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New chapter of Detour to Destiny. We're so freakin' close to posting the end of the third book (and writing the fourth). I can almost taste it.

lol work

Jul. 13th, 2011 02:54 am
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Due to the nature of my work, I run into a LOT of names. I actually message my boss some of the funnier--by which I mean sexual--ones. We always get a giggle working the account for Mr. Butts. Or Biggerstaff, which is funny, Harry Potter reference aside--I can never bring myself to actually SAY that one.

But then yesterday I had a weird string of fandom-y names.

First was Carol Hudson. Lol, Finn's mom.

Then Richard Taylor, which doesn't sound like much unless you're like me and watched a metric butt-ton of the LotR documentaries--he's the leader of Weta Workshop, the company that did the special effects. (The fact that this sticks in my head even though it's been forever and ever since I've rewatched any of said documentaries...I don't know what to make of that, really. Not sure if it speaks to my mental faculties or my nerdishness.)

But best for last? I saw a Sarah Haggins. And I just lol'd and lol'd and lol'd to myself. One letter. One tiny letter. XD
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IDK if anyone over here actually keeps up with it, really, but I just posted chapter 34 of me and Michele's epic LotR fanfic. =) It's here. (Yes, now on LJ for your reading pleasure.) I know Hobbity WAS reading it...but she's never

I totally figured we'd be done with this thing by the time we, you know, became actual adults and got married and stuff. Lol.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, but think you want to...well, go over there and click the FAQ tag in the tag cloud. Because I'm lazy like that.

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You Are a Drawing

You appreciate things that are simple and elegant.

You believe that complexity is mostly used to mask flaws.

You believe that art is about leaving more to the imagination.

The best art isn't overly showy or flashy. It subtly beautiful.


Your Body is 23 Years Old

Your body is exactly as old as it should be.

You're taking fairly good care of yourself, but you could be doing a better job.

Keep eating well and exercising. And if you're not doing this already, it's time get started.

Minimize your bad habits. They may be fun, but they eat years off your life!


Aside to [ profile] smiley_face86: Edited your chapter last night, but couldn't get the whole story to open on the iBook because it wasn't saved in compatibility mode. Properly saved files are now on flash drive, should be able to write mine tonight. Was able to work on a different story for three-ish hours on the fully charged battery, so forecast is good! =D

OC meme

Apr. 3rd, 2009 10:20 am
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Not tagging, but I HAVE to do this one!!

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

Sarah Baggins neƩ Ebort from D2D
Avril Wrisk from an RP/my unnamed NaNoWriMo novel

If you're totally unfamiliar with the characters, it won't make sense, lol. )
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Gacked from [ profile] kiashyel

1. leave me a comment saying, 'interview me'.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. update your LJ with the answers to the questions. (You must do this, even if it's filtered for my eyes only!)
4. include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. when others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Her questions, and my answers:

1. If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
I'd have to make a mix CD. I'd just have to. It would have some WWS, two of the songs Cody made for me, and...IDK. I'd probably agonize for days and end up regretting either forgetting or including something. (Of course I could just cop out and say I'd be perfectly fine with one CD because I usually listen to downloaded music on my mp3 player anyway and very rarely handle any kind of physical media. =P) If I had to had to pick out an existing album, it would probably be WWS's self-titled CD. =) There's a little something on there for more or less every mood.

2. What fictional character do you most identify with?
Éowyn from Lord of the Rings--I've thought about this quite a lot, actually. =)

3. Tell me something you would like to accomplish in your life, be it great or small, realistic or improbable.
I'd like to get a novel published.

4. What is your favorite scary movie? Or, what movie scared the piss out of you as a child?
Haha--I was a very wimpy little kid, so we won't even go there. But I really like The Ring--it's more of a mindfuck with very little gore, the way horror ought to be. I won't watch something like Saw or Hostel. (And I was totally just commenting more or less the same thing to [ profile] tyrel_roo a little bit ago, lol...)

5. If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would you choose?
Oh. Oh God. I might come up with something different if I thought about it for a while, but the name that immediately leaps into my head is Neil Gaiman. And yes, I think he even beats out Tolkien. Dinner with Tolkien would probably devolve into nitpicking over details or reading a list of questions from everyone I know or (most likely) a heated argument over why he made Frodo sail over the Sea. I have no such gripes with Gaiman. His books always end how they're supposed to. XD

And, gacked from [ profile] gamgeefest:

01. What are your nicknames? Pretty much just the sweet nothings Cody calls me and Rena for online. Sometimes Strobel/Strobelite from the people who I worked with at TB.
02. How does your hair look currently? Red, past my shoulders. Needs to be dyed again and the split ends trimmed, but I'm not willing to pay $15 for the latter.
03. What's new in your life right now? Wedding planning. XD
04. How many colours are you wearing now? Three. Blue jeans, brown t-shirt with orange graphic.
05. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Mmm, depends, but I make an effort to be extroverted when the situation allows.
06. What was the last book you read? I just finished K-PAX by Gene Brewer. Currently reading some Animorphs books I got in exchange for the old books of Cody's that we sold. =D
08. Who is your favorite super hero? Batmint. Not a typo.
09. Is there anything that has made you happy these days? Cody!
10. What's your current obsession? planning.
11. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? About 30 minutes if I pick out my clothes the night before.
12. What websites do you visit daily? LJ, Go Fug Yourself, Facebook, email. Others but not necessarily every day.
13. Do you write fic? What was the last fic you wrote? Yes, and it was a chapter for D2D.
14. What's the last thing you laughed about? Cody, though I'm not sure what the LAST funny thing was.
15. What's the last song that got stuck in your head? Hmm. Probably Idioteque by Radiohead, it's certainly the first one that leaps to mind because it's gotten stuck in my head like a zillion times recently. "Dammit, Cody, Idioteque is in my head again. I hate you." (It's one of "his" songs.)
16. What's the last movie you saw? Hmm. DVD player is gone and Playstation doesn't like the new (to me) TV, so it's hard to remember, but I think Cody and I watched Labyrinth. My man is in love with David Bowie, but he won't admit it. I'm okay with it. =)
17. Do you buy or download the movies you watch? Download. XD
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LotR Fandom Meme (gacked from [ profile] gamgeefest)

1. How did you get involved in the fandom? What was your first place/haven within the fandom?
I was vaguely aware of the existence of The Hobbit growing up--it was one of the things banhammered by my mother because the ads looked scary and it involved, horror of horrors, MAGIC--and I don't remember exactly where I heard about Lord of the Rings, just that at some point I came to understand it was fantasy and I needed to read it. I finally did read them, and my enthusiasm for the fandom developed about the same time as my enthusiasm for the internet. The first place I found to hang out with other Ringers was the Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza. =) Ah, messageboarding. I also used to hang out on Grey Panthers forums, and started DLBE when those died. (I'd link to bagginses but the page that's there now is apparently porn. D= )
2. When did you first read Tolkien's writing? I started them in February of 2001 and finished them two days before FotR was released on DVD.
3. What did you read first? The Hobbit, then the trilogy, later followed by the Silm at some point and other Tolkien anthologies. I need to reread The Hobbit and the trilogy.
4. When did you first see the movies? I saw FotR the night it came to DVD, saw TTT also the day it came out on DVD, and saw RotK on IMAX in January. =D
5. How did you come to be involved where you are now in the fandom? Hmm. Well, [ profile] thehobbitwaffle and I started DLBE when GP decided to cut itself down to its original core membership. And Shelly and I started writing D2D in January 2004. =D
6. What was the first fanfic story you read? I don't even know.
7. What was the first fanfic story you wrote? Was it Tolkien centric, or another genre? Lol. For LotR, I think the first thing I started writing was Lalaith. I could be wrong, though.
8. Name 3 of your favorite Tolkien characters. Why do you like them? Frodo, of course--I relate. He's bookish and dreamy and wishes to have adventures away from his mundane life. Eowyn, because she's an incredibly strong woman in a man's world, and again, I relate--this time in love. =) And then probably Bilbo--he got his adventure and enjoyed it. =) He's kind of uncle every kid would love to have. ^_^
9. What are 3 of your least favorite characters? Why? Hmm. Well, the bad guys, of course! Denethor just plain pisses me off, trying to drag his son along into his madness. Saruman, for what he did to the Shire out of sheer spite. And Lobelia, because she was hateful and greedy. Grr.
10. What genres do you like to read the most? A little bit of everything; AU, h/c, a little slash now and again. Honestly I don't generally seek out new authors, I read stuff put out by authors I already know I like or stuff they highly recommend.
11. What Tolkien eras/cultures/events/etc. do you feel you have the strongest knowledge in? I'm not gonna lie--movieverse, actor info, that kind of thing.
12. What areas do you feel you can help other authors with? Lol. Grammar.
13. What do you feel are your weaknesses as a writer? What would you like to improve on? I think I have a tendency to be torn between explaining canonical things (this info needs to be here for this to stand alone!) and not explaining them (anyone who's a LotR fan doesn't need to have this told to them again!).
14. What Tolkien era/culture/events/etc. would you like to know more about? I can't think of anything I wouldn't read about if the info was presented in an intelligent way. =)
15. What are you currently writing, what's your latest work in progress? I'm STILL working on In Another World, and of course D2D.
16. What is your favorite story you wrote? Why? Hmm. Probably D2D, because of its sheer...epicness, lol.
17. What is your least favorite story you wrote? Why? Lol. The ones I haven't finished.

16 random things and blogthings under the cut. )
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Now I understand why Shelly kind of fell off the face of the earth for a while when she first got together with Josh. =) (Five and a half weeks and I STILL feel like I'm dreaming. YAY.)

That being said, I'm posting my chapter soon. If not tonight, then in the morning.

Blogthings, because I read my flist... )

OC Art

Sep. 6th, 2008 04:56 pm
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So I was cleaning/organizing my office last night (in anticipation of company, hehe--yes, Cody is finally coming up here tomorrow), and I finally went through my REALLY old art, lol. (Holy I sucked in 02...and 03...and 04, really...)

Anyway. I realized that most of the stuff that I've done for my OC Art 100 table is...well. A lot of it was good at the time, and some of it was only sufficient. But now I'm looking at it and knowing I could do better.

(Actually, I'm looking at a lot of my drawings, period, and thinking that. I want to be all emo and take down like 90% of my gallery, but my OCD won't let that happen, lol. I like to be able to chart progress. And I don't like being emo.)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm going to strip my table of links and start over. The better ones I may digitally recolor, and the crappy ones I'll either redraw or do something different entirely.
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It took me a week to set everything up, but FINALLY, I've got Detour to Destiny a home of its own--here on LJ.

[profile] detourdestiny

It's full of awesome. ^_^ And now there's going to be no more drama like there was on the fanfiction websites. (FFN deleted us for quoting lyrics, FOS is now offering anything BUT Freedom of Speech.)

So now it seems like all is going to be smooth sailing insofar as getting it FINISHED and posted. I've gotten back into the writing groove, and Shelly's all graduated. The only thing that can interfere there is wedding plans. Hee!

If you want to know what I'm talking about, you can read the FAQ here. :D
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I have to leave in the morning. ;_;

I'll be home...Sunday sometime? I guess? Jennifer's picking me up at the airport and I'm staying with her overnight before I drive home. 4.5 hours on plane + 2.5 hour layover + 5 hour drive = TOO MUCH.

So if Jennifer is cool with it my plan is to sleep in Sunday and leave at or before 2. That gets me in MH around 6 or 7. Ish. When I drive alone I don't stop a lot, lol.

Must pack. *sigh*

Though I'm coming home with a new DreamCast (since my old one...died...), some new clothes and jewelry, (finally) wallet-sized pics of Esme so I can show her off with the other kids, and lots of digital pics of Esme. LAWL.

I might be getting Photoshop. Hopefully. Because now I WANTS IT. *pokes Katchan* I'm going to finish my picture after I finish packing/Justin gets off the desktop, and I shall post it on DA. ^_^


Apparently my bank has freaked out. I used my debit card today and suddenly I can't log in to balance my checkbook. FTW? Not sure if I mis-typed my password too many times or if they're thinking my card got stolen since I used it in Canada. (Nico, am I right in thinking that the same thing happened to you the first time you went to Chicago with this bank?) So grr. Will have to handle that once I land in Minneapolis and can use my phone again. Grr. Grr. Grr.

Aside to Shelly: I was going to work on chapter on the plane up but due to unforeseen circumstances (the seats were angled in such a way that I couldn't open my laptop to where I could SEE THE SCREEN O_O) I couldn't. *cries* But I might tomorrow night at Jen's if she's all wanting to go to bed early. Or maybe Sunday if I get back at such a time that I can't hang with Nico.

We have to leave @ like 5:30. AM. *headdesk*
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So me, Nico, and Jacqui have hung out a lot lately. I could recap the times and dates but I really just want to get my alcohol tally up-to-date, lol.

At some unknown date: Coconut rum. Not impressed, but then I don't like coconut.

The night before the party: A shot of watermelon pucker. Reminded me of the wine cooler I originally tasted.
A mix of my own--Two shots of said watermelon pucker, a shot of coconut rum, topped off with Sprite. Not bad, not great. Thinking of calling it "My Funny Valentine" because it was so pink. >_<
Rum & Dr. Pepper--it's Captain Pepper! Lol.
A shot of peach schnapps.
Peach schnapps and orange juice (deelish!!)

The night Nico randomly decided to throw a party, which I really didn't get to go to because I worked: Vodka. First a shot, then two shots mixed in orange juice.

OMG VODKA WILL GET YOU CRUNKED FAST. That's the only the second time I've FELT drunk, and I was only about three sips into the mix. Lol. So no vodka unless I'm with people I trust or at home.


Um...finally saw The Village! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! I thought I knew what the twist at the end was (whether someone told me wrong or I got confused, I'm not sure), but I DIDN'T, so I was pleasantly surprised. ^_^

Called Duncan yesterday. Got voicemail. Other than that haven't talked to/heard from him since the night before the club. Weird.

Stayed late after work with Nico tonight--we scrubbed the lobby, which normally only gets mopped. (This is a once-a-summer thing, lol.) Yay for overtime! ^_^ I don't know. Normally I'd be pissed about it, but for some reason I wasn't. Nico asked if I would rather do it Thursday and I told him no, I'd rather go ahead and do it while I know I'm in an okay mood for it, rather than run the risk of being irritated by it later. So tonight it was. ^_^ (The floor was SO gross once we put degreaser on it!! OMG. But I digress.)

Spent the weekend in St. Louis. FINALLY got a cover for my phone--it's purple, shock shock. ^_^ But it makes me happy. It was Mirielle's first birthday and I took lots of pics with my phone. Hopefully I'll soon get the device to move phone pics to my comp. Or my camera from Katchan. ^_^

Um...oh yes, we went to a Ren Faire whilst there, but I'm too tired to go into detail about that. As a matter of fact, I have to get up in about six hours in order to do laundry for work tomorrow night. So, like...I'm going to go to bed now, and I'll try to work on that while the laundry's going. Either that or my chapter. OMG. I'm such a bad coauthor.
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I am aware of just how forever it's been since I posted anything. And you mofos ARE going to have to put up with a quizspam and a picspam (I got my Halloween pics, finally, plus I have some pics from the auction to scan, haaa) in the near future. *huggles LJ-cut* But I feel it's more important to actually, like, update before I do that, since it's actually been that long.

In no order other than "that just popped into my head!" order...

Detour to Destiny has NOT died. It's just that Shelly was extremely lazy busy and didn't write hers for a couple of weeks. And then FOS changed its URL, but also did NOT die, like I thought it had. Poor little upstart fanfiction archive. Ummm...I've drawn more pics but am too lazy to scan them, at least tonight.

I went for a walk with Nico on a Thursday night and ended up with blisters so bad that after my Friday morning shift at the Steak House I had someone cover my Saturday shift. I still had to work at Taco Bell on both nights, but I don't have to, like, carry plates and walk from one end of the building to the other. Much. And the places where the blisters were are still peeling! >_< But anyway, the point is that we talked a lot that night, and did a bit of bitching on both sides, and at the end he told me I should move out. I said, "On my own?" and he said yeah, if I waited for him to get his shit together I'd be waiting for a long time. And I said (in more/different words) "Thank GOD, I already came to that conclusion but I wasn't sure how to tell you." So we're not moving in together. (Mom is pleased; Dad seems to think it doesn't really matter because he knows that when I move out Nico is still going to hang out in my place.) On the bright side of that, we kind of started making those plans right before I got a raise, and my average tips at the Steak House are getting higher (maybe because I'm getting better at waitressing, maybe because I'm taking more tables than I used to?), and so I think I can actually afford to do it alone. (And maybe it'll be better for me anyway, to NOT have a security crutch. Which is not the phrase I'm looking for but whatever.) You tell me: $750 a month should cover $350 rent, an electric bill, a cell phone bill, a $50 computer payment (which I don't have now but plan to have soon), and internet in some form, right?

Nico and I were going to see Bobby yesterday but ended up postponing it until next week. "Can we do it in a week when I have a day off?" --Nico Fair enough, I suppose. I may wait for the DVD of Happy Feet. I don't want to go alone. If I can get a friend to go with me I'll go but I will NOT be the only adult in a theater full of six-year-olds. Even MY dorkiness has its limits. Especially at $7 a ticket.

There was an interview of Elijah Wood in the paper RE: Happy Feet, and Nico cut out the picture. Wouldn't have minded getting the article with it, but oh well. It's a HOT picture. I shall scan it when I decide to scan all the stuff I have stockpiled to scan. ^_^

Congratulations are in order-- [profile] taethowen is engaged! Go her! ^_^ And when I went to church on Sunday (I haven't gone since, like, May, but then this is the first time I didn't close on Saturday night in all that time...and that was only because I took it off, even though we got back from Thanksgiving on Friday I didn't want to go back to work for just one day, plus we put up the Christmas decorations) I found out that my friend Carissa is getting married next month. Gah. We'd lost touch, more so than I'd thought.

(And then Shelly and Josh are pretty much engaged--and even Craig, who I work with, has found a girlfriend, and if you knew Craig you would know how mind-bogglingly amazing that is--and I'm starting to REALLY feel left out. Damn this bullshit about "when it's right, it'll happen." I want a boyfriend. Period. I don't care if he's not the one and I don't end up marrying him. I'm going to get into a relationship and he's going to break up with me because he'll feel like I date like I'm in high school. And that'll suck.)

On the alcohol front: I GOT one of those Schmirnoff's wine coolers all to myself, and it was grape no less. God I love Nico. (That was Monday before last, FYI. At Nico's, after work.) I so saved the bottle, I put it up with the Snapple Element bottles I used to collect when they came in bottles, not cans, and looked really freaking sweet instead of cheap. Then the next night he gave me a glass of (really cheap, I guess, I can't freaking tell) white wine. Citrusy. I liked it, and would have had another except I didn't know how late I was staying and didn't want to risk driving too soon. (I think that by the time we got done watching an ep of Modern Marvels about the Sears Tower, with Nico pausing it every three seconds to point out what buildings were in the background, I would have been just fine.) After relaying this decision, Nico said: "Okay, whatver. Way to be an adult and make responsible choices." Which gave me WaFF for no real reason. Please don't ask me what WaFF are, google/wiki it yourself. We also made the wineglasses (well, champagne flutes, really, but whatever) ring. That was fun. And I did it better than he did. Ha! I win at life.

At work...I got someone fired and didn't even lift a finger. Didn't even open my mouth, but that was kind of the point... Ha. Sherie (who was always really sweet to me and most everyone else for forever and ever) on a Monday morning started bitching at me for no real reason and then continued to NOT LET IT GO all day long. Seriously. I think it started because I wasn't handing out orders fast enough, but that's ALWAYS a problem when there's no expediter, and I was doing the best I could--the point is, the same thing happened that day that happens every damn day, but she kept bitching like I'd done something seriously wrong. If I'd handed out the wrong food to, say, 27 cars in a row, and they all came in at one time demanding that we remake all that food, THEN maybe she would have had a right to carry on for FIVE HOURS like she did. But I didn't, and she DID. I really hope none of my customers noticed from my voice that I was TRYING NOT TO CRY. Ahem.

So I came to work the next morning figuring all would be forgotten, because that's pretty much the Taco Bell code of ethics: Whatever happened yesterday is more or less meaningless and everyone can be cheerful today. But NOOO. I clocked on, hung my coat in the break room, and went to the office door to check the deployment. (Because, goddamnit, if they DO actually ever put me somewhere besides headset, then I don't want to spend the day doing headset because I didn't bother to look.) And Sherie comes along in this absolutely nails-on-a-chalkboard-annoying sugar-sweet voice, "HI SARAH, HOW ARE YOU THIS MORNING, LOVE?"

And I wanted to scream "Get the hell away from me you fucking bitch!" But I thought that maybe that would be a bad idea, so I settled on icy, confused glare and said nothing.

And she kept "greeting" me in the same annoying manner, and I kept ignoring her, and finally after the third try, she said, "I'm going home." No one believed her, but she was being so annoying no one cared. She said, "Yeah, Sarah's not going to say good morning to me so I'm going home." Nico waved at her. XD And she grabbed her coat and purse and hasn't darkened the door of Taco Bell since.

Whatever. As a result, suddenly I get along (more or less) with Candise. And I'm pretty sure Sherie's not getting her job back this time. Even if she was a shift supervisor and has worked there eight years, on and off. She's pulled other shit like randomly not showing up and not calling and come close to losing her job before. I have to say I don't really feel sorry for her. I just hope her little kids don't, like, starve because of it or anything.

Funny moments at work that aren't really witty enough to be witticisms--I was on headset, but I was also closing lobby so I was out there vacuuming the rug. I got a beep so I paused the vacuum to say "Hi, how are you?" At which time Nico walks out of the kitchen and randomly screams. And then I go, "Let me know when you're ready to order" and it dawns on him that the people at the speaker HEARD HIM. XD Sucks for them, maybe, but I find it funny--the look on his face was PRICELESS and he was mouthing "OMG SORRY!" Ha.

So then it happens again, only with Justin, like a week later. I'm doing dishes, he brings me back one and screams at random (yeah, random screaming happens a LOT after lobby closes) and then I say "Let me know when you're ready to order" and that classically hilarious reaction of mouthing "OMG I am SOOOO sorry" happens. He was a bit more upset about it than Nico, especially after I informed him that they said, in reaction, "It's really loud in there, huh?"

But whatever. So later that night he does it again, screams when dropping off some dishes for me to wash. Only this time I'm smart and even though there's no one there, I say "Let me know when you're ready to order." He quietly asks if I'm serious, and I can't keep a straight face, but he admitted that I freaked him out for a moment.

And I was going to talk about the auction, but really, I think I'll wait for the pics. (Plus the library's closing.) And Thanksgiving, for which I MIGHT have pics. Gah. Five hours at the library and I'm STILL behind. But I'll be back tomorrow 5-8. And maybe Friday as well since I randomly don't work at the Steak House that day. HA.


Oct. 18th, 2006 06:48 pm
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My OC_Art 100 table.

31, 36, and 40 are all new! And 40's kind of spoilerish for an unposted bit! Was going to post two more, but decided that they were too spoilerish. Will post them when the accompanying chapters are posted.
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It's been too long since I've been online; I blame real life again.

And I know you're all gagging to know what happened with Chris; and I'm not sure if I should just say it or not. I want to go in chronological order as much as I can, and put down the feelings as they were when they occurred, untainted, rather than how I feel about them in retrospect.

Ahh, well, to spare you some of the shock--we decided we're just going to be friends, and when I say "we" I mean "he."

And I was SO going to share the details with you tonight, but the library is closing around me. I might be able to get it typed but I have a funny feeling that the computer would shut down just as I clicked "post." So there's the short answer; I'll write out the explanation at home tonight and post it tomorrow. Yay for cliffhangers. And Nico: NO TELLING IN COMMENTS, I want to say it myself.

(I have the day off work tomorrow by pure chance, really, but me and Dad are going to see a play tomorrow night so I'll just come in a few hours early and get online. Because I once again have no life.)

Shelly: WHERE is my chapter? I could really use a creative outlet for my hardcore angst! Writing a funeral would be perfect! (And now I suppose that's a spoiler for the D2D fans out there...)
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Destiny In Doubt chapter six is up. For the interested. *coughhobbitycough*

I wish to goodness I had my LotR binder with me today, because I have plenty of time that I could be using to fill up my OC_Art table. *sigh*

I'm thinking of logging off and spending an hour in the student center (which will be pretty much empty at this time of year) working on my latest pic, which I can't describe, because it's a major DID spoiler. *sigh* (Characters: Sarah and Frodo. For those who read DID, that should be 'nuff said.)

OMG. FOS is now taking RPF. Shelly, THAT would be a good place to post Love Online! And now I need to work on She Will Be Loved a bit more! YAY! ('Scuse me whilst I fangirl.)

Anyway. I'll probably start reading Half Blood Prince tonight, assuming I actually go straight home after work. I don't know, I should go home and get some sleep so I'm all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the job search tomorrow. Wish me luck...

 Explains a lot, really. (Thanks, Nico, for finding that one.)

And now I'm rambling. A couple of pics (not RL pics, just random stuff for random people)...
For Nico:
 I found that on a comment page, long ago, and have kept forgetting to post it for ya. Go me.

For Hobbity (once she returns from vacay, wherever she is):
 As a casualty of said war, I thought you'd appreciate it.

The real reason I enjoy my "Employee of the Month" t-shirt so much:
 I have absolutely no idea who made it or why, but it still cracks me up to no end.

I thought I had another one, but looking at it again, I think it would be better served by being posted over on DLBE. So TTYL, people!
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 Just updated at OC_Art100. My table (link in the box on the left) is now 8 out of 100! Yay!

There's a soundtrack for Lost out now. The tracklist cracks me up, though sadly track two is NOT called "Monster Eats the Pilot." *sigh*

The other night (last Friday? I forget when), while I was getting back into my car after filling gas, I went to put my (rather expensive birthday-gift gold) ring back on, and dropped it inside my gearshift. (It had a protective cover when I bought Laurien, but rather than look at the unslightly hole in it, I took it off and now can see inside my gearshift. In retrospect, I should have repaired it with duct tape, because I've lost a hairband and a pen in there.)

I could see it down in there, so that was a good sign. I asked the attendant if she had anything I could use to fish it out, and of course the answer was no. *sigh* So I dug around in my car, but since I try to make a habit of not leaving my general crap all over the place (besides the stuff that lives in there, like an extra brush and scrunchies for long-haired, top-down passengers) there wasn't much. I did manage a pen with a hook on the lid, but an attempt with that made it plain that A) either the pen or my fingers were a bit too fat for that and B) I had not a chance of actually hooking the ring on the hook.

So I thought for a moment about what I might hook it with. I came up with the hairclips in my hair (under my hat at work, I hold back stray wispies with those metal clips that spring back on themselves, like these without the ornamentation). I clipped one onto the end of the other one, which I left open, and quickly discovered that that wasn't long enough. So I took the pen apartto get at the much thinner ink tube inside it. Then I used one hair clip to clip the other to the end of the ink tube. So now I had an ink tube with an hair clip on the end to try and hook it on.

This also proved unsuccesful, because A) the angle made it impossible to hook the ring on the hair clip in a way that it didn't fall when I tried to lift it, and B) there was also no way to force the clip to close without risking losing both my clips in the gearshift, too.

So then I wistfully think if only I had a hook that would actually HOOK. So I go to the attendant again and ask for a paperclip--lo and behold, there's actually a huge box of paperclips on the counter and I'm given one! ^_^ So then I bend the paperclip into a proper hook, and use the hair clip to clip it to the ink tube.

Got my ring out on the first try! Score! How's THAT for problem-solving skills? ^_^

I really don't know why I'm so pleased with myself for that little feat. XD

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So yesterday sucked.

I showed up at the Honors Forum for our "final"--which we already turned in, we were just getting our papers back--and five of the others are heading off with their caps/gowns/etc., and Dr. Preis is all, "Don't you have your regalia?"

I just kind of blankly stare, trying to figure out what the hell she means by "regalia," and she goes on, "Didn't you get my email?"

By this time I've realized that apparently I was supposed to bring my cap/gown/etc. and I didn't have a clue, and the email question made me mad.

YOU people all know I don't have 'net at the house, and that I don't usually get to check up on things during the weekend. During the last two semesters I've had to apologize for this a lot--I've missed meetings and deadlines because of it. (Nothing huge or unforgivable.) But apparently this is an unforgivable sin in the world of academia. I finally quit giving out my email to teachers and classmates unless it's a requirement, because people depend on it.

At any rate, I made it very clear to Dr. Baird last semester that if it was time-sensitive information over the weekend, I needed to be CALLED, not e-mailed. And then Dr. Preis did this.

I kind of flipped out. "I have told you people over and over and over that I DO NOT GET TO CHECK MY EMAIL FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY! If you need me to do something on Monday, YOU HAVE TO CALL ME."

And Dr. Preis was all, "I didn't know that."

I just stared at Dr. Preis, "I've told Dr. Baird several times..."

"Well, I sent the email and I didn't know."

WTF? These two teachers (Baird and Preis) are supposed to be leading the smartest group of people in the school, and there's ZERO communication between them?

Argh. I was able to borrow all the "regalia" for a picture (the reason we needed it--and now I can look forward to having my face on a billboard, advertising the worst mistake of my life and SMILING, damnit, if that really comes about I might just find an alternate route to work) and it wasn't a huge deal, but it still really pissed me off. I go out of my way to make my circumstances known so that this kind of thing doesn't happen, and then I still get screwed.

F**k this school. I can't wait to graduate. I fully intend to come here and keep using the library (read: internet) long after I'm officially a student.

And then I showed up today at 10 thinking graduation rehearsal was going on, only to find out it's 10 TOMORROW, on the day I DON'T work, thereby ruining my plans of sleeping in and NOT spending gas money. I mean, I would have had to come in tonight for work, but if I'd had the right date--I swear I wrote today on the calendar--I would have slept in today, just stayed home until I had to be at work, and come online tomorrow.

I hate my life.

At any rate...good news!

SID is now completely up on FOS, and DID should start going up today or tomorrow. Yes, DID. It'll go up as soon as I send Michele chapter #1 of story 4, which I will probably write here at school today. Maybe not. I have a 300-word paper due today that I completely forgot about, but I'm not stressing--should take 30 minutes to do that and I have until 4:30 to do as I wish online. But I probably will write it.

Watched the first two HP movies the other night as I was cleaning my room, tonight I'll likely watch the third and actually pay attention as I've only seen it once. I bought the fourth book but I'm going to watch the movie first. That's my new theory--since the book is always better, and in all other matters I save the best for last when I can, from now on I think I'll watch the movie before reading the book.

And, best of all...Elijah got Punk'd. XD

Hobbity: Would you make me a nice, clear screencap of where he's sitting in the car with his hand to his mouth in shock, and another where he's swearing to the officer that he'll never do it again, and one where he's telling the crowd "You can all f*** off," please? I want to make some icons (and I can do all the ones I want to do if I have the pics). I'll share the results, of course! ^_^


Apr. 26th, 2006 01:51 pm
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Had my first actual-test final. Two of my finals are just papers and I already turned one in. So all I have left is Physical Science (IF I decide to take it, I'm thinking I may not just because of the gas money!) and Philosophy.

I could scan something for my OC_Art table, but (since I've been meaning to do it anyway) I'd really like to reorganize my drawings (separate the LotR and D2D stuff from everything else) and then go through and find the prompts I've filled, as well as what I need to I think I'll head home early today, take a nap, and get that all done tonight.

I will be updating SID if I can get FOS to work. If not I'll probably email the pertinent info to Shelly so she can do it.

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