Feb. 10th, 2011

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I love snow. I don't love cleaning off my car in the mornings, or missing work. =(

Memes. )

The website is just about half-built--I have one last piece of writing to put up, and I'm putting it off because it's epic long and I'm rereading everything as I post it. (I quite enjoyed reading one particular Digimon fanfic that I flat forgot I wrote. I remembered the story as having two chapters, but I thought the events of the first chapter were just split in half between them. Nope. Chapter two was three years later. Totally forgot about everything that had happened in chapter two. Kinda remembered as I was going along.)

Then to tackle art. I think there will be some sorting done; I'm not entirely sure I even want to post anything that's a colored-pencil drawing on paper, but that means I'll have precious little art to post until I, well, make more. On the other hand I could have a "this is really old and sucky don't look" page and then have more emphasis on newer stuff. (I have tinkered around with my colored pencil pics and it wouldn't be impossible to recolor, where the lineart is good, and I may with some of the ones that still mean a lot to me.)

Not sure when the site will actually go live; I have to buy a domain, yet, and frankly we're broke. I had been thinking I'd be able to do it this payday but this damn snow has screwed us out of several days of wages because neither of us can drive on it. Blergh.

On the creative front, I've committed myself to helping research an Animorphs-themed infographic--they've asked people to reread books and take down the number of times different things pop up, and I was rereading some of the end-of-series books anyway because I'm also wanting to write an alternate-ending fanfic. I've also committed to writing a character in a sort of Round-Robin kind of fic, also based on Animorphs--I've gotten fairly involved in the [livejournal.com profile] animorphs community here and I see these awesome projects being proposed. =D Oh, and they just announced the second fanart/fanfic competition and I'm going to try and enter that, but not sure if the inspiration is striking. (Yet? I don't even know if I'd rather write or draw...) And there's actually one other fanfic idea brewing but it would involve even more rereading and I think I want to get some of this other stuff out of the way before I think about it too much.

Also I've been sketching a lot, at work on my breaks instead of reading. Mostly trying to hash out a new character design--I finally got one I liked--for some original stuff, but the whole thing has a long way to go, so I don't want to say too much. Long story short, I'm taking a character I originally created for RP purposes and since she's the only thing that's really mine I'm having to recreate everything else around her. Not sure how much of the plot I want/will be able to reuse, but not sure yet where else, exactly, she'll make sense. (This also renders my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel--I won, thankyouverymuch--so many pages of wasted effort. But I'm going to try again this year.)

And I was looking at a couple of fanfics I had in-progress (trying to keep everything backed up, considering that the computer-grinding has gotten worse) and am now considering the idea that maybe some of these plotlines needn't be tied to a fandom--ie, it's a good idea by itself and I could probably execute it with all original characters. Needs moar mulling over, though.

TL;DR--going through creative upheaval, which kind of sucks, but is also kind of great considering how long it's been since I've really been creative.

In other news, I found out how one goes about making non-square-based tiled images, and I kind of did a mental facepalm when I read it. Then I proceeded to make myself a tiling desktop wallpaper. =)

Ugh. Just checked the road conditions map of Arkansas, and there's not a single piece in the entire state showing "clear." Epic.

Okay then. Going to bed.
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You Should Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

You are the type of person who has more friends than you can count. You're very popular.

You are outgoing and fun loving. You don't worry too much... you just enjoy life.

You may be well liked, but there's nothing bland or ordinary about you.

You like to write your own rules. Who knows what you'll throw into your chocolate chip cookies?

I've been craving cupcakes and brownies here lately, actually. And I have everything to make cupcakes but milk. Here lately we've thrown out a lot of sour milk because we're just not finishing it. We even switched to half-gallons. =/

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