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So closing with Candise sucks. Period. Whether it takes TWO FUCKING HOURS or less than one. And I have to do it again tonight.

I had to close Wednesday night and then work day shift yesterday, so I just stayed up all night--from 3 PM Wednesday until 4 AM on what was technically Friday morning. 37 hours. I thought I'd end up falling asleep earlier and thereby STOP sleeping from 6 AM to 3 PM, but I ended up sleeping 4 to 2. >_< And I know I'll be up tonight, getting ready for tomorrow, lol.

I close tonight, and then I'm off tomorrow. I'm going to the Ozark Choral Society concert (selections from Phantom of the Opera, with my long-since-over-it-crush Tim playing the Phantom--squee!!) and then joining about half of Taco Bell at the club in West Plains--The Firehouse. Jacqui's coming to both.

I guess me and the parentals and Jacqui are going to lunch on Sunday for Mother's Day. My idea, but unfortunately I can't afford to fund it, lol.

Umm...Duncan never called, left him a voicemail...yesterday? No, Wednesday. Just trying to see if he'll be free. Haven't heard back, and I'm about to call him again.
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I haven't been on headset for the last two days. GO ME! ^_^

Written last night:

Random moments...

My old crush, Tim, came through the drive-thru the other day. (If you weren't reading my LJ then, I'm pretty sure he has a tag.) Had a girl with him. Didn't feel a damn thing, other than curiosity. On the other hand, Brad came through a few weeks ago and was all, "Hey! How are ya?" He got his food handed to him, a "thanks!" and the window slammed shut. Darn him to heck. Tim never knew how I felt about him. Brad TOYED with me. *resentment*

I just spent the last hour or so rereading conversations I had with Hobbity around the time Mirielle was born. I was on Jason and Alicia's computer so I could use DLBE chat. Good times, good times... Hobbity: We SO need to resurrect that Cult of Lij idea! ZOMG! (as I said that night)

Lucky, one of the girls from work, came up to me when I was ordering my dinner Friday night and thanked me for inventing my potato bowl. (Which, FYI, is a double order of Cheesy Fiesta Potatos minus the sour cream and green onions, put into a Border Bowl bowl. But I just ring up the ingredients--two sides of potatoes and two pumps of nacho cheese--and it only costs me 60¢ after my employee discount. If you tried to order it anywhere other than our Taco Bell, and maybe even there if you didn't call it Strobel's Potato Bowl, it would probably cost you around $2.50.) She called it orgasmic... I have to agree. Potatoes and nacho cheese: so simple, so delicious. ^_^ (Was kind of annoyed when Hannah chimed in with "Yeah, thanks! I always eat what you eat!" >_< There's reasonable adoption of a brilliant idea, and then there's just plain not being capable of sustaining your own separate personality.) Anyway, the point of this whole ramble is that it was nice to have someone appreciate my genius for once. ^_^ That and I think every fast food restaurant should have a special combo created by each employee that's worked there six months or more. Mine would be said potato bowl, and my special quesadilla, with a large drink. Robert has a particular burrito, Nico's invented a couple of different things, the most popular being his Baja Nachos. When Wes worked there his trademark was steamed-not-grilled quesadillas wrapped like burritos and chicken Meximelts with jalapeno sauce on them. Miss Sharon orders her taco filling in a bowl, with the crunchy shell separate. (I wonder how she actually eats it. I haven't a clue.) The point is, the thing Nico said to me early on is very true: The longer you work at Taco Bell (and presumably any restaurant), the more complicated your order gets. (My Steak House "usual" has already moved from just a burger with only cheese and pickle to a burger, medium well, with only cheese and pickle, on an untoasted bun.)

And even though it's only quarter to one, I'm freaking tired and have to get up at 7:30. Damn day shift. I'm going to go to sleep, even though odds are Nico's going to call me when he gets home. Whatever. Keep your stick on the ice. The randomness shall continue later.

(Bonus points to anyone who can pick up on the reference in the last paragraph!)

Lookit me!

Aug. 25th, 2005 01:52 pm
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I'm a calendar girl! )


Jun. 30th, 2005 02:51 am
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Okay, okay, get ready for a good story. This entry's going to reference "Detour to Destiny" but not in a way that only the fans are going to get it. (In other words, those of you who don't read it should still read this entry because it's not ABOUT D2D, it's about a RL thing that I talked about in D2D.)

In D2D, there's a passage where Sarah (my character, duh, lol) tells Frodo about all her past "love affairs" (if you really want to call them such).

   "Anyway, I'm getting off track. The third guy in my life--and the last, there have only been three--quite simply never liked me."
   "Then why did you go out with him?"
   I sighed. "That's the catch--I didn't. I just...I fell in love with him, but when I told him he said he only liked me as a friend and didn't want to be more. So I just had to deal with that. We're friends, and that's it."
   "Do you still care about him?"
   "He'll always be a friend of mine. And...well, I think I'll care about him until someone else comes and sweeps me off my feet, makes me forget that I ever cared about anyone else. After that experience, I just decided to wait for someone to find me instead of getting my heart stomped on over and over again looking for Mr. Right." I couldn't tell Frodo this, but I thought of myself like Éowyn, still caring for Aragorn, not knowing that Faramir was just around the corner.

That's all true (or at least it was, there were other developments after that was written, but that's what I'm getting to). It's where my custom Hobbity-made avvy came from. (And, gosh dang it, I'm STILL hunting my Faramir!)

That "third guy" is Kyle. He more or less broke my heart when I was about sixteen (what a summer that was!...). I don't know that I need to necessarily tell it all over, I wrote some stuff about it at the time.

But it really was amazing to me--was and still is--after that, we really did remain friends. Totally. It's not like we've ever had an awkward moment after that--we've both kind of gone on like that moment never happened, starting with right after when it did happen, before we even hung up the phone. And at the time, I was sure I would never get over it, but last summer, I realized that I finally was over it. Shelly's the one that made me realize it, actually.

Every year at camp we do cabin skits (or team skits sometimes, but last year it was cabin skits), and the counselor in my cabin wrote a skit in which there were two complicated parts and then a lot of small parts for the kids, with the idea that she would take one complicated part and I'd take the other. The two complicated parts were "Good" and "Evil" (think of the angel and devil on your shoulder kind of thing). She gave me the choice and I chose evil, lol. It meant I'd get to wear black and cackle and all that jazz, lol.

When I told this to Shelly, she was all, "Did you pick it because it made you think of Kyle?" (Kyle was kinda-sorta goth when I met him, and is still more dark than light, though he's come a long way since then...was it really four years ago already??? Anyway...)

I kind of paused. "No, that never even crossed my mind..."

And Shelly pointed out: "See? That means you're getting over him."

And that reeeeeally irritated me at the time (I shrugged it off, though, "Yeah, I guess..." It's not like I fought with her over it), because I didn't WANT to get over Kyle. I totally wanted to like, pine away, lol. Not really. But I wanted to have to be made to move on, by some guy, if that makes sense. I wanted to be rescued from Brokenheartsville, not find my way back on my own.

But I thought about it over the next several weeks and, as we all know, by that fall I had sufficiently come to terms with this discovery that I was able to admit that I was crushing over several guys in Acting I (and II, when it carried over). And we know how the Tim thing went (BTW, I'm SO totally already over that--I think that if nothing else I've learned that it pays to be cautious and not get too starstruck), but I'm still scoping. I'm not, like, lighting incense in front of the picture I have of Kyle, lol.

But then life carried on, a certain b*****d ruined everything--er, things went down at camp that drove off several of the LITs (Leaders In Training, which Kyle and I both were, along with Shelly and the RL Cody and Mike, among others). Kyle wasn't there last year and hasn't been showing up at retreats throughout the year, and I had kind of thought that he'd been driven off permanently. Since he's a borderline internet-phobe, we quite simply lost contact. I'd lost track of his number, and even when I'd had it it was a royal pain to call him (this was before free minutes after nine PM, back when Dad was the only one with a cell phone that no one was allowed to use). And I had pretty much resigned myself to never seeing him again. I mean, I know how things go, I figured I'd hear about him sooner or later, but thought it could never be the same.

But then Nickie (one of said LITs) graduated a few weeks ago. I went, and Kyle was there! I had heard he would be (like, I talked to Shelly that day and she said he would be), so I went on a bit of a power trip, knowing that I'd changed (physically, for the better) since we'd last talked, and I dressed up a bit nicer than I needed to, thinking that I'd point out that I was surviving just fine without him (since I thought there'd probably be an awkward exchange of "hi" and that would be the last we'd ever see of each other). But Kyle, (thankfully, in retrospect) being male, didn't pick up on it, and furthermore, made a point of giving me his email and phone number. He came to the "gathering" (it was sooooo NOT a party, lol) at Nickie's house afterward, and it was actually me and him and Shelly's sister (who'd ridden with me) and Shelly's ex-best-friend (LONG story, ties in with that b*****d, sort of, though the problems were rooted back further...and really, it's not my story to tell, nor do I feel like rehashing it, anyway), so me and him were talking, and it was JUST LIKE old times. (I feel old using that phrase.)

That was a Saturday night, and I emailed him on Monday morning but got no reply. And so I was all, "Well, I'll call him." Because it used to be a big ISSUE to call people, since we had no cellphones. But now it's free after nine (within the US anyway) and all that jazz. But I still kind of get this anxiety (stage fright? lol) when I call people for the first few times, no matter how well I know them IRL/online (like I can call Shelly, no big deal, but to call, say, Hobbity, would kind of freak me out), and it had been so long since I'd talked to Kyle that it might as well have been the first time. (And I think that even if I counted up all the times I'd called him it would still be really low...less than ten for sure.) So I put it off. "I'm working 'til close, I can't call on my break or after work." "I'm sleepy." "I have to get this written." "Well, I want to, but if I call now his family might be asleep." Whatever.

Now, the graduation was May 20th, and I hadn't called him yet.

I thought about it on my way home one night last week (but I had worked 'til close and though that's an excuse, it's a legitimate excuse, I'm not going to call people at 1 or 2 AM without prior permission, lol), and finally told myself--"Well, if you can't call him AFTER work, call on your way in." And then I hemmed and hawed to myself, and then at last I said to myself: "If you don't call him, and SOON, you're going to lose contact with him again. And he's too good of a friend for you to let that happen."

So this morning I finally worked up my courage, and on my way into town I called him. I figured (given his past history) that he'd rush off the phone after about ten/twenty minutes, but we were still talking when I got where I was going, kept talking, talked for an hour total (maybe a bit more, actually), and it was ME who finally (reluctantly) said that I had to go, and that I'd call again.

I'm thrilled, I can't explain this elation that I'm feeling. Really. I just can't stop thinking about how happy it's made me.

And before anyone suggests it, no, it's not because I have hopes for the relationship to turn romantic. I mean, I still say what I said at the time, if he showed up on my doorstep with a dozen roses and asked me to go out with him, I would in a heartbeat. But I'm not expecting that to happen, not even HOPING for that, and I'm exploring other avenues *coughguysatworkcough*, trying to get a boyfriend.

But anyway, I'm on cloud nine right now. I've regained something I thought was lost forever, and I don't intend to lose it again. My...preciousssss. All is right in my world again. ^_^


Here's a funny tidbit for anyone who's reading D2D, BTW (and I don't know what made me think of it but here ya go anyway): Originally, when Shelly sent me that first chapter, she just put a surname in and I was all, "I don't like that, can I change it?" and when she said I could, I came up with Ebort. She had my character named Sarah Stringold. XD

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I am SO using that song in the D2D series someday...*cough* Anyway...

A Nicoism and other work witticisms...

  • The other night, we were closing, so he changed into a t-shirt that said "STUD" and then asked me what I thought. I kind of laughed, and then he goes, "See? DUTS! I'm such a duts..."
  • "Coming through with hot stuff!"
    "Oh, I didn't think you were carrying anything." --Me and Nico, when he was carrying a hot pan
  • "When you can hear Wesley, you know he's upset." --Ken (we all rag on Wes because he "never" talks, at least not until spoken to)
  • "It's like a soap opera around here, except nobody's having sex." --Wes (on the Tabitha/Sandee drama...two nights before Sandee was fired XD)
  • "He's playing Eminem in his car, he rocks..."
    "No, he RAPS." --Me and Robert (yes, don't hate me, I DO like SOME Eminem songs)

(And as far as the Tabitha/Sandee thing goes--they simply hated each otehr and made no attempts to hide it. Sandee even referred to her--in front of other employees!!!--as "the problem child"--which teed me off but I said nothing. Saturday WAS going to be Tab's last day, until she heard Sandee was fired. XD Oughta tell you something about Sandee.)

So anyway. I saw Tim for very probably the last time today. Today was his concert, he performed beautifully. They did songs from "Fiddler On the Roof" and "The Sound of Music" and they acted some, you kind of had to be there to understand.

Jacqui was supposed to meet me there but got off work late and didn't, but I spent enough time running around afterwards looking for her that I missed Tim and so I didn't get to speak to him at all.

I wonder if that's just as well.

Anyway. Review of the high points...

During the "Fiddler On the Roof" part, they did "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" (which I never realized was a "real" song, thought it was one of those playground things you hear), and Tim carried one of the girls offstage as the matchmaker "matched" them. *beats green monster off with big stick*

One brother and sister did the duet "All I Ask of You" from "Phantom of the Opera" and it was GORGEOUS. (I haven't seen it, but Shelly sent me that song because she thought it was so beautiful--she's right!) They did "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic, but they started it out with five girl singers and the choir came on later, and at first all I could think of was five rabid fangirls trying to perform it to Leo DiCaprio, and that kind of killed the mood of it for me. It got better once the choir started in, though. Tim's solo was next, "Angels Watchin' Over Me." He did well, but IMHO it wasn't the greatest song for his voice. It was below his skill level. But I may be a bit biased. ^_-

They did an Irish song called "The Rising of the Moon" and two girls did tap-dancing to it--and the effect was kind of Riverdance-y, it was cool. I liked it, anyway. Then a token patriotic song, lol, then intermission, then they started "The Sound of Music" part. Tim played Kurt, and when they did "So Long, Farewell," he had to lip-sync because his voice is WAY too low for the character, lol. Have to admit, seeing him in a little Catholic-school-sailor-suit-uniform was kind of a turnon, as well as being amusing. (Ditto him in a nightshirt for "My Favorite Things." Heck, that may BE one of my favorite things! *chants to self: "He is tak-en, he is tak-en, he is tak-en..."*) Also heard "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" for the first time (no, I've never seen the movie all the way through! *ducks rotten veggies*) and realized that Hobbitmum didn't just pull "How Do You Handle a Problem Like Waffles" out of thin air. (DLBE in-joke, if you don't know don't ask.)

They did "The Prayer"!!! I LOVE that song. First heard it on "Quest for Camelot" when it first came out (watched it with Kat), forgot about it, Lauren Talley (Christian singer) put it on her first album (duet with David Phelps, two very great talents), then discovered the Q4C version among Kat's tapes and copied it, recently bought the movie again...anyway, I just ADORE that song, so it made me really happy to hear it, like when they do "Carol of the Bells" at the Christmas concerts! Then, as if that wasn't enough, there were two girls who did BALLET to it. It was SO cool! (Granted...I don't think either of them was superbly talented, but when you've only seen ballet on TV, it's cool. Maybe they were really good and I just didn't realize it, but whenever they ran and jumped they didn't land so gracefully. And I thought that ideally, ballet dancers were REALLY flat-chested, and these girls weren't. But I'm not going to knock it, I couldn't do it, and for the most part they came across as really graceful and gifted and athletic.)

"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot." I like that song, I can't explain why.

More token patriotic songs, but they had flag-wavers this time so it was more cool. Then they closed by singing the Irish Blessing to the graduates of the choir.

Anyway. What else? OH! I sat behind Sun and Jin!

Well, not really. The couple was older, and they weren't even Asian. But they both had black hair and the right haircuts, and he looked kinda similar through the face, enough so that from behind, they totally looked like Sun and Jin. 'Twas amusing. I didn't see them sit down (I was reading, waiting for it to start) so I looked up and I was all, "Where do I know them from?" and then, "OMG! If it's really them, what do I have that they can sign???" XD I'm so hopeless...

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You know what that sound is?

That is the sound of a dream fading away, like a balloon you've blown up and then let go of without tying it off. It flies off so fast you can't even see which way it went, and you're left empty-handed with nothing to look forward to any more.

The little b*****d already has a GIRLFRIEND.

Thanks God someone told me BEFORE I made an idiot of myself.


Apr. 26th, 2005 05:35 pm
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Just wanted to post a PIC from the performance. (More later when I can study them all and decide which ones. I'll probably post an illustrated guide of my weekend. ^_^)

 Click to enlarge!

'Tis Tim, as Sherriff Peters! And yes, he's SUPPOSED to look a little teed off--I cropped it from a picture where he's looking at the County Attorney, who's a real jack***. Sadly, I think that's the best one I got of him. (Some of them didn't turn out, methinks, and some are really grainy, the lighting kind of sucked...)

Anyway. I have a final at six. I'll try to hurry and get back here.

And to stave off the merciless questioning--NO, I did NOT get a chance to ask him out. He totally left. I'll see him at the final on Thursday, and I won't be in sucha  rush to get anywhere or get anything cleaned up, so, you know...yeah. Then.


Apr. 12th, 2005 03:52 pm
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Opening night is a week from Thursday, we're doing two performances, and I have yet to learn my lines. We're going off the book (meaning no more scripts in our hands) Thursday. GAAAH.

Plus I have to rearrange my work schedule next week, I'll be closing in the middle of the week.

And my rehearsals are really going to cut into my online time, methinks. (Hobbity and Meri and Shelly take note!)

But no stressing, it's only for about a week. Next Friday it'll all be over.


Cameron hugged me today. He's playing my husband, though we don't have any sort of romantic dialogue. We never speak to each other, as a matter of fact. (Though I just realized that that means when he tells how he found the body I should probably be listening in rapt attention, as my character would be worried about her hubby...hmmm.) Anyway. We were standing there waiting to make our entry and he put his arm around my shoulders, hamming it up for Anna. (He has a girlfriend who's wearing his promise ring, I highly doubt he meant anything by it and that's just as well, he's not a Christian as far as I know.) 'Twas nice, though. Now if only I was playing TIM'S wife, then I could really have some fun with that...

*sigh* Tim always has to leave right after Acting.

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Argh. I finally have the GUTS to ask Tim out, have been trying, but now there's a total lack of opportunity. Gah.

I know I'm not supposed to, being the girl and all. But he's going to be going to a different college next semester, so if I don't, then I may never see him again. I'm to the point where I've got nothing to lose.

And I'm not going to be all, "Let's go on a date," but more like, "Didn't you say you wanted to see that movie? You want to go with me? When are you free?" That's not too forward, is it? I mean, that could come across as "Let's be better friends," right?

I would have asked before class but GREG was there, so that kind of killed it. Yeah.

I want to rant on "Lost" but I'd rather do it at home after I watch it again and take notes. ^_^ So anyway.

Spoilerish, if you've not seen this week's LOST... )

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Jennifer came back around ten to eight and woke Maddy up. Jerry and Sherri had left.

Me and Maddy watched "Beauty and the Beast," her favorite movie. Mine, too, when I was that age. I'm glad she's into the eductaed, take-control-of-her-own-fate Disney Princess instead of like, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. Don't get me wrong, I love those stories, too, but Belle is all proactive and thinks for herself. She's just so much cooler! Come on, the girl refuses to marry the buffoon, she sacrifies her dreams to save her father's life, then stages a protest to keep her dad out of the asylum and to save the Beast's life. Also she understands that looks aren't everything.

And I love the whole stained-glass window thing at the beginning and end. And the songs. And, just...everything! I have this movie memorized, I watched it so much when I was a kid. When we watch it I can quote the whole dang thing, with much higher accuracy than I have with LotR, even.

My only nitpick about it is that the Beast/Prince needs a name. Really. They named the freaking HORSE, but not the romantic lead? What's with that?

Anyway. I'm on my way to Acting class, thirty minutes early, in hopes of seeing Tim. Mwahaha.

Jason and Alicia will be gone when I get home and I didn't see them this morning since they were still asleep. *sigh* That sucks.


Mar. 29th, 2005 12:13 am
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I can't log on because it's peak hours and they're overloaded. GAAAAAH! Stupid people.

I have me and Shelly's new story to post! Chapter one is totally ready! I even have the title and chapter title ready, which is rare for me! (Well. Not on D2D so much, we had all the chapter titles ready. But "Detour to Destiny" was literally thought up by the two of us whilst sitting at the computer with the "upload story" screen up, lol. I would love to have the transcript of that conversation now, lol, I'd put it on the group.)

I did drive-through again yesterday at work. I was expediting (aka putting the food in bags and giving it to people) over the weekend, but I was back in drive-through yesterday. Interesting stuff that happened:

  • A car came through with a bumper sticker that said "So many women...none as good as mine." I thought that was sweet.
  • I took in a $20 bill that had "In God We Trust" highlited. Whee! Yay for smart people!
  • Gail referred to a taco without beef as "no moo." I laughed insanely.

So I still have no life, lol.

I'm going to head up to acting class momentarily. It IS early...but Tim is almost always early. Hehehe. Me and Becky are going to be all, "Let's go have lunch--anyone else want to come? What about you, Tim?" So hopefully I won't be back online RIGHT after class, lol.

There are only 19 school days left, about a calendar month when you count the weekends. I've decided that since Tim is going to a different school this fall, if we get down to the last two or three days and he still hasn't noticed me, I'm going to ask him out--as friends. You know. "I really wanna go see this movie but I don't want to go alone, what are you doing Friday night?" That kind of thing.

Okay. Leaving now.


Mar. 10th, 2005 06:03 pm
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I have a lot of stuff written down to journal about, and I'll likely end up typing them up at home tonight or over spring break and posting them whenever I get online, the way I do my weekends. But some stuff happened today I just HAVE to pontificate on, lol.

Photobucket replacement seems to be working. Let me try it again:
 <--that should be a clicky piccy. We'll see. Anyway, if you want an unlimited version of photobucket, go to THIS SITE, ImageShack. (And would you believe I found it via "random journal" button???)

I was talking to Becky this morning before World Lit about just wanting to go out and DO something. Have lunch, go shopping, whatever, preferably with the Acting Class (meaning Tim, of course). So afterwards (we got out early because we had a test, which everyone bombed, but Dr. Dilday says if everyone bombs it doesn't hurt anyone) me and her and Shannon (yes, I know a Shannon, she's much nicer than Lost Shannon) met Shannon's boyfriend at Hastings, then went to Taco Bell for lunch. Apparently Becky eats free (she's the one married to the manager, my boss, lol) and she got free food for all four of us. That was kind of weird, waving to my coworkers while my boss is taking my order for free food. I love my life, lol. Then I saw some soda spilled on the counter and felt like I should go get a rag and clean it up.

Then me and Becky came back, went to the BCM meeting, then Acting class. OH! WE GOT OUR SCRIPTS FOR THE PLAYS AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER!!! We're doing "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell (which we read in Comp II and Fine Arts Theater, so I knew it already, yay!) and "Aria De Capo" by Edna St. Vincent Millay, and one other to be announced. Personally I think "Aria De Capo" is silly, so I'm reading for the two female parts in "Trifles," because I wouldn't mind playing either one. (And yes, I've got links to both scripts there.) Hopefully I can avoid being in "Aria De Capo."

So after Acting me and Becky bugged Dr. Dilday about the World Lit test and got him to go at least run the scantron part so we could know how we did, and went and sat in the "student center" *coughcarpetedcafeteriacough* and discussed the Acting class going out together, going dancing or to dinner or just...SOMETHING. Then Karen and Greg walked in, he'd shown her how to log on to Blackboard (the student-teacher email program on campus, more or less, it's a place where they can post assignments), and we put it to them and they both totally wanted to. Greg left (had somewhere to be, apparently), then me, Karen, and Becky sat and talked. Then Becky left to pick up her son, so me and Karen talked, and THIS is what I have to talk about--

She thinks that Greg likes me.


   -She knows his mom, and his mom said he likes someone in the Acting class.
   -Greg is not gay, and the females in the class are ME, Karen, Becky, Anna, Megan, and Kira. By process of elimination:
       -Karen is old, way too old for him.
       -Becky's younger than Karen, but ditto, plus she's happlily married.
       -Anna and Megan are BOTH engaged.
       -Kira annoys him as much as she does me!
   -He acted like he wanted to hang out with us today but couldn't or was too embarassed to.
   -He was enthusiastic about going out with "the acting class," but he may have the same ulterior motive that I do, spending time with a crush.
   -He thinks I'm cool because I'm a Ringer who read the books before seeing the movies.
   -Karen said that he suggested going in the computer lab to show her the Blackboard thing by saying "We go in there sometimes." There was a day when we were doing monologues when he, me, Karen, and Kira waited our turns in that room. ONCE.
   -Karen pointed out that he seemed reluctant to leave today, and was kind of red.
   -I'd almost forgotten about it until after I talked to Karen, but one of his monologues is from Romeo and Juliet (you know, the whole gorgeous "But soft! What light from yonder window breaks?" bit), and once I walked into class, and he totally started performing it directly to me. (Ironically it was the day I lost my job, and it was kind of nice, lol.) Of course he claimed he was practicing, I smiled and said, "Wow, that was good," or something like that. (Not exactly the lovestruck reaction that he may, in hindsight, have been hoping for.)

So. Wow. Um. Yeah. He just might like me that way.

And you'd think that after all the complaining I've done about wanting a boyfriend that this would be good news.

But nooooo, of course not.


   -Petty as this sounds, Greg smells. Karen says it's the smell of the chemicals in kitty litter, it's not like he doesn't shower or anything, but I don't like sitting too close to him. (She says it gets in your clothes and stuff, his family has a lot of cats.)
   -On a much more important note, I think we have some major religious differences--like MAJOR, show-stopping differences. Like, as in, since I would never date anyone that I have a reason not to marry, I couldn't date him.
   -And there's know, that would be weird, dating one guy and having a crush on someone else.

Gah. The library's closing soon. So, on a parting's not like I hate him, I think he's a really cool friend (hello, Ringer!), but I don't really like him that way, and...gah. I'm all confused. The IRONY of my life...gah. More later, the comp will shut down on me soon.

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Sunday afternoon--

"Conservatives have a reputation for being humorless and unhip, but I want people to know that we're not that scary." --Julia Gorin, Fox News Channel pundit
Haha. I found that in a magazine last Sunday while I was at the hospital, waiting around to visit Grandma. I love it.

Weeeeellllllllll...I think it's been like, a WEEK since I seriously wrote anything besides comments. Gah. I've been busy. (Sadly I can't say I've been productive, really, but busy.)

You know what? I just realized that there's not really much profanity in this song, just G**d*** and one f***. Hmm. Go Eminem. *shrug*

Lessee...I made a list in my notebook of things to journal about. ^_^ First off: about that last long entry, like I said in the notice at the top of it, that was just the catharsis I needed. I've had my normal daily ups and downs, but I haven't hit low like that since, I've leveled off at fine/okay/all right. Sorry 'bout my hormonal rant.

Grandma...over the week she's bounced up and down, better and worse...gah. But everyone has pretty much realized that she's never going to get better *enough* to come home and live her old life. Bedridden in a nursing home, maybe. So the family got together today (meaning Dad and my three aunts and Grandpa) and they talked to Grandma and all, and they've pretty much decided to pull her off all her medicine, save painkillers if she needs them, and let her come home and live out her last days. *long deep sigh* It'll probably be Tuesday before she gets out of the hospital, and then it's just a matter of time. And her birthday and me and Maddy's are all coming up, too. Maddy's is Tuesday, mine is the next Monday, and Grandma's 84th is on the 27th.

I said I wanted this Saturday off of work so we could go up to St. Louis on Friday night and come home Sunday, but now that's all in jeopardy. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHH! *bangs head against wall*

But now on to the good stuff!

Last TUESDAY I came to Acting II early (I'd been shopping with Mom, I dragged Becky out to meet her when she picekd me up, lol) and the only person in the room waaaaas...TIM! Squee! So I choked out conversation (why does he make me so nervous? Teehee), asked "How's it going?" and all, and he said he was auditioning for a solo. Of course, that confused me, so I asked what he meant--turns out he's in the Ozark Choral Society! That's this independent local choir, they have two big concerts every year, one for spring and one for Christmas. (I've known several different people who were in it at different times, including Karen, also from Acting class, and two of Dad's boss's children.) Anyway. So I was all, "I didn't even know you could sing!" And he said, "Yeah, most peolpe don't, I'm usually so quiet." Which is so true, lol, it's quite endearing... Anyway. We were having a real, decent conversation, and FREAKING KIRA walked in and RUINED the moment. Gah. She's so clueless. I cannot stand her anymore but she STILL talks to me. Her ONLY redeeming quality is that she bought me my Orli poster. Anyway, she was ranting on and on about some guy who was backig out and ALMOST hit her car, the kind of things that ALMOST happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME, that NORMAL people can just shrug off and go on and not even think about, but she was all kicking the door closed and going "That mother-f***er!" and just being a drama queen. It was disgusting and I probably would have made a restroom dash, but I didn't want to leave Tim subject to her wrath. And I wanted to write "she's being a BIT dramatic, don't you think?" on a piece of paper and slide it over to Tim and see if I could get him to crack up, but we weren't situated right, I couldn't. To quote Cody in the "Rhoda" skit from camp, "Stupid woman!!!" And the b**** KNOWS that I like Tim. Gah.

So anyway, on THURSDAY, as soon as Tim walked in, I was all, "So how did it go? Your audition?" And he smiled real big and said, "I got it!" And I had a fangirl moment worthy of Lij or Dom, "Really? That's SO GREAT!" ^_^ So I'm going to keep up with that, I've told him I'm coming to the concert--I will take off work for it if I have to, but I shouldn't have to--and maybe, hopefully, he'll get the clue.

Also on Thursday, we filmed our monologues. We're supposed to watch them up in McMullin Lecture Hall on the BIG screen on Tuesday. Gah. I didn't mind being FILMED at all, but I'm going to HATE watching myself on the HUGE screen. I would say I hope we can't have the hall (outside people wanting to use it get priority over classes wanting to use it), but I want to see everyone ELSE'S on the big screen, lol. Especially Tim's, prejudices aside, I really do think his monologue is one of the best. He plays this Catholic boy having a crisis of faith and he does it REALLY well. I think the only one that's better is Ken, who's doing a monologue from "King Lear," talking about how it's stupid that men blame the stars (astrology) for their mistakes.

"I wish that I was with anywhere, with anyone, making out..." Lol. The song I'm listening to now says that. *nort* "Screaming Infidelities" by Dashboard Confessional, thanks to Kade. I'm listening to a mix she burned me.

They've instituted a policy in the library--no more incoming or outgoing calls on cellphones. They don't care if you put it on silent and step out when it goes off, but not INSIDE the library. Yeah. Like I'm going to leave my email account open on a computer and my bag with my $109 calculator on the floor to answer my phone. Ha. They'e funny, really. So now my cellphoen is virtually useless, I can only be reached while I'm driving or at home for the evening or if I call out. Nobody can call me at all while I'm at school, whether I'm in a class or not. (I get turning off cell phones in class, but in the library??? NOBODY that I know has ever complained about it.) And I get "No, you can't call your significant other and have a mushy conversation," but I don't get "No, your mom cannot call you and tell you she's waiting in the parking lot for you." GAH! I hate stupid people.

We just read some poetry by Wordsworth for World Lit. And I just have to think--with the name Wordsworth, how could you be anything BUT a poet or writer? ^_^ I love that.

I've had good days all this week at work. I've done nothing but back drive and dishes and evil b****-monster Sandee hasn't really spoken to me since last Saturday. (Not yesterday. Saturday before.) YAY! Oh, and there's this system called "CHAMPS cards." Each letter of "champs" stands for something like cleanliness, attitude, speed, you get the idea. (I don't know what they all stand for.) Anyway. Any employee can fill one out for another employee, and at the end of the week they draw one and the winner is Champ of the Week and gets a $10 gift certificate. Nico informed me on Friday that he was giving me one for my positive attitude! ^_^ And then when they were counting them out last night I saw that I actually had THREE! Yay! I think this job is going better than Subway.

Speaking of that...I worked 'til 2 in the morning last night. Whee. At midnight (when I was scheduled to get off) they asked who wanted to stay, and they said it shouldn't be more than an hour more. Turned out to be two hours. But hey, it made up for the times I got sent home early because there were too many people working. And we're allowed free soda while we work, but we can't just fill a cup before we leave and take it with us, but Steve (the manager on duty at the time) said that me and Wesley (the other guy working) were allowed to do that, because there weren't many people that would stay until 2 AM and not complain. So YAY! Everyone thinks I have a great attitude! What I REALLY have is dollar signs in my eyes, but whatever works, lol. Ken said I should be able to get a raise as soon as my second paycheck, and I don't see why I shouldn't be getting one. ^_^ YAY! I don't LOVE my job, (like I said to Becky, it's not exactly like I want to go out and write a Broadway muscial abotu how wonderful my job is, lol) but I'm REALLY happy with how it's going. ^_^
, from ten to midnight, Robert was helping me with dishes. I kinda know him from school. I recognized him, anyway. He used to come to SubWay every day and we were making small talk about how I used to work there and school and all. Anyway. Turns out he's a PHYSICS major!!! Wants to work at NASA. How cool is THAT? ^_^ And he's way younger than I thought, he's nineteen, my age. I would have guessed, like, twenty-three or something. And it makes me feel smart working around him because he's only been there a week so I actually know more than him. Lol. So now I have two friends at work, Robert and Nico (the gay"ish" guy, still not sure about that...).

I had my midterm in college algebra. The good news is I only missed five questions. The bad news is that makes my grade 75%, because there were only 20 questions. Gah. And sadly I still feel like I did well.

I finished reading "The Bumblebee Flies Anyway," by Robert Cormier. The book was better than the movie for the most part (because as far as I'm concerned Elijah was in both, lol), but the movie ended so much better. But no one can bring Cormier's words to the screen, not really. Does anyone want the full dish on both, spoilers included? 'Cause I can ruin the ending of both if anyone wants to understand the differences, lol.

My black-and-silver pen from the insurance lady just died, lol. Don't you hate it when you get a pen that writes the way you like it to and it dies? Especially when it's not, like, a $10 pen so you feel stupid refilling it...and even if you DO refill it it's not the same point so it's not the same anyway... I may poke around and see if I have a cartridge like that in a c****y-looking pen, though. And while I'm on that, have you ever had a pen with a bad point that you just wanted to use up so you could throw it away? I have a few of really does influence what you write, it's just like Anne of Green Gables. In the fourth book (Anne of Windy Poplars) she wrote letters to Gilbert every night at twilight, but she only wrote love letters if her pen wasn't scratchy. Lol. And sadly, I keep pens in three different spots in my roon 'cause I'm always writing stuff down. My desk, my TV chair, and my bed. And the all-time best pens (they even come in about eight different pretty colors--at least if you count black and blue) are the RSVP's by Pentel, medium tip. They're clear so you can see how much ink is in them, and they have a cushion, and the ball in the lid and the back tip are both the color of the ink. *nods wisely* And now back to our regularly scheduled journal entry...

I was going to talk about Lost parings and the imminent death, but since I have SIX WEEKS to think about it, and this is getting rather lengthy, I think I'll put that off. Let me post the schedule, though:
-April 13: "Deus Ex Machina" (Locke)
-April 20: "Do No Harm" (Jack)
-April 27: "The Greater Good" (Sayid)
After that, the 22nd episode is to be about Kate. I think there's 23 or 24 altogether. Shelyl confirmed it but I've forgotten which she said. That Sayid title is full of foreboding fo rme, because when do you talk about the greater good? When someone has to SACRIFICE something for it. Gah. (Unless, of course, he sacrifices SHANNON, lol...)

Shelly emailed me the screencap of Shannon's dead body (from Boone's vision quest) the other day. Lol. Like her subject line said, "Cracked ME up..."

Oh! One last thing. I sold my copy of PotC back to the store and bought the Lost Disc Edition. I just noticed that the skull that's on all the promos is wearing the red band adn baubles like Jack, lol...Anyway, review of stuff on the Lost Disc:
-"Becoming Captain Jack" Makes it worth the price to any Johnny Depp fan. He explains how he decided to play Jack as drunk and yet intelligent and how they came to the costume and all that. Highly amusing. It's put me on a Johnny Depp kick for the moment.
-"Becoming Barbossa" Intriguing. He was talking about the freaking apples, lol, that was kinda funny.
-"Thar She Blows!" Meh. Whatever. Interesting to see the ship out of its movie element but nothing to shout about.
-"The Monkey's Name Is Jack" I hate monkeys and I thought this was cute. basically it talks about training the monkeys. Geoffrey Rush's imitation of the monkey was hilarious!
-More "Fly On the Set" featurettes
-"The Dock" Funny stuff with Johnny, he's in costume minus his wig, lol.
-"The Tavern" ORLI! *drool* Shelly, we're screencapping from this when I see you, okay? Does Johnny wear that huge hat to disguise the fact that he's a bit shorter than the other people? Never noticed that before...
-"The Plank" A few Orli shots, too much Keira.
-"Pirates Around the World" They show two clips dubbed into different languages, and if you can sit through the Elizabeth-threatens-to-drop-the-coin-in-the-water clip, the Will-breaking-Jack-out-of-jail clip is HILARIOUS. (They cover French Canadian, Thai, Castilian, Russian, and Portuguese on the first clip, then Italian, Latin Spanish, German, French, and Japanese in the second. Orli in Japanese! Teehee! Though none of the voice actors had a voice half so sexy as his, not even the Italian one...)
-"Spirit of the Ride" Johnny's pretty cute on here, talking about how he loved the ride as a kid. Other people doing the same. Kind of interesting, not the best, but worth watching.
-"Dead Men Tell No Tales" The History of the Attraction This was on the original DVD, but you could only watch it in a computer DVD-ROM drive, which I don't have. So yay me! It was cool, seeing Walt Disney himself talking about it on Walt Disney Presents, and there were interviews with the designers and all. Pretty cool.
-"Sneak Attack Animatic" As interesting as any pre-viz/animatic on LotR...and it had THE WOODEN EYE! *norting fit*

Bottom line...don't spend your bottom dollar on it, but if you have a wad of cash rolling around, get it. Failing that, give it a rent, anyway. It's an amusing hour and ten minutes. And that reminds me, if I ever mention a movie I've seen/book I've read and you want to know more about it, don't hesitate to ask me to post a review, just let me know whether you want spoilers or not.

Now...I'm going to go write some stuff for Shelly. I have to look up something on TTT DVD first, though. Where, exactly does Aragorn lay his head on the ground? It's not when they think Merry and Pip are dead, it's when they first show the Three Hunters, right?...
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I have to go to World Civ in about ten minutes, or less.

I'm finally caught up on all the comments, replied to the ones that need replies. (Note to self: DO NOT DELETE THEM FROM EMAIL INBOX UNTIL YOU ARE SURE YOU ARE FINISHED WITH THEM. Especially during this read-only stuff!)

I'm still sick, but I've been drugged so I don't feel as sick as I am. Hehe. Yesterday morning I went to Mom, and of course the medicine she'd given me before I went to sleep had worn off and I felt like crap, so I said, "Give me my bloody drugs!" Haha. And she actually GOT it for once!

Whee. After class I'm gonna run my errands and then go home and SLEEP.

You know how I said I caught it from Tim? Hobbity told me (on DLBE) to cough into a tissue and treasure it forever. Lol. Maybe it's because I AM sick, but for some reason I found it uber-amusing...
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Okay. There IS one other thing...


I had it as of Tuesday, but it wouldn't let me post yesterday.



I have a cold. You wanna know the ironic part? I'm, like, 99.9999999999% sure I caught Tim's cold. How romantic. Story of my life. I like a guy and all he'll give me is a cold. Eish.

I'm trying to figure out how to go on the net and send a ringtone to my phone--FREE, preferably, but if they're cheap (say, less than $2 apiece), that works too. Any suggestions?

Okay, LOST!--Mmm. A bit more about Sawyer. He's not entirely heartless, apparently, because he seemed genuinely sorry and disappointed in himself when he killed the wrong guy. But STILL! Gah! (Wouldn't it torture the guy more to LIVE with that letter?)

Nowhere near resolving the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle, though. That's annoying, because THAT is what was played up in the trailer. Messing with our heads AGAIN...

On the cuteness/sexiness factor, though, this was a great episode. *mmm...shirtless...* And the whole boar thing was funny. (Was it just me or was the baby boar kinda cute? I wouldn't wanna pick it up, but it was cute.)

I wanna play "I Never!" ...only not with alcohol, lol. (I've played drinking games with soda before. Teehee.)

CHARLIE AND CLAIRE WERE SO CUTE TOGETHER! When they took off on their walk at the end of the ep, I was SO sure that they were gonna start holding hands...gah. WHY will they not just admit that they're in love???

THE TRAILER (and other spoilers following): Jin fell injured into the sand! Sun was crying! Something's up with that. (The flashbacks are Jin's this time, too...) Locke was creepy again, but not enough to scare me off trusting him again. Besides, as they proved THIS week, the trailer means little or nothing when trying to deduce what will actually HAPPEN in the ep, lol...

OOH! Shelly spilled me some spoilers about who's gonna DIE:
   -It WILL be a male character.
   -It WILL be a major character, not Scott or Steve or anyone like that.
   -It WILL be a well-loved character. (Well, that puts Sawyer out of the running!)
   -It WILL NOT, just like I always said, be Charlie.

So that leaves--Jack, Locke, Boone, Michael, Walt, Jin, Hurley, Sayid, and Sawyer (despite my little comment, lol.)

MY REASONING: I have a feeling that the guy who dies will be a character who has a lot of skills that are useful to the survivors. I'm ruling out Sawyer and Jin on the basis of "well-loved"--they have their fans, but they're not widely loved. Individual thoughts below...
Sawyer--Nope, I don't think it'll be him. I'm not that lucky. And they want to delay Kate and Jack as long as possible, I'm sure...
Jin--I don't think it's him, but if it is, then I hope Sun gets together with Michael. And I hope she tells everyone she can speak English, regardless!
Locke--I'm tempted to rule him out on the same basis, but I think he would be a logical one to die because of the skills thing. And he does have this thing about putting himself in danger. However, he also has a thing about coming away from danger scot-free...
Jack--Again with the skills, they NEED him, so he's MORE likely to die. I really hope he doesn't, partly for Kate's sake, but mostly because he saved Charlie and is therefore now the golden child in my eyes.
Michael--He's building a raft, and there is something that DOESN'T want them to get off the island. (Perhaps it'll be as soon as the next episode if it's him!) However, the well-loved thing makes me think it's not him. I know nobody hates him, but he doesn't have a widespread fan following that I'm aware of...
Walt--I'm almost certain it won't be Walt. The psychic thing adds too much drama to the plot.
Hurley--NO! I refuse to even entertain this possibility, he's too cool! He's my favorite character besides Charlie! Well, favorite MALE character besides Charlie, anyway. And going back to the skills thing, he really doesn't have that many crucial skills, unless you count his astonishing abilities as a shrink. The golf course, for pity's sake! No one else would have realized how much that would help everyone!
Boone--Haven't put too much thought into that, yet, I was too busy hoping it would be his sister. Hmm...that would be ironic, since he saw her die in his vision quest. Wonder how Shannon would react? It would be a big step towards her and Sayid getting together...yep. Definitely DON'T want it to be Boone, but he seems as likely as anyone else.
Sayid--Hmmm. I hope not, I fancy him just slightly, and I find his character fascinating. But why not him? Again with the skills, it would make sense for him to die. But I hope not.

Okay, I went over to and I'm looking at the "episode summaries" for the next two eps. (Yes, that means spoilers...)
Ep 17, "...In Translation" (Jin)
When the raft the survivors have been building mysteriously burns down, Michael is convinced that Jin is responsible for the sabotage, which only further escalates their rivalry. Meanwhile, Sun stuns her fellow survivors with a surprising revelation, and Boone gives Sayid a warning about Shannon.

I think the "..." in the ep name is supposed to imply the phrase "lost in translation." Mmm, well, forget the raft, then, I doubt Michael will try it again even if he DOES have enough material, which is also doubtful. Geez, do you think MAYBE Sun is going to announce that she speaks English??? That's a tad unexciting... Hmm. Boone's going to warn Sayid off again. What is WITH him? She already basically told him that she had no interest, he may as well let go of it all. If they WERE going to carry on a relationship, they should have done it from the beginning and not told anyone they were siblings. Morons.
Ep 18, "Numbers" (Hurley)
When Hurley becomes obsessed with the French woman and heads into the jungle to find her, Jack, Sayid and Charlie have no choice but to follow. Meanwhile, Locke asks Claire to help build a mysterious item.

Yay! Charlie! Not much to comment on there, but SOMEWHERE I read something that gave me the impression that Hurley had won the lottery or done something else and recently gotten rich quick. I wonder if Micheal gives up on HIS raft but then Locke tries to finish it...huh.
Ep 19 is more Sayid, I think, and it's called "Deus Ex Machina." Now, to apply something picked up in World Lit II: A deus ex machina refers to when a playwright would get his plot all tangled up, and the only solution was to bring in a god to settle everything. The phrase is Greek for "god out of the machine" and it comes from the elaborate setup needed to make it look like the god came down from out of the sky. (Read Moliere's "Tartuffe" for a good example, the King coming in at the end is a deus ex machina.) So that's really intriguing--MAYBE we'll FINALLY get some answers!!!

Hehehe... I'm not the only one! Though I should probably point out that it was on a Lost site run by a Charlie fan.

Okay, I've prattled long enough...I have no acting class today, though, so don't be surprised if I come back later with a quiz spam...OH! WAIT! I have a quizilla I want to make, so maybe not, lol. Whatever. I'm done now.

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We didn't technically have acting class today since Dr. Dilday is working with us all one-on-one, but I went anyway in case someone wanted to practice with me (read: so I could see Tim). I got there and it turned out that Tim was sick and was waiting to tell Dr. Dilday, and then Dr. Dilday sent him home. Gah.

Feel better, Tim. *sends a plate of Official DLBE brownies*

So to quote Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House," "The miraculous event did not occur." (Or something like that. Depends on the translation you get, anyway.)

Nope. No valentine. Unless some random guy in my algebra class has a crush on me, but I really kind of hope that's not the case because I wouldn't date anybody in there.

Why am I so hung up on this? It wasn't a huge deal last year...oh wait. I didn't have a crush last year. 'Nuff said.

I have a job interview after this, Taco Bell. Woo-hoo! I'll likely get it, as I was referenced to the manager by his wife--AKA my friend Becky. ^_^ *crosses fingers* *cxsan'tr trypew likew trhat* *uncrosses them for the sake of clarity*

Anyway. I'm taking comfort in Hobbity's Valentine and the fact that there is a five-inch heart-shaped Reese's Peanut Butter Cup waiting for me at home.

I don't know WHY I'm so disappointed, I KNEW it wasn't gonna happen.

I got a new cell phone! Yay me! I AM NO LONGER TIED TO A TRACPHONE!!

Anyway. I gotta go, get to my interview. Wish me luck! (Except for Kade who doesn't believe in it. That's okay.)
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You Are a Dreaming Soul

Your vivid emotions and imagination takes you awy from this world
So much so that you tend to live in your head most of the time
You have great dreams and ambitions that could be the envy of all...
But for you, following through with your dreams is a bit difficult

You are charming, endearing, and people tend to love you.
Forgiving and tolerant, you see the world through rose colored glasses.
Underneath it all, you have a ton of passion that you hide from others.
Always hopeful, you tend to expect positive outcomes in your life.

Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul, Prophet Soul, and Traveler Soul

1985 by Bowling for Soup

"Where's the mini-skirt made of snakeskin?
And who's the other guy that's singing in Van Halen?
When did reality become T.V.?
What ever happened to sitcoms, game shows?"

You took the bitter with the sweet in 2004 - and kept laughing.

You know what happened to me today? After World Lit I went down to the library, and after about twenty minutes my friend Becky randomly came along and said, "Hey, I want to take you to lunch! I know you've had a really crappy week, and I just want to do something nice for you." She totally took me to Chili's and bought me lunch, and we had a chance to sit and talk and everything. I finally got to tell her about Tim--which I'd been trying to find an opportunity to do for WEEKS. So now she knows, and she was like conspiring with me to maybe get "the acting class" to go somewhere and do something together. (Hehehe...) She suggested us going to see "Phantom of the Opera" but by the time we have another class session I'm thinking that it won't be in theaters anymore, because for the next three class periods we won't officially be meeting. (Dr. Dilday will be working with us individually during the next two periods, and then he has a day off because his wife will be having surgery. That's a long story, but she's had all kinds of health problems.)

She's also now set on taking me dancing! It's like, one of her favorite things to do and she's insisting that if we can find a place where I can get in legally (I'm underage yet), she will take me and teach me and all that jazz. So we were asking everyone where to go for that, there's not many non-bar options around here. (Paul said that he and Cameron had just been talking about it and said they should open a place, but how serious that conversation was is anyone's guess.)

Becky already started a bit today. She got almost everyone in class (while we were waiting for Dr. Dilday to show up, he's always late, claims he goes by the belltower, which is slow...) to tell what the most romantic thing they'd ever done/had done for them was. There were a couple that just made you want to melt, really.

It's like...less than a week to Valentine's Day already. (It's a week from yesterday.) And I'm dateless as usual, lol. I already asked DAD what he was getting me, it's that pathetic. Ken, from acting class, said that he preferred to think of it as "Single Awareness Day." (And oddly enough the acronym for that is SAD!) But yes. So true. Gaaaah.

What else was I going to say? There was something else--OH! I found out that Dr. Dilday USED to teach ballroom dancing. (This would amuse you vastly if you had ever seen him.) He's shorter than me, and really...round. Lol. He rocks. But Becky told me that today and I just laughed...yeah, nobody is going to find that amusing but me. Oh well.

Tim just left! He was at the computer behind me. So yeah. I don't have any stalkerish tendencies, not at all. ^_^

LOST is on tomorrow, and the new ep is ALL ABOUT CHARLIE!!! *squee* (SPOILER: Charlie doesn't die! Someone told me you see him helping carry the body bag. Lol. They gave that one away, didn't they?)
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See my music there? THANKS, MERIAGRIN! That's the song from which Dom got the quote for his tattoo! Does it--yes, I'm looking at the lyrics--it says "Nothing to get hungabout." Is that a British thing? Still, I'm hearing that and cracking up a bit at the irony there. Hung. Charlie. Hung. Lol...

Found out Kat has a cellphone and text messaging. Lol. That's going to get interesting. (Wait, there comes another one...)

Grandma--they think that maybe back when she had temporal arteritis (inflammation of the arteries, I think), that it may have caused nerve damage and that's what's making her almost constantly nautious. They're testing that today.

Talked to Tim's cousin, she didnt have much info for me, but she's on my side, said she'd keep her eyes open and help how she could without letting him know what she was doing. ^_-

OH! Guess what! (I shouldn't be happy about this, technically, but I am!) ORLANDO BLOOM BROKE UP WITH KATE BOSWORTH! He's FREE! That rocks. (And would you believe he's only #3 on my list?)

See, it's true!

Anyway. Yeah. That's about all.

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Why is there no "mood" icon for the mood where you feel like lecturing? ^_^

Okay. I'm putting this as a new entry instead of a reply to a comment because I want everyone to read it.

Kade, I'm not trying to yell at you, this is just my defense. Don't complain about my liking Avril Lavigne. Yes, you've taught me plenty. You've taught me that hating something that's trendy JUST because it's trendy is just as bad as LIKING it just because it's trendy. So I like Avril Lavigne, it has nothing to do with where she is on the charts (I don't know or care where that is, actually), it's because I like her lyrical content and her melodies/beats/whatever you want to call it since I'm not really musically gifted. And may I point out that the first time I HEARD of her was when YOU quoted "Sk8er Boi" to me? And if it helps any, I finally heard Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" (part one, I think, but I'm not sure) and I love that song, too. (As a matter of fact they're on the same CD.)

Oh, and BTW, HI KAT!!! At least I'm assuming that's you, lol.

Yesh. My family is stupid. The ONLY people on Dad's side of the family that I like are my immediate family. (We're the smart branch, at least he passed the smarts he stole from his sisters on to us, lol.) Our branch is the black sheep branch, and me and Jennifer are even more particularly black, lol. (Maybe I should say we're the gray branch and me and Jennifer are actually black? Lol.)

One of my acting classmates, Greg, said that his part of the family are the WHITE sheep of their family, lol. That cracked me up. (Especially seeing as he's kind of weird himself. Cool, though, and a Ringer!)

I bought this week's TV Guide because it was about Lost, and I bought the Charlie cover, of course. Go me! I also found some shirts that were $5 on clearance and I got three. Yay! Two sweaters and a funny shirt, though I'm not saying what it says right now, because I want to hear Shelly laugh insanely when I tell her. I'll post it later.

And while I'm thinking of Shelly, I had to get a new notebook today, so I got one with smiley faces on the cover. (Anyone who's closely followed D2D should pick up on why smiley faces ALWAYS make us giggle...)

In acting class today we had free time and were told to work on our monologues, so a few of us sat and read them to each other. That was great. Got to see Tim read through his. ^_^ Gah. Why can I not just drop some kind of freaking HINT to the boy?

They're doing this thing at school called Candygrams, basically you order one, then the recipient is asked to go pick it up. You leave a note on it for them. (I assume it's chocolate. They're doing it for Valentine's Day.) I'm thinking of sending one to Tim and signing it "Secret Admirer." So here's my question...if he gets all worked up about a Secret Admirer, and then finds out it's me, will he be disappointed? Gah. And the friend-of-mine-who-turned-out-to-be-his-cousin hasn't been around since I found out!!! So she's not much help at the moment. Gaaaaah.

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