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Hobbit Set Pics of the Day
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Can I just...can I talk about this for a minute?

When Lord of the Rings came out, we all kind of looked at each other and said "Wouldn't it be awesome if they made The Hobbit, too?" and laughed it off because that would just be too epic and we were so lucky to have the LotR films as they were, flaws and all.

Then there started to be rumors that oh, maybe they will make, but we found out they had chosen a different director so it wasn't going to be the SAME. But then things happened and that director dropped out, and PJ stepped up, and we rejoiced because life was so wonderful.

And then they announced it would be TWO MOVIES.

Then we realized that the only characters to carry over are Gandalf, Bilbo, and Gollum and you could maybe justify Legolas, and if you really stretched you could cast John Rhys-Davies as Gloin, but there would be no reason to include the four main Hobbits. But THEN they announced that Elijah would be back, granted as a framing device, but still!

We just keep getting luckier and luckier and we used to talk about these movies like they would never happen at all and GAAAAH I am just so happy for this fandom and I cannot WAIT.
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New chapter of Detour to Destiny. We're so freakin' close to posting the end of the third book (and writing the fourth). I can almost taste it.

lol work

Jul. 13th, 2011 02:54 am
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Due to the nature of my work, I run into a LOT of names. I actually message my boss some of the funnier--by which I mean sexual--ones. We always get a giggle working the account for Mr. Butts. Or Biggerstaff, which is funny, Harry Potter reference aside--I can never bring myself to actually SAY that one.

But then yesterday I had a weird string of fandom-y names.

First was Carol Hudson. Lol, Finn's mom.

Then Richard Taylor, which doesn't sound like much unless you're like me and watched a metric butt-ton of the LotR documentaries--he's the leader of Weta Workshop, the company that did the special effects. (The fact that this sticks in my head even though it's been forever and ever since I've rewatched any of said documentaries...I don't know what to make of that, really. Not sure if it speaks to my mental faculties or my nerdishness.)

But best for last? I saw a Sarah Haggins. And I just lol'd and lol'd and lol'd to myself. One letter. One tiny letter. XD
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The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing or character of your choosing. In return, you are challenged to post this in your own journal, regardless of your ability level- or not as you wish.

1. Marco/Jordan for [ profile] rattyjol 
2. Eva for [ profile] lisacharly 
3. Puck/Lauren for [ profile] smiley_face86 
4. Kristie/Li for [ profile] infernalearache 
5. Rachel and Jake for [ profile] natural_blue_26 

Somehow I doubt I'll even get ten. I'm only committing to minifics (think, like, within an LJ comment length) but obviously if your prompt is just SO BRILLIANT it could turn into more. Also, limiting the fandoms to Glee/Animorphs/LotR/Lost, because I DON'T want to have to do research, lol.

Meme ganked from [ profile] rattyjol of awesome Animorphs fic. =D

PS: Shelly...don't prompt my chapter, I'll get to it, I swear!
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Cannot decide if Glee covering Friday is awesome or terrifying.

Celbrity Abs Guess Who--someone I care more about this time, but I still had to read the hint.

I'm usually at the far right, or second to far right. =)

(On Glee: why does Charice have an accent when she speaks but not when she sings?)


Old news by now, but YAY for Andy Serkis.

I made cupcakes last Saturday, but I should've made these. And yes, that moment WAS so exciting!

Working on my website, too. No more excuses.
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IDK if anyone over here actually keeps up with it, really, but I just posted chapter 34 of me and Michele's epic LotR fanfic. =) It's here. (Yes, now on LJ for your reading pleasure.) I know Hobbity WAS reading it...but she's never

I totally figured we'd be done with this thing by the time we, you know, became actual adults and got married and stuff. Lol.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, but think you want to...well, go over there and click the FAQ tag in the tag cloud. Because I'm lazy like that.


Feb. 19th, 2009 01:57 am
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You Are Factual

You are highly intelligent, especially in areas that deal with concrete knowledge and facts.

You are amazingly analytical. You can make sense of chaos without involving your emotions.

If anything, you tend to be overly logical. It's sometimes hard for you to come to a decision, because you're too busy weighing all the options.

People turn to you in times of trouble. They know that they can trust you to give good, well thought out advice.


I think I did this one really recently, but it's kinda nifty so I'm going to do it again while it's going around Facebook. (Or maybe it was in three words. I don't remember.)

USING ONLY ONE WORD! It's not as easy as you might think! Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers.

1. Where is your cell phone? Charging
2. Your significant other? Amazing
3. Your hair? Red
4. Your mother? Odd
5. Your father? ...worse
6. Your favorite? Fiance. ^_^
7. Your dream last night? Typical
8. Your favorite drink? Dragonfruit
9. Your dream/goal? Published!
10. What room you are in? Office
11. Your hobby? Literature
12. Your fear? DOGS
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Elsewhere
14. Where were you last night? Reading
15. Something that you aren't? Pretty
16. Muffins? Please!
17. Wish list item? Monies ;_;
18. Where you grew up? Here
19. Last thing you did?
20. What are you wearing? Button-down
21. Your TV? Off
22. Your pets? Swimmingly
23. Friends? Wacko =D
24. Your life? Best
25. Your mood? Meh
26. Missing someone? Kinda
27. Car? Laurien
28. Something you're not wearing? Footwear
29. Your favorite store? BOOKS.
30. Your favorite color? Purple!
31. When is the last time you laughed? Scrubs
32. Last time you cried? Hormones. =(
33. Who will resend this? Feh
34. One place that I go to over and over? Escape
35. One person who emails me regularly? Nobody
36. My favorite place to eat? OUT!

1. What are you listening to right now? Virus Alert by Weird Al. =)
2. How do you style your hair? Wash. Air dry. Flatiron. Keep combed.
3. What are you wearing right now? Khaki-colored jeans and a deep teal button-down. I already stripped off my jewelry and footwear as I'm headed to the shower as soon as I finish this.
4. What are you currently reading? I'm just about to finish the Angels Trilogy by Lurlene McDaniel. Oh, soapy teen novels about death and cancer, I love you. =)
5. Dumbest thing you've done this week? Well, today I forgot that the Lions weren't meeting at the regular place and didn't realize it until I walked in at the regular place. XD
6. Have you named any of your electronics? My flash drive is named Strobelite, and the laptop is named RivenDell (lol it are a Dell). And of course the car is Laurien. I'm debating on iPod names for if/when I get one, I want to stick with the LotR theme. I also need one for the iBook that Cody is polishing up for me (which is a separate story, which will be told when I get pics).
7. What is your favorite piece of technology, even if you don't own one/it? I'm with Kia and Dani, nothing beats an mp3 player. They were talking about CD's, but do any of you remember carrying cassettes with you??
8. What have you ever wanted to do in your life, but never had the guts to do it? Honestly? Run away. I've come about yea |-| close three times in my life.
9. What is your all time favorite movie? Return of the King.
10. What is something most people don't know about you? Something I'd rather they continued not knowing.
11. What is your favorite color combo? Purple, electric blue, and lime green.
12. How much money do you think you are worth? Well, I was watching TV at 3 AM last, this morning...whatever! And anyway, she was auctioning off her virginity, and the high bid is...I'm googling...3.7 million. So I imagine you could start there and go up, because I don't dress like a slut.
13. What one city would you want to visit? Why? What would you do, where would you go? If I had to only pick one, I think I'd pick London, and I'd do all the tourist-y things there. =)
14. Which languages do you wish you spoke? Japanese, French, and Elvish. (Of course the latter would only come in handy for impressing LotR fans as I now have a Cody and can no longer hope of a handsome Elf whisking me off to another dimension, but I think I'm okay with that. ^_^)
15. What is your biggest pet peeve about other drivers? OMFG GET OUT OF MY WAY. SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!
16. Any famous relatives? Not that I'm aware of. No, I'm NOT related to Lee Strobel.
17. What's the most annoying commercial you've seen? Anything with Billy Mays. And the ShamWow commercial is annoying by sheer virtue of the creepiness of the guy on there.
18. What's your favorite number? Why? I like 7. My address has 777 in it and it just kind of stuck.
19. What is your desktop background image at the moment? I don't even remember, honestly. Let me look... Oh yeah, it's this, more or less. =)


Jan. 26th, 2009 01:36 am
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I think I'm a few days behind here, I meant to computer Friday morning while Cody was in class but we got all the way there only to find out that his class was, in fact, canceled. *headdesk*

I'm not going to check everything right now, but I'm going to post this quiz that's been making the rounds over on Facebook, and check everything in the morning.

Taken from [ profile] kiashyel, and like I said, it was going around Facebook. =)

- Available: Not anymore!
- Age: 22. 23 soon enough.
- Annoyance: Stupidity.
- Animal: Horses.
- Actor: Elijah Wood!

- Beer: I'm happy to notice that all my chick friends seem to agree--EW.
- Birthday/Birthplace: March 14, 1986, right here in Mountain Home.
- Best Friends: Gah. It's a list these days.
- Body Part on opposite sex: Eheh...I tend to notice hair first, but I love me a nice pair of arms.
- Best feeling in the world: Being goofy with Cody.
- Blind or Deaf: I think I'd rather just be dead than either of those.
- Best weather: Overcast, not raining. Windy is nice if you've got a jacket. Snow is awesome, too.
- Been in Love: Currently!
- Been on stage?: Yeah.
- Believe in yourself?: Most days.
- Believe in life on other planets: “I guess I'd say if it is just us... seems like an awful waste of space.” <= Kia's answer. I don't know what she's quoting but DAMN that says it so perfectly.
- Believe in miracles: Yes.
- Believe in Magic: Indeed.
- Believe in God: Of course.
- Believe in Satan: Unfortunately.
- Believe in Santa: No, that was quashed early on by uberChristian parents.
- Believe in Ghosts/spirits: Yeah. I haven't seen any but I'm hard pressed to think of a friend that doesn't have a paranormal story of some sort to tell when asked if they've ever seen a ghost.
- Believe in Evolution: Not what they teach in schools. I think an animal can change and adapt to its surroundings (like a squirrel can start growing thicker fur if it's living in a colder climate)--but it's never going to become a different species (a squirrel is never going to turn into a dog).

- Car: Silver 1990 Chrysler LeBaron convertible
- Candy: Chocolate in just about any form, but with peanut butter being the best.
- Color: Purple
- Cried in school: The day I threw up at school.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: ...see candy answer.
- Chinese/Mexican: Mexican.
- Cake or pie: Generally pie, unless Kristy's making it.
- Country to visit: I want to visit most of Eastern Europe.

- Day or Night: Night. I'm not a big fan of that yellow glowing thingy--what is it called? Oh yeah, the SUN.
- Dream vehicle: Hm. IDK. Used to want a Mustang but around here they have such a reputation I'm not so sure anymore. I think I'd go for like, a Prius or some such.
- Danced: Oh yeah.
- Dance in the rain?: Not yet.
- Do the splits?: Never successfully that I recall.

- Eggs: No thanks.
- Eyes: Aquamarine.
- Everyone has: a secret.

- First crush: Honestly? Really and truly? Luigi. As in Super Mario Brothers. =)
- Full name: Sarah E. Strobel. Mixing it up a bit in November.
- First thoughts waking up: Depends on if I wake naturally or it's an alarm. With the former I wonder what time it is, and with the second it's usually "KILL IT WITH FIRE!"
- Food: Hm. Pizza or Mexican.

- Greatest Fear: ...something happening to Cody.
- Giver or taker: A bit of both, probably more the latter if I'm being honest.
- Goals: Get a decent job. Everything else is on hold until after the wedding.
- Gum: Eh, not really. Bubblegum maybe if it's not a hard gumball.
- Get along with your parents?: Not really, but better now that I don't see them every day.

- Hair color: Red. At some point I'd like to have purple for a month or two, but it'll be when I either have a job where I can do it or don't have to work, and definitely for sure after the wedding!! All hair experimentation is on hold until after then!
- Height: 5'9", I think.
- Happy: Delightfully so.
- Holiday: My birthday, of course. =P Lol. Seriously? Christmas.
- How do you want to die: Incredibly old. Like well into the triple digits at least. (I think medical science will advance to this point over the course of our lives!)
- Health freak?: *snerk*
- Hate: would be more fun if I didn't feel guilty for it.

- Ice cream: It varies. Here lately, plain vanilla with toppings. =)
- Instrument: Cody and I have talked about this recently and I've come to think that there's really nothing that can evoke the range of emotion that a piano can.

- Jewelry: Matches my outfits. I had three rings I wore steadily but since Cody proposed I actually change up my right-hand rings every couple of weeks. I let my engagement ring stand alone on my left hand, of course. =)
- Job: LOOKING. As a matter of fact I'm printing off two résumés as I type.

- Kids: I can tolerate those of people I love, but it's rare for me to encounter one in public without walking away muttering "I hate kids." Consequently, we're not having any.
- Kickboxing or karate: Karate! And several other dangerous-sounding Japanese words!
- Keep a journal?: LJ, and a dream journal (which is totally half-ass, honestly).

- Love: is worth the wait.
- Letter: L, lol.
- Laughed so hard you cried: Oh God, all the time. Cody didn't win me over on looks alone. ^_-
- Love at first sight: I think it's pretty rare, not nearly as common as lust at first sight. All the same I knew from the first time I saw Cody's picture that there was something different about him, though I didn't know I was going to end up marrying him.

- Milk flavour: I tend to crave/want plain milk more often than anything.
- Movie: Lord of the Rings, of course.
- Mooned anyone?: Cody wishes. =P
- Marriage: 11-10-09!!!
- Motion sickness?: Rarely, usually if I get up too early and have to drive, or eat too early and drive.
- McD’s or BK: BK, if the budget is there.

- Number of Siblings: Um. Five if you count steps and the dead one.
- Number of Piercings: Two per ear. The cartilage one got torn and then grew out. =(

- Overused Phrases: I tend to be the user rather than the one irritated by them...I'm getting rather tired of "inaugural" and "inauguration," however.
- One wish: For November to hurry up and get here and then the rest of forever to go very slowly. =)

- Place you’d like to live: Some big city further north.
- Perfect Pizza: Pepperoni from Breadeax Pizza, with stuffed crust. (As far as I know they don't sell it, lol.)
- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi. (Which, in the font on the new boxes, looked at upside-down, looks like it says "isded".)

- Questionnaires: If my friends post them, I pretty much can't resist.

- Reason to cry: What Kristy threatens to give Wolf if he tears up over nothing.
- Reality T.V.: Only if it's actually realistic, not uprooting people from their environment for something fake. The latter is really just a glorified gameshow.
- Radio Station: Radio? Oh, you mean that thing I listen to when my mp3 player's batteries die? I have like six stations programmed in, and my goal is to avoid commercials and static. =)
- Roll your tongue in a circle: Can't.

- Song: Once Upon a Broken Heart by the Beu Sisters came up on shuffle tonight in the car with Cody and I nearly cried.
- Shoe size: 10 or 11 depending on the brand and style.
- Salad Dressing: ...salad? =S
- Slept outside: Nope. In a tent once when I was five or so, and once I spent the entire night outside, but I didn't sleep a wink until after it got light, at which point I went inside and slept on the couch.
- Seen a dead body?: At a funeral. I really regret looking. I hate the memory of her looking like that.
- Smoked?: GOD no.
- Skinny dipped?: No, and don't really plan on it. A bathtub is the largest body of water I really care to immerse myself in.
- Shower daily?: If I'm not going anywhere at all, I'll stay in the same damn pajamas and not bother. But most days yes.
- Sing well?: Not really.
- In the shower?: Not often. I tend to talk to myself though.
- Swear?: Depends entirely on the fucking audience. =P
- Stuffed Animals?: All but two are in a box, and one of those is a handmade Frodo doll.
- Single/Group dates: I prefer the single date--it's hard to get to know someone when you can't focus on them.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Meh. I like blueberry muffins and donuts but that's about it.
- Scientists need to invent: If we can put a man on the moon, why can't we have envelope glue that tastes good?

- Time for bed: HA!
- Thunderstorms: So long as the power stays on.
- TV: LOST!!!!!!
- Touch your tongue to your nose: I could when I was little, but now I won't try because I'd get grossed out if I pulled it off.

- Unpredictable: Moi.

- Vegetable you hate: ...most of them.
- Vacation spot: The last time I truly went on a vacation, my age was in the single digits. That being said I'd LOVE to go on an Alaskan cruise or jet around Europe.

- Weakness: It is really freaking hard to tell Cody no.
- When you grow up: ...hell will freeze over?
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you? Hm. I think most of my friends have similar thought patterns (this probably has to do with me having an intelligence requirement), but overall I think it'd be Shelly.
- Who makes you laugh the most: Cody.
- Worst feeling: Helplessness.
- Wanted to be a model?: Only for the money.
- Where do we go when we die: Well, that depends on how we behaved on Earth.
- Worst weather: Hot sun.

-X-Rays: None. Ever.

-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: Is incredibly unflattering on me.

- Zoo animal: Zebras!
- Zodiac sign: Pisces.

1. Slept in a bed beside you? Cody. (Fully clothed the whole time, thanks.)
2. Last person to see you cry? Cody.
3. Went to the movies with you? Abi. And that was months ago.
4. You went to the mall with? Cody.
5. You went to dinner with? Cody.
6. You talked to on the phone? Nico.
7. Made you laugh? Cody.
8. Had a face contest with: Yeah, no one answered because no one knew what it meant. Me either.
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LotR Fandom Meme (gacked from [ profile] gamgeefest)

1. How did you get involved in the fandom? What was your first place/haven within the fandom?
I was vaguely aware of the existence of The Hobbit growing up--it was one of the things banhammered by my mother because the ads looked scary and it involved, horror of horrors, MAGIC--and I don't remember exactly where I heard about Lord of the Rings, just that at some point I came to understand it was fantasy and I needed to read it. I finally did read them, and my enthusiasm for the fandom developed about the same time as my enthusiasm for the internet. The first place I found to hang out with other Ringers was the Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza. =) Ah, messageboarding. I also used to hang out on Grey Panthers forums, and started DLBE when those died. (I'd link to bagginses but the page that's there now is apparently porn. D= )
2. When did you first read Tolkien's writing? I started them in February of 2001 and finished them two days before FotR was released on DVD.
3. What did you read first? The Hobbit, then the trilogy, later followed by the Silm at some point and other Tolkien anthologies. I need to reread The Hobbit and the trilogy.
4. When did you first see the movies? I saw FotR the night it came to DVD, saw TTT also the day it came out on DVD, and saw RotK on IMAX in January. =D
5. How did you come to be involved where you are now in the fandom? Hmm. Well, [ profile] thehobbitwaffle and I started DLBE when GP decided to cut itself down to its original core membership. And Shelly and I started writing D2D in January 2004. =D
6. What was the first fanfic story you read? I don't even know.
7. What was the first fanfic story you wrote? Was it Tolkien centric, or another genre? Lol. For LotR, I think the first thing I started writing was Lalaith. I could be wrong, though.
8. Name 3 of your favorite Tolkien characters. Why do you like them? Frodo, of course--I relate. He's bookish and dreamy and wishes to have adventures away from his mundane life. Eowyn, because she's an incredibly strong woman in a man's world, and again, I relate--this time in love. =) And then probably Bilbo--he got his adventure and enjoyed it. =) He's kind of uncle every kid would love to have. ^_^
9. What are 3 of your least favorite characters? Why? Hmm. Well, the bad guys, of course! Denethor just plain pisses me off, trying to drag his son along into his madness. Saruman, for what he did to the Shire out of sheer spite. And Lobelia, because she was hateful and greedy. Grr.
10. What genres do you like to read the most? A little bit of everything; AU, h/c, a little slash now and again. Honestly I don't generally seek out new authors, I read stuff put out by authors I already know I like or stuff they highly recommend.
11. What Tolkien eras/cultures/events/etc. do you feel you have the strongest knowledge in? I'm not gonna lie--movieverse, actor info, that kind of thing.
12. What areas do you feel you can help other authors with? Lol. Grammar.
13. What do you feel are your weaknesses as a writer? What would you like to improve on? I think I have a tendency to be torn between explaining canonical things (this info needs to be here for this to stand alone!) and not explaining them (anyone who's a LotR fan doesn't need to have this told to them again!).
14. What Tolkien era/culture/events/etc. would you like to know more about? I can't think of anything I wouldn't read about if the info was presented in an intelligent way. =)
15. What are you currently writing, what's your latest work in progress? I'm STILL working on In Another World, and of course D2D.
16. What is your favorite story you wrote? Why? Hmm. Probably D2D, because of its sheer...epicness, lol.
17. What is your least favorite story you wrote? Why? Lol. The ones I haven't finished.

16 random things and blogthings under the cut. )
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1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

I was tagged by [ profile] kitty0_o , even though I only HAVE six icons. Lulz.

I don't know why I even HAVE more than one, because I always use this one, lol. It says "I have come to consider myself...a restless Eowyn...awaiting my Faramir." I made it up and had [ profile] thehobbitwaffle make it for me, since I didn't have the resources at the time. And now that I think about it, I should probably drop it entirely, 'cause it's really not true anymore.

Now that's a mouthful, Clive, and no mistake. (His middle name was Staples, if you didn't know. If my middle name was Staples, I would answer to it.)

Hobbity found this for me on the wider interwebs and posted it on DLBE for my use. It was my avatar there for a while (I change it out over there) and has been one of my LJ icons ever since I figured out I could have more than one.

Again...self-explanatory. I don't think this was meant to be an icon, IIRC it was the thumbnail for a t-shirt bearing this design. Lol. (And no, I don't think I'd actually wear the t-shirt. In public.)

Hobbity made a series of these "LiveJournal:" icons, and I requested that she make this one in the same style. I loves it. I suppose technically, now, Facebook would be the thinking person's MySpace. But Facebook wasn't around back then. (And yes, I have this icon displayed ON MY MYSPACE. XD)

This is the first panel of Kimono's Townhouse episode 122. It came out eleven days before Cody and I got together officially. I made the icon in anticipation. ^_^
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Gacked from MySpace bulletins--Laiken and Tab, I think.

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EW 100 New Classics meme

Below is the Entertainment Weekly's list of 100 Classic Movies of the past 25 years.
Bold the ones you've seen.
Underline the ones you plan to.
Strike out the ones you hate and refuse to watch ever again.
Italicize the ones you absolutely love.

1. Pulp Fiction (1994)
2. The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-03)
3. Titanic (1997)
4. Blue Velvet (1986)
5. Toy Story (1995)
6. Saving Private Ryan (1998)
7. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
8. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
9. Die Hard (1988)
10. Moulin Rouge (2001)
11. This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
12. The Matrix (1999)
13. GoodFellas (1990)
14. Crumb (1995)
15. Edward Scissorhands (1990)
16. Boogie Nights (1997)
17. Jerry Maguire (1996)
18. Do the Right Thing (1989)
19. Casino Royale (2006)
20. The Lion King (1994)
21. Schindler's List (1993)
22. Rushmore (1998)
23. Memento (2001)
24. A Room With a View (1986)
25. Shrek (2001)
26. Hoop Dreams (1994)
27. Aliens (1986)
28. Wings of Desire (1988)
29. The Bourne Supremacy (2004)
30. When Harry Met Sally... (1989)
31. Brokeback Mountain (2005)
32. Fight Club (1999)
33. The Breakfast Club (1985)
34. Fargo (1996)
35. The Incredibles (2004)
36. Spider-Man 2 (2004) (sadly, I've seen 1 and 3...)
37. Pretty Woman (1990)
38. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
39. The Sixth Sense (1999)
40. Speed (1994)
41. Dazed and Confused (1993)
42. Clueless (1995)
43. Gladiator (2000)
44. The Player (1992)
45. Rain Man (1988)
46. Children of Men (2006)
47. Men in Black (1997)
48. Scarface (1983)
49. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
50. The Piano (1993)
51. There Will Be Blood (2007)
52. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad (1988)
53. The Truman Show (1998)
54. Fatal Attraction (1987)
55. Risky Business (1983)
56. The Lives of Others (2006)
57. There’s Something About Mary (1998)
58. Ghostbusters (1984)
59. L.A. Confidential (1997)
60. Scream (1996)
61. Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
62. sex, lies and videotape (1989)
63. Big (1988)
64. No Country For Old Men (2007)
65. Dirty Dancing (1987)
66. Natural Born Killers (1994)
67. Donnie Brasco (1997)
68. Witness (1985)
69. All About My Mother (1999)
70. Broadcast News (1987)
71. Unforgiven (1992)
72. Thelma & Louise (1991)
73. Office Space (1999)
74. Drugstore Cowboy (1989)
75. Out of Africa (1985)
76. The Departed (2006)
77. Sid and Nancy (1986)
78. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
79. Waiting for Guffman (1996)
80. Michael Clayton (2007)
81. Moonstruck (1987)
82. Lost in Translation (2003)
83. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987)
84. Sideways (2004)
85. The 40 Year-Old Virgin (2005)
86. Y Tu Mamá También (2002)
87. Swingers (1996)
88. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
89. Breaking the Waves (1996)
90. Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
91. Back to the Future (1985)
92. Menace II Society (1993)
93. Ed Wood (1994)
94. Full Metal Jacket (1987)
95. In the Mood for Love (2001)
96. Far From Heaven (2002)
97. Glory (1989)
98. The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)
99. The Blair Witch Project (1999)
100. South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999)
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How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something & you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you knew you SHOULD know? How many times have you felt 'guilty' asking a LJ friend a question that should be 'obvious'?

Well, here's your chance.

If you've missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask me anything. Even something EXTREMELY basic, like where I live! I'm not allowed to get even slightly irritated at any of the questions--we've all missed things before. Even if there are things you don't think you've missed, but you're just curious about, go ahead and ask. I'll answer ANY question.

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It took me a week to set everything up, but FINALLY, I've got Detour to Destiny a home of its own--here on LJ.

[profile] detourdestiny

It's full of awesome. ^_^ And now there's going to be no more drama like there was on the fanfiction websites. (FFN deleted us for quoting lyrics, FOS is now offering anything BUT Freedom of Speech.)

So now it seems like all is going to be smooth sailing insofar as getting it FINISHED and posted. I've gotten back into the writing groove, and Shelly's all graduated. The only thing that can interfere there is wedding plans. Hee!

If you want to know what I'm talking about, you can read the FAQ here. :D
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Your Ice Cream Personality:

You are not a particularly modest person. You're proud of who you are, and you don't care who knows it.

You are incredibly cautious. You rather miss out on something than make a mistake. No one would ever call you wild... but they would call you responsible.

You are a fairly open minded person with a wide range of tastes. You are quite accepting of unusual ideas and people.

You tend to have a one track mind. You prefer not to multitask.

You are a serious and contemplative person. You definitely do your own thing in life.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

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Merry, or is it Pippin??! It is is so hard to tell those too mischevious hobbits apart! Of the two, Merry claim to be the smarter (only claims to be, mind you). Merry is, as his name suggests, is very jovial and a good friend to Frodo, Sam, and Pippin.

Take the "Which Hobbit are you?" quiz created by Cora Black!

^_^ I'm the smart one!

Funny, I remember quizilla as giving you code to show your results. As it was I had to save and upload to imageshack. Anyway, link to the quiz: here!

And, not a quiz, but fun anyway: Color Test!


May. 15th, 2008 01:24 pm
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Still alive, still seeking recepta-wench job.

Got my stimulus check. Does anyone else think that sounds dirty? Just me? Okay then.

FINALLY ordered checks (with, like, ten left...but then again, I started with 50 in October). LotR checks again FTW! And they had a special deal, $5 off if you ordered a matching checkbook cover and address labels...and the power of Elijah Wood was too hard to resist. ^_^ I needed address labels ANYWAY.

Going to Shelly's bachelorette party tomorrow. YAY.

Going to LynnDee's graduation tonight. That's two in a week, Jared and Dena's was on Monday.

Gotta rocket.
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you are lightcyan

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You're smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people's conflicts well.

Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the html color quiz

Huh. The analysis is true enough, but I wanted to be

1. A body of water, smaller than a river, contained within relatively narrow banks.
Depending on my mood--probably a creek, but possibly a brook or stream.
2. What the thing you push around the grocery store is called.
Cart. Shopping cart, if it's not in immediate context (ie, not, "Can I put my purse in the cart?", but like "She was pushing a shopping cart around the city.")
3. A metal container to carry a meal in.
Bento box! Nah, probably a lunchbox. Unless it's mine.
4. The thing that you cook bacon and eggs in.
Frying pan.
5. The piece of furniture that seats three people.
Air mattress. (Haha, kidding, only at Kristy's house the last few weeks.) Couch.
6. The device on the outside of the house that carries rain off the roof.
Gutter. Also where many minds reside.
7. The covered area outside a house where people sit in the evening.
Porch. Possibly deck if it's high off the ground.
8. Carbonated, sweetened, non-alcoholic beverages.
Soda, if I'm not referring to it by the brand name.
9. A flat, round breakfast food served with syrup.
Pancakes. Or waffles, but I think there's only one name for those.
10. A long sandwich designed to be a whole meal in itself.
Ew. SubWay.
11. The piece of clothing worn by men at the beach.
12. Shoes worn for sports.
Tennis shoes (which I actually pronounce as one word, "tenni-shoes." My mother actually referred to them as tennies when I was a kid) or sneakers.
13. Putting a room in order.
Cleaning, organizing.
14. A flying insect that glows in the dark.
Lightning bug or firefly, more often than not the former. Funny, I never noticed that there were two different words for it until just now. Weird.
15. The little insect that curls up into a ball.
16. The children's playground equipment where one kid sits on one side and goes up while the other sits on the other side and goes down.
Seesaw or teeter-totter.
17. How do you eat your pizza?
By hand, generally, unless I'm with someone anal who uses a knife and fork, and I might follow suit. Maybe.
18. What's it called when private citizens put up signs and sell their used stuff?
Yard sale or garage sale, interchangeably. Flea market if they actually open up a shop.
19. What's the evening meal?
20. The thing under a house where the furnace and perhaps a rec room are?
21. What do you call the thing that you can get water out of to drink in public places?
Drinking fountain. Ew. I'd have to be pretty desperate to use one.

1. My username is ______ because ______.
rena_librarian. Well, RenaissanceGrrl was taken (and continues to be taken) by some dominatrix who has a friends-only journal. Grr. I'd had to resort to renaissancegrrl_thelibrarian as my Yahoo! ID and LJ wouldn't take that many letters. I often answer to Rena on forums (Ren and RG and RGrrl aren't my cup of tea) so it just...made sense?

2. My name is _____ because ______.
Sarah, because my parents wanted to give me a Bible name. (After choosing names like Jennifer and Alicia) Suits me well enough, I suppose.

3. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
Until the Stars Are All Alight. It's a Tolkien quote (from the song Pippin sings in the movie) and I liked the reference to the stars. Also it generically refers to things getting better in the future. I suppose I might actually be due for a rename, lol. Things are good, other than the joblessness.

4. My journal subtitle is ____ because ____.
Call me 'cause I'm still awake. Slight paraphrase from Anna Nalick's "Breathe (2 AM)" because it's generally true--I'm very much a night owl.

5. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
Crazy People Who Like Me...which, uh...makes sense? Lol.

6. My default userpic is ____ because ____.
The Éowyn one Hobbity made for me...because I designed it and had it made for me.

- kill - Paris Hilton
- torture - see above. I'd start by gagging her
- smooch - meep, so many...let's just say 90% of the male LotR cast and leave it at that
- make out with - Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan
- go dancing with - see above
- have sex with - Did that meme already...
- hug - Stephen Colbert, because I didn't get Halloween as a kid, either.
- go on a date with - Hee. See "smooch."
- party with - Elijah and Dom, and hopefully get Elijah to DJ
- become best friends (female) - Avril Lavigne, Emilie de Ravin
- become best friends (male) - Jorge Garcia, Viggo Mortensen
- marry - ELIJAH.
- look like - Lindsay Lohan, in the Mean Girls era (ie, RED hair)
- adopt as your long lost sister - Avril Lavigne. Or...Lindsay Lohan? I'm with the Fug Girls, girl could use some stability in her life.
- - Jorge Garcia again. Maybe Hugh Laurie, if only because it would probably be creepy if I dated him.
- move in with - *snerk* ELIJAH. I doooo believe I started a fic like that once... *whistles innocently*
- get his autograph - Anybody I ran across. If I didn't actually want it, there's always Ebay!
- spend a day with - Elijah? Avril Lavigne? What is this, Make A Wish? (Probably Elijah. XD)
- go to a drive in movie with - Elijah. Or Dom.
- bake a cake for - Dang near anybody I liked.
- bake a turkey for - Uh...I dunno, I wouldn't do this for asked?

Slept in your bed: Just moi.
Saw you cry: Huh. I can't even think of the last time I--oh snap. Kristy. Sorta. Over Sam.
Made you cry: Sam. But only a little.
Spent the night at your house: Nico.
You went to the movies with: Kristy, Jared, EJ...uh...Raymond was there, I THINK Dena was there, EJ's man whose name escapes me (but I know it starts with a J!), and a friend of theirs.
You went to the mall with: Kristy and Abi!
Yelled at you: Hmm...Nico, probably?
Sent you an e-mail: Uh...Maryanne sent me the Lions newsletter and if I got anything after that it was automated.
You kissed: No one. *sob*

Said "I love you" and meant it?: Not to a guy. Never said it. Wanted to. Would have meant it if I had.
Gotten in a fight w/your dog/cat/bird/fish,etc.: Uh, no.
Been to New York? I saw the Statue of Liberty from a grounded plane, and I think we drove through it once when I was a kid, but not in any kind of meaningful way.
Been to Florida? Lived there for six months. I turned three there.
California? Twice, I think. I was really little. WINCHESTER MANSION FTW!
Hawaii? No, and have no desire to go unless it has something to do with Lost.
Mexico? Yes, actually. DON'T DRINK THE WATER. IT'S ALL TRUE.
China? Nope.
Canada? Three times, if you count Niagara Falls when I was young enough to be in a stroller. Twice otherwise.
Danced naked? Mmm, not really. I get enough of a kick walking around in the process of changing clothes or getting ready for a shower.
Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: I've had lots of deja vus from dreams, but they take longer than the next day.
Wish you were the opposite sex? Mmm, only to escape my period. Girls kick ass.
Had an imaginary friend? More than one. And at ages I don't care to admit.

Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: ...every time. And currently. -_-*
Have You Ever Cried Over Something Someone of The Opposite Sex Did: More than once...
Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: I think I do, but then I end up falling for someone completely NOT that type...
Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: Yeah.
Ever Liked a close Guy/Girl Friend: Yeah...currently? I don't know that we're really friends but we spend a lot of time around each other because we have mutual friends that we're close to.
Are You Lonely Right Now: After those questions? Yeah.
Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married: It's crossed my mind more than once.
Do You Want To Get Married: Oh, yes.
Do You Want Kids: Not in the slightest.


Apr. 15th, 2008 01:23 pm
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funny graphs
see more funny graphs



Apr. 7th, 2008 02:37 pm
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I wasn't technically tagged, but ganked from [personal profile] theoni (aka Joe the Cake Guy)...

List ten fictional characters you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.
(Okay, I don't think I need to explain that's it's theoretical/for fun. I think most of you know I'm waiting for marriage. :D If it kills me.)

1. Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings. (Elijah Wood. No one's surprised, I'm sure. Probably any character played by him, really...)
2. John Doe from John Doe. (Dominic Purcell. Why yes, I AM attracted to brains!)
3. Charlie Pace from Lost. (Dominic Monaghan...any character except Geoffry Shawcross, lol.)
4. Dr. Robert Chase from House, MD. (I...don't even know the actor's name. Lol.) (ETA: Jesse Spencer. Thanks, Katchan.)
5. Sawyer from Lost. (Josh Holloway)
6. JD...Dorian, lol, from Scrubs. (Zach Braff)
7. Legolas from Lord of the Rings. (Orlando Bloom...again, more or less as any character, lol...sorry, Shelly!)
8. Gary Hobson from Early Edition. (Kyle Chandler.)
9. Kenshin Himura (Himura Kenshin, for my fellow Japanophiles) from Rurouni Kenshin. (That's an anime. Dunno the name of his American VA.)
10. Erik (the Phantom) from Phantom of the Opera. (Gerard Butler. Especially if he sang--ZOMG Music of the Night DOES THINGS to a girl.)

Not tagging, it's not fair. But I'd be curious to see responses! *coughKatchanKristyNicoShellycough*

I surprised myself...there were a few that I thought about and then realized that no, I wouldn't want to, because I'm a fan of them being in a certain couple on the show/movie. (Like, say, Jin from Lost. Or Will Turner from PotC...not that I really wanted him to end up with Elizabeth, but he's clearly happy with her so why mess that up?) As such I think my answers might have been different if the question was "Which characters could you see yourself falling in love with?" *coughdrhousehimselfcough*

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