Jan. 26th, 2011

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So, like I said previously, I want to get this up on the interwebs before the next episode of Glee airs, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to get Jossed fairly quickly--I wasn't sure I'd get around to writing this at all because of that, in fact.

I won't be able to get started on my website until the first at the very earliest, and by then there will only be five days until new episode, so just to buy myself a wee bit of extra time, I'm posting this here for now. I will possibly/probably be deleting this entry when I can get this up on the site; we'll see if I'll work out how to enable comments on there--at this point I think it may require using actual code (and I may or may not be up to the challenge).

So, that said, here is a bit of fluff for you--the first thing I've written in a few months, the first thing that's not D2D that I've written in probably over a year. Yikes. Be kind.


Title: Three Things I Need to Tell You
Characters: Kurt, Blaine
Rating: PG, mild language
Word Count: 1414
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters or songs mentioned herein.
Summary: Blaine makes a few small confessions to Kurt.

It wasn’t like Blaine to not be the epitome of calm, cool, and collected. )

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