Feb. 26th, 2011

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Well, frankly, I do this all the time. If I'm reading or writing something and a certain song fits the mood of what I'm doing, I'll put it on repeat. (It's the ONLY way to write songfic, for sure.) I've been known to do this with new Glee songs just because I actually want to hear them that much. Eight of my top ten played songs in iTunes are Glee, and "Baby It's Cold Outside" is the only thing that's reached triple-digit plays. (My playcounts were all reset to zero when I had to reformat my computer last time, but still. That's been a while now.)

That being said, when I don't have a hankering for one particular song, my preferred method of listening to music is to have my entire library on shuffle.
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You Should Get a Tattoo on Your Lower Back

You are a confident and courageous person. You just go for it and don't care what others think.

You are sexy, and to be honest, you know it. And you like to up the sex appeal from time to time.

You love to be the center of attention. You've got the goods, and you like to show them off.

You make bold choices and stand behind them. You are proud of who you are.

...okay, okay, not everyone who has a lower-back tattoo is a whore. But, I mean...you don't just get a tat there without taking that first impression into consideration, right?

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