talking about and got me an expansion pack, but whatever, he was smart enough to keep the receipt and I exchanged it for the Sims 2), which I'll be able to play once I buy my internet-capable computer. ^_^ (Hobbity: I want to download your Elijah!! OMG!)

Speaking of my internet-capable computer--I got a thing in the mail today from Capital One and they said that if I used my card within the first 90 days (I did), don't exceed my credit line (I won't) and make my first three payments on time (I will), my credit line will automatically go to $500. So that's a failsafe, if I absolutely cannot scrape together $250 in the next couple of weeks, I can at least scrape together $100 (the computer I want is $548+tax, and doesn't come with a monitor, so after I get the balance paid down a bit I'll buy me a nice shiny flat-panel) and put more of it on the credit card. But DANG. I should have the cash long before that happens. (ETA: Got some more birthday money from Grandma Crawford and my state tax return turned out to be double what I thought it would--bad math in MY favor, who'd'a thunk??--so I'm going to crunch some numbers tonight, I MIGHT be getting it on Monday--payday. If not, then next payday for sure.)

OH! And I got Dance Factory, which is basically DDR, with the exception that you can put in ANY music CD and it'll generate steps to ANY song. ^_^ So that ROXORS. (It says "burned CDs will not work as well" but THAT turned out to be complete BS. XD )

And yet despite the fact that I had so much fun, what I can't get out of my head is what happened AFTERWARD.

After I got back into Mountain Home that night, I had to run to Wal*Mart (at least twice a week, it seems, lol), and then on my way back decided to drive around the side streets near my house, try to figure out some shortcuts and such. I accidentally turned onto a private lot--it was dark (approaching midnight and all) and it looked like a side street. After I turned I found it was just a bit of a gravel lane leading to a metal gate set back from the road. Not wanting to get shot or arrested for trespassing, I sensibly turned around and back onto the street, went back the way I'd come from.

I was just a little ways up from a stop sign, and a cop and I both approached the sign from opposite directions at the same time. I stopped carefully, and then started again. The cop went through the intersection--then PULLED A U-EE and started FOLLOWING ME without ANY lights on, including his headlights.

Well, needless to day, in this age where we forward emails to our girlfriends about how not to get raped, this didn't feel right to me. I was close to home (one intersection away, actually), but I've already had a cop pull me over in the apartment driveway once, when I had a taillight out. Left the blue lights going and all. I was freaked at the time, because I thought I might get in trouble for bothering the neighbors, but nothing came of it. Nonetheless, I didn't want to have it happen again, you know? Especially if the cop was going to accuse me of trespassing or whatever. No need for the neighbors to, like, think I'm a drug dealer or something.

So I was panicking, trying to think of where to go that wouldn't make it seem like I was trying to dodge the cop or hide something or whatever, and suddenly it clicked--the gas station up the street from my house.

As in, the one where Duncan works, and where I've been going once or twice a week (twice, more often than not) to buy Jones Sodas. At this point he recognized me, usually said hi, and would sometimes chitchat with me for five or ten minutes if he didn't have customers.

So I went there, and the cop went around me on the road and turned down the next street. Danger averted (I looked and I'm 75% sure it was a real cop, the paint job certainly looked like the town police cars--I've seen them, what with Taco Bell's manager moonlighting as a cop), but I was still unnerved, so I went inside and started babbling to Duncan. "I know I'm earlier than usual, and I'm in my car this time, but this cop was following me..." I told him the whole thing and he agreed, it was really weird and that it made perfect sense that I would be weirded out. (Nico later said that if the cop had tried to pull me over I could have gotten out of any ticket.)

Long story short, I ended up staying there for, like, an hour. We got to talking--I think I mentioned having been to Branson earlier and that turned to my birthday and then to alcohol and it got to cabbages and kings from that.

He's a Ringer. OMG. Like, one who actually loved the books first and loves the movies (despite their flaws and deviations from the books, he said, if you look at them in and of themselves, they're some of the greatest cinema ever created).

At some point (I think we were talking about cell phones and then it turned to text messages) we got to talking about punctuation and how sad it was that most people don't care, and not only did I find out that we share a love of the English language, but I ended up offering to loan him "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves." ^_^

Nico called me and invited me over, so I finally did leave (no longer shaken). I told Duncan I'd be back in the next night or two with the book, and he asked my name. "If you introduced yourself before, I'm sorry, I've forgotten..." I told him no, I hadn't, and told him my name finally. ^_^

So I went back the next night, Sunday night, with the book. He was on the phone when I got there, but since I bought another soda I waited five or so minutes for him to get off the phone (like, he didn't ring me up while he was on the phone) and we started chatting again. As a matter of fact he bought himself a Jones soda and we drank them together, there in the store. ^_^ Spent another hour.

I made a point of wearing my Elven Brooch and of course he thought that was really cool. ^_^

He finally did tell me that he did have work to do and couldn't really do it and keep talking to me, so I was like "Yeah, that's cool, don't want to get you in trouble" (I know EXACTLY how that goes at Taco Bell, there are times you'd like to chat with a customer friend of yours but there's someone watching and you really do have stuff to do), and then he said, "I've enjoyed these little chit-chats. ...I presume there will be more?..."

I told him that yes, unless something disastrous happened I would be back sooner or later, and he kind of laughed and said, "Yeah, barring death or zombie attack," and I was all, "Yeah, exactly."

So...I don't know. Clearly he wants me to keep coming around, but I don't know beyond that. I'm trying to remain calm, cool, and collected about it. I told JoJo about it tonight and she told me to try not to fall too hard until I knew more, but I told her it's already too late--I can never help myself. I fall fast and I fall hard and I rarely know why. (I think I recover faster these days, but the pain isn't any less so I still just...gah.)

At any rate, to avoid creepy-stalkerish-ness I didn't go back the night after that (though I wanted to). And I toyed with the idea of going tonight (Tuesday) but decided it would probably be a bad idea. (JoJo confirmed this and thereby strengthened my resolve not to go.) She did say tomorrow would probably be okay, so I'm going tomorrow, for several reasons. (He might have finished the book--it's short and he says he reads fast, I do usually go about that often, and it'll be my birthday and all...I should treat myself, right? XD )

After deciding that, he ended up coming through the drive-thru. I didn't talk to him long, what with the timer and all, but still. Made MY night. ^_^ And I'm relatively sure that it came out in the conversations that I worked at Taco Bell, so it MIGHT have been intentional on his part...

So yeah. It's really hard for me to think about much of anything without it turning towards Duncan at the moment. What I'm really trying to do at this point is NOT SCREW IT UP. If there's anything TO screw up.

And while I love replaying those conversations, I'm getting a headache. (Lack of hydration, methinks.) So I'm going to go to bed now, because tomorrow is my birthday and I have STUFF TO DO, hopefully including posting this at some point.

I'll be 21 in 25 hours and three minutes! ^_^


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