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Putting up a wishlist for the Beyond Dapper Secret Santa. WOOT. If you're not the person who has my name, just scroll on by and ignore this entry, lol!

First, there's my ever-handy Amazon Wish List, I know some stuff on there totally doesn't qualify for the BD guidelines, but some does, so it's there, and it kind of gives you an idea of my fandoms/taste even if you don't get a single thing on there. Used/pre-owned stuff is absolutely fine. Great, even! I am so not picky about that, so if you see something somewhere else for a good price, that's awesome! =)

If you're handy and like to make things, that's ALSO awesome! Purple is my favorite color (and I also really like blue and green), I hate pink (other than The Sunglasses, but I already have a pair, lol), and I like silvertone jewelry/etc over gold. Funky and elegant are both awesome.

Clothes sizes, if you need 'em... eh, 12 in pants, medium or large in shirts (if they run small, go with the large!), size 10 shoes/socks.

Specific actual stuff?

1) If you get to meet Darren and/or Chris Colfer between now and then and could just get video/audio of him/them saying hi to "Sarah" (that's me) and/or autograph(s) to me, you could ignore everything else on here.

2) Fluffy Klaine fic is always awesome! I'm not too picky so long as they're together and happy at the end, AU is cool, current or future or something where they met younger, whatever, any rating. Preferably not daddies!fic, though, or at least not super-focused on their kid(s).

3) Covers/illustrations/banners/graphics/visual whatever for any of my Glee fic, which can be found here. I'll put them on my site and credit you however you'd like to be credited!

4) If Kurt's worn it on Glee, I don't care how ridiculous it is, I would be happy to have it and wear it. (Okay so maybe I wouldn't wear his Gaga outfit to work, but you know what I mean, lol.) Except maybe the pants from "Some People." Those were ugly. XD

5) I like makeup, I'm a particular sucker for the Hard Candy brand sold at Walmart, especially the eyeliners. But anything bright would be fun!

6) Also nail polish; I have all the colors I'll ever need, but I only have the new "crackle" finish in purple and white. I'd love to have that in pretty much any other colors! And glittery, I can always use more glitters--they tend to dry out and be ruined faster than normal polish, in my experience. Or just anything else that's new and different. =) The press-on nail sticker things (not acrylic nails) are awesome, I've only ever used them once, or nail art pens...pretty much anything that's not just a plain color in a bottle.

7) Pretty much anything Hello Kitty so long as the particular item in question only has touches of pink, or none at all (it's out there, but pink is by and large the common color).

8) iTunes giftcards, always useful. =)

9) Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works is my favorite scent, so anything with that...lotion, soap, candles, spray, anything!

10) If you have access to an Asian market and can get a hold of any kind of Japanese candy, or tapioca pearls for bubble tea, that would be awesome--it's a rare treat for me! Where I live, I'm doing really well to snag plain pocky.

11) My car is named Darren, after, you know, Darren, so anything to make the car more Darren-y would make me lol. (I'm looking to get a black car bra because it'll make it look like the car has eyebrows, for instance. XD Though that's WAY out of the exchange price range, lol.) He's red if that makes a difference!

12) I'm always up for new music, so make me a mix CD? If you want to theme it, fine, but if the theme is "random awesome songs everyone should hear" that's fine, too. =)

How many times did I use the word awesome? XD We won't talk about how many smiley faces I edited out, lol. Thanks so much! ^_^

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