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What has happened to the world that my favorite Glee songs of the week are by Brittany and Mike Chang? WUT.

I still hate Tike as a couple, but I love them both individually, and after this episode I can say I love them both equally (before now I would've laid preference to Tina). Though it cannot be denied that Tina is an excellent vocal coach (future career path, perhaps?), because "Cool" was hot.

Mike's mom. MIKE'S MOM, YOU GUYS, MIKE'S MOM. SO MUCH LOVE. Though Michele pointed out that an Asian wife standing up to her husband is kind of a huge effing deal, and now I'm wondering if we'll be getting a "divorcing parents" storyline to mirror the Burt/Carole storyline. Pretty sure I read that we'll be seeing them again, so it's possible.

Emma's parents--I lol'd about Ginger Supremecists, but Will really does think everything's about him, and he was way off in both inviting them over and then yelling at them. I'm glad that he's there for her, they seem okay on their own, but the minute anyone else becomes involved in the way they interact with each other things go screwy. (He was ranting about not getting laid in Figgin's office, in front of Sue. That was so many levels of not cool.) While he might've been right in leaping to her defense, yelling was not the right way to do it. A calm "please stop making her uncomfortable, let's talk about something else" would've been nice, and then maybe yelling if they persisted. Grah. And then--IDK, Emma being a devout pray-er seemed very sudden, but at the same time I think it fits her character (and maybe plays as much into her still being a virgin as the OCD?).

The "confidence" that Mercedes' bf is giving her is making her a total bitch. Yes, it's not right that New Directions should be the Rachel Berry Show, but pretty much everything Mercedes did about it was immature. I'm still trying to withhold judgment on him, but he definitely lost points. So did Mercedes, though. A couple of people think she's pregnant, but A) Amber Riley confirmed she is not B) Glee already did that story and it's still unfolding in cracktackular ways that I was glad to have a break from this week, and C) I think the "pains" are more about Mercedes having a crapton of talent and just not being willing to put forth effort to get it recognized, which is a hurdle she needs to get over if her plans are to be the next Beyoncé. But "It's All Over" was a memorable performance, at least on screen, so that was nice. =)

They are making Beiste into a caricature of herself. Her mouth was full for that whole scene and it was just like--okay, yes, she's heavy and that's fine, but it was just...uncomfortable. I feel bad for DMJ.

Rachel. Honey. Nevermind that you're being rude to Kurt by running for president (which, yes, you totally are), but who the hell do you think is going to vote for you? Maybe the half of glee club that isn't voting with their dicks (for Brittany) and the ones not obligated to vote for Kurt (which is Finn, Blaine, Mercedes, at the very least). No one else in the school likes you, as you have often lamented, and you're not going to be able to out-sex Brittany. Not without getting arrested. I mean--exposed garter straps. 'Nuff said. You need to drop out, doubly so now that you've got the lead.

I hadn't thought about it, but Michele pointed out that it's going to be Blaine and Rachel as the leads. This is awesome, because Don't You Want Me was awesome and they're doing more duets. I'm for that! =D

AND KLAINE. I WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE FLOWERS, AND I REALLY CAN'T GET PAST THAT. Except to note that it was so obvious that they wanted to kiss, and by all rights should have kissed, but they looked around and it wasn't safe and my heart just broke for them.

Also when Blaine looked at the cast list I'm pretty sure he kissed Kurt on the neck. That's my headcanon, anyway. =)
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