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What This Outfit Says About You

You are a stylish example for all. You are very put together.

You are glamourous and modern. You're the type of person who starts trends.

Besides wearing the right thing, you often say and do the right thing.

You are the perfect mix of wit and poise.

Your high end fashion designer match: Michael Kors

Your must have accessory: A gold watch

Ew, gold. Lol. I DO wear a watch every day, even though I have a hard time reading it (no numbers on the new one) and end up checking my phone for the time. Lol.

Memes gacked from Katchan under the cut. )
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Got this from [ profile] pippinlives via email. She never reads LJ anymore. ;_;

Welcome to the new 2008 edition of getting to know your family and friends. Here is what you are supposed to do, and try not to be lame and spoil the fun. Change all the answers so that they apply to you. Then send this to a bunch of people you know, INCLUDING the person who sent it to you. Some of you may get this several times; that means you have lots of friends. The easiest way to do it is to hit 'forward' so you can change the answers or copy and paste. Have fun and be truthful!

1. What is your occupation right now? Looking for an occupation.
2. What color are your socks right now? Barefoot!
3. What are you listening to right now? Lol--Supernova Girl from the first Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century movie. And it's still just as catchy now as it was then.
4. What was the last thing that you ate? Cottage cheese topped with shredded cheddar, some tortilla chips, and knockoff Dr. Pepper.
5. Can you drive a stick shift? Alas, I cannot. For some reason Dad thinks I'm going to ruin his cars if he tries to teach me.
6. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Job contact.
7. Do you like the person who sent this to you? She's cool. =D
8. How old are you today? 22 and a half.
9. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? Ew, sports.
10. What is your favorite drink? I had my first appletini this week and I liked it!
11. Have you ever dyed your hair? Several times...I've lost count, but I tend to keep it dyed. Sorta. My roots get long sometimes...
12. Favorite food? Pepperoni pizza. Bonus points for stuffed crust.
13. What is the last movie you watched? I don't even know. Seriously. I can't remember the last movie that I sat and watched. Theoretically we watched Van Helsing at Nico's Halloween party but no one was paying attention.
14. Favorite day of the year? ...November tenth. =)
15. How do you vent anger? There are a couple of ways but most involve either scribbling or destruction.
16. What was your favorite toy as a child? Not sure...probably my waffle blocks. If I'd had a decent amount of Legos I probably would have liked them.
17. What is your favorite season? Winter.
18. Cherries or blueberries? Cherries, if they're maraschino. Bonus points if they're in an alcoholic drink!
19. Do you want your friends to e-mail you back? Eh. LJ is better.
20. Who is the most likely to respond? Kristin.
21. Who is least likely to respond? Hmm...probably Robert, he hasn't posted in a kajillion years.
22. Living arrangements? All alone, just me and my fish. =(
23. When was the last time you cried? Halloween.
24. What is on the floor of your closet? There's a laundry basket on the left and the rest is covered in shoes. And there's a hanging shoe rack that touches the floor. I love shoes. (I think I'm at 36 pairs again...I gave away my white boots and then Cody bought me new Mary Janes.)
25. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending to? Katchan. (And by sending, I mean posting on LJ. Lol.)
26. What did you do last night? It was the last night of the Lions Auction and I answered a lot of phones. Lol.
27. What are you most afraid of? Dogs.
28. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers? Cheese!
29. Favorite dog breed? See #27. Ouch irony.
30. Favorite day of the week? Sunday!
31. How many states have you lived in? Uh...two. Had to think about that, lol.
32. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds--YAY SPARKLY! (Though that doesn't at all mean that I don't like pearls.)
33. What is your favorite flower? IDK, I'm not a big fan of flowers in general...I like jonquils /narcissus/daffodils (my birthflower, more or less three different names for the same thing), and tulips and lilies...I like the very simple much more than the very frilly. (I hate, like, carnations, and roses in full bloom. I like rose BUDS though.) And whatever they are, they can't smell too strong--the smell of peonies will send me running. Sorry for the dollar answer to the nickel question, lol.
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1. How do you feel about the second to last person you kissed? The second-to-last person to kiss me on the cheek is kinda douchey. Like, not in a "OMG I never want to see him again" way, but in a "huh, what was I thinking in getting that close?" kinda way.
2. What's bothering you right now? That I missed the call from Hastings, because I'm afraid that they think I wasn't serious about the job! Must call first thing in the morning.
3. Will you kiss the last person you kissed again? The odds are 99.99999999%.
4. What is in your wallet? $20, all my cards (credit, debit, alcohol membership cards, driver's license, etc), and some photos.
5. Wallpaper on your computer's desktop? Rurouni Kenshin fanart by Hakubaikou from DA.
6. Background on your cell phone? ...Elijah.
7. Next time you will kiss someone? Probably Sunday after next. Hee.
8. Where was your default picture taken? On MySpace/Facebook I have one up from Shelly's wedding.
9. Eyes: Aquamarine.
10. Life: Is pretty freaking great right now. The only thing that would make it perfect would be a job.
11. Future: ...also pretty freaking great, other than the job thing. But I may have a job--I'll find out first thing tomorrow.
12. Doing this weekend? IDK yet. D&D seems to have fallen apart, so...yeah. No clue. Maybe I'll stay in all night and read a book.
13. Wearing? Pajamas.
16. Listening to? I'm the Least You Could Do by the Bloodhound Gang.
17. Have you ever kissed anyone named Patty? No.
18. What do you smell like? Nothing, really, lol. Nail polish a little.
19. Eating? Not at the moment.
20. On your bed, what is your favorite thing? Squishy pillow!!
21. Do you believe in a soul mate? Yeah.
22. What do you wear to bed? ...pajamas. I have a pair of flannel jammies for winter, and a pair of satin ones for Not Summer, lol, but for the most part I wear drawstring pants or shorts and a t-shirt.
23. Do you remember your dreams? Sometimes. Depends on how vivid they are and how long afterwards I wake up--and whether I tell someone about them, lol.
24. Do you burn easily in the sun? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Natural redhead, keep out of direct sunlight!
25. Have you ever been gambling? Huh. No, not unless you count buying lotto tickets.
27. What did you do this past weekend? Saturday night I watched anime with Kristy and Jared, and Sunday I met up with Cody. =) Then after he left I did laundry and hung out with Kristy all day. Lol.
28. Who do you miss? Cody, Katchan and Esme.
29. Who is the last girl you hugged? Kristy.
30. Orange or apple juice? Either, depending on my mood. Right this minute I'd take orange.
31. Who was the last person you went somewhere with? Nico, and Allan.
32. Have you kissed anyone in the past month? Well, not on the lips, but yes. Hee.
34. Last time you ate a home grown tomato? Ew, tomatoes.
36. What was the last thing you drank? Pepsi. =( The Mountain Dew was out at Taco Bell.
37. Whose house did you go to last night? Kristy's.
38. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital? Mom.
39. Do you like someone right now? I more than like him.
40. What do you wear more, slacks, jeans, or sweatpants? Probably a tie between jeans and slacks/trousers, but NEVER sweatpants. Not even to sleep, or if I'm sick.
41. What is the last movie you watched in the theatre? The new Indiana Jones, I think.
42. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink: Dr. Pepper or the Wal*Mart knockoff, cranberry-apple juice, and milk. Oh, and here lately a lot of white zin at Nico's. Lol.
43. What are you excited about? I have a boyfriend who loves me. =) Also the idea of working at Hastings, but that's not for sure yet.
44. Do you want someone you can't have? Well, there's Elijah, but the person I really want I CAN have. Lol. 'Bout freaking time.
45. Who was last to slap your butt? O_o Probably that chick at the club. Kristy thought she was on ecstasy so I called security on her.
46. Where was the last place you went? Nico, Allen and I went to Taco Bell, but only through the drive-thru. Before that Nico and I went to Colton's.
47. What's on your mind right now? Cody, lol.
48. Have you cried recently? Nope.
49. If an unstoppable force comes across an unmovable object then what happens? Zero is divided!
50. Is taking a shower a daily habit? Yes, but I don't always wash my hair.

You know the drill, more random surveys under the cut... )


Jul. 5th, 2008 05:34 am
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My mom's in the hospital.

She had a blood clot, and the 17-hour plane ride back from Thailand caused pieces of it to break off and they got stuck in her lungs, causing shortness of breath. She got lightheaded and had to ride around airports in a wheelchair--twice--and though I told her the first time that I talked to her that she needed to get to the emergency room, it took two days and my grandmother crying to get her to go. (My Grandma Crawford kicks ass. Srsly.)

They've got her on blood thinners and she's going to be fine, but they're keeping her at the hospital to monitor it all--she's hooked up to a heart monitor, but other than the wack hospital gowns, she looks totally normal. However I've been spending most of my free time (and I do have a glut of it at the moment, thanks to my joblessness) at the hospital, which is NOT a WiFi hotspot (I asked; medical records were hacked so internet was discontinued for patients), so I haven't had time to be online. Her blood thickness level is 1.1 as of this afternoon and she gets to leave when it's 2.5, which they're guessing will be Sunday. (Yeah, I'm not sure if they're unthinning it after having her on heavy doses of thinners or if they're trying to thin it more. Probably the former...?)

Anyway, I'm behind on LJ, so comments will be sparse, lol.

In other news, I solved a Rubik's Cube completely from memory for the first time tonight--at Nico's at 2:37 AM. YAY. We went to Wal*Mart and I purchased my own darn cube in celebration. Am planning to take it with me to the hospital tomorrow and show off.

OH, and they brought me back a purple sake set with a black serving tray. Pics eventually. It's AWSHUM.

And Kristy got me a fish; a purple betta. Contemplating names, pics eventually. Lol.

The word from the paper is that they actually had another position open up, they're talking about combining the two positions, not sure what they're doing and no one's in the office to discuss until Monday, etc. He did say that my name came up in the discussions. =D Sooo...hopefully I hear back on Monday.
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ETA: Sorry, the project has been canceled. Or at least postponed for the time being.
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Tuesday--Lunch with Dad at El Charro's. Helped him pick out agreed with his choice of conference table for his new office, which he's getting because he has a new boss who (rightly) thinks his current office (given by the previous boss, who made him move out of his nice one) sucks. Kristy's party. Awesome, pics to come when I feel less lazy. Jungle juice=OH. EM. GEE. Met Sam, didn't really get to talk to him but drove him home. (Short version on Sam: Kristy and I made a McD's run and we bumped into him, said hi, left. I bugged Kristy, all, "who was that??" and she agreed to invite him so I could meet him. Yay!) Claims to be extremely proficient with Rubik's Cube, have yet to see that. Definitely proficient on Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitar.

Wednesday--Lions, per new usual. I'm on the Social Committee (capitals mine). Vaguely disappointed at first (I didn't get to pick, I was involuntarily volunteered and I was kind of hoping to become, like, a copy editor or writer for the newsletter or some such) but then I realized that this means that not only do I put up crepe paper for the banquet but I might get to influence the color. Lol.

Thursday--Left work early (yay!), picked up Nico, drove back roads (yay Google Maps) to Springfield, met up w/Shelly, Dani, and Kia and had dinner @ Fazoli's. Got to see Shelly's ring in person, got to catch up. ^_^ Went to Hammons Hall for RENT. Words cannot describe how much better it is live. (Raunchier for sure, lol, funnier, sort of, and sweeter in spots--particularly seeing Angel and Collins get together. It's not really in the Broadway recording and it's just kind of taken for granted in the movie, but in the play it's acted out.

Angel: "Baby, I've been hearing violins all night."
Collins: "Is it anything to do with me? Are we a thing?"
Angel: "Baby, we're everything."
And thus ensues I'll Cover You.)

During intermission, a gay man (wearing an awesome hat and a pink shirt) walked up and asked if I had a Chocolate Kitty (I assume he meant Chococat) purse, and I told him no, just regular Hello Kitty. He pulls out his wallet, it's a pink Hello Kitty wallet with hot pink sequins. "I lived in Japan for three years. Old habits are hard to break." I squeed. "Lucky!" ^_^ Also, the woman who tore our tickets said that my shoes were cute, and Shelly liked my top. It was a happy night of compliments.

Afterwards, Shelly and Kia had to get back because they had class/work in the morning, but Dani was up for ice cream so she went with Nico and me to Steak & Shake. It was the really old one, that I remember as looking really old when I was there as a kid, lol. I totally didn't think it had any inside space, because we always only ever went to the drive-up window, lol.

Friday--MY BIRTHDAY!! Katchan woke me up, calling to wish me happy birthday. ^_^ Called Mom and moved lunch from the Steak House to Pizza Hut (goddammit, I wanted pizza), went back to sleep for a bit. Had lunch w/Mom and Dad, and Mom brought me birthday cookie (I totally thought I wasn't getting anything like that--Kristy offered to make me a birthday cake, but she didn't go to work Thursday or Friday because of Coldzilla), so yay! The parents gave me $$$ rather than presents. They know me so well. (Well, Mom said that she looked for a steering wheel cover but couldn't find one I'd like. I asked where she looked and immediately came up w/a store she missed. Lol.) Dad said his desk came in, etc, and he'd been putting it together, so I offered to come help him with it.

After he left Mom gave me The Record. (This is a long story, more on that later.) I took it, and the cookie, and the leftover pizza to my house (hey, I have pizza!...) then went out to Dad's office and helped him with the desk (which is black and glass and is going to look hot. Apparently Maxim magazine has a furniture line, and, more surprising, my dad actually likes it). He had to leave at 2:30 because he and Mom had a Lions thing in Little Rock (District Governor training, lol), so then I went around shopping. Got a Hello Kitty license plate frame at AutoZone (I went to look at steering wheel covers because I figured Mom only looked for purple ones and I could find something I liked), bought Ultra Violet Manic Panic and a fingernail-piercing kit at Tattooz by Sassy (where Brandon got his tattoo, when I went with him, lol), then it occurred to me to look at Hastings and found the matching steering wheel cover. ^_^ There was too much pink on it (waaaay more than the frame) so I doctored it (later) with colored Sharpies. YAY. Looks better than you'd think.

Got a call from Nico and hung out with him for a while--he's been sick, so we just watched TV-on-torrent-downloaded-and-burned-DVD and ate popsicles. He gave me an awesome PotC birthday card that plays the main theme when you open it. Soooooo going on my desk, at least for a little while. Left his place and went to SmartStyles to have my hair done. I got the red redone and had just a little bit of layering put in. While I was waiting, I missed a call, but heard the voicemail alert, so checked my messages, and SAM had called me. "Hey, it's Sam. Um, happy birthday! I'll talk to you later. Bye." SQUEE! Called Kristy and she said she gave him my number. :) Stored it.

Stopped at Arby's for dinner, and the only downer of the day happened--they quit selling cheesecake bites. I told the girl at the window that they couldn't DO that, it was my birthday, and that I was writing to corporate, lol.

Went home and started to use the Manic Panic, but read that you're supposed to use a tint brush, went on a wild goose chase to Walgreens and back to Wal*Mart, only to come back home and do it by hand. -_-* Oh well. Noticed that Wal*Mart was selling some restaurant booths for $40 a pop. Watched some TV (House, yay!) and went to bed.

Saturday--Nico woke me up wanting to go shopping, I told him to give me time to flatiron my hair, Kristy called wanting out of the house and to tell me that I DID have birthday cake, lol. Long story short me, Nico, Kristy, and Brandon ended up at Wal*Mart, I bought one of the restaurant booths (can you think of anywhere else to get a table and seating for four for $40?--I'll likely replace it eventually, but OMG I HAVE A TABLE), and Brandon drove it over in his truck. He and Nico were just leaving when Kristy and I got there, so Kristy and I went about our shopping while the two menfolks delivered my truck. Apparently they had to dis- and reassemble it to get it in. They ate some of my birthday cookie, and I would have been mad, but they cleaned the table, too. ^_^

In the meantime Kristy and I had...a meal of indeterminate name at McD's, lol, then went to drop off my groceries at my house before going to her house to meet up everyone for the club. Jacqui dropped by (I had missed a call from her, I had planned on calling her back from Kristy's) and gave me my present (Ty Pennington's book, which actually did have the nice pictures that I thought it didn't, that misunderstanding being the reason I didn't plunk down $20 for it when it first came out, and Hello Kitty gummy snacks, lol), and came with us to Kristy's, where A) Sam, Dena, and Raymond were watching Sin City, and B) all us girls put on club makeup/glitter lotion/really nice fake tattoos that I had just picked up at Wal*Mart. (Somehow, of course, I ended up watching Elijah Wood get mutilated/killed/etc, and totally missed all the good parts of that movie. -_-*) Boondock Saints also got watched, I got to sit next to Sam a lot.

At some point he asked if I got his message, and I was all, "Yeah! That was really sweet. *big grin*" When we left for the club, it was me, J, Kristy, and Sam in Kristy's car. ^_^ Had some drinks at the club, nothing new other than the Jamaican Wet Dream (something Nico had once a long time ago, the one time we went to the club before I could drink). Good stuff. Danced a little with Sam but was hesitant to touch him, had another drink, told Kristy about it all and she was like, "Dude, just back up to him and give him some *bump/grind motion here*!" Lol. Went to dance some more and couldn't find him. Brandon offered to dance with me and I turned him down. (I don't know. Salsa's one thing, but grinding him? Just no. And I like to grind, thanks. Nico says this is immature of me, Kristy was all "Frickin right!" I just knew I didn't want Sam to see me dancing with him and get the wrong idea.)

Complained to Kristy about not being able to find Sam (it was really crowded) and she helped me look--he was playing pool. Grabbed another drink and watched him play (I thought he kinda sucked, but I think he was just having an off night because apparently he's played in tournaments, etc), then dragged him back to the dance floor. This time I put my arms around his neck and he didn't seem to mind too much. X3 Danced until I was ready to fall over.

Sam came with me back to the table and met everybody (it was kind of funny, he hadn't been back to the table once Nico and his group showed up, I think Nico was starting to think I had made him up o_O). Then they gave last call/last song and we all left. I complained about the cold and Sam gave me his jacket. :D There was a lot of fighting going on in the parking lot--there had been cop cars there when we got there. We decided Sam should drive since he was the only one who hadn't had ANY alcohol, though I think either Jacqui or I would have been fine to drive. Kristy, on the other hand, was pretty sloshed (and for the record, Kristy gets lovey when she's drunk, she gave out lots of hugs, lol). We almost ran over people trying to get out of the parking lot. It was CRAZY. We had to pull over for Kristy to decide she wasn't sick after all, the group in Jared's car took the long way around, through Midway, and I don't even know about Nico.

We went inside Kristy's for a minute, I grabbed the rest of my cake (Kristy, J and I had each had a slice earlier, in between the makeup and stuff), and then Stuart was like, "I love you all, but I'm tired, so I'm kicking you out!" Lol. Gave the keys to Jacqui and told her to get in the car, and then everyone else walked off and it was just me and Sam standing there and I asked if he was working the next day.
" you want to have dinner with me tomorrow?"
"Uh...sure. You have my number, right? From when--"
"Yeah, from when you called me. I'll call you...tomorrow afternoon?"
"Sure. See you tomorrow."

Got in the car, squeed, drove home with J, and we chilled for about an hour (okay, okay, we drooled over Ty) and she went home.

Sunday (today)--Slept until about 2:30, got up, had some breakfast. Kristy texted me to have me go for a walk with her, got dressed, went over there. Called Sam on the way and set up dinner (as I told Kristy later: "It's supper, with Sam, at six, at the Steak House. It's all nicely alliterative."). Kristy and I walked from her house to work (she's determined to get back in shape and so she's walking to work this week, so she wanted to time it), then halfway back before her knee started to hurt--she twisted it a little last night, dancing. Stuart came and got us, we stopped at the gas station to say hi to Jared (he called after we walked through the parking lot and was all indignant, lol), then went back to Kristy's, then I went home to refresh before meeting Sam.

We were both a little early, lol. Dinner was nice, even though conversation was slow--I think we have the whole "it takes a while to get started with someone" thing going on. My silence, at first, is not at all indicative that I'm not having a good time.

As we were finishing, I was all, " you want to go do something else?"
"Well, there's only two things to do in this town besides go eat, and that's go bowling or see a movie...and I really don't want to go bowling."
"Let's go see a movie."

We called the two movie hotlines (HA, I'm not the only one with them in my phone! XD) and decided on Jumper. I texted Jennifer from the theater bathroom, lol, to say that dinner had progressed to dinner-and-a-movie, and that so far he had picked up the tab even though I had done the asking. She texted back "Good boy!!!" Lol.

Jumper was good, Rachel Bilson's actually a decent actress (I was shocked; still hate The OC). I really wanted to grab Sam's hand, but resisted--though my hand was within his reach most of the time, lol.

After the movie I asked Sam if he wanted to do anything else or call it a night, and he just kinda shrugged, "Was there anything you wanted to do?"
"Nothing in particular, just, I don't have to be anywhere until I have to get to sleep..."

We decided to call it a night and I drove him back to his car, and as he was getting out, he was like, "Well, see you later." GACK. SAVE THE MOMENT.
"I had fun."
"Yeah...hey, when do you get off work tomorrow?"
*mental sigh of relief* "Well, four-thirty theoretically, but I usually get there half-an-hour late, so--"
"Well, do you want to do something tomorrow?"
"Call me when you get off work?"

:D So I have another date with him tomorrow. Checked my voicemail and Nico had called during the movie, called him back, and we decided to hang out and he'd be there to get me in a few moments, which I used to call Kristy and update her. Nico and I drove around aimlessly, did our construction rounds and got some fast food before he dropped me off. Watched some TV, started downloading the ep of Lost I missed to see Rent, and the complete series of John Doe (how did I forget about THAT this long??), wrote this, and went to bed. Here's to tomorrow!
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The Awesome Kristy™ says:
um, Welch's?
Sarah the Magnificent says:
huh what?
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
Sarah the Magnificent says:
Welch's juice?
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
not in the spall check
Sarah the Magnificent says:
The Awesome Kristy™ says:
Smirnoff was though
Sarah the Magnificent  says:
haha nice
Sarah the Magnificent says:
LJ has priorities
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Other highlights of Wednesday night:

Piña colada.

OMG SONIC IS OPEN AGAIN HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT?? (Had lunch from there today, am still nursing the remnants of my slush.)

Whilst at Taco Bell I was standing at the counter and Nico asked if I was still losing weight. I was all, "Uh, yeah, why...?" and he says, "Oh, well, you're looking really..." and made the international sign for boobs. Haha. You know it's good when a gay man notices.
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Salsa got canceled, so I didn't have to deal with Brandon, which was all in all a good thing. I like him, but I did NOT want to see him yesterday.

Tried to talk Nico into going out but he didn't want to do anything, and no one else was available, but I refused to sit at home, so I went to El Chico's and had the most delectable piece of chocolate cake, a pear margarita (it was dusty rose in color, quite pretty and quite tasty), and of course the obligatory chips and salsa. Was hoping to run across a cute single guy but I guess on SAD people tend to go out in pairs...? Silly people.

Drove up to Missouri, topped off the gas tank, and bought a lotto ticket and a scratch off. I won a free scratch off on the scratch off, so I got another one, and won ANOTHER free ticket. Scratched it and won ANOTHER free ticket. I told the woman that if I got another one, I'd take my dollar back (because that's your choice; you win a free ticket and you can have a ticket or your dollar), but then I DID win ANOTHER free ticket and she talked me into trying again (and at this point I wondered if they ALL had a free ticket! O_o), and of course I didn't win anything. I should've taken my dollar, lol, but it was kind of funny.

I seriously considered driving over to West Plains and going to the Firehouse while I was that far, because I figured if single guys were out on the prowl they'd be there, but A) I still had to get up this morning, and I've got a lack-of-sleep headache as it is, and B) I wasn't dressed for it by a long shot. I was still wearing what I wore to work, and nobody wears khakis to go clubbing. Especially not pinstriped khakis. (Though the top probably would have been okay had I ditched the jacket; it was just a black tank top.)

I really wish yesterday had been Friday; I'd be sleeping now.

I also wish I knew what I wanted for lunch now that I finally got paid. And I wish I knew when my tax refund is going to get here. *sigh* And why I got a bonus check this month when I'm relatively certain I didn't set a single damn demo in January. (Maybe someone...purchased? OMG OMG OMG.)

Yeah, now I'm rambling...


Feb. 8th, 2008 01:52 pm
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The day St. Patrick's Day usually falls on (March 17th) is some other Catholic holiday this year (anyone have the slightest idea what Holy Monday is??), so the Pope officially moved St. Patrick's to the Saturday prior.


I'm not working that Friday (it's my birthday!), we're going to go to Springfield to salsa on either that Friday or Saturday, and Saturday is St. Patrick's Day. Holy tipsy weekend, lol.

Though...considering the relative importance of the holidays in question (seriously, have they no respect for the grand St. Patrick?), why didn't the Pope move Holy Monday? XD

ETA: Especially considering that it seems Holy Monday is, in fact, nothing more than the Monday before Easter, occurring in the last week of Lent. (Yesterday was the first day of Lent, IIRC, because my calendar says Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. I think that's how that works. Either that or Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. *shrug*)


Jan. 17th, 2008 09:54 am
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My two-month followups all land on St. Patrick's Day.

My department is having a meeting at 1 o'clock today. Funfun. -_-

But I have a hot date tonight. ^_^


Jan. 17th, 2008 02:22 am
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I left work around six, had time to get home, shed my coat and bag, wash the pan and turn on the oven for pizza, and then Brandon called. ^_^ I'm not entirely sure how long we talked but it was 6:40 when we got off the phone, so, like, somewhere between 15 and 25 minutes.

And it was so EASY. No awkward pauses, which is good. I liked most of what I heard.

We're going to dinner at El Charro's--apparently he's never been, lol.

And he's not gay, lol. I mentioned I was taking salsa lessons (which are tomorrow, so I told him I could meet him at seven) and we dove off into ballroom dancing--he's taken swing dancing lessons and wants to learn more--and after the subject started to wane, he throws in there, "Oh, and I'm not gay." I told him that was good, as it would have been one of my questions tomorrow, since I've had that problem before. XD

He asked what I was into and I said most of my interests were pretty geeky--reading, writing, and drawing, and he said that reading and writing weren't geeky (though he voiced no opinion about drawing), and later in the conversation he said that he hoped he didn't come across as arrogant, but he likes to think of himself as more intelligent than average. God, we can only hope so. ^_^ I told him it wasn't arrogant if it's true.

Apparently April told him I have an "offbeat" sense of style. Which is kind of true, but I'm still trying to figure out why, out of all the things she MIGHT have said about me, she chose that one. (I'm intelligent? I read a lot? I work for a software company? I dunknow!) I'm wearing one of my new shirts from Canada tomorrow, so hopefully I won't disappoint, lol. (I swear, buy a few non-baseball-cap hats and suddenly you're a kook...) He said that he liked to wear nice stuff (from what I could see in the picture I rather thought so) and people are always asking him why he's dressed up even when he's not, in his opinion. So YAY, he's giving off a metro vibe, and I SO have the same thing happen to me all the time. ^_^

Talked to Nico about it tonight (I actually didn't tell him; I was going to wait until after the fact, but April talked to him) and he said I sounded pretty nonchanlant about it. Yay. That's what I was going for.

Not that I'm NOT excited, because I AM--I've been all bouncy most of the day (moreso after the phone call) and it'll only be worse tomorrow--but...hmm. Part of it is that I know so little about him so I'm kind of holding myself in check until I know if he's worth it, and part of it is I'm honestly just trying to rein myself in and not get spastic. Nevermind that I did a little dance of joy in my kitchen whilst texting with April, and have squeed a couple of times since then, the point is I did it when I was alone. Right? ^_^;

The few potential issues I picked up on...he mentioned a dog, and it sounded like he really likes the dog. Eep. (On that note, I went to the Lions meeting today and discovered that guide dogs don't bother me. Hmm. Maybe because they're actually quiet and still?) But that's kind of worrisome. And he's living with family at the moment, but to be fair he was living elsewhere and just moved back to Mountain Home the day after Christmas. If he's apartment-hunting, or at least plans to start once he gets a paycheck--he's currently in training for his newly acquired job--then it's a nonissue. Will check up on that.

Oh, and he mentioned that he doesn't drink. I'm really curious as to why, and if it'll bother him that I do. I actually kind of like that about him in theory, though--even though we differ there, it may mean that we share OTHER relatively conservative opinions. But if he's all militantly anti-alcohol, then that would be an issue. Be straightedge if you want but don't come down on me for legally indulging myself.

Not sure what's going to happen after dinner, dinner was all we planned but it can't possibly take that long. I think it'll be to late to see a movie, assuming we can even find something we both want to see (Sweeney Todd maybe...I think I want to wait for the DVD. And is I Am Legend even still playing?). And there's a whole lotta nothing to do in Mountain Home.

So I'm going to go to sleep now, have to be at work in... *groan* fiveish hours.
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I can't even begin to put a number on the times I said "Oh well, won't matter after tonight," "Ha! I never have to do this again!" or "Guess it's not my problem anymore" tonight.

We were done closing in, like, thirty minutes, but then Hannah got so absorbed in her paperwork that we had to sit and wait on her for fifteen friggin' minutes. I understand that she was coming up short, but DAMN. (Oh well. I spent my last five minutes at Taco Bell getting paid to sit on the counter. XD)

I have to say she's been so pissy the last two nights that I really don't feel sorry for her. Yay for karma and schadenfreude, which I have decided is my new favorite word.

But you know what? It's not my problem anymore.

So tomorrow I'm doing laundry, washing all my uniforms before I turn them back in. Also washing new purchases before wearing. And as luck would have it, I might have occasion to wear some of them tomorrow night! ^_^

But I'll get to that momentarily.

Speaking of shopping, Nico and I went to Rogers a few weeks ago--Sunday the 24th, lol, it doesn't seem like it's been that long. Anyway his aunt and uncle (who, in a nutshell, own a golf course and send him a four-figure sum for Christmas every year, and he's just their nephew) were there for some sort of healthy-living seminar, and since they were "so close" (three-hour drive), they convinced him to meet up for lunch. I tagged along, and was lucky enough to get invited to lunch (Nico and I had planned on me taking his car and shopping while they ate).

We went to this place called...Cabrera's? Caberra's? Something like that. At any rate, this really expensive Italian bar-and-grill place. OMG it was so good. Nico and I did the math later and we realized that for the four of us, including the tip, that meal probably cost about $200. (Of course there was alcohol involved, too, and that jacked it up quite a bit, but still.) Definitely the most expensive meal I've ever eaten, lol, and I'll probably never have another one. I told Dad about it later, and joked about rubbing elbows with big money, lol. He said we should have such rich relatives and I told him that the easy solution would be for me to marry Nico, if only I could talk Nico into it. XD (I was kidding.) Even Dad said, "Well, good luck with THAT."

But Nico's aunt and uncle--Jenny and Roger, who Nico calls by their names, which felt completely weird to me, who is used to calling anyone older than a cousin by a title, Aunt Diane, etc.--were actually really fun, too. I mean, I don't know--they're Nico's relatives, how boring could they be? But still. I wasn't expecting to have THAT good of a time, lol. When we walked in the hostess wrote down our name, then when the waitress got to our table she was all, "So, is this the...Studdard party?" Nico's uncle corrected her. "Stoddard. There's odd in Stoddard." XD

They never carded any of us at the restaurant. Hmm. Not that it matters since we're all over 21, but I thought it was weird. Had a delectable drink, a house mixed drink with cranberry juice, apple schnapps, and vodka, with a maraschino cherry. Looked like pink lemonade, tasted much better. ^_^ I think it was just called a Wildberry cocktail, but it was REALLY good.

After they left (they had to catch their plane), Nico and I went shopping. Among my finds--a purple Asian-style top (which I have ALWAYS wanted), the Claire's 10 for $10 sale, Flatland (it's a geek novel, look it up online), and a Rurouni Kenshin novel. (Have decided that RK needs its own entry later, lol.) Oh, and my hot new purse, which was 40% off. Yay!

Nico (with the most incredibly sweet gesture he's ever done for me, period) completely surprised me with one purchase:

(click to enlarge...yes, I just laid it on my scanner and scanned it, lol) I'm Best. He's Friends. ^_^ I really found myself at a loss to articulate how deeply touched I was/am. No, I don't wear it every day, but often enough. (I just realized that I SO need to wear it in front of my parentals! XD) And actually that's my general chain--anytime I get a necklace that's just a charm on a chain I take the charm off and wear it on that chain, because I heart it so very much. It's so simple (in my mind, simple=elegant), and when you just have one they don't tangle...but I digress.

So. Yay for shopping. Yay for fantastic sales (Nico and I found more than a few!). And yay for pics--the first mall we went to was kinda crappy, but the second one was SO awesome and cool-looking that we took pics. When he puts them online you can bet I'll share. ^_^

Anywhoozles...the night before all that, Duncan came to Taco Bell. We didn't get to talk much, just enough to establish that A) he still has my two books, B) he's read them and therefore can give them back, C) he was on his way out of town and couldn't hang with me, but D) he would try to get a hold of me the next time he was in town--possibly the next weekend--so I could get my books back if nothing else.

Well, that was all well and good, but I heard nothing from him after that. I messaged him on MySpace when the weekend came and went, still haven't heard back, called him the other day on my way back from Harrison, got voicemail.

And then he showed up at Taco Bell today, on my very last day. *cue the Hallelujah Chorus*

So...well, we have tentative plans for tomorrow afternoon/evening. (Quite frankly, I can't think of a better way to spend my one day of unemployment, lol.) I'm HOPING we can go out for dinner (and wear some of those hot new clothes, lol). We shall see. Not exactly holding my breath.

He's looking good these days, he hasn't cut his hair since we saw Spiderman 3, I don't think (I couldn't tell today, he was wearing a do-rag, but last time it was long), and he's shaved down to a goatee. He wasn't kidding when he said doing so made him look kinda like Faramir. ^_^ *squibbles a little* (I think maybe he's lost weight, too...though he was a little skinny thing to begin with, so I'm not sure...)

Ah, well. I'm getting tired. More tomorrowish.


Jul. 8th, 2007 04:02 am
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So much for today being lucky! Not ONLY was the scratch-off ticket I bought a complete waste, but on the way to the club tonight, Nico's car got a flat tire. We got the spare on, but then had to go 35 MPH until we could get to the gas station to air it up properly. >_< We didn't get to the club until around 11:15, and the place shuts down around 1 or 2.

And then, despite my totally hot (sleeveless!!) outfit, I couldn't find any hot guys to dance with at the club.

...Well no. I found them. I just didn't see the point in pissing off their girlfriends.

Oh well. I had fun. I had drinks, lol. A Southern Mother Fucker, for starters, and then later on I bought a Jäger Bomb, which is Jägermeister and Red Bull. I still don't know what Jäger is. XD Yay for Wikipedia. Apparently I drink really fast, I knocked back the SMF in like, three minutes, lol. Nico and Candise had barely started theirs, and neither one of them could believe I had downed it, lol.

But, dude. Seriously. If you're gonna drink, don't be a wimp. I mean, I don't drink beer, 'cause it's nasty, and I drink my share of fruity little concoctions, but I can knock back the whiskey and the rum and the bourbon and the vodka when I want to.

Anyway. I'm tired. Sore. (Dancing in three-inch heels, lol.) Going to sleep.

I so still need to cover seeing Duncan last week and going to Rogers with Nico. And rediscovering Rurouni Kenshin. *yawn* I'm going to watch an ep of that and then go to sleep. Night!


Jul. 4th, 2007 03:39 pm
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Was it National Beer Day yesterday and no one told me? Within an hour of being at work yesterday, I saw the following three t-shirts:

"It's always BEER:30"
"I GET SHITFACED DRUNK. How do you deal with stress?"
"Starting Pitcher" (with a picture of a pitcher of beer)

Stupid rednecks. Beer is nasty.

At any rate, I hope the rest of you have fun on your 4th of July--I agreed to work today so that I could have Saturday off. Ah well, already saw fireworks this week--a story in and of itself, lol.
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So it's been a CRAZY two days...Tuesday as I was on my way to work, Nico called me from Taco Bell. I picked up because I knew they couldn't possibly be calling me in early, lol.

Nico was all, "So, happy are you here? In Mountain Home?" Answer: Okay, for now, but I don't want to live here forever.

So then he launches into this spiel--our boss's boss, Mr. Byrd, the regional manager, has asked him if he'd be interested in taking an assistant manager position in Jonesboro. He's seriously considering it, would start in 30 days, and wants to know if I'll move with him 'cause he doesn't know anyone there. Well, I told him I wasn't really sure. Worked my shift, talked with Kat online for a while 'cause I FINALLY worked a night and didn't close, and she hadn't been online in well over a week, then went out to his house.

We talked more, discussing the pros and cons of his going. (BTW: Sierra Mist with Midori melon liqueur=OMG. Sweet and yumtastic.) I basically told him that 30 days was WAY too soon for me and I didn't want to go now, but that it might be a possibility after my lease was up in January. (Ken says that I could probably get out of my lease if I said my job was moving me, but still.) We talked about me taking a daytrip over there with him to look at apartments and stuff. Started planning his farewell bash.

He had made up his mind by the time I left, he was going to take the job. He was going to go into TB and accept.

Well, that was great. Sure, I would have missed him like crazy and would have been over in Jonesboro once every couple of weeks (or less, it's like two hours away), but like I told him--"You have the chance to get the hell out of this town, and better yet not come crawling back after six months, the chance that most of us dream of." I wouldn't want to keep him from that.

But then around one the next afternoon he called me. "Ken just called me. Steve (one of our current assistant managers) just quit, so he wants me to stay here. He can't promote anyone else and he doesn't want to hire outside the company. What do you think?"

I still told him to go. He said he'd asked April and she'd told him to go.

At 2:30 he showed up my house and told me he was staying. *facepalm*

Well...I don't know. It's his career, his not wanting to move away from where he has friends. And I'm certainly glad I'm not losing one of the only two friends I have locally (the other being Jacqui). But at the same time that makes me feel kind of selfish. (Like when Kat left. I know there's no chance in hell that she could be as happy here as she is in Canada.)

So yeah. That was really an emotional upheaval. We were literally planning his goodbye party and then now he's not going. Wow.

Then yesterday night I went to work, and as soon as I got in the door and on headset Rachel (who was in charge) was all, "Hey, can you stay and close?" I thought I WAS closing, but Ken had changed the schedule and I was now supposed to get off at 10. Ooookay. She explained that Steve had HAD to leave because there was no one to watch his kid, but he was supposed to be back at nine. If he showed up all was well, but if not she needed me to close. So I said sure, especially since I thought I was supposed to close anyway.

Long story short, we were EXTREMELY shorthanded and the night was HELL. At 9:10 she called Steve and he was all "Oh, I had no idea I was supposed to be there, let me call Ken..." Ken didn't answer since (as I found out later) he didn't recognize the number. So Rachel called Candise in, then called Ken herself--he answered for her, since he knows the Taco Bell number.

They came in, let us get caught up, and since neither Rachel nor I had had breaks, we actually got to make our own food and eat it in the office on the clock. (For those who don't work there, making your own food is a big deal--usually we're not allowed because it's too tempting to overportion. And I admit I SO did, lol) ^_^ Rachel had already promised me free food since it was impossible for her to give me a break, but that was doubly cool.

We were out of there in just over an hour (a typical time), but we half-assed a lot. I'm sure the place looked like crap--but then I think we should be able to get away with it occasionally (and last night was SO justifiable circumstances), because everything we do gets done AGAIN 24 hours or less later. So whatever.

Went out to Nico's afterward, watched him and April finish a game of Monopoly, drank more Midori mixed in lemonade. ^_^ Good shit, that. Citrusy and sweet.

So yeah. Really all over the map emotionally and stressfully. (I do believe I used that word out of context...oh well.) Today was (thank GOD) my day off.

I went and saw Pirates 3 tonight, but that's an entry in and of itself, and I think I want to think about it more--maybe even see it again--before I talk too much. (I don't know if I'll see it in theaters again, though. So maybe not. But then again everyone is telling me it's better the second time around.)

So good night, good luck, and congrats to Nico, who's FINALLY got the job he should have gotten a year-and-a-half ago. ^_^
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'Cause y'all never read these anyway. *pout* )
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So me, Nico, and Jacqui have hung out a lot lately. I could recap the times and dates but I really just want to get my alcohol tally up-to-date, lol.

At some unknown date: Coconut rum. Not impressed, but then I don't like coconut.

The night before the party: A shot of watermelon pucker. Reminded me of the wine cooler I originally tasted.
A mix of my own--Two shots of said watermelon pucker, a shot of coconut rum, topped off with Sprite. Not bad, not great. Thinking of calling it "My Funny Valentine" because it was so pink. >_<
Rum & Dr. Pepper--it's Captain Pepper! Lol.
A shot of peach schnapps.
Peach schnapps and orange juice (deelish!!)

The night Nico randomly decided to throw a party, which I really didn't get to go to because I worked: Vodka. First a shot, then two shots mixed in orange juice.

OMG VODKA WILL GET YOU CRUNKED FAST. That's the only the second time I've FELT drunk, and I was only about three sips into the mix. Lol. So no vodka unless I'm with people I trust or at home.


Um...finally saw The Village! LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! I thought I knew what the twist at the end was (whether someone told me wrong or I got confused, I'm not sure), but I DIDN'T, so I was pleasantly surprised. ^_^

Called Duncan yesterday. Got voicemail. Other than that haven't talked to/heard from him since the night before the club. Weird.

Stayed late after work with Nico tonight--we scrubbed the lobby, which normally only gets mopped. (This is a once-a-summer thing, lol.) Yay for overtime! ^_^ I don't know. Normally I'd be pissed about it, but for some reason I wasn't. Nico asked if I would rather do it Thursday and I told him no, I'd rather go ahead and do it while I know I'm in an okay mood for it, rather than run the risk of being irritated by it later. So tonight it was. ^_^ (The floor was SO gross once we put degreaser on it!! OMG. But I digress.)

Spent the weekend in St. Louis. FINALLY got a cover for my phone--it's purple, shock shock. ^_^ But it makes me happy. It was Mirielle's first birthday and I took lots of pics with my phone. Hopefully I'll soon get the device to move phone pics to my comp. Or my camera from Katchan. ^_^

Um...oh yes, we went to a Ren Faire whilst there, but I'm too tired to go into detail about that. As a matter of fact, I have to get up in about six hours in order to do laundry for work tomorrow night. So, like...I'm going to go to bed now, and I'll try to work on that while the laundry's going. Either that or my chapter. OMG. I'm such a bad coauthor.
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Actually, the Ozark Choral Society concert in review first--selections from Phantom of the Opera, selections from Beauty and the Beast, a few solos. Too much choralizing and not enough solos, IMHO, but then I guess everyone needs their moment and the director has to play fair. They had to condense both, and rearrange, but they did a good job. (But the Phantom kidnapping Christine right after "Masquerade"?? WTF??!)

Three-and-a-half stars out of five, for local theater.

Saw Karen briefly, which was nice, but we really didn't talk other than for her to say that I was looking good--both weight-wise and my outfit. Lol. Yay. Right afterward, me and Jacqui headed for the club. (Well, okay, Mickey D's pitstop--drinking on an empty stomach is BAD!)

When we got there, Nico, April (who wrecked my battery, lol, if you'll recall), her husband Kevin, their friend Ryan (who I'd met twice or thrice at April's place), Ryan's little (underage) brother Chris, and Wigz were there.  Candise and Kelly showed up not too much later.

I kind of sat there for a while, soaking it in. The music was WAY louder, there were a few people dancing, but it wasn't crowded (at only 10:30ish). Nico finally dragged me to the bar to get drinks. I wasn't sure what I wanted and just said "something fruity." "Two something fruitys, please!" XD I guess Amaretto Sours were on special because that's what we got. GOOD STUFF. Amaretto, sweet and sour mix, and Sprite. Mmm.

While I was sitting there drinking it, a woman came around offering Jello shots, and Nico bought a round. Wasn't so impressed by that--it ONLY tasted of Jello, and not at all of alcohol (despite the fact that it's made with vodka). If I wanted to taste that I'd make plain old Jello! Two bucks for THAT? No thanks, I'd rather save my money for a REAL drink.

The girl that was selling them was Asian, so after she walked away Jacqui was all, "Lick Poop...take Jello shot..." But then that's not funny unless you've seen the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. Ahem.

So anyway I just kind of sat there for a long time. Candise was all, "Why are you just sitting there? You're supposed to be down there, moving!" (We had a table elevated from the main dance floor.) And I just shrugged and held up my drink. "More of this first!" Lol. (I found out later that the Amaretto Sour is actually really low in alcohol, lol, but whatever.)

About the time I was finally finishing it (not that I drink slowly by ANY stretch of the imagination!) Bri, Tab, and Rackle showed up, completing our little group. When THEY were there, THEN I had the guts to go dance--we were all dancing in a group.

I started off dancing in little bursts, then going and sitting, then dancing again for longer and longer...all told I think I spent about three hours on the floor. In THREE INCH HEELS, thanks.

There was a lot of dancing going on purely for shits and giggles, girl-on-girl (not me but the other girls), girl-on-Nico, lol. At one point I was sitting on a stool against the wall (but not at a table) and Ryan, who was pretty crunked by that point, backed up to me and danced for a second, but it didn't last long, lol.

But the dancing and all was building up my confidence...I went to Nico and asked him. "Dude, I know you called dibs, but would you be upset if I danced with Ryan?" (Ryan is straight, lol, but still.) Nico kind of laughed me off and said to go for it--so I did.

Dancing with a guy is completely different--even if it's a guy you don't care about. It was fun, and intense (if you get my drift--I wouldn't have done it if my mother was there! ^_^). I fully enjoyed it, but a large part of me kept wishing it was Duncan, lol. (Practice for when it IS, hopefully.) It was also kind of funny because of HOW drunk Ryan was. It was crazy, he not only kept his feet but was moving them way more than I moved mine (I'm more of a hip- and shoulder-shaker)--so long as no one bumped into him. If someone did, then he kind of headed in a floorly direction, lol. One time I was all, "Are you okay?" and he did this motion to indicate that he was seeing double, then indicated that his vision was centered again, and nodded, then carried on dancing right where he'd left off. Lol.

When the song ended I sat back down, but then they announced the Cha Cha Slide ("Only losers like you would request this song! You're the only people in the world that like it!" And yet everyone danced, lol), so I got back up and found myself dancing with Ryan again. I thought I kind of sucked but Nico said I did okay. Jacqui pointed out later that it's kind of hard to screw up as the instructions are IN THE SONG, but then I reminded her that I doooo tend to get left and right mixed up. (At least when told them verbally--I do okay on DDR because it's a visual representation.)

We kept dancing through the next song, and then I sat down. Nico pushed a drink to me, something red and fruity--something called a Southern Mother Fucker. I tried to look it up online later and since I couldn't find it, I'm thinking it might be a Firehouse specialty. (There are other drinks such as the Purple Mother Fucker, so I'm guessing it's the same thing, just with Southern Comfort in it.) Whatever it was, it was good. I downed it pretty quickly, and good thing, too, because not too much later the club closed.

Out in the parking lot I thanked Ryan for dancing with me--I was glad he was there, I wouldn't have had the guts to ask a total stranger to dance, and I would have missed out!--"Sorry I sucked..." He gave me a side hug and a kiss on the cheek. ^_^ (Five o'clock shadow, up close and personal, lol.) Everyone had decided to meet back up at McDonald's here in Mountain Home, but as me and Jacqui were on our way Nico called me from someone's cellphone (Wigz or April, I'm not sure, lol) and told me April's car had broken down, so plans were off.

Jacqui and I came home and I changed, then we turned around and went out again because I had to get a Mother's Day present for Mom, lol. As we were passing, we saw someone turn in at Taco Bell, so we circled back to say hi--it was Tab, Bri, Rackle, Candise and Kelly, all eating Mickey D's. We chatted for a few minutes. Jacqui fell asleep, lol, so I left her in the car while I got Mom's present. (A book I thought she'd like. She hasn't said anything yet.)

When me and Jacqui got back to my place she went right to sleep, I went online for an hour or so.

The next morning we got up and had lunch with my parents (Jacqui's mom was out of town), which was funny. I told them I didn't know the name of the red drink and Jacqui said it had been at least an hour between when I finished it and when we left. ^_^**

And that's pretty much everything...except the PICS! All of the following gacked from Nico and Rackle, the little shutterbugs. Also all click-to-enlarge.

 This is almost everyone--Kelly with her back to the camera, Wigz in the strapless top, Bri with her back to the camera, Tab above that, Rackle in the blue top, and me with my back to the camera, too, lol.

This is April, whose birthday we were celebrating.

Someone must have said something funny to Tab, because this is not alcohol, lol.

Me and Jacqui and my Amaretto Sour, lol.

Me and Nico finally have a smooshy pic! ^_^

Nico and Chris, who barely said three words all night, lol.

This is my new favorite pic of myself, it's my default pic on MySpace and my MSN userpic. My headline on both: "I may not be a ten, but the boys say I clean up good...I'm here for the party!"

Nico shakin' his groove thang. ^_^

Wigz, Tab, and me. I have NO idea why I look so mad, lol. Or why I thought that that move resembled dancing.

This is NOT a pic of Tab dancing. It's a lovely photo of my shoulder. Lol.

This is me dancing with Ryan. My mother must never know of this pic's existence.

The man's a brilliant dancer, no matter how drunk he is. (I didn't do that, I swear!)

 So yeah. I had fun. ^_^


May. 13th, 2007 05:10 am
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*yawn* I started these earlier when I was doing laundry and just finished. Will post about the club when I'm less sleepy.

Hopefully Nico and/or Tack will have uploaded some pics by then. They took tons. I took one and it sucks, lol.

At any rate, I had a WONDERFUL time. ^_^

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