Jul. 14th, 2011

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Urgh. I forgot.

Day 25: Favourite Chris quote about Darren.

Were you surprised that everyone reacted so strongly to Darren Criss?
I think it was so successful because it’s the first time you see Kurt smile, personally. So you’re welcome, Darren…

No, I mean, I was a huge fan of Darren’s, and he doesn’t believe me. He doesn’t believe that I was a huge A Very Potter Musical fan before, even though I quote it all the time and try to convince him, he still doesn’t believe me. He thinks I just did some research on him. So yeah, I definitely was not surprised.

And [Teenage Dream] was such a good song. Like, we heard the arrangement first and I got chills. I thought, ‘This is one of the best songs we’ve ever done.’

Are you hoping he stays on the show long-term?

Yeah! Yeah, he’s fun to have around.

Day 26: Favourite Darren quote about Chris.

Darren's Twitter: 

I...I can't even... We're on a plane with a genius. - Lea Michele, reacting to Chris Colfer's in-flight artwork

(I realize it's Lea speaking, technically, but I think it says something that Darren felt the need to memorialize it and that something is the thing that CrissColfer fic is made of.)

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