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Where you go to print off a sheet of address labels, and almost stick in a second and third page of blank ones, say to yourself "Why not?" and then pause, and awkwardly answer yourself "Because you're probably going to be moving soon."

I'm applying for jobs in St. Louis. I can make twice as much working in a video store there as I do at a desk job here. (And honestly? I think it'd be less stressful. Debt collection sucks.)

I want to get the divorce settled first, but as soon as that's done I want out of here. I fucking hate living here, I have for so, so long. I should've moved away for college--I likely never would've met Cody--and I'm just not happy with my life.

(This isn't a cry for help, by the way. I know it will get better, and I have my coping devices in the meantime. I'm just whining.)

Also angst about turning 26 next month and finding myself single after thinking I was done with all that. The idea that I have to start all over, and that I wasted so much time on a man boy who obviously is not The One after all honestly makes me a little sick. Considering I want to take things slower next time around, I could be 30 before I get to be married again. 30. THIRTY. Ugh. I'm having a quarter-life crisis (thank you, John Mayer, for the metaphor).

I don't think everything will magically be better. But I think living in a place I actually want to be--accomplishing a huge, huge, huge bucket list item--will bring the happiness baseline up so high that it'll make everything else so much more bearable.
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So I participated in a secret santa over on [ profile] beyond_dapper. And today was a bad day. And I don't know what possessed me, but I made a video of myself opening my presents.

So yeah. That's me. =)

well crap

Jul. 28th, 2011 10:09 pm
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I was toying with the idea of going to this, with some friends. But none of them were going to be able to make a trip that weekend.

Then I was toying with the idea of going alone, if my family was receptive to me crashing in St. Louis on Friday and Saturday and therefore I wouldn't have to get a hotel.

And then I looked again this evening--less than 24 hours after tickets became available--and they were sold out. Sad Trombone.
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I have so many FEELINGS about the Darren concert--namely, a weird kind of disconnect because we were so far back (row S, and A was at the front), and we didn't get to talk to him afterward or anything; he wasn't signing. So yes, there's video, and the pics Dani took, but it still feels a little unreal that I was THAT CLOSE.

But it was an amazing set, and Darren was exactly as humble/dapper/polite/charming/amazing/amazeballs/supermegafoxyawesomehot as he always seems to be--it's not fake. Someone (I'm presuming a girl =/) passed out during the concert and he stopped and was genuinely concerned, for her, and for everyone else (lecturing everyone to stay hydrated out there). And. Just. GUH.

How do you not just love a guy who walks out with his guitar and starts his set with a Disney song?

Okay. I'm putting the videos on YouTube first and foremost, and I'm sure I'll have more direct/coherent things to say there.

Also, this was why he wasn't signing autographs afterward, as far as I can tell (judging by the fact that it's empty):

And part of me thinks I should be kind of mad, but he just looks so darn adorable and excited--and I rode that roller coaster maybe half an hour before the concert and I don't blame him, it was awesome--that all I can really summon up is a mild irritation. Not getting an autograph just means I have a reason to see him in concert again. =) And. You know. Celebrities are people, too (scroll down to where he's answering the first letter, the bold text). Amazing as they are.

I'm a bit ridiculously starstruck right now, and I need the concert on my iPod ASAP. OFF TO DO TECHNICAL SORTS OF THINGYS NOW.
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You Are 80% Interesting

Believe it or not, you are a very fascinating person.

You're probably too busy being interesting to realize exactly how interesting you are.

You have a rich, full life. You are curious about the world, and you are very open to new experiences.

You have a lot to talk about, and people find you to be an amazing conversationalist.

And most importantly, you are truly interested in other people. How could anyone find that boring?

You truly listen and learn from others. You're not self absorbed or shallow.

Hmm. Maybe Cody's right.

Either way, more under the cut... )


Sep. 17th, 2008 02:56 am
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So I got to go down and see Cody on Sunday. I could think of plenty of worse ways to spend my half-birthday, lol.

The drive went really well--I won't need a map ever again, lol, and the weather was nice enough that I drove with the window down. I would have put the top down if it were working. =( Oh well. The sky was gorgeous ALL DAY (as it was Monday and today, too, but seriously, it was amazing).

I actually got to meet a lot of his family--obviously his mom, stepdad, and sister, with whom he lives (and yes, Nico, I did have to go back and rephrase the prepositional part of that), but then he took me to meet some of his other family: his favorite aunt and her husband and son, and while we were there said husband's parents dropped in, lol. His aunt told me that he'd been warned that he wasn't supposed to bring girls around unless he really liked them, because she didn't want to get attached if he was going to break up with them. =) She also gave me iced tea, and a picture of Cody from when he was a kid:

Hee. Cody said he's about five or six here. Adorable! (And yes, it's now hanging right above my screen. As soon as I get back from St. Louis I'm going to print off a copy and put it with my other photos, and also one of the other ones of him and me to go with it.) Then he took me out to meet his dad and grandparents, who were also really nice to me (his dad referred to me as "the lucky girl"). His grandparents reminded me of my Crawford grandparents.

Then we went to dinner (Chinese, and I swear it was better than the Chinese around here--though it might have been the company), and then, since I'd asked him earlier in the day if we could go out to his school, we went out to the campus and he gave me a little drive-through tour. =)

When we got back to his house, his mom wanted him to take a plate of food to his great-aunt, so I talked him into walking over there with it. The walk was nice--it's finally pleasantly cool outside!!--but when we got there no one was home. We called around and we waited on the porch for about 45 minutes, but finally gave up and walked back to his house, though on the walk back it was dark. His parents had made cake at some point while we were gone (not while we were walking, but earlier) and so we sat in the living room with his parents and had cake. (Rich, delicious, chocolate cake...mmm...) Of course in this timeframe his great-aunt called to say they were home, lol, so his stepdad ended up driving the food over. There was a movie on while we were eating (I don't even had Matt Damon in it, lol), and then when the movie ended it was getting close to nine, so I had to go. =(

Goodbyes suck. Cody walked me to my car and I had him help me put on my hoodie, and I just didn't want to leave. Of course I finally got in my car and went to drive off--and as soon as I had gotten safely out of the driveway, my phone rang and it was Cody. =) "I miss you already!" "I miss you too!" We talked for about 45 minutes, until my battery started beeping and I was like, "I want to keep talking but I probably ought to let you go, just in case I get a flat tire and need to call someone to rescue me..."

My parents and I are leaving for St. Louis tomorrow, and I am so glad that I'm going to have them to distract me for five days. I'm not so sure now that every other weekend is going to cut it. I mentioned to Cody that he could totally move to Mountain Home and go to ASU... =P

Anyway. Cody called tonight to tell me his great-grandfather died (not the grandfather I met). I was seriously tempted to drop everything to go be with him, and if it wasn't for St. Louis I might have done it. I don't know where I would have stayed, though, lol. Probably in my car... *yawn* Is shower time for Sarah. Might be back in a bit, or in the morning. Not sure.


Jul. 13th, 2006 03:12 pm
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Finally, I know, I know...

 This is my friend Nickie's baby, Laura Angelina, who, despite my warnings, has the initials LAB. Poor thing. I suppose it's better than the one girl I knew whose initials were BLT, though! Aww at the cute baby! I tried to get a good one of Nickie holding her, but they didn't come out flattering.

 Laurien has new wheel covers! Shiny! Yay!

I know I mentioned the other day that Nico and I visited a cemetary to kill some time. Well, there were a lot of people buried there whose last name was Wood, and that was macabre-yet-giggle-inducing enough, but then we found this:
 Ha. I rule. (I TOLD you he would be mine! Mwahaha! XD) From a distance, here it is again (yes, there's a TREE growing out of it!!):

Pics of the kids in St. Louis:
 I didn't actually take this one, Alicia did, on the 4th, but I thought I'd share anyway. ^_^ That's Levi, Kaleb, and Maddy holding Mirielle.
 That's Mirielle in Mom's lap. ^_^
 And in her swing.
 And this one I had to include because Madison actually looks oddly creepy. Reminds me of Samara in The Ring, lol. The fact that the lines are all diagonal isn't helping, methinks, and once when I tried to copy-and-paste it, it somehow got messed up and changed colors, and her skin came out BLUE. O_O But anyway, she was looking out the door because other people were shooting off fireworks in their yards, and it was pretty cute in person. XD

On the way home from St. Louis, Dad and I saw this sign:

Ironically, all that's there is:
 (Yeah, we took a side trip.)

Then, from the 4th of July...first, just so you can kind of see the dam:
 The view from it.
 Looking over it down to the bottom on the other side.
 Taken from the exact same spot, but looking a bit more to the right, so you can see the hydroelectric processing plant down there.
 This is the view across the valley from that same spot. There's a tower across there, if you fullsize the pic, that's 180 feet tall, and 1,250 feet above sea level--The Top o' the Ozarks Tower. Me and Nico went up in it yesterday, but more on that later.

Now, on to actual pics of people...I'm posting these in the order they were taken.
 Nico ([profile] princessnico), Robert ([profile] eol_mithrandir), and Robert's brother Justin being silly at Nico's house before the fireworks. Nico was in the process of making lemon bars when we all got there, so that's why he's in an apron.
 Nico, again, and looking oddly angelic. The pose and the lighting just all clicked--it wasn't set up, lol. I swear *cue Britney Spears music* --he's not THAT innocent. XD
 That's my friend Jacqui and Justin again.
 Now we're finally at the dam--when I took this pic the sun was setting, but I used night flash and the people showed up but the sunset was lost. From left to right that's Justin-from-work, Robert, Wigz (Amanda), and based on how we were sitting I think that's Nico's hand down in the corner. Too bad Wigz came out so fuzzy! Grr.
 Wigz took this one of me and Nico. Nico hates it, I love it--the blueness of it was just how it came out, no idea why, but I think it looks like someone played with it in Photoshop. Granted, this one's not as good as the one coming up, but I still like it. (Maybe because you can't see half of MY face, lol?)
 I took a picture of the "worms" we lit back at Nico's--simply so I could share this joke. Someone (I think it was Nico) said: "Oh, so THAT'S how they make dredlocks!" XD
 This is one of those "HEY EVERYBODY SMILE!" *FLASH (before anyone can prepare!)* pics. I love the "OMG my brother is an idiot" look on Robert's face most of all. XD
 This was after the coke dealer, when me and Jacqui and Nico were hanging out in the Taco Bell parking lot at 3 AM. Nico's relatively drunk in the rest of these. I LOVE this picture, damn the fact that he's got a cigarette in his mouth. It's one of the few pictures of myself that I like AT ALL. (We're facing toward the building here, so that's Mountain Home at large in the background.) One of my favorite things is what the anti-gay-marriage bumper sticker is implying there--I wasn't going to say anything but Nico noticed it first thing when he saw this pic. XD
 Here's Jacqui, and you can finally see her shirt clearly. XD I need to watch Family Guy more often. I've seen it, like, twice and I still think Stewie rules.
 Nico being his hottie self. I can't remember what he was saying but I imagine it was pretty snarky. XD
 And this, friends, is why you should ALWAYS use your viewfinder. XD But that's where I work!

Ahhh. I need a digital camera. Alas, the ones they now have at Wal*Mart for $15 and Walgreens for $10 are crap. (But on the bright side I'm getting $25 back tonight after work. XD)

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So last Wednesday I took Mom to Mountain Home, from which Dad took her halfway to St. Louis, where Jason picked her up, and she's there until July...15th or so. I forget the exact date. This Saturday me and Dad are going up just for one night and coming back Sunday.

Since Mom won't be here, Dad's not really wanting to do anything for the 4th, so a bunch of us from Taco Bell (so far it's looking like me, Nico, Robert and his brother Justin, Wigz, maybe JoJo, and Jacqui who is NOT from Taco Bell) are going down to the dam to watch the fireworks over the lake. Yay!

After I dropped Mom off, I went back over to Harrison (long drive) and went to visit Nickie and her baby. Laura Angelina was born on June 17th, 7 pounds, 10 ounces, 18 inches. I took pics but haven't developed them yet; mainly because I'm not sure what I want to do with the rest of the film. ^_^**

On my way, I called Shelly and after she got off work, she drove down to Harrison from school and we met and went to Josh's place. Josh has a nice place. O_O It pays to be a computer geek, but you REALLY have to be a computer geek! FedEx (where he's interned this summer) is paying for the apartment for him, in addition to wages. A two-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen and bath for a single guy. Wow. And it's not some dumpy hole-in-the-wall, either.

We got pizza and ate, then went through Shelly's captions on her photobucket, then watched a few episodes of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. (Shelly's collecting the DVD sets.) Hard to believe that Lois is a Desperate Housewife now. Ick.

I told Shelly that going out on the spur of the moment made me feel like I actually had a life. XD

And life carried on, boring per usual, until Saturday night. I stayed about an hour late at work, making pico and such, then left to run to Wal-Mart, grab a drink, and head home. Only when I tried to leave Wal-Mart, Laurien made a weird thudding sound that wouldn't stop. I got around to the side by automotive, pulled into a parking space, and got out to check what I could. I don't know a lot about cars, but this was fairly easy to spot--the front passenger tire was completely flat.

I called Dad, even though it was past one in the morning, and he said he'd come and put my spare on. I settled in to wait with my book, and then thought better of it and called back to work. Nico answered and said they had about twenty minutes left, then he'd come change it for me, so I called Dad back and let him know. As I was getting off the phone with Dad, a cop drove by, and he pulled up next to me. I told him I had a friend coming to change my tire and he drove off. DROVE OFF. Dude, you'd think that he would have put my spare on for me!

So anyway, about forty minutes later, Nico's roomates (communal car) dropped him off and we got started. Or he did, anyway. I watched and helped, and I'm fairly confident that if there's a next time, I can put on my own donut. We got it on, started to lower the jack, and then realized that IT was flat, too, so we had to roll it over to the Wal-Mart gas station (in the same parking lot) to air it up. I grabbed quarters out of my car's console (thank goodness I try to keep it full, otherwise I wouldn't have had any change!) and we set off, Nico carrying the donut. Just past my car, sitting in the gardening department, I spotted a cart, ran and grabbed it, and we put the donut in the cart. I got points for that one. ^_^

So we aired it up, and as we walked back past the pumps, Nico went to one of the trash cans, took the lid off, opened the paper towel compartment, and took a stack of them (as, apparently, my collection of restaurant napkins wasn't enough). "Here. Keep these in your trunk." XD

"How did you know to do that?"

"I know a lot about being young and broke."

*laugh* "You STOLE paper towels for me!"

"They're available for free anyway!"

"...good point."

So we wheeled the donut back and put it on the car AGAIN. As we were finishing up (it's past three by now and I've decided that despite what I had planned, I'm not going to church after all), Nico called his roommate's phone from my phone, and they were STILL shopping (having gone to get a gallon of milk, mind you), so I was like, "Forget it, I'll drive you home."

So we took off (stopped at Mickey D's and then a gas station so I could wash my hands--even though Nico did the bulk of the work I got dirty). Then I dropped him at his house, where (after yet another blatant display of stupidity) he (curiously, not me) brought up the idea, again, of moving in together.

Gah. If I was the only one in my life I had to worry about, I would so be there, but dude...much as I complain about them, I really don't want my family to disown me. It irks me, how perfect such a setup would be and how I can't do it.

Anyway, I came home, where Dad was all, "Is that you?" *rolleyes* Who else would it be at nearly 5 AM? I called Nico to let him know I was home okay (he did ask me to do so) and then when I got off the phone with him I took a much-needed shower and went to sleep.

Dad was supposed to take me out to lunch after church the next day, he called when he got out of church and I put on the outfit I had planned the day before and wore a hat to cover my piteously unstraightened hair. We went to Diego's and then he took me over to Wal-Mart to "price tires." I wanted to take Nico's suggestion and buy a single, slightly-used tire for $30. Dad wanted me to have two brand-new front tires.

He offered to let me pay $60 (the price of two) and he'd make up the difference. He won. 

He also took me to look at wheel covers--Laurien's two passenger covers got stolen about a month after I got her--and when I saw how much they were, I was all, "If I had known they were that cheap I would have already bought them!" (At Wal-Mart, they were about $20 for a set of four. When I had been ASKING how much they were, I was given the impression that they were about $15 apiece.) The trouble was, they didn't have any I liked (at all) in the right size. So today I went to AutoZone and found a set I really liked and got them. They look like chrome snowflakes! Well, not exactly, but they do have six spokes to them. I'll take pics once they're on, and that'll eat up some of that film. ^_^

While I was looking around at Wal-Mart to kill the time, I found a pair of shoes that I dearly want--and the largest size they had was a size too small for me. *sob* It's a tragedy! The only time I even REMOTELY want a pair of high-heel shoes (they'd go PERFECTLY with the black outfit I bought in St. Louis!) and THEY DON'T FIT! Curse my gigantic feet. Sparkly heels and I can't have them. *sob*

I called Jacqui to invite her today, and we talked for a few moments. She announced "I have tattoos!" This being Jacqui, I actually had to ask if she meant the real kind or peel-and-stick. XD Turns out she got the real kind--a butterfly on her forearm and a Gothic-style "J" on her shoulder blade. As she was getting them done, her mom informed her that if she wanted any more, she had to move out. (She's 26, lol.) So she was telling me she was going to move out soon (she had the money, just didn't know where or when).

Now THAT'S a possibility. I wonder if SHE wants a roommate. Hmm...

That being said, I need to go remove my personality so I can go to work. *grumble grumble*

hey all

Jun. 7th, 2006 06:43 pm
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So the world didn't end yesterday, just like it didn't end on June 6th, 1906, or June 6th, 1806, or June 6th, 1706... I stayed home yesterday, but not for that--I was still tired from St. Louis (read: the twins).

Cut for QuizGalaxy... )

I forgot to mention that on Friday we went to Madison's dance recital. We got to see her onstage with a bunch of other 3- to 5-year-olds dancing to a VeggieTales mix of "Here We Go Loopty-Loo," lol. Pretty kawaii, but we had to watch TWO HOURS of total strangers before we got to her bit. Gah.

But some of the older kids were pretty good, and the tiny ones were just ADORABLE. XD


May. 30th, 2006 12:44 am
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No baby. Apparently the castor oil did to Alicia only what castor oil is famous for doing. (Though I looked it up online and it seems that it is a faily common home remedy.)

No Chicago, unless something happens in the next 10 hours. *sigh*

I forgot to mention what else happened at Jennifer's. I had a vanilla frappe at the play, and amidst complaining about how much the drinks cost she mentioned that if she wasn't driving she would have brought wine, and that led into me telling her about the sip of wine cooler at the cast party and a discussion of alcohol in general.

As it so happened, she had a party a week or two ago, and her friends didn't drink as much as she had thought and she has a lot of extra alcohol lying around, and she told me that (especially as the bottle was already open) she wanted me to try some wine. So on Saturday night she poured a glass of red wine from St. James' Winery (a local place, mass-produced stuff) and I had two sips--she explained to me how it gets sweeter as you go along and had me take a second sip. Definitely worth it, the second one was better. I think I could get into red wine. She was telling me I probably wouldn't like dry wine (less fruit taste) and I have to agree. One of the reasons I consume such large amounts of cranapple juice (cranberry-apple--would you still drink it if they called it crapple? XD) is because it tastes the way I imagined wine tasting when I was a kid.

Anyway. She also had a bucket of frozen margarita mix in the freezer, so I had a spoonful of that. THAT I liked. Being the #1 fan of Sonic slushes, it seemed like a logical step. Woohoo frozen margaritas! 'Twas good even without the salt. Could barely taste the alcohol (but then, she said, it sinks and she didn't have the time to let it melt).

Note to self: fruity, girly, frou-frou drinks. Yay!

And all of that with no adverse effects, never even felt lightheaded or anything. The warm sensation is weird. Not bad, but weird. Weird, but not unpleasant. Jennifer told me she's usually the last one standing when she goes out with her friends and they drink, she can really hold her liquor, and I was all, "Duh. German." XD So maybe I inherited that as well. We shall see.

I've now heard two different hangover-prevention tips: Eat before you drink (Kat), and however much alcohol you consume, match it with an equal amount of water--alternate glasses of each (Jennifer). Jennifer added that you should take aspirin before crawling into bed. ^_^

And the worst part of it all is that A) I don't feel in the slightest bit that I've done anything bad and B) I rather enjoyed it all. So yay.


May. 29th, 2006 12:12 am
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Short version: No baby yet.

Long version: The baby was breeched and Alicia was scheduled to have a c-section way early this morning. She got there, they found that the baby had turned, and sent her home. Wouldn't induce labor because she wasn't dilated and her water remains unbroken, all that kind of thing.

Which is technically a good thing, because if she'd had the c-section she would have had to stay in bed for six weeks and couldn't drive and couldn't lift 20 pounds--which would have meant she couldn't lift either of the twins. Bad deal, plus there'd be new scars (though she already had some from the twins, granted) and stuff.

But I was planning to leave on Tuesday so I could go to Chicago. Now, if Alicia doesn't spontaneously go into labor tonight or sometime tomorrow night (or the wee hours of Tuesday morning), Nico and Wigz will very likely be going without me, and I'll stay here another week.

This ALWAYS happens. I should have stayed home until this last Saturday. If I had she probably would have popped before I got here. I'm bad luck.

On the funny side, Sherri (my other brother, Jerry's, wife) called and mentioned that she took castor oil when she was overdue and was in labor four or five hours later. Alicia has, now, actually downed a dose of the stuff. XD So if it works for her, she should be going into labor sometime before the top of the hour. I'm not exactly holding my breath, but that would be flippin' hilarious if it worked.

I've been at Jennifer's the last two nights--Friday night we saw a free production of Julius Caesar (shirtless men in skirts killing each other, in poetry, whee!) at the park, then on Saturday we came and got Alicia and we went to the dollar theater (which now costs $3, but whatever) and saw Failure to Launch. I'm so getting that DVD! XD Though it did kind of jab at my self-esteem, as I, too, still live at home... *sigh* Not by choice, though!

Also watched Monster-In-Law and Down With Love at Jennifer's house. MIL was sweet, Jane Fonda was crazy and J.Lo was funny. Down With Love--OMG, I have never seen so many double entendres in the space of two hours, but it was flippin' hilarious. Ask the people I work with--I'm the one that hears unintended double entendres and laughs when a lot of people are like, "What?"

A Burlington Coat Factory nearby is going out of business and is having a mega sale. I scored $78 worth of clothes for $33 (a savings of $45!), plus my mom also bought me a shirt (I picked it, she bought it). YAY! I finally have black pants! And I found the PERFECT shirt to go clubbing in, if I ever get to go clubbing. Two words: Black velvet. It looks AMAZING on me. (Also a pair of purple pants and two other shirts.)

So now I'm back at Alicia's, praying that she pops before Tuesday morning so I can see the baby and go to Chicago.

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We went to the Mills today (St. Louis Mills, the million-square-foot mall) and I shopped. Nothing exciting, replaced my broken Hot Topic bracelet, bought the perfume version of the Bath and Body Works body spray I bought in March, got a pair of earrings at Claire's (teehee, Claire and Charlie) and bought a Hello Kitty baseball cap to wear after work.

I wish I could wear it at work instead of the Taco Bell hat. It IS purple and black, after all.

I'm getting irritated--I want to post memes and can't because I can't figure out how to turn off rich text mode, and it goes to rich text automatically when I load the update-journal page.

Watched (and entered) PlayMania on GSN tonight. Entertaining. Never got called, though. *rolls eyes* Shock shock. Might watch again tomorrow, though I likely won't enter as I'll be at Jennifer's and she has no internet--I won't pay a dollar to enter by text message. We're going to a performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Reading it was boring (I read it about five years ago), but it should be good on stage. Yay!

Saw a shirt that I am so making for myself. It said "I hate this town." XD Though I suppose I needn't bother until September, when I get back from Canada, because I won't BE in Mountain Home much until then.

Needn't. What have I been reading?

Nico--saw a shirt that reminded me of you. It said single.

baby news

May. 25th, 2006 12:42 am
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Stayed in all day, nothing happened worth noting.

Alicia went to the doctor and they're going to induce (if the baby turns) or have a c-section (if the baby's still breeched) on Sunday. Assuming, of course, that she doesn't pop spontaneously, which would be better all the way around.

I think I'll log off earlier tonight and read some more OotP.

OMFG LOST. OMG. OMG. OMG. Easily the best ep since...well, since the last season finale. And yet I don't feel like dissecting it--there's not much point, as there won't be any more until September. *le sigh*

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Not much today; stayed in for most of it. I did run to Wal*Mart alone, in Laurien, and filled her up at a neighboring gas station.

I adore my car. Gas was $2.65 and yet I topped off the tank (from being down to just under a quarter-tank) for $26.30. Unless my math fails me, that means I put in just shy of 10 gallons. Google tells me that I drove a distance of about 270 miles on 10 gallons of, the math IS working out. The gauge on my dash tells me that I'm getting 25.8 MPG's, really it's closer to 28 (like the man who sold it to me said). Yay!

At any rate, I was quite pleased, as I was figuring I'd be spending closer to $40 on gas--I was sure I'd break the $30 mark.

The Wal*Marts here are odd; they're not Supercenters like we have in Arkansas, because they can't have grocery stores in them. To qualify as a Supercenter a Wal*Mart has to have a grocery store, and the grocery store has to have a meat section, obviously. In St. Louis, all the butchers are in a union (I think it may be required by law, actually), and Wal*Mart won't hire union labor. So all the Wal*Marts up here are the regular kind, and we have bigger Wal*Marts back home.

Smaller everything else, though, so it's hardly a benefit. I'd love to see a mall like the Mills go in back home.

And, ironically, I went to Wal*Mart for groceries--the Wal*Mart down the street does have a small grocery section that stocks basics--milk, bread, snacks/junk food, etc.

And your random bit of St. Louis trivia for the day: Rapper Nelly, who is originally from St. Louis and has recorded a song about it, was born with the name Cornel Haynes Junior. (I get it...Cornel, Nelly...makes sense now, doesn't it?)


May. 23rd, 2006 01:23 am
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So the zoo was fun. I won't bore you with all the details, I'm sure everyone's been to a zoo at some time in their life.

I got to see zebras, so I was happy. Also got Dippin' Dots for the second time ever, and they were yummy.

Skipped the monkey exhibit--I really don't like monkeys, never have even as a child. I was going to go in because Alicia was going to let the boys out of the stroller so they could run around (and I'm sure they were tres adorable), but the minute we walked into the building, the smell was--arrrgh. I mean, all the buildings smelled to some degree, but that one I couldn't tolerate.

Got slightly sunburnt, didn't even know it until I remarked about the kids' sunburns and Mom was all, "Oh, you're red too," and I looked in the mirror. THEN my nose felt a wee bit sore. Thanks, Mom.

Saw a Dory fish and a Nemo fish in the same room, so that was amusing.

Stood at the Burmese python cage for a few minutes, thinking maybe the glass would randomly disappear. It didn't, despite the fact that there was a bratty kid around at the time. ^_-

What else? ...New word of the day: herpetarium. Definition: a place where herps are housed and displayed (think of it like aquarium). And the definition of a herp: a collective word for amphibians and reptiles--any creature that cannot control its own body temperature. So the building that housed frogs, snakes, and lizards was labeled "herpetarium."


May. 22nd, 2006 12:22 am
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Tomorrow we're going to the ZOO.

How flippin' cool is THAT?


Mar. 10th, 2005 06:03 pm
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I have a lot of stuff written down to journal about, and I'll likely end up typing them up at home tonight or over spring break and posting them whenever I get online, the way I do my weekends. But some stuff happened today I just HAVE to pontificate on, lol.

Photobucket replacement seems to be working. Let me try it again:
 <--that should be a clicky piccy. We'll see. Anyway, if you want an unlimited version of photobucket, go to THIS SITE, ImageShack. (And would you believe I found it via "random journal" button???)

I was talking to Becky this morning before World Lit about just wanting to go out and DO something. Have lunch, go shopping, whatever, preferably with the Acting Class (meaning Tim, of course). So afterwards (we got out early because we had a test, which everyone bombed, but Dr. Dilday says if everyone bombs it doesn't hurt anyone) me and her and Shannon (yes, I know a Shannon, she's much nicer than Lost Shannon) met Shannon's boyfriend at Hastings, then went to Taco Bell for lunch. Apparently Becky eats free (she's the one married to the manager, my boss, lol) and she got free food for all four of us. That was kind of weird, waving to my coworkers while my boss is taking my order for free food. I love my life, lol. Then I saw some soda spilled on the counter and felt like I should go get a rag and clean it up.

Then me and Becky came back, went to the BCM meeting, then Acting class. OH! WE GOT OUR SCRIPTS FOR THE PLAYS AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER!!! We're doing "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell (which we read in Comp II and Fine Arts Theater, so I knew it already, yay!) and "Aria De Capo" by Edna St. Vincent Millay, and one other to be announced. Personally I think "Aria De Capo" is silly, so I'm reading for the two female parts in "Trifles," because I wouldn't mind playing either one. (And yes, I've got links to both scripts there.) Hopefully I can avoid being in "Aria De Capo."

So after Acting me and Becky bugged Dr. Dilday about the World Lit test and got him to go at least run the scantron part so we could know how we did, and went and sat in the "student center" *coughcarpetedcafeteriacough* and discussed the Acting class going out together, going dancing or to dinner or just...SOMETHING. Then Karen and Greg walked in, he'd shown her how to log on to Blackboard (the student-teacher email program on campus, more or less, it's a place where they can post assignments), and we put it to them and they both totally wanted to. Greg left (had somewhere to be, apparently), then me, Karen, and Becky sat and talked. Then Becky left to pick up her son, so me and Karen talked, and THIS is what I have to talk about--

She thinks that Greg likes me.


   -She knows his mom, and his mom said he likes someone in the Acting class.
   -Greg is not gay, and the females in the class are ME, Karen, Becky, Anna, Megan, and Kira. By process of elimination:
       -Karen is old, way too old for him.
       -Becky's younger than Karen, but ditto, plus she's happlily married.
       -Anna and Megan are BOTH engaged.
       -Kira annoys him as much as she does me!
   -He acted like he wanted to hang out with us today but couldn't or was too embarassed to.
   -He was enthusiastic about going out with "the acting class," but he may have the same ulterior motive that I do, spending time with a crush.
   -He thinks I'm cool because I'm a Ringer who read the books before seeing the movies.
   -Karen said that he suggested going in the computer lab to show her the Blackboard thing by saying "We go in there sometimes." There was a day when we were doing monologues when he, me, Karen, and Kira waited our turns in that room. ONCE.
   -Karen pointed out that he seemed reluctant to leave today, and was kind of red.
   -I'd almost forgotten about it until after I talked to Karen, but one of his monologues is from Romeo and Juliet (you know, the whole gorgeous "But soft! What light from yonder window breaks?" bit), and once I walked into class, and he totally started performing it directly to me. (Ironically it was the day I lost my job, and it was kind of nice, lol.) Of course he claimed he was practicing, I smiled and said, "Wow, that was good," or something like that. (Not exactly the lovestruck reaction that he may, in hindsight, have been hoping for.)

So. Wow. Um. Yeah. He just might like me that way.

And you'd think that after all the complaining I've done about wanting a boyfriend that this would be good news.

But nooooo, of course not.


   -Petty as this sounds, Greg smells. Karen says it's the smell of the chemicals in kitty litter, it's not like he doesn't shower or anything, but I don't like sitting too close to him. (She says it gets in your clothes and stuff, his family has a lot of cats.)
   -On a much more important note, I think we have some major religious differences--like MAJOR, show-stopping differences. Like, as in, since I would never date anyone that I have a reason not to marry, I couldn't date him.
   -And there's know, that would be weird, dating one guy and having a crush on someone else.

Gah. The library's closing soon. So, on a parting's not like I hate him, I think he's a really cool friend (hello, Ringer!), but I don't really like him that way, and...gah. I'm all confused. The IRONY of my life...gah. More later, the comp will shut down on me soon.

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