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This amuses me muchly. The fact that the gay dude looks a lot like Ryan doesn't help. (I went hunting for headlines. ^_^)

Jobhunt: meh. I applied for three things today. Doctor's office sounds awesome. Srsly.

I HAVE CURTAINS! IN MAH BEDROOM! They're very sheer and looking down the hallway at them it barely registers that they're even there, but they tint the light purple, and I bet once it's dark out, they're going to read more like "GIANT RECTANGLE OF PURPLE ON THE WALL FTW!" Yay.

Curtain rods are only 97 cents. Seriously.

I cooked again! I actually went and bought a bigger frying pan. Nine inches wasn't cutting it. That's right, I said it. And now I have taco meat. Yum.

Nico kidnapped me on Tuesday and we went to West Plains. (That makes it sound like far more planning went into than actually did...) Ate at Ryan's. ^_^ Went grocery shopping. We ran into a guy Nico's been talking to online, of all the random things. So yay.

OH YEAH. About a week or two ago I was on MySpace and Sam's status was something about "hates tires and rims and everything else!" The next day Kristy and I were driving thataway and I suggested we drive by and look at his car. Sure enough his car was in the driveway and the front tire was...bent over double on itself. I can't even describe it, much less figure out what the hell he did. Let's not forget, he delivers pizza for a living.

And I wasn't gonna post anything about it...but then when I was with Nico I found out that Brandon's in jail. *snerk* He didn't really DO anything, it was just a stupid mistake on his part (and he hasn't been there long, since Tuesday according to Nico)...but when I heard that, I just thought to myself...

"DAMN. It does not pay to break up with me."

Lol. Future boyfriends beware...

My dad just called me re: the stuff we're doing tomorrow (there's a benefit concert for...something...and they're buying my ticket and we're going to dinner, but he's not sure where we're meeting up, etc etc), and he told me to "just hang loose." XD I was still laughing when we hung up.

oh yes

Mar. 18th, 2008 10:00 am
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When I explained to Sam why exactly I'm terrified to be around dogs, he completely sympathized.


I'm going to go back to acting like I'm on a sugar rush, even though I've consumed nothing yet today. You all have a nice day! ^_^
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Tuesday--Lunch with Dad at El Charro's. Helped him pick out agreed with his choice of conference table for his new office, which he's getting because he has a new boss who (rightly) thinks his current office (given by the previous boss, who made him move out of his nice one) sucks. Kristy's party. Awesome, pics to come when I feel less lazy. Jungle juice=OH. EM. GEE. Met Sam, didn't really get to talk to him but drove him home. (Short version on Sam: Kristy and I made a McD's run and we bumped into him, said hi, left. I bugged Kristy, all, "who was that??" and she agreed to invite him so I could meet him. Yay!) Claims to be extremely proficient with Rubik's Cube, have yet to see that. Definitely proficient on Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitar.

Wednesday--Lions, per new usual. I'm on the Social Committee (capitals mine). Vaguely disappointed at first (I didn't get to pick, I was involuntarily volunteered and I was kind of hoping to become, like, a copy editor or writer for the newsletter or some such) but then I realized that this means that not only do I put up crepe paper for the banquet but I might get to influence the color. Lol.

Thursday--Left work early (yay!), picked up Nico, drove back roads (yay Google Maps) to Springfield, met up w/Shelly, Dani, and Kia and had dinner @ Fazoli's. Got to see Shelly's ring in person, got to catch up. ^_^ Went to Hammons Hall for RENT. Words cannot describe how much better it is live. (Raunchier for sure, lol, funnier, sort of, and sweeter in spots--particularly seeing Angel and Collins get together. It's not really in the Broadway recording and it's just kind of taken for granted in the movie, but in the play it's acted out.

Angel: "Baby, I've been hearing violins all night."
Collins: "Is it anything to do with me? Are we a thing?"
Angel: "Baby, we're everything."
And thus ensues I'll Cover You.)

During intermission, a gay man (wearing an awesome hat and a pink shirt) walked up and asked if I had a Chocolate Kitty (I assume he meant Chococat) purse, and I told him no, just regular Hello Kitty. He pulls out his wallet, it's a pink Hello Kitty wallet with hot pink sequins. "I lived in Japan for three years. Old habits are hard to break." I squeed. "Lucky!" ^_^ Also, the woman who tore our tickets said that my shoes were cute, and Shelly liked my top. It was a happy night of compliments.

Afterwards, Shelly and Kia had to get back because they had class/work in the morning, but Dani was up for ice cream so she went with Nico and me to Steak & Shake. It was the really old one, that I remember as looking really old when I was there as a kid, lol. I totally didn't think it had any inside space, because we always only ever went to the drive-up window, lol.

Friday--MY BIRTHDAY!! Katchan woke me up, calling to wish me happy birthday. ^_^ Called Mom and moved lunch from the Steak House to Pizza Hut (goddammit, I wanted pizza), went back to sleep for a bit. Had lunch w/Mom and Dad, and Mom brought me birthday cookie (I totally thought I wasn't getting anything like that--Kristy offered to make me a birthday cake, but she didn't go to work Thursday or Friday because of Coldzilla), so yay! The parents gave me $$$ rather than presents. They know me so well. (Well, Mom said that she looked for a steering wheel cover but couldn't find one I'd like. I asked where she looked and immediately came up w/a store she missed. Lol.) Dad said his desk came in, etc, and he'd been putting it together, so I offered to come help him with it.

After he left Mom gave me The Record. (This is a long story, more on that later.) I took it, and the cookie, and the leftover pizza to my house (hey, I have pizza!...) then went out to Dad's office and helped him with the desk (which is black and glass and is going to look hot. Apparently Maxim magazine has a furniture line, and, more surprising, my dad actually likes it). He had to leave at 2:30 because he and Mom had a Lions thing in Little Rock (District Governor training, lol), so then I went around shopping. Got a Hello Kitty license plate frame at AutoZone (I went to look at steering wheel covers because I figured Mom only looked for purple ones and I could find something I liked), bought Ultra Violet Manic Panic and a fingernail-piercing kit at Tattooz by Sassy (where Brandon got his tattoo, when I went with him, lol), then it occurred to me to look at Hastings and found the matching steering wheel cover. ^_^ There was too much pink on it (waaaay more than the frame) so I doctored it (later) with colored Sharpies. YAY. Looks better than you'd think.

Got a call from Nico and hung out with him for a while--he's been sick, so we just watched TV-on-torrent-downloaded-and-burned-DVD and ate popsicles. He gave me an awesome PotC birthday card that plays the main theme when you open it. Soooooo going on my desk, at least for a little while. Left his place and went to SmartStyles to have my hair done. I got the red redone and had just a little bit of layering put in. While I was waiting, I missed a call, but heard the voicemail alert, so checked my messages, and SAM had called me. "Hey, it's Sam. Um, happy birthday! I'll talk to you later. Bye." SQUEE! Called Kristy and she said she gave him my number. :) Stored it.

Stopped at Arby's for dinner, and the only downer of the day happened--they quit selling cheesecake bites. I told the girl at the window that they couldn't DO that, it was my birthday, and that I was writing to corporate, lol.

Went home and started to use the Manic Panic, but read that you're supposed to use a tint brush, went on a wild goose chase to Walgreens and back to Wal*Mart, only to come back home and do it by hand. -_-* Oh well. Noticed that Wal*Mart was selling some restaurant booths for $40 a pop. Watched some TV (House, yay!) and went to bed.

Saturday--Nico woke me up wanting to go shopping, I told him to give me time to flatiron my hair, Kristy called wanting out of the house and to tell me that I DID have birthday cake, lol. Long story short me, Nico, Kristy, and Brandon ended up at Wal*Mart, I bought one of the restaurant booths (can you think of anywhere else to get a table and seating for four for $40?--I'll likely replace it eventually, but OMG I HAVE A TABLE), and Brandon drove it over in his truck. He and Nico were just leaving when Kristy and I got there, so Kristy and I went about our shopping while the two menfolks delivered my truck. Apparently they had to dis- and reassemble it to get it in. They ate some of my birthday cookie, and I would have been mad, but they cleaned the table, too. ^_^

In the meantime Kristy and I had...a meal of indeterminate name at McD's, lol, then went to drop off my groceries at my house before going to her house to meet up everyone for the club. Jacqui dropped by (I had missed a call from her, I had planned on calling her back from Kristy's) and gave me my present (Ty Pennington's book, which actually did have the nice pictures that I thought it didn't, that misunderstanding being the reason I didn't plunk down $20 for it when it first came out, and Hello Kitty gummy snacks, lol), and came with us to Kristy's, where A) Sam, Dena, and Raymond were watching Sin City, and B) all us girls put on club makeup/glitter lotion/really nice fake tattoos that I had just picked up at Wal*Mart. (Somehow, of course, I ended up watching Elijah Wood get mutilated/killed/etc, and totally missed all the good parts of that movie. -_-*) Boondock Saints also got watched, I got to sit next to Sam a lot.

At some point he asked if I got his message, and I was all, "Yeah! That was really sweet. *big grin*" When we left for the club, it was me, J, Kristy, and Sam in Kristy's car. ^_^ Had some drinks at the club, nothing new other than the Jamaican Wet Dream (something Nico had once a long time ago, the one time we went to the club before I could drink). Good stuff. Danced a little with Sam but was hesitant to touch him, had another drink, told Kristy about it all and she was like, "Dude, just back up to him and give him some *bump/grind motion here*!" Lol. Went to dance some more and couldn't find him. Brandon offered to dance with me and I turned him down. (I don't know. Salsa's one thing, but grinding him? Just no. And I like to grind, thanks. Nico says this is immature of me, Kristy was all "Frickin right!" I just knew I didn't want Sam to see me dancing with him and get the wrong idea.)

Complained to Kristy about not being able to find Sam (it was really crowded) and she helped me look--he was playing pool. Grabbed another drink and watched him play (I thought he kinda sucked, but I think he was just having an off night because apparently he's played in tournaments, etc), then dragged him back to the dance floor. This time I put my arms around his neck and he didn't seem to mind too much. X3 Danced until I was ready to fall over.

Sam came with me back to the table and met everybody (it was kind of funny, he hadn't been back to the table once Nico and his group showed up, I think Nico was starting to think I had made him up o_O). Then they gave last call/last song and we all left. I complained about the cold and Sam gave me his jacket. :D There was a lot of fighting going on in the parking lot--there had been cop cars there when we got there. We decided Sam should drive since he was the only one who hadn't had ANY alcohol, though I think either Jacqui or I would have been fine to drive. Kristy, on the other hand, was pretty sloshed (and for the record, Kristy gets lovey when she's drunk, she gave out lots of hugs, lol). We almost ran over people trying to get out of the parking lot. It was CRAZY. We had to pull over for Kristy to decide she wasn't sick after all, the group in Jared's car took the long way around, through Midway, and I don't even know about Nico.

We went inside Kristy's for a minute, I grabbed the rest of my cake (Kristy, J and I had each had a slice earlier, in between the makeup and stuff), and then Stuart was like, "I love you all, but I'm tired, so I'm kicking you out!" Lol. Gave the keys to Jacqui and told her to get in the car, and then everyone else walked off and it was just me and Sam standing there and I asked if he was working the next day.
" you want to have dinner with me tomorrow?"
"Uh...sure. You have my number, right? From when--"
"Yeah, from when you called me. I'll call you...tomorrow afternoon?"
"Sure. See you tomorrow."

Got in the car, squeed, drove home with J, and we chilled for about an hour (okay, okay, we drooled over Ty) and she went home.

Sunday (today)--Slept until about 2:30, got up, had some breakfast. Kristy texted me to have me go for a walk with her, got dressed, went over there. Called Sam on the way and set up dinner (as I told Kristy later: "It's supper, with Sam, at six, at the Steak House. It's all nicely alliterative."). Kristy and I walked from her house to work (she's determined to get back in shape and so she's walking to work this week, so she wanted to time it), then halfway back before her knee started to hurt--she twisted it a little last night, dancing. Stuart came and got us, we stopped at the gas station to say hi to Jared (he called after we walked through the parking lot and was all indignant, lol), then went back to Kristy's, then I went home to refresh before meeting Sam.

We were both a little early, lol. Dinner was nice, even though conversation was slow--I think we have the whole "it takes a while to get started with someone" thing going on. My silence, at first, is not at all indicative that I'm not having a good time.

As we were finishing, I was all, " you want to go do something else?"
"Well, there's only two things to do in this town besides go eat, and that's go bowling or see a movie...and I really don't want to go bowling."
"Let's go see a movie."

We called the two movie hotlines (HA, I'm not the only one with them in my phone! XD) and decided on Jumper. I texted Jennifer from the theater bathroom, lol, to say that dinner had progressed to dinner-and-a-movie, and that so far he had picked up the tab even though I had done the asking. She texted back "Good boy!!!" Lol.

Jumper was good, Rachel Bilson's actually a decent actress (I was shocked; still hate The OC). I really wanted to grab Sam's hand, but resisted--though my hand was within his reach most of the time, lol.

After the movie I asked Sam if he wanted to do anything else or call it a night, and he just kinda shrugged, "Was there anything you wanted to do?"
"Nothing in particular, just, I don't have to be anywhere until I have to get to sleep..."

We decided to call it a night and I drove him back to his car, and as he was getting out, he was like, "Well, see you later." GACK. SAVE THE MOMENT.
"I had fun."
"Yeah...hey, when do you get off work tomorrow?"
*mental sigh of relief* "Well, four-thirty theoretically, but I usually get there half-an-hour late, so--"
"Well, do you want to do something tomorrow?"
"Call me when you get off work?"

:D So I have another date with him tomorrow. Checked my voicemail and Nico had called during the movie, called him back, and we decided to hang out and he'd be there to get me in a few moments, which I used to call Kristy and update her. Nico and I drove around aimlessly, did our construction rounds and got some fast food before he dropped me off. Watched some TV, started downloading the ep of Lost I missed to see Rent, and the complete series of John Doe (how did I forget about THAT this long??), wrote this, and went to bed. Here's to tomorrow!


Mar. 13th, 2008 09:08 am
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So I've been back and forth over the tattoo issue a couple of times in my head...yeah, some of them are really neat/sexy, you're forever marked as an individual, but what if you change your mind later?

I kind of want one, period, just for the sake of having one--completely apart from the idea of any particular image. However, the place I'm pretty sure I would want to get it is one of the two most painful spots of your body TO get a tattoo. *sigh*

Brandon tried to talk me into getting one (I went with him on his most recent venture, and it was kind of neat), but I quite stubbornly (and rightly, I think) insisted that I wasn't going to make that kind of a decision on the spur of the moment. So much for peer pressure. XD

The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking it's a decision that should have as much thought put into it as, say, getting married. It's certainly just as (if not more, in this day and age O_o) permanent.

This whole thing is brought about by the fact that I just read that fully HALF of people who get tattoos regret it later. WTF?

I'm also seriously not into the whole...pain thing. Up until about a year ago I totally thought that they gave you a local anesthetic. People who are all "But the pain is the whole point!" are retarded. If it was about the pain you wouldn't need it to leave a mark, you'd just poke yourself with needles. (Or burn yourself with cigarettes, or cut your wrists. Saying it's about the pain makes it seem incredibly emo, and not the tolerable cute-hair part of emo-osity.)

For now, I think I'll stick to Sharpies and henna. And I soooooo want another henna tat now that I don't wash dishes for a living.
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Sarah says:
so I went spelunking yesterday
The Awesome Kristy© says:
i hate you
Sarah says:
The Awesome Kristy© says:
Sarah says:
well, if you're going to hate me, hate Nico and Brandon, too
Sarah says:
it wasn't that impressive, really
Sarah says:
Nico and Brandon found the cave a couple of days ago but for whatever reason didn't go inside
Sarah says:
there were two tunnels, we went down the left one first, and it only went back as far as from, like, here to the staircase
Sarah says:
so then Brandon tried the other one, because you had to get down and crawl to go through it, and it went back even less, lol
The Awesome Kristy© says:
Sarah says:
if it had opened up at the back to something more to explore Nico and I would've gone back there, but at the farthest back point we could still see his feet, lol
The Awesome Kristy© says:
Sarah says:
and he said HE could barely squeeze through the opening that he found, so Nico and I would never have had a prayer

Sarah says:
my "home keys" aren't asdf jkl;, they're more like asdfjop'
Sarah says:
DAMMIT, I was going to bring masking tape and label my keyboard for Dvorak
The Awesome Kristy© says:
you fial
The Awesome Kristy© says:
The Awesome Kristy© says:
The Awesome Kristy© says:
The Awesome Kristy© says:
Sarah says:
*points and laughs*
The Awesome Kristy© says:
--crying emote--
Sarah says:
Sarah says:
my job
Sarah says:
it makes me happeh
The Awesome Kristy© says:
Sarah says:
because funny shit like that happens all the time, lol

...and as I was typing that, Tech Support Joe told someone "I don't need another angry customer calling me and telling me that...I killed their mother, or whatever." I asked if someone really said that to him (giggling like mad, lol) and he said yeah, but that's because he was shooting at her. In Iraq. Lol.
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Salsa got canceled, so I didn't have to deal with Brandon, which was all in all a good thing. I like him, but I did NOT want to see him yesterday.

Tried to talk Nico into going out but he didn't want to do anything, and no one else was available, but I refused to sit at home, so I went to El Chico's and had the most delectable piece of chocolate cake, a pear margarita (it was dusty rose in color, quite pretty and quite tasty), and of course the obligatory chips and salsa. Was hoping to run across a cute single guy but I guess on SAD people tend to go out in pairs...? Silly people.

Drove up to Missouri, topped off the gas tank, and bought a lotto ticket and a scratch off. I won a free scratch off on the scratch off, so I got another one, and won ANOTHER free ticket. Scratched it and won ANOTHER free ticket. I told the woman that if I got another one, I'd take my dollar back (because that's your choice; you win a free ticket and you can have a ticket or your dollar), but then I DID win ANOTHER free ticket and she talked me into trying again (and at this point I wondered if they ALL had a free ticket! O_o), and of course I didn't win anything. I should've taken my dollar, lol, but it was kind of funny.

I seriously considered driving over to West Plains and going to the Firehouse while I was that far, because I figured if single guys were out on the prowl they'd be there, but A) I still had to get up this morning, and I've got a lack-of-sleep headache as it is, and B) I wasn't dressed for it by a long shot. I was still wearing what I wore to work, and nobody wears khakis to go clubbing. Especially not pinstriped khakis. (Though the top probably would have been okay had I ditched the jacket; it was just a black tank top.)

I really wish yesterday had been Friday; I'd be sleeping now.

I also wish I knew what I wanted for lunch now that I finally got paid. And I wish I knew when my tax refund is going to get here. *sigh* And why I got a bonus check this month when I'm relatively certain I didn't set a single damn demo in January. (Maybe someone...purchased? OMG OMG OMG.)

Yeah, now I'm rambling...


Feb. 13th, 2008 10:21 am
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So tomorrow is SAD (Single Awareness Day) again.

It ALMOST got to be Valentine's Day this year.

Fuck you, Brandon.

Oh, goddammit, tomorrow is salsa, too. I have to SEE him tomorrow. Somebody shoot me?


Feb. 5th, 2008 01:45 am
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Quizzes... )
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There's a fair amount of snow on the ground, I've heard 8 inches but I'm not sure exactly. Thick enough coating.

I overslept, but got out the door in time to get here at nine--had I driven. Opened the door to the snow and went right back inside, changed shoes, packed a lunch, got another bag that would keep the snow out of my stuff, and walked to work. I was here in time to clock in at 9:30.

Rex was there to open the door for me (they are kind of glass doors and they could see me coming) and he's all, "Geez, setting yourself up for a raise, Sarah?" ^_^ All the while I'm stripping out of two coat layers and hiking boots (I brought office shoes in a Wal*Mart bag).

I'm using the empty cubicle across from me as my personal drying rack, which is working well. Kristy's driving me home.

Called Brandon to let him know there's no salsa, since (go figure!) the girl from Puerto Rico can't drive in the snow, lol. (Abi's working from home today, as is most of the office...there's like maybe 20 people here tops.) He wanted to hang out later, but A) already made plans with Kristy and B) unlike hanging with Kristy or Nico, I have no idea if he actually knows how to drive in this stuff. (Kristy learned living in Idaho/Montana and Nico learned in Chicago. I ride with them. ^_^ Brandon? Not so much.)

It's three inches on the concrete. Kristy was all "You're supposed to go measure it on the grass because concrete melts it!" but I wasn't wearing my coat, thxvrimch. So probably like five or six, I would think.

I HAS SKETTIOS FOR LUNCH YAY. And it's almost time for that!


Jan. 30th, 2008 01:31 pm
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Because the food poisoning (or flu, whichever) and resultant facial rash (I think; I'm blaming it on that anyway--luckily it's not THAT bad, I didn't bother with makeup for it because you'd have to be pretty darn observant to notice it behind my hair and freckles) weren't bad enough, now apparently the inside of my eyelid has an open wound or something--which doesn't hurt, but feels the sting when I put contact fluid in my eye. (It looks red on the inside. Like incision-red. GOD, I hope it's not a sty. My dad used to get those damn things all the time.

-_- Oh, and I didn't even tell you where I think I contracted the food poisoning. Nico brought me free Taco Bell on his way home from work Sunday night. Sympathy free-Taco-Bell because Brandon had come over in the afternoon and gave me the "You're really awesome, but I only want to be friends. Because you are awesome. Just not quite awesome enough" speech.

Which was really sweet of him, in theory (and now that he's off work and I'm not sick anymore we're having a girls' night tonight) but GOD DAMN IT LIKE I WASN'T MISERABLE ALREADY THANKS NOW I'M SICK. Which is not Nico's FAULT, mind you. But Fate and Irony are cruel masters.

And, yes, I'm a bit more upset about the Brandon thing than I thought I would be. Mainly because I kind of figured that a little while down the road, if it became clear that our differences were, in fact, not work-around-able, I would be the one breaking it gently to him. *sigh* So we'll see if he can keep it up--he has to prove that he really does want to stay friends. He blew me off Monday to hang with his grandparents (they were making dinner special, or something, I kind of quit listening to the voicemail after "I won't be able to come over,

Scary thing? Katchan was telling me that you know, if he and I stay friends, there may still be a shot at some point in the future, and I didn't even care about that. The rationalization that let me survive Kyle back in the day seems silly to me now. Not sure if I'm getting jaded or just appropriately thick-skinned with age. Cynical, for sure, but at least that's entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, fun story/reason not to eat at Taco Bell of the day: Yesterday it was really windy, as in "woke me out of a dead sleep because I thought I heard the siding ripping off" "they're re-shingling Nico's building" "wind advisory in the corner of my screen as I watch relatively crappy daytime TV" windy. Apparently the Taco Bell sign (yes, the one on the giant pole out front) exploded (imploded? I wasn't there), fell down, got blown across five lanes of highway, hit a car, and in the process knocked out the power to literally half of TB. Half the lobby, half the kitchen. Everyone got sent home except Steve, and they were in this half-powered state until ten PM. In the malfunctioning half? The FREEZER. Well, the air-circulator worked. There was just nothing to make that circulated air COLD. Nico's advice? Don't eat there until tomorrow at the soonest. NICE.

I'm tempted to start a Taco Bell tag, but I realize of course that all entries detailing TB dalliances include Nico one way or another. No point.

I just realized. Maybe the thing inside my eye is the RASH that's also on my face. Creepy! -_-*


Jan. 25th, 2008 09:41 am
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You Are a Pear

You are independent, intelligent, and a free thinker.
You can accomplish great things, especially when you do them on your own.

You are direct, honest, and sometimes even a bit brutal.
There's not much that gets in the way of you and your ambition.

While you are hard nosed, you do have a much sweeter side to you.
It takes times for you to soften toward someone, but once you do, you'll be their friend for life.

And here Kristy's trying to convince me I'm an apple...but that's an entirely separate issue.

In other news: Brandon is a GOOD dancer. ZOMG. YAY!

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Seriously. Tell me to shut up if it's getting on your nerves.

Hooray for song shuffle and Weird Al. I realized that maybe, just maybe, I'm being a little too much like the theoretical guy that sings this song. (Read the lyrics; you'll see what I mean. Better yet, download the song, it's catchy.) So yeah, Brandon's not perfect, but maybe I'm overthinking it--like I do everything else, lol.

...listening to Weird Al gets you a point on that geek quiz I posted yesterday. XD


Jan. 24th, 2008 10:09 am
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Meep. I chickened out--I didn't tell him. -_- Then again, he had to be home earlier than we'd originally thought so we only got to hang out for about two and a half hours.

But things are still going pretty well.

You know, I think maybe he will be okay with it...he's made no attempt to invade my space or really touch me, other than the high fives that I still don't count. Lol--we went for a walk and I stumbled into him. (Accidentally.)

I guess his grandma called him at work yesterday and he had to remind her that he was coming home late,  and he was like, "Yeah, remember, Sarah's taking me out to dinner..." And he caught some flack from his coworkers, lol. When he told me I was all, "Oh, did I lose you some cred? I'm sorry..." Meh. He gets his first paycheck on Friday, and other than dinner last night he's paid for everything. But I guess the girl who sits next to him was all "OMG, that's so horrible, you're letting her take you out, blah blah blah." Ha. Sucks to be you, bitch. It was buy dinner or sit at home...and I think we all know I'd rather be out and about.

He's coming to salsa class, lol. Should be fun. I have dinner plans with Nico afterward though, so I think I'm going to find out if Brandon wants to do a movie this weekend.

Okay, okay. Back to work...

date 3

Jan. 22nd, 2008 01:23 pm
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I called Brandon last night and we're going to dinner tomorrow. :D


Jan. 21st, 2008 10:14 am
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So the spark that wasn't quite there?

Yeah, it kicked in last night. ^_^

We only bowled two games before deciding pool would be more fun. (Given how sore my legs--yes legs, not arm, oddly--are, this is probably good.) Even though Brandon's good, I won 7 out of 9 games--but only because he was chivalrous and let me cheat. Like, if I missed due to my own clumsiness he'd put the cue ball back and give me another chance. Hehe.

Twice he sunk the 8 ball like, first shot out, so we would pick a new honorary 8 ball and keep playing. Lol.

As we were playing pool he told me, "April told me Liz got shot in the mouth with a paintball and her lip is all mangled." Then he said he wanted to see it, but I was like, "Okay, we can go to Taco Bell, but they're all going to be watching you. You will be scrutinized and I will hear all about it later. You up for that?"

And he was, and he handled it pretty well. (Nico and I drove up to Missouri later on and Brandon more or less got the stamp of approval.) We ended up sitting there for three hours, then running to Wal*Mart (he had to pick something up for his grandma, lol--he just moved here right after Christmas and just started his job Friday so he's still living with them), then stopping at April's before he had to head home.

We were together 7.5 hours and it wasn't awkward. YAY.

He told me it was my turn to call him so I'm going to, this evening when I'm doing laundry. ^_^

And, well, here's the deal...I think I really like him. So (since I get to pick) we'll go to dinner, and I'm going to level with him about the whole virginity thing. And, I guess, that'll either make us or break us. (I think we might come out of this still friends if he's not interested after that. But yeah.)

*crosses fingers*
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Under the cut, there are quizzes and good news. Click or die. )
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You Are A Little Snobby

And being a little snobby every once and a while is totally allowed.
Because if no one was ever snobby, no one would ever try to dress up or look pretty.
And while you do enjoy the finest things in life (that you can afford), you tire of superficiality.
You know there's more to life than what's just on the surface.

Amen to that.

You Are Incredibly Virtuous

You're so good that you may end up a saint.
You do the right thing a lot more than most people, even when it's near impossible.

You put a lot of thought in to every action you do. You always try to make the right decisions.
And that's all it takes to be a truly virtuous person.

Where You Are Virtuous

You have the virtue of Industry. You know how to do what's useful and avoid time wasters.

You have the virtue of Cleanliness. You keep yourself and your home clean.

You have the virtue of Resolution. You are determined to do what you should, no matter how difficult it is.

You have the virtue of Sincerity. You are not deceitful, and you always have the best intentions.

You have the virtue of Moderation. You don't do anything at excess, and you avoid extremes

You have the virtue of tranquillity. You do your best to keep your life peaceful and calm.

Hah. It all fits.

So last night...

I dunno. I had a good time and I definitely want to see Brandon again. I just don't know...geez, maybe this is the downfall of blind dating. Every time I've been out on a date before it was with someone I picked, so there was already a bit of..."spark." This time? Well, I didn't NOT like him, lol. He's funny and he opened the door for me, we have the thing going on where we have enough in common to get along but enough different that we can maybe explore a bit... (I'm referring to music and movies, mostly--after dinner, because Mountain Home is sucky about having shit to do, we went to Wal*Mart and went back to electronics and compared taste in music.)

At this point--he said he'd call me, and I hope he does and that we go out again, but if he doesn't, I'm not going to melt down over it.

Maybe that's healthier, though. I'm coming away from this asking myself questions and the answer is usually "I don't know." So I think basically there's just a lot I have to find out--which means more dating.

Afterward I went up to Taco Bell to tell Nico and stuff, and April ended up showing up so I chatted with her. Turns out this wasn't so much her idea to fix us up as it was him wanting to meet people--he DID just move here. So that's kind of points in his favor, but that means he doesn't come with the "Oh, I think you two would really work" stamp of approval that I thought he did. She also said that he said (he'd been mandated to call her as soon as he left) I looked better in person than my picture. This is insanely encouraging because I picked out a picture that I was afraid might have been a little misleading--too flattering, not really me. ^_^ (It also lends points to my theory that I don't photograph as well as I look because sometimes I think I look great in the mirror and try to snap a pic before I lose it, and the pic doesn't look as good as the mirror.)

While at Taco Bell, I was outside with Nico while he smoked and Steve was there, and I asked Nico what he thought and Steve cut in with "I think maybe you should stop asking other people what THEY think and do what the hell YOU want." I flipped him off, but I wonder if he maybe has a point.

Best moment of the evening: At Wal*Mart, he pulled out a CD by a band he liked, and we looked on the back and there was a song called "To the Pain," and I asked if that was a Princess Bride reference. He didn't know because he hadn't heard the song, but he started quoting the movie. "'Yes, a fight to the death.' 'No, it shall be to the PAIN!'" And then he was all, "I don't know, I've never heard of this movie you're talking about," and we laughed and I told him good, if he really hadn't I might have left him there at Wal*Mart and gone home. XD

His favorite movie is Boondock Saints, which is also Kristy's favorite movie and which I've been meaning to watch. (Note to self: don't let them meet until I've either snagged him or decided I just want to be friends! Nevermind that Stuart--Kristy's bf--loves it, too. Lol.)

Oh, and some of the things to check over: He IS apartment-hunting, and paying rent to his family in the meantime, so that's all good, and the drinking thing is a nonissue. Forgot to ask about the dog. Grr.

So yeah. Hopefully he calls. I'm going some


Jan. 17th, 2008 09:54 am
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My two-month followups all land on St. Patrick's Day.

My department is having a meeting at 1 o'clock today. Funfun. -_-

But I have a hot date tonight. ^_^


Jan. 17th, 2008 02:22 am
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I left work around six, had time to get home, shed my coat and bag, wash the pan and turn on the oven for pizza, and then Brandon called. ^_^ I'm not entirely sure how long we talked but it was 6:40 when we got off the phone, so, like, somewhere between 15 and 25 minutes.

And it was so EASY. No awkward pauses, which is good. I liked most of what I heard.

We're going to dinner at El Charro's--apparently he's never been, lol.

And he's not gay, lol. I mentioned I was taking salsa lessons (which are tomorrow, so I told him I could meet him at seven) and we dove off into ballroom dancing--he's taken swing dancing lessons and wants to learn more--and after the subject started to wane, he throws in there, "Oh, and I'm not gay." I told him that was good, as it would have been one of my questions tomorrow, since I've had that problem before. XD

He asked what I was into and I said most of my interests were pretty geeky--reading, writing, and drawing, and he said that reading and writing weren't geeky (though he voiced no opinion about drawing), and later in the conversation he said that he hoped he didn't come across as arrogant, but he likes to think of himself as more intelligent than average. God, we can only hope so. ^_^ I told him it wasn't arrogant if it's true.

Apparently April told him I have an "offbeat" sense of style. Which is kind of true, but I'm still trying to figure out why, out of all the things she MIGHT have said about me, she chose that one. (I'm intelligent? I read a lot? I work for a software company? I dunknow!) I'm wearing one of my new shirts from Canada tomorrow, so hopefully I won't disappoint, lol. (I swear, buy a few non-baseball-cap hats and suddenly you're a kook...) He said that he liked to wear nice stuff (from what I could see in the picture I rather thought so) and people are always asking him why he's dressed up even when he's not, in his opinion. So YAY, he's giving off a metro vibe, and I SO have the same thing happen to me all the time. ^_^

Talked to Nico about it tonight (I actually didn't tell him; I was going to wait until after the fact, but April talked to him) and he said I sounded pretty nonchanlant about it. Yay. That's what I was going for.

Not that I'm NOT excited, because I AM--I've been all bouncy most of the day (moreso after the phone call) and it'll only be worse tomorrow--but...hmm. Part of it is that I know so little about him so I'm kind of holding myself in check until I know if he's worth it, and part of it is I'm honestly just trying to rein myself in and not get spastic. Nevermind that I did a little dance of joy in my kitchen whilst texting with April, and have squeed a couple of times since then, the point is I did it when I was alone. Right? ^_^;

The few potential issues I picked up on...he mentioned a dog, and it sounded like he really likes the dog. Eep. (On that note, I went to the Lions meeting today and discovered that guide dogs don't bother me. Hmm. Maybe because they're actually quiet and still?) But that's kind of worrisome. And he's living with family at the moment, but to be fair he was living elsewhere and just moved back to Mountain Home the day after Christmas. If he's apartment-hunting, or at least plans to start once he gets a paycheck--he's currently in training for his newly acquired job--then it's a nonissue. Will check up on that.

Oh, and he mentioned that he doesn't drink. I'm really curious as to why, and if it'll bother him that I do. I actually kind of like that about him in theory, though--even though we differ there, it may mean that we share OTHER relatively conservative opinions. But if he's all militantly anti-alcohol, then that would be an issue. Be straightedge if you want but don't come down on me for legally indulging myself.

Not sure what's going to happen after dinner, dinner was all we planned but it can't possibly take that long. I think it'll be to late to see a movie, assuming we can even find something we both want to see (Sweeney Todd maybe...I think I want to wait for the DVD. And is I Am Legend even still playing?). And there's a whole lotta nothing to do in Mountain Home.

So I'm going to go to sleep now, have to be at work in... *groan* fiveish hours.
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Canada pics, if anyone's interested: MY GODDAUGHTER IS SO ADORABLE!

So I texted April to let her know about my Mary Kay party (which is next Tuesday at my house, should you care to join us, call me and we'll talk details), and when she texted me back she asked how old I am--an odd question, I thought. (Note that the following refers to text messages, so sometimes the same person goes twice in a row.)

S (me): 21. Why?
April: My friend was wondering.
S: Oh...are we talking a cute, straight, single guy friend?
A: He wants to meet you. He asked about you when you sent me that message.
S: What's his name and how old is he?
A: He raised his hand and said "that's me!"
A: His name is Brandon and he's 24.
S: Okay...I can't come over tonight but give him my number, I'm free the rest of the evenings this week.
A: Okay.

*a few moments of squeeing and such later*

S: Is he in your MySpace friends?
A: No.
S: Aw, darn, I thought I would get to snoop a little.
A: Can you send us a picture? Our internet's down.
A: *sends a pic while I'm typing my reply*
S: Sure, if he goes first.
A: I sent you a pic of him.
S: *pic of self* Sorry, I got that right after I sent my message.
A: He says he'll call you Wednesday and you can go out Thursday.

"Wednesday" is TOMORROW.

And folks, the man is CUTE. OMFG. This is promising.

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