Jun. 12th, 2008 02:31 am
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I was on my MySpace homepage and saw this ad:

It then changed to say "MySpace Transmissions presents," then changed to "A concert..." with interviews or some such.

With that shirt? And that hair? At a piano?

I totally thought it was about Drive Shaft. XD 'Tis not, unfortunately.
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you are lightcyan

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You're smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people's conflicts well.

Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the html color quiz

Huh. The analysis is true enough, but I wanted to be

1. A body of water, smaller than a river, contained within relatively narrow banks.
Depending on my mood--probably a creek, but possibly a brook or stream.
2. What the thing you push around the grocery store is called.
Cart. Shopping cart, if it's not in immediate context (ie, not, "Can I put my purse in the cart?", but like "She was pushing a shopping cart around the city.")
3. A metal container to carry a meal in.
Bento box! Nah, probably a lunchbox. Unless it's mine.
4. The thing that you cook bacon and eggs in.
Frying pan.
5. The piece of furniture that seats three people.
Air mattress. (Haha, kidding, only at Kristy's house the last few weeks.) Couch.
6. The device on the outside of the house that carries rain off the roof.
Gutter. Also where many minds reside.
7. The covered area outside a house where people sit in the evening.
Porch. Possibly deck if it's high off the ground.
8. Carbonated, sweetened, non-alcoholic beverages.
Soda, if I'm not referring to it by the brand name.
9. A flat, round breakfast food served with syrup.
Pancakes. Or waffles, but I think there's only one name for those.
10. A long sandwich designed to be a whole meal in itself.
Ew. SubWay.
11. The piece of clothing worn by men at the beach.
12. Shoes worn for sports.
Tennis shoes (which I actually pronounce as one word, "tenni-shoes." My mother actually referred to them as tennies when I was a kid) or sneakers.
13. Putting a room in order.
Cleaning, organizing.
14. A flying insect that glows in the dark.
Lightning bug or firefly, more often than not the former. Funny, I never noticed that there were two different words for it until just now. Weird.
15. The little insect that curls up into a ball.
16. The children's playground equipment where one kid sits on one side and goes up while the other sits on the other side and goes down.
Seesaw or teeter-totter.
17. How do you eat your pizza?
By hand, generally, unless I'm with someone anal who uses a knife and fork, and I might follow suit. Maybe.
18. What's it called when private citizens put up signs and sell their used stuff?
Yard sale or garage sale, interchangeably. Flea market if they actually open up a shop.
19. What's the evening meal?
20. The thing under a house where the furnace and perhaps a rec room are?
21. What do you call the thing that you can get water out of to drink in public places?
Drinking fountain. Ew. I'd have to be pretty desperate to use one.

1. My username is ______ because ______.
rena_librarian. Well, RenaissanceGrrl was taken (and continues to be taken) by some dominatrix who has a friends-only journal. Grr. I'd had to resort to renaissancegrrl_thelibrarian as my Yahoo! ID and LJ wouldn't take that many letters. I often answer to Rena on forums (Ren and RG and RGrrl aren't my cup of tea) so it just...made sense?

2. My name is _____ because ______.
Sarah, because my parents wanted to give me a Bible name. (After choosing names like Jennifer and Alicia) Suits me well enough, I suppose.

3. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
Until the Stars Are All Alight. It's a Tolkien quote (from the song Pippin sings in the movie) and I liked the reference to the stars. Also it generically refers to things getting better in the future. I suppose I might actually be due for a rename, lol. Things are good, other than the joblessness.

4. My journal subtitle is ____ because ____.
Call me 'cause I'm still awake. Slight paraphrase from Anna Nalick's "Breathe (2 AM)" because it's generally true--I'm very much a night owl.

5. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
Crazy People Who Like Me...which, uh...makes sense? Lol.

6. My default userpic is ____ because ____.
The Éowyn one Hobbity made for me...because I designed it and had it made for me.

- kill - Paris Hilton
- torture - see above. I'd start by gagging her
- smooch - meep, so many...let's just say 90% of the male LotR cast and leave it at that
- make out with - Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan
- go dancing with - see above
- have sex with - Did that meme already...
- hug - Stephen Colbert, because I didn't get Halloween as a kid, either.
- go on a date with - Hee. See "smooch."
- party with - Elijah and Dom, and hopefully get Elijah to DJ
- become best friends (female) - Avril Lavigne, Emilie de Ravin
- become best friends (male) - Jorge Garcia, Viggo Mortensen
- marry - ELIJAH.
- look like - Lindsay Lohan, in the Mean Girls era (ie, RED hair)
- adopt as your long lost sister - Avril Lavigne. Or...Lindsay Lohan? I'm with the Fug Girls, girl could use some stability in her life.
- - Jorge Garcia again. Maybe Hugh Laurie, if only because it would probably be creepy if I dated him.
- move in with - *snerk* ELIJAH. I doooo believe I started a fic like that once... *whistles innocently*
- get his autograph - Anybody I ran across. If I didn't actually want it, there's always Ebay!
- spend a day with - Elijah? Avril Lavigne? What is this, Make A Wish? (Probably Elijah. XD)
- go to a drive in movie with - Elijah. Or Dom.
- bake a cake for - Dang near anybody I liked.
- bake a turkey for - Uh...I dunno, I wouldn't do this for asked?

Slept in your bed: Just moi.
Saw you cry: Huh. I can't even think of the last time I--oh snap. Kristy. Sorta. Over Sam.
Made you cry: Sam. But only a little.
Spent the night at your house: Nico.
You went to the movies with: Kristy, Jared, EJ...uh...Raymond was there, I THINK Dena was there, EJ's man whose name escapes me (but I know it starts with a J!), and a friend of theirs.
You went to the mall with: Kristy and Abi!
Yelled at you: Hmm...Nico, probably?
Sent you an e-mail: Uh...Maryanne sent me the Lions newsletter and if I got anything after that it was automated.
You kissed: No one. *sob*

Said "I love you" and meant it?: Not to a guy. Never said it. Wanted to. Would have meant it if I had.
Gotten in a fight w/your dog/cat/bird/fish,etc.: Uh, no.
Been to New York? I saw the Statue of Liberty from a grounded plane, and I think we drove through it once when I was a kid, but not in any kind of meaningful way.
Been to Florida? Lived there for six months. I turned three there.
California? Twice, I think. I was really little. WINCHESTER MANSION FTW!
Hawaii? No, and have no desire to go unless it has something to do with Lost.
Mexico? Yes, actually. DON'T DRINK THE WATER. IT'S ALL TRUE.
China? Nope.
Canada? Three times, if you count Niagara Falls when I was young enough to be in a stroller. Twice otherwise.
Danced naked? Mmm, not really. I get enough of a kick walking around in the process of changing clothes or getting ready for a shower.
Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: I've had lots of deja vus from dreams, but they take longer than the next day.
Wish you were the opposite sex? Mmm, only to escape my period. Girls kick ass.
Had an imaginary friend? More than one. And at ages I don't care to admit.

Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: ...every time. And currently. -_-*
Have You Ever Cried Over Something Someone of The Opposite Sex Did: More than once...
Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: I think I do, but then I end up falling for someone completely NOT that type...
Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: Yeah.
Ever Liked a close Guy/Girl Friend: Yeah...currently? I don't know that we're really friends but we spend a lot of time around each other because we have mutual friends that we're close to.
Are You Lonely Right Now: After those questions? Yeah.
Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married: It's crossed my mind more than once.
Do You Want To Get Married: Oh, yes.
Do You Want Kids: Not in the slightest.


Apr. 7th, 2008 02:37 pm
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I wasn't technically tagged, but ganked from [personal profile] theoni (aka Joe the Cake Guy)...

List ten fictional characters you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same.
(Okay, I don't think I need to explain that's it's theoretical/for fun. I think most of you know I'm waiting for marriage. :D If it kills me.)

1. Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings. (Elijah Wood. No one's surprised, I'm sure. Probably any character played by him, really...)
2. John Doe from John Doe. (Dominic Purcell. Why yes, I AM attracted to brains!)
3. Charlie Pace from Lost. (Dominic Monaghan...any character except Geoffry Shawcross, lol.)
4. Dr. Robert Chase from House, MD. (I...don't even know the actor's name. Lol.) (ETA: Jesse Spencer. Thanks, Katchan.)
5. Sawyer from Lost. (Josh Holloway)
6. JD...Dorian, lol, from Scrubs. (Zach Braff)
7. Legolas from Lord of the Rings. (Orlando Bloom...again, more or less as any character, lol...sorry, Shelly!)
8. Gary Hobson from Early Edition. (Kyle Chandler.)
9. Kenshin Himura (Himura Kenshin, for my fellow Japanophiles) from Rurouni Kenshin. (That's an anime. Dunno the name of his American VA.)
10. Erik (the Phantom) from Phantom of the Opera. (Gerard Butler. Especially if he sang--ZOMG Music of the Night DOES THINGS to a girl.)

Not tagging, it's not fair. But I'd be curious to see responses! *coughKatchanKristyNicoShellycough*

I surprised myself...there were a few that I thought about and then realized that no, I wouldn't want to, because I'm a fan of them being in a certain couple on the show/movie. (Like, say, Jin from Lost. Or Will Turner from PotC...not that I really wanted him to end up with Elizabeth, but he's clearly happy with her so why mess that up?) As such I think my answers might have been different if the question was "Which characters could you see yourself falling in love with?" *coughdrhousehimselfcough*
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  Kristy© says:
  Kristy© says:  (out loud she says click the third link down)
  Sarah says:
Believe it or not, Blair tests his own new space suit. Of course, his data is sketchy.
  Kristy© says:
  Sarah says:

      Your question could make the show, securing your mega-geek status for years!
  Sarah says:
      (animated extreme lolling emoticon)
  Kristy© says:
  Sarah says:
hooray for government agencies that don't take themselves too seriously!
  Kristy© says:
  Sarah says:
not that I'm complaining, but it doesn't feel like it should be Friday yet
  Kristy© says:
yeah i know
  Sarah says:
feels like a Wednesday
  Sarah says:
which is odd because we had salsa
  Kristy© says:
yeah it kinda does
  Kristy© says:
you ever wonder if there is some one fucking with the time?
  Sarah says:
  Sarah says:
I'm the girl that wonders how many times she's been transported to another world, saved said world, and been transported back to the exact time and place she left from with a wiped memory
  Kristy© says:
  Kristy© says:
  Sarah says:
  Kristy© says:
my sister and i used to think about what we would do if we got time warped from the very spot we were on
  Sarah says:
  Kristy© says:
  Kristy© says:
we came to the conclusion, we don't carry enough stuff with us
  Sarah says:
  Sarah says:
you need towels
  Kristy© says:
  Sarah says:
you got that? OMG, you rock so hardcore
  Kristy© says:
well duh dude, who doesn't know about the one thing you need to hitch hike across the galaxy?

(copied-and-pasted to me)

...Mat says:
So what are your plans this weekend?
  Kristy© says:
thinking about getting drunk
 ...Mat says:
That's a good plan.
  Kristy© says:
REALLY drunk
then let my boyfriend take advantage of me


Mat says:
Missy is staying home and studying for a test this weekend, so I've decided to help her out by keeping a game on the tv so she can focus.
  Kristy© says:
you are so nice
 ...Mat says:
I know, right?
  Kristy© says:
that's very considerate of you
Mat says:
I'm going out of my way, and all.


Kristy© says:
i'm tired
  Kristy© says:
i want a nap
  Kristy© says:
okay it's 4:30 on friday can i slack a bit now?

And: Abi (girl who teaches salsa) is a huge Lord of the Rings fan. She recognized Dominic in a non-LotR userpic I was using in MSN and it started from there. We're now talking all-day LotR marathon some weekend. :D
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It seems IMDB has some stills from the Order of the Phoenix movie, which isn't going to be coming out at Christmas, but next summer. Hmm. Harry's hair is short! Gah! Neville and the twins have shot up, height-wise... And Umbridge isn't ugly enough. Her costume's great, but she's not...toady, like she was in the book. Time will tell if her voice is annoying enough, lol.

Anyway. When that celebrity-lookalike thing was going around, Dominic Monaghan showed up on Nico's, and unfortunately the site didn't choose the greatest pic of Dom, which caused Nico to comment that he looked like a squirrel.

So, of course, I feel the need to set the record straight. Dominic Monaghan does NOT look like a least not all the time. And I have pictures to prove it! (And for the Lost/LotR fans reading this, they're all click-for-fullsize, so feel free to snag. ^_-)



(I think said Lost/LotR fans will recognize this for what it really excuse to share the Dommy lovin'...)
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Okay, the one person who's likely to give a crap about this is the one I got these from, I'm really just posting these for my own future reference. XD

Elijah calls Dom
Dom and Elijah goofing around
More of the same, baby voices
Origin of Half Fling
Elijah on Keith Barry: Extraordinary

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(This was written last Tuesday night at home after work.)

Amazing the stuff I forget, sometimes.

This morning, or rather, early this afternoon, as I was leaving the house, I found mail for me. Credit card offer, meaningless CAAP scores (and even if they weren't meaningless it wouldn't matter, I scored higher than 98% of my fellow test-takers, and 99% of people nationwide on just about all but math--and even there I did better than half by just guessing...and I am in drama queen mode today, it seems), which I didn't even bother opening until tonight. But I DID open the Priority Mail package from the U.S. Department of Official Mail in New Orleans. (WTF? I thought that there was, like, nothing in New Orleans, much less a functioning Post Office. But whatever.)


Time to buy tickets and start packing!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!

*does the passport dance*


(And this on Thrusday night)

Lost has ben fan-flippin'-tastic the last two weeks--Hobbity, you REALLY picked the wrong time to quit watching. First Michael goes nuts, they find another hatch, and then this week THERE WERE TWO CC MOMENTS. Oh, and the flashbacks of what happened while Micheal was gone. XD

I've now seen all four HP movies; I think Prisoner of Azkaban may be my favorite thus far, but I really need to watch it and Goblet of Fire a few more times before I say definitively--I've seen PoA twice and GoF once.

Azkaban is a word that's fun to say.

The TV gods have smiled on me. Last week, there was a special called "Keith Barry: Extraordinary"--a magic show. He did the new trend of performing tricks for celebrities, and one of said celebs was Elijah Wood (thankfully, pre-shaved-head!). He did this trick kind of like the cups and balls, only instead of a ball under the cup, it was a metal spike, and Elijah had to guess which cup it was under, and he tested Elijah's guess by slamming their hands down on the cup (ie, if Elijah had been wrong, he would have gotten spiked!!). Of course no bloodiness ensued even though they mixed the cups three different times, but the looks on Elijah's face--OMG. Shelly, Hobbity--DOWNLOAD.

Then later that same evening, Dominic and JJ were on Jimmy Kimmel. (JJ "guest-directed" and kept popping up from backstage, wearing a headset.) If I was going to start addictively watching a late-night TV talk show, Kimmel would be it. He cracks me up. At any rate, there was much joking about M:I:3 (ridiculous to have two colons in an abbreviation, but whatever) and how JJ was ignoring Dom to hang with his new pal Tom, (Dom had pics of what he was doing in his free time that included having a tea party with stuffed animals XD) and "Gordon Fisherman" was in the audience, and--well, a LOT of stuff that you just plain wouldn't laugh at unless you were an addicted Lost fan. Again--Shelly, Hobbity, this one is a MUST-have.

Graduation was boring. Really. Jacqui showed up, though, and came to my party. Yay! My "party" was my family sitting around eating ice-cream cake, nothing really happened.

The student speaker at graduation mentioned that there's a sign as you're leaving the campus buildings that says "you can go anywhere from here." She'd been blathering about what a nice community Mountain Home is, and she was all, "Why would anyone want to leave?" Later that evening, Jacqui was all, "Why would anyone want to STAY?" XD Highlight of that day.

The worst bit is that someone gave the camera to Dad, who managed to take an ENTIRE ROLL OF FILM and yet did not get so much as ONE picture of me that DOES NOT LOOK LIKE CRAP. I mean, I know I'm not photogenic by ANY stretch of the imagination, but really, out of an ENTIRE ROLL OF FILM I thought I'd get one pic of myself in my cap and gown that was at least PRESENTABLE. So, sorry guys, but I'm NOT sharing any of the pics. I plan to get professional pics taken anyway (ooh, possibly in St. Louis, since I think my sister gets a family discount), so you can see THOSE. And I might post a pic of my cake, since it was all purple and sparkly. XD

I GOT BALLOONS FOR GRADUATION! YAY! The two mylars are still floating!


This morning as I was getting ready to leave, I sat down with my breakfast (if it still counts as such when it's closing in on noon) and turned on the TV, thinking I'd watch something like Full House or Family Matters, whatever happened to be on, and stumbled across an episode of Mister Roger's Neighborhood. And...I watched it.

I have to confess, I watched it as a kid since before I can remember up until I was way too old *coughtwelvecough*. I couldn't really pin it down then, but I think I figured it out today--he reminds me of my two grandfathers. And, really, what would you rather spend your time with--your grandpa, who adores you and loves to be around you, or a loud, annoying barrage of random facts? (Which, if you think about it, is what most kids' shows are now.) Would you rather feel special, or pressured to learn?

Plus the stuff like the videos of factories ("How Harmonicas Are Made") were cool, and the make-believe stuff was how I played as a kid. I would build houses out of blocks, and then take all the little figurines and action figures I had (McDonald's toys and cereal box prizes, mostly) and make up stories about them. ^_^ Ahh, childhood.

I wonder where the actors from that show are now. I mean, I know Mister Rogers did, like, almost all the puppets, but, like, Mr. McFeely and Lady Aberlin and everyone. Hmm.

Yeah. I'm always going to have a soft spot for Mister Rogers. I got more teary when he died than when Mother Theresa died. Why can't kids' shows be more like that anymore? Poor children today, once they get too old for their shows they're ashamed to admit they watched them. (Really, what 6-year-old is going to admit five years later that they enjoyed Dora? Or Caillou? Or *shudder* Bear in the Big Blue House? Or any of them?)

Anyway. I need sleep. I have to get up at 9:30 to be at work. And if in the next few days you read about the manager of Mtn. Home Taco Bell being found shot dead in his bed, IT WASN'T ME.


Jan. 26th, 2006 04:26 pm
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Apparently they got all the letters about "not enough shirtless Charlie!" XD

I am happy.

Okay, okay...spoilers here. )

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I'm jealous.

This is the stuff fanfics are made of.

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Why is it that Lost is only 27-and-half hours away, yet I feel like I might just spontaneously combust before it airs?

 (click to enlarge)

I bought a TV Guide, that's why.

Dom & Evie

Dec. 14th, 2005 04:43 pm
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SID 31's up. ^_^

Yet again, this probably shouldn't make me happy, but it DOES... Monalilly? See. I'm so right.


Sep. 14th, 2005 03:50 pm
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I just came from Hastings, where I put "The Purifiers" on order. I had no idea that it was coming to the States at all until Shelly told me she'd rented it. I looked at the box for the rental copy, but I refrained from touching it. I knew if I picked it up I'd very likely be compulsed to rent it until my copy came, lol, and I never rent anything.

Saw Paul. He's still alive, then, lol.

Adding about a million smilies to DLBE, since Gold Community is guaranteed for another set of three, heck. I'm rich. It won't suffer, lol.


Aug. 29th, 2005 03:47 pm
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A friend from DLBE, Hobbitmum, just had me send her a copy of pandemoniumfromamerica. I got an email from her earlier today...

I will be sending you some mail soon. however it would help to know if you like Elijah, Orli or Dom the best of the three.

OMG! I asked for a postcard back, lol, and now I'm getting MAIL! WHEE! But WHAT IS IT???

Half Fling is so funny. I would love to know what they are saying.

So would I. Anyone who can find me the REAL lyrics to it gets a million brownies!

Man it gets crazy with 5 kids sometimes., esp. when 3 are in college.  kids in 5 different schools in 3 different cities and two different states!! and people wonder why I go to DLBE? 

Wow. I am so never having kids. Thanks for the reinforcement, HM! ^_^

To let loose some of my insanity and enjoy ht ecompany of fellow LOTR lovers. I makes me able to cope with the hectic world around me. 

Aww. If DLBE had a mission statement, that would be in it. ^_-

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Your French Name Is

Adélaïde Belle-isle

Today was the first day of school. More later. I have to go change for work in about five.

I should have more time after this, but I had to run around and meet with people and such. Plus run my car over to Rodney AGAIN. I finally told him to just SHOW me how to change the stupid fuse myself and went and bought ten of them at Wal*Mart. (My cigarette lighter, which I use to run my CD player, keeps blowing this fuse and he can't figure out why.)

Sigh. Hobbity posted confirmation of Lijah's girlfriend, and I read a blurb from Evie about how happy Dom makes her, I'm sure Kate and Orli are going ot be in the news again sooner or later...*sigh* Days like this take the fun out of being a fangirl.

Oh well. New classes. New guys to flirt with. My lab partner recognized my Elven Brooch!!!

But like I said...more later. I get off at ten and since I have no chapter to work on I'll likely type an entry at home tonight.


Apr. 19th, 2005 10:51 am
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I just got a spam email from someone named Elijah Kenneth. *sniggle* Though judging by the subject line, he was kind of a pervert. Yeah. Not going there... ¬_¬*

I'm posting my Lost fic on FFN right now! WHEE! Hang on, I shall post it and then put the link in this entry...HERE! Read it! Review it if you love me! Yes. I KNOW it's a trivial piece of fluff, highly unlikely to actually HAPPEN, but I live in my own little world that is held up by veritable walls of improbability...

Shelly will love me for this one. (She sure as heck better--as it is, after all, dedicated to her...)

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Shelly, I send you the link, you had better download it!

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[ profile] gamgeefest and I are still debating dear John Locke of Lost. ^_^ Now for my rebuttal II...

Locke found his knives in the wreckage the same way everyone found their own clothes. (The same way CHARLIE got his GUITAR against all odds!...which, I may point out, is a GOOD DEED that Locke did...)

Ah! See! You just argued against yourself again! They may NOT all be his knives! Maybe there WERE some kind of terrorists on the plane and Locke has just claimed their knives because he knows the proper use for them. Hmmm.

I know what a walkabout is--I read a very long and lengthy fanfic about it once, lol. (Not LotR.) And yeah, you take bare minimum, but the area where Locke was trying to go would have required a lot of knives and stuff. It was about as hostile as the island is. (Obviously he would have carried them in sheaths on his person, not in the big suitcases.)

Yeah, it WOULD help if we knew the homeland security rules. But I still say he could get away with having them in the cargo hold pretty easily. I totally get your "terrorist" scenario, but that's why only airline employees are allowed in the cargo areas. (Can you even get to the cargo area from the passenger part of the plane? And if you can, THAT is something homeland security oughta look at! HELL-LO!)

Locke covered for Walt (about the raft) because of the possible consequences in it for Walt. THINK about what they'd do to Walt if that got out. (And the fact that Locke deduced it in the first place speaks to his intelligence. You can't debate that--he IS smart.) You saw what they were about to do to Jin and Sawyer. And I'm not sure what Michael would think about it--would he understand or would he be really ticked? Locke also may have covered for Walt to protect the extremely tumultous Walt/Michael relationship.

Locke gets touchy-feely about stuff like moth larvae, I don't know why he wouldn't about vegetation.

Hmm. Locke's not afraid of the monster. NICE theory! Why didn't I think of that? And here's a thought--If he DID see the monster and it was "beautiful," then why are we still calling it a monster? Maybe it's a good (misunderstood) thing. We just don't know!

And again, it's possible that Locke is keeping it secret for a GOOD reason. (With this arguement, I'm ruling out the idea that he survived by his hunting skills, I know. I still think it's a possibility, but we don't know.) Maybe everyone on the island will have to face it. Maybe it's a sentient creature and it's asked him not to--or maybe he IS brainwashed, by the monster, and he CAN'T tell them. Maybe that "heart of the island" thing was his subconscious trying to break past the brainwashing. (Wow, I totally made that up just now, lol...)

And you're actually right on one point--he must not have survived via hunter skills, or he would have told everyone how to survive. I'm startign to really like my theory in the above paragraph...

He's well-read! I imagine that being in a wheelchair leaves you a lot of time to read. Was the office miserable and dank? I think you're exaggerating, it was just fluorescent lighting, for pity's sake, it's not like it was mildewed stone walls or anything...

And yeah, we really do need to know WHEN and HOW he became paralyzed before we can figure out where he picked up his survival skills.

If it was Ethan that knocked Sayid over the head, we likely never would have known anyway, unless his evil plans succeeded and he did like so many fictional villains do and explain everything they did to get to where they ended up. Don't make it sound like we lost valuable information because of CHARLIE. ^_-

Yes, at least we agree on that--Sawyer was where he was supposed to be when Sayid got knocked over the head. But maybe Locke said what he did because he just didn't think it through. Even the most intelligent people have occasional "brain farts." (Case in point: ME! ^_^) It's not necessarily him trying to frame Sawyer or anyone else, or trying to deflect blame for something he was guilty of. I know--even when I'm innocent, if someone interrogates me, I get defensive regardless.

As for Elijah--
 Hehehe. I knew that avatar would come in handy someday...

We KNOW what Charlie is capable of when desperate enough for a fix--stealing and breaking a girl's heart, at least. Also resisting (well, avoiding anyway) flight attendants. ^_^ But that was my point--If Locke IS brainwashed and needed Charlie to help with evil plans, he could probably supply Charlie with more drugs on the island, and when Charlie got desperate enough Locke could get him to do ANYTHING. Whereas with helping Charlie kick the habit--yeah, now Charlie owes a lot to Locke, but Charlie's clearheaded enough NOT to do something wrong.

Okay--everyone was paranoid about Ethan and the only reason no one went stark raving mad was Charlie's heroism. *lights candle at the foot of the Charlie-shrine* After the numbers, NOTHING scares Hurley, I don't know how he found out about the polar bear, but just because HE knew doesn't make it common knowledge. Just because no one's running around RAVING about the monster doesn't mean it's not constantly in the back of their minds. The only people who know about the skeletons are Jack, Kate, Locke, and Charlie, so no freaking because they're the ones who are capable of dealing with the burden of the island's mysteries (hence why they're "leaders").

The hatch is different, even to ME. I don't live on the island, and STILL the hatch just BUGS me ten times worse than the other things. The fact that's it's underground bugs me. Lol...the palantir, eh? Again, I think Locke has his reasons. (I'm going back to that theory again--maybe he has "spoken," communed, whatever, with the "monster." Whether he's going along with the monster for the greater good--which is an ep name coming up, coincidentally!--or because he's brainwashed is up for speculation.)

I still understand about Boone and being relieved at Shannon's death, if you don't get it there's no explaining it. And maybe Locke, like me, understands where Boone is coming from, which would explain his nonchalance. (The understanding explains MY nonchalance, see? I didn't even pick up on that being worthy of notice.) And clearly he wasn't SO relieved that he decided to go kill her and make it real. It was just a wake-up call for him.

Ooooh! I would SO check the tape and go over the events of the vision quest...if I had the tape. As luck would have it, I've loaned it to Becky, who wants to catch up on Lost (she wasn't one of us smart people who watched from day one). ^_^ So, go Becky, but GAAAH me! But as I recall, it happened THUSLY:

Boone wants to tell Shannon about the hatch, Locke SAYS okay but then knocks him over the head. Boone wakes up tied up, Locke puts the stuff on, and leaves a knife. Then Boone hears Shannon and cuts himself loose and goes after her and all that jazz.

I assumed from the moment that I knew it WAS a vision quest that when Boone "woke up" he was actually hallucinating, that the drug had already been applied and he was in reality still unconscious--and also that after finding Shannon dead, he hallucinated that he went unconscious again, THEN woke up for real (for the first time since Locke knocked him out) and went back to camp--and that he didn't REALLY do all that running around, that it was all in his head and he never actually left the spot where Locke knocked him out. (In which case Locke COULD have been--and very likely WAS--monitoring him every minute until he came to!) However, I don't see how it matters WHEN Locke drugged him, clearly it was an overall good experience for Boone--it got him to LET GO, which he needed to do.

Now let me get THIS straight--if Locke leaves Boone a knife this is bad because anyone can come along and use it (like Ethan). If Locke DOESN'T leave a knife, this is bad because Boone is unarmed! Make up your mind, will you??? ^_^
But Locke DOES trust his "croonies" (your word, what does that mean?), so it's not that he doesn't trust ANYONE, thereby by your logic he might be able to be trusted. ^_^ Ha.

Nothing on that island is "just" anything, I wouldn't take it as "just" a hatch. Unless they KNEW how it got there, or at least had a fairly good idea (like Danielle's shelter can be assumed to have been built by Danielle and her team), I would assume that it was special. (Might I point out that it is supposed to be an UNINHABITED island? A hatch is not NATURAL!)
Maybe it was Locke's fault, technically, but things happen that can be someone's FAULT without them being to BLAME for it. Like if I drop a vase and break it, it's my FAULT, but I didn't INTEND to cause harm. So maybe it was Locke's fault that Ethan claimed anohter victim (I'm as bad about Scott and Steve as Hurley is, who died again?), but you can't say that it was necessarily intended on his part.

Jin MUST know who torched the raft because he was trying to STOP them, that's how he got burned, remember? He's got to know it's Walt.

I KNOW the odds of the crash "fixing" Locke are astronomical. Hence why he was so surprised and why he hasn't mentioned that he used to be in a wheelchair. (Among other reasons...I can't think of a reason why letting that bit of info out would benefit anyone.) And they wouldn't necessarily be atrophied, I'm sure he was seeing a good physical therapist to prevent that.

But actually, that's a good point. Maybe he hasn't been paralyzed all that long. Maybe he didn't work for the box company all that long. Hmm...

And by that logic, the "heart of the island" is NOT the monster! Haha, caught you again!

Pandora's box. At least I'm not the only one who thought of that. I WANT them to open the hatch because I'm insanely curious, but I'm afraid of what they'll have to deal with when they do... But anyway. My point was, Locke isn't aware of the numbers, so he doesn't realize that his opening the hatch is a bad thing.

If Locke really is evil (which I don't believe for a minute, not until his eyes glow yellow or something like that), then brainwashing is the only explanation. *sits stubbornly*
AFTER Locke was mostly done with the crib, Claire randomly said, "Today's my birthday..." So nothing suspicious there, just a sweet coincidence.

WaFF = Warm and Fuzzy Feelings. ^_^

I doubt his spinal cord was severed, I meant the previous idea. (And yeah, I could buy that--my mother is a living testament to the skill of chiropracters.)

Dreamflower may still be right--maybe they MEANT for Locke to turn out evil and now that people like him they're doing everything they can to dig themselves out of the holes they're in.
Do we know that Vincent was a total house dog and was never allowed outside? Maybe he was treated like a lot of people treat their pets here--mostly outside, occasionally inside. (Regardless, you got your laugh with the "four-legged Shannon" thing. ROFL!)

Oh, yay, character comparisons! MORE fun, just like you said!

Sawyer has TOO lied and kept secrets! We don't even know the man's (I use the term "man" rather loosely there, I know, he's not a true "man" IMHO) real name for pity's sake! And he didn't tell Jack that he met Jack's dad! (And while what you said about hicks is totally true, please realize that not everyone born in a rural area is a hick! Some of us are here only because we can't get away yet!) And just because what he's done is understandable (sort of...) doesn't make it RIGHT. At least he hates himself, too. (Now that you've pointed that out I'm feeling a bit more sympathy for him--the fact that he seems to ENJOY being a bad*$$ irritates me.)

Jin may have been lied to, but if I were Sun, I would be scared to death of him and I would want out, too. If he came home covered in BLOOD and then REFUSED TO TELL ME...
I know, Kate seems fairly tame now. Perhaps she's taking the fresh start offered her by the crash. I keep thinking of that scene where Jack asked what she did after refusing to let her tell him, and she tells him, "No, you lost your chance." Maybe she was going to be honest and then rethought it, realized she'd get along better if no one knew. (Wait, did she change her mind on that because of the marshal?)

The whole thing being Hurley's delusion? should probably know that Jorge Garcia WAS the first actor cast for Lost. ^_^ That is going to bug me now. (I hope they don't pull a "Newhart" with this series, have the final ep end with someone in bed and have the entire thing be one huge dream.) I don't think Hurley's sense is so common. (How many people would think to build a golf course? That's UNcommon sense, IMHO.) But why WAS he in the psych ward? And he does have an incredible gift of dealing with people, you're right, that must stem from his being aware of what they're feeling. (To Sawyer: "No offense, man, but you could use the points.")

Hmm. Locke probably DOES know about Walt's "abilities," but he may be honestly wanting to help Walt deal with them the way he helped Boone via the vision quest and Charlie with the drugs.

You really think Claire will go for Charlie once the baby's born? (How could she NOT go for those charms??? Silly girl!) Gosh, I hope so. Spoilers say that when she does go into labor (not this coming ep, but the next) Charlie WILL be there, he WILL panic (can't blame him), and Jack will NOT deliver the baby. (I wanna see Charlie deliver it! want Charlie to be the one, but we can stick with shots of his face and Claire's, lol.)

"They're all on that island for a reason." GEE, ya THINK? ^_-

Ah. That's right. Your theory about Claire and the psychic was from when she was missing. (I'd dearly love to know everything that happened to her during that time!) I don't know where I got that other thing...(to quote Dierks Bentley, "What was I thinking?")

You did fine, lol, at least as far as keeping me entertained and helping to pass the hiatus. As far as changing my haven't gotten anywhere. ^_-

dreamflower--glad we have an audience. It helps. ^_^ *nort* Armpit hair, indeed...that didn't cross my mind until Kate and Sawyer went swimming, but it did make me giggle when I realized it.

No one's had sunburn? Or no one's been SHOWN with sunburn? Slight difference. And Charlie DID warn Claire about the sun. (And wasn't that part of Jack's thing with his dad, lack of sleep and the heat affecting him?)

Hehe. Red shirts. (Shelly: "I HATE ANOMALIES!")

Hehehe...Charlie doesn't need furry feet and pointy ears. I daresay if he DID have pointy ears I'd drop dead from the sexiness. (This is not a problem as I tend to "die" online at least once every other day, my title on DLBE says, among other things, "random die-er," lol.)

There won't be writer's block--it's JJ Abrams. I don't even watch Alias and I know that the plotting is fantastic. (If I could watch it from the beginning I would probably keep up with it...)

Hehehe. The way Dom looks with a scruffy beard, I'd say the ladies need the razors far more than the men. (Now how come Locke is still completely shaven? He must use one of those knives, lol. But he should share. Somebody make Jack shave! The rest I can take or leave...)

*nort* Rose. Gold ring, silver chain. *nort* But that's points in her favor, actually, I'd trust Frodo with my life. ^_^ (And didn't *I* point that out to *you* originally???)

I want to know the secrets of the island...eventually. I want to know what the monster is before the end of the season, but the whole thing with the numbers and the transmissions and all that can carry over until the next season.

And in two eps, we'll presumably have the answer to the biggest mystery--BOY OR GIRL??? (I hope Claire has the baby on the same ep as she goes into labor, anyway! It better not be a cliffie or Rena may be forced to take action, lol.)

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I'm 19 today! Yay me! ^_^ More on that tomorrow after I open my presents, lol...

Sunday, fiveish--

Yeah. So I'm back. Yay.

Whatta weekend. My birthday's tomorrow, and people have been telling me Happy Birthday, but the only one who's done anything is Jennifer. (Which, to be fair, my parents still have tomorrow, but still...) Which, BTW, Jennifer--one of my sisters, the cool one, my fellow black sheep--was here this weekend. She came down on Saturday morning and left a few hours ago. But she took me out last night, we saw a movie and went shopping. We Wow. That thing I don't seem to have a lot of anymore, not really. (I laugh a lot, but that's not quite the same.) She came to see Grandma.

The doctors have decided they've helped Grandma as much as they can, so "we" (her hubby and kids, really) have decided to bring her home to, basically, die. But she's been home almost a week and seems to be EXACTLY the same. No worse, which is good, but no better, either. I really wish she would get better or die. Really. Because the way she is now, she's not really Grandma. She's someone inhabiting a body that looks like a really deteriorated version of Grandma and she's out of it most of the time. I mean, if you get in her face and say hello, she can smile at you and say hello back, and she's usually aware of who is in the room, but she just sits there. Says nothing, does less. And we're all just kind of stuck counting a countdown that kind of keeps going up and down and never approaches zero, and we're not sure if we really want it to or not.

Okay. Enough weekend, from Friday on, in order...

Proof that being into Lost and LotR makes you smarter! I got a test back in World Civ, and my score (all told, after tallying up the questions she threw out and all) was an 87. Then she said she was going to add anywhere from 3 to 5 points to everyone's grade, so I am guaranteed an A. YA-HOOOO! I needed it in that class. So anyway, obviously if I had missed any more questions than I did, I would be in jeopardy, and I can directly relate some questions to mental connections made because of Lost and LotR. The Lost one--the Boer Wars, it's pronounced just like boar, so I imagined Locke (the boar-hunter) being the one fighting and then I remembered all the rest of the stuff. (That it was Dutch people in Africa fighting the natives.) So I got that question. Then the whole thing was WWI and Mrs. Richardson was talking about how horrible trench warfare was, and I totally remembered it all because the whole time she was talking I kept in mind the mental image of the Dead Marshes, which everyone says Tolkien based on his experiences in WWI. And now that I've studied the time period, I can easily see how he got that, the trenches really did flood and look like that, soldiers under water. So chalk up at least five points for being a Tolkien fan! ^_^

Then on my way to work Friday, I saw a car that had "Just Married" painted on the back, and there were three people in the car, the couple, and a woman in the backseat. At first I was kind of weirded out, wondering if the "three" of them had gotten "married," but then I passed the car and the woman in the back turned out to be way older, probably one of their mothers, and I was giggling, maybe the mother-in-law was so controlling that she was coming on the honeymoon. ^_^ Lol.

I got to thinking, when I get married, I want to paint up my own car, and on the driver and passenger side I'm going to paint "Faramir" and "Eowyn," and then below that, "I found him!" ^_^

Nico (the gayish guy, who I'm now starting to think really IS just very, very metrosexual...sooner or later I'm going to just ASK him, for pity's sake) hired a deaf girl at work. Her name is Misty. Apparently she reads lips, but Nico's asking everyone if they can sign. I can fingerspell...SLOWLY. I'm looking forward to practicing on her, lol, maybe getting faster. And I really admire her for getting a job and everything, overcoming her disability.

I fell down at work. The floor was wet and I tried to turn a corner and KABOOM! Yeah. So then the rest of the day, every time I would try to round the same corner, no matter how fast or slow I was going, Nico was all, "Slow down! There's a right turn there! Be careful!" It was funny. After about the fifth time, I was all, "I'm slowing down, don't worry!" ^_^ So anyway, when it happened, everyone was all, "Are you okay?" and I said, "Yeah, or at least I will be once I recover my dignity." My headset went flying, I had to redo my hair (I have to have it pulled back, it can't touch my collar). Yeah. That was fun. I was sore but I wasn't bleeding so I figured I was okay.

That morning when I'd left they were grading our dirt road again. I was irritated at that, because, yeah, the potholes were already reforming, but I was just thinking, "You know, the obvious solution is to PAVE the road instead of wasting all this time and effort..." And then on my way home I found out that they had, in fact, put down the pretty white gravel. ^_^ Uncle Norman knows a guy who works for the county road department and he says they're going to put down another layer and steamroll it, which A) stays in place pretty well, and B) is the foundation for a paved road. They're supposed to pave it sooner or later, they paved the road above us and supposedly when that gets finished they're going to start on our road. So we'll see.

Then, when I got home and changed, I discovered that I had, in fact, injured myself when I fell. I had gotten a cut in a very sensitive place that remained sore, but it never bled through my shirt so I didn't notice. (I'd tell you where, but that could get me arrested, lol. Let's just say if it had bled more, all the way through a certain undergarment, it's my shirt that would have suffered and I'll let you calculate for yourself.) Apparently when I fell I slammed into the cabinet, I attributed the soreness to the sheer force of my body falling, but no, there was a cut there. I showed Mom and what we did is used bandaids to tape a gauze pad over it (we didn't have the medical tape stuff), to keep the disinfectant goo on and to keep my clothes from rubbing me wrong.

Then we went to Aunt Diane's and I got on the computer for a moment and I sent an email to the whole acting class detailing what Becky and I were discussing about us going out. I said anyone could email me, then said if they didn't want to wait, they could call me and gave them my cell number. The upside to that is that Tim has my phone number. The downside is that Kira has it, too. The so-so side is that Greg has it. Hmm. This could get interesting.

Then Saturday morning Mom went to town and bought more gauze and some medical tape. I TOLD her what I would do with it if she did that, but she forgot that morning and bought it anyway. So next Tuesday, once school's back in, I am SO Charlie-izing my fingers!!! ^_^ When I found it out on the ledge (there's a window between our living room and kitchen, and we put stuff on it to move things from one to the other, she brings the groceries into the kitchen and then puts stuff on the ledge if it goes in the living room or bathroom) I just grinned at her evilly and she was all, "Oh, I forgot about THAT!" And I just smiled more. So HAHA. I rock.

So then Jennifer came around two. We visited, and then she went to see Grandma and I cleaned my room. Rodney and Debbie (my cousin) and their four kids were out, so I talked to them, rode the four-wheeler with Gabriel, then we had dinner and then me and Jennifer went out--in a display of being the only one who CARES that I'm having a birthday at all. I'm not holding my breath on having a party tomorrow, and I'm really p***ed off at my parents for not going to St. Louis this weekend, because A) I took a big risk by asking for a day off of work and B) we were here for BOTH Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually we're there for one, and Mom consoled me about that by assuring me we'd go to St. Louis for my birthday. I was so desperate to go to St. Louis I offered--no, BEGGED--to pay for the gas to go BY MYSELF. It's not like Grandma is any different for our being here, not a bit better or worse.

And you know, if they had told me that they were going to let me down, at least I could have taken off Friday night instead and gone to the concert with Shelly and the other LITs. I could have at least taken off Monday instead and not worked on my actual birthday. I could have done so many other things, but I was counting on my parents NOT TO LET ME DOWN and I took off Saturday. Shows how worthless they really are.

Anyway, as soon as we left the house, Jennifer and I were having fun. She listens to a lot of the same music as me and she's the only person besides Kat that I can have with me and still have the music at my preferred volume. We saw "Robots." (It was that or "Hitch" and she didn't want to see "Hitch," and unfortunately "The Ring Two" isn't out 'til NEXT Friday.) Let me tell you now: SEE IT. It was FREAKING HILARIOUS. (Hello, Robin Williams, 'nuff said!) And if you're really into Billy's singing you're in for a double laugh. NO, he's not in it, but there is one moment where you will THINK of him. Muchly. I was all, "That is so wrong!" but it was the good kind of "so wrong." ^_^ And I laughed a lot. (Even just in the opening scene...I never realized that so many mechanical jokes could be made in connection with the birth of a baby, lol...)

After the movie, we went shopping. Jennifer bought me a comic book and a Legolas bookmark at Hastings. We also went to Goody's and bought nothing, and then we went to Wal*Mart and I bought two--TWO!!--Elijah Wood movies!!!!! "The War" and "Ash Wednesday." (AW was in the $5.50 sale bin, and The War was also $5.50, but it wasn't in the bin.) I think I'm going to watch "The War" first (he's younger, and if the trailer is right, he's got a Southern accent on there! Lol!) and then AW and then "Deep Impact." *hides from Shelly and Hobbity for not having watched it already*


Movies he's made: 33
Movies I have on video: 5
Movies I have on DVD: 10
Movies I have total: 15
Movies I've seen but don't own: 2
Movies I've seen total: 17

That's just over half, 16.5 is half. ^_^ And that total that he's made is counting the four that haven't been released yet, "The Yank," "Sin City," "Everything Is Illuminated," and "Happy Feet." If you don't count those four, I've seen almost 60% of his movies. ^_^

Aunt Diane's doing a fundaser for her church, they're selling Avon, so Mom bought me three things of body wash. Yay. They smell like (best to worst) vanilla, cucumber melon, and mango & passion fruit. The mango & passion fruit does not smell like I thought it would, and I don't like it. It's icky. So I'm using it first, lol.

We have a broken pipe. I put some laundry in the washer and discovered a puddle on the basement floor. Mom said it looked like the drain from my shower. Yay. Thrills. I'm not stressing, wouldn't be the first time Dad fixed 'em...after all, he built 'em. But yay. I'll probably get blamed for it, as I'm pretty much the only one who uses the shower. Dad doesn't understand the principle that "things wear out." He reads books about how the world is coming to and end because it just can't last much longer, but cannot understand that the reason that I have to replace my headphones every six months or so is not because I misuse them, but because I use them normally, and they're not built to last forever. Now, maybe if I spent $50 on them he would have a point, but when I spend $5, I dont' expect them to last forever. He's all, "Well, I've had this one pair for five years!" and won't hear it when I point out that my headphones would last five years, too, if I only used them once every six months. Gah.

Dad had a tick on him earlier today! NOOO! It's WAY TOO EARLY to have to worry about that! NOOOOO! I hate bugs, and now every time I think I feel something crawl on me I'll have to LOOK and make sure it's not a tick. Eww, eww, eww. Everyone knows what a tick is, right? A little parasitic bug that attaches itself and sucks your blood and can spread lyme disease. (You know. The word "politics" comes from the Greek "poly," meaning many, and "tics," meaning little bloodsucking creatures. ^_^)

Okay, done with my weekend in review, now for the randomness...I'm reading a novelization of "Dead Poet's Society." ^_^ The DLBE's should be happy. I really wanna see the movie now, I'll hold off on a review of hte book until I finish it.

When I was shopping for Maddy's birthday presents (I sent them back up with Jennifer), I found a book for the boys. They're going to be nine months old on the 20th. It's one of those board books, and it's called "Bite Me! I'm a book!" ^_^ The text (yes, the whole book) goes:
Red books, blue books,
I like to chew books!
Morning books, night books,
I like to bite books!
Books--not peaches!
Books--not peas!
Munchable, crunchable,
More books, please!

Haha. Not just because the whole text is kind of funny (I was cracking up in the store), but of course the word "crunchable" made me think of Gollum. "No, no crunchable birdses to eat..." Lol. And it was only a dollar...

So anyway. I'm going to shut up now, I have more on my list, but they're things that don't have to go in chronological order, so I'll have another long rant tomorrow morning! Yay me!

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See my music there? THANKS, MERIAGRIN! That's the song from which Dom got the quote for his tattoo! Does it--yes, I'm looking at the lyrics--it says "Nothing to get hungabout." Is that a British thing? Still, I'm hearing that and cracking up a bit at the irony there. Hung. Charlie. Hung. Lol...

Found out Kat has a cellphone and text messaging. Lol. That's going to get interesting. (Wait, there comes another one...)

Grandma--they think that maybe back when she had temporal arteritis (inflammation of the arteries, I think), that it may have caused nerve damage and that's what's making her almost constantly nautious. They're testing that today.

Talked to Tim's cousin, she didnt have much info for me, but she's on my side, said she'd keep her eyes open and help how she could without letting him know what she was doing. ^_-

OH! Guess what! (I shouldn't be happy about this, technically, but I am!) ORLANDO BLOOM BROKE UP WITH KATE BOSWORTH! He's FREE! That rocks. (And would you believe he's only #3 on my list?)

See, it's true!

Anyway. Yeah. That's about all.

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