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Jan. 21st, 2011 09:54 pm
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Cody and I have been saving--we want to get him a new MacBook Pro, and then I would get his MacBook. We've been discussing it for a long, long time.

My computer's hard drive has been intermittently making some very scary, slightly grindy noises here lately. I've recently backed up EVERYTHING and have taken to saving new pictures to my external drive and cutting out the middleman. Cody has assured me that if it does just go kaput out of nowhere, he'll have me an internet machine up and running quickly. (Likely a desktop, though, which kind of sucks. But I would still have my iBook--which WOULD be my main computer if it could handle the internet. Alas!)

So now my computing habits are kind of shifting. When we last reformatted my computer he put a very stripped-down version of Windows on here and it's lacking things like a huge assortment of fonts (I forgot to back up my collection before the reformat, but it's okay, there's a kajillion free ones on the internet if I need them) and screensavers, but I haven't really wanted to replace them--I'll need different ones when I switch to Mac. I never reinstalled the Sims since I don't want to start things just to have to scrap them when I reinstall on a Mac.

And of course, OF COURSE, while this is going on is when my drive to write is kicking in and going "REMEMBER ME???"

And a website. I'm seriously considering shutting down my deviantArt/FFN/Freedom of Speech fanfiction accounts and just opening my own gosh-darn website. Toying with that, yet; I'd likely have to work on some sort of subdomain system (ie, mywebsite.bigcompanywebsite.com) because I don't think I care enough to pay for it. And I guess there's a chance I could make pennies a day from ads.

It's all so beautiful and perfectly organized in my head. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Oh, and I want to post makeup tutorials on YouTube. The trick is going to be getting the video to be high-enough quality to see what you need to see without having a huge filesize. Grah. I'll probably need Cody's help; or I could just wait until the MacBook is mine. Then it'd be easy-peasy because the webcam is built in.

It all comes back to this: as well as this computer has served me (and we've had some so-so times), it's time to move on.

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