Jun. 29th, 2011

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Because I just now realized what I couldn't remember yesterday.

Day 9: Favourite Blaine scene.

Blaine convincing Burt that Kurt needs the talk. Because caring about someone else enough to go through that kind of awkwardness shows a strength of character not many people have.

Day 10: Favourite Klaine scene.

The coffee shop from the season finale. No spoilers because there are some people reading that seriously need to watch it, but if you know, you KNOW. OMG.

Also, again, Baby, It's Cold Outside, because even if they weren't together at that point, they're both just oozing "OMG I really dig you" chemistry. =D

And also also Blaine shoving Karofsky. There's no way Blaine wouldn't've gotten the shit kicked out of him had Santana not cooled things off, but the fact that he was willing to protect Kurt was just--ahhhhhhhh. Doubly so in light of what happened to him at his Sadie Hawkins dance.

And pretty much every time they're on screen together, it's a good thing--except the Gap Attack and the scenes leading up to it. (In my head, Blaine sings that song to Kurt at some point, to apologize to him for not singing it to him the first time. That might be a fanfic someday.)

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