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New chapter of Detour to Destiny. We're so freakin' close to posting the end of the third book (and writing the fourth). I can almost taste it.
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I got to watch the finale with Michele, Dani, and Kia, and we got to debate and banter about it during and after, and this is my interpretation based on all the questions we brought up and logic-ed out. =) (Ie, this is how I tried to explain to my horribly confused mother.) This first bit is paraphrased from a comment I posted elsewhere.

RAWR SPOILERS (plz come & debate with meeee) )

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Blah blah blah, I fail at LiveJournal, etc etc. Not sure if I'm going to read the last...month?...of entries or not, we'll see how far backed up I am.

The main reason for this is Google Reader: I decided to separate syndicated content from meaningful content (instead of reading all of it together and getting SUPER backlogged all the time). Therefore ICHC and such are checked on Google Reader, and LJ is for...well, actual people. Lol.

I really just wanted to come around and say:

A) Yeah, still alive, wedding plans rolling.
B) I spent the weekend with Josh and Shelly and we watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog/Commentary! The Musical and I have been left wibbling. In a very good way. (Yeeeah I might have a crush on NPH now, but this is hardly the first time I've developed a fondness for the unattainable, lol.) And yeah yeah yeah I KNOW I need to, you know, dive into the rest of Jossverse, but please, maybe, can it wait until after the wedding?

PS: This weather makes me happy. Le sigh. =)
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Because someday, someone will care. XD Woot for happy endings at least.

Monday before last, as Cody and I were driving on our way to have a celebratory dinner after doing our legalities (lol), my car started jerking. I pulled into a parking lot just to get off the street--luckily it was O'Reilly Auto Parts. As my car shuddered and died, I realized my (digital) dashboard had died, no indicators of anything. Parked, tried to start up again, click click click. No dice. We went inside and got a guy to come check the car, he said it was probably the alternator or the battery (as I suspected), he tested the battery and said it had like no charge, but it could still be either--the alternator dying would kill the battery. He gave us a jump and we drove the block or so to Wayne's Auto Repair, where my cousin works. (Take your cars there, folks. Srsly.) It was closing time there, but we left the keys and got a ride back to the house (thanks April!! =D), where we took Cody's car to go have dinner.

And then I found $5! (not really--it's an injoke) )

So if you have car trouble in or around Mountain Home, take your car to Wayne's Auto Repair (it's between AutoZone and the Exxon station where 5, 201, and 62 merge). They will do you right. (I feel like I should be handing out business cards for them. If he's going to comp us a tow I want to drum up some business for him!)


On a side note, the whole moving-in thing is working really well. Our car insurance together is considerably cheaper than either of us was paying alone. And groceries are easier. We're actually having money left over. I'd forgotten what that felt like.

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You Are Stylish

You look good, but you aren't trendy or over the top about it.

There's a good chance you know what works for you. You have an established look.

You know how to dress well, but you may have trouble breaking out of your comfort zone.

Try a new color or new accessory. Staying stylish is about trying new things and taking risks.


You Want to Impress Strangers

You want strangers to think you're attractive. You want to be seen as gorgeous and sexy.

You want everyone you meet to think you're brilliant. Being seen as intelligent is important for your self esteem.

You are at your most playful when you are around family and friends. You are more serious around people you don't know well.

You let strangers see parts of you right away, but you believe in keeping some things private.

You are open to becoming close to people, but it takes some time. You don't let just anyone in.

...sounds about right, actually.

And minutes I'll be hitting the shower. Shortly thereafter I shall have delightfully coppery red hair. Or purple, you know. Because that's what happened last time. (It ended up being nicely coppery red a few washings later, which you can see in Shelly's wedding pics. Lol.)
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You Are a Drawing

You appreciate things that are simple and elegant.

You believe that complexity is mostly used to mask flaws.

You believe that art is about leaving more to the imagination.

The best art isn't overly showy or flashy. It subtly beautiful.


Your Body is 23 Years Old

Your body is exactly as old as it should be.

You're taking fairly good care of yourself, but you could be doing a better job.

Keep eating well and exercising. And if you're not doing this already, it's time get started.

Minimize your bad habits. They may be fun, but they eat years off your life!


Aside to [ profile] smiley_face86: Edited your chapter last night, but couldn't get the whole story to open on the iBook because it wasn't saved in compatibility mode. Properly saved files are now on flash drive, should be able to write mine tonight. Was able to work on a different story for three-ish hours on the fully charged battery, so forecast is good! =D
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The rules: pick 15 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 15 of your own.

Cody, of course, for being the most awesome human being alive and insisting that no, that's actually me. =)
[ profile] darkest_crocus for being my best friend for forever. And producing an adorable goddaughter. And smiling and nodding when my conversation starter is "Boys don't make any sense!"
[ profile] princessnico for giving me my daily recommended amount of fabulous.
[ profile] solarflare1103 for teaching me to ride a bike and listening to me carry on like a six-year-old about it. And like a sixth-grader the rest of the time.
[ profile] smiley_face86 for not throwing too big of a fit about the slowness of my chapters...
[ profile] littlelaiken for the awesome poetry--I wish I could compliment it better but know that I read and enjoy everything you post. =)
[ profile] high_volzage for messing with my head now and again. SON OF A PENGUIN.
[ profile] thehobbitwaffle for having the most insane conversations at the weirdest hours.
[ profile] tyrel_roo for making me think.
[ profile] eolmithrandir for critiquing my writing.
[ profile] screweduptown for always making it a good time when we hang out--which we should do more.
[ profile] listen_quietly for teh random. Yes teh.
[ profile] kiashyel for being able to see beauty in everything, even pain.
[ profile] pippinlives for always wanting to chat about relationships and wedding stuff.
[ profile] gamgeefest for always bringing it back to Hobbits, somehow. =)

(I wonder how many of the people mentioned here will never know since they never look at LJ...)
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I'm cashiering for the Lions auction this week. I'm away from the interwebs, but on the bright side I'm getting caught up on NaNo, which was hopelessly behind until I added 4500+ words today. I plan to make it at LEAST 5,000 before I go to bed (that's 10% of total!), but in the meantime, have a meme. It was going around Facebook and I got tagged. =P

1. Put your iPod on shuffle. (I used WinAmp but okay)
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
IF SOMEONE SAYS "IS THIS OKAY" YOU SAY? The Great Divide--Point of Grace
WHAT WOULD BEST DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious--Mary Poppins soundtrack
WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? Falling--Staind (Lol, that makes me think of when they were talking about how Elijah could, like, fall down three flights of stairs, brush himself off, and walk away...)
WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? Rock This Country--Shania Twain (hell yeah!)
WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO? No One Else On Earth--Wynonna Judd
WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Run To the Hills--Iron Maiden (XD)
WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? Time After Time--Cyndi Lauper (usually how much more I like the techno remix...)
WHAT IS 2+2? Colour Everywhere--Deana Carter
WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? Volume Four--Sharp Tools (IDK but apparently it's LONG! XD)
WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PERSON YOU LIKE? The Trolley Song--Judy Garland (haha nice!)
WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? Seven Nation Army--The White Stripes
WHAT WILL YOU DANCE TO AT YOUR WEDDING? I Can't Get No Satisfaction--Rolling Stones (*headdesk* Well, not until after that night! XD)
WHAT WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL? Life Support--Rent (Broadway Soundtrack)
WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST? Rollercoaster--B*Witched (Lol, if I could afford amusement parks...)
WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET? Three Point One Four--Bloodhound Gang (ZOMG. Lol. THAT'S way off.)
WHAT'S THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN? Carry You to Jesus--Steven Curtis Chapman ( o_O)
WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU REGRET? Pretty Odd--Panic! At the Disco
WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH? Fill My Heart--Kathy Troccoli
WHAT MAKES YOU CRY? Take Another Little Piece of My Heart--Faith Hill
WHAT SCARES YOU THE MOST? I Saw the Light--Wynonna Judd (Actually yes...catching Cody cheating would be the death of me. ;_; But he never would so that's okay.)
DOES ANYONE LIKE YOU? Wearing Clothes for the First Time--Bicentennial Man score
WHAT HURTS RIGHT NOW? The Real Thing--The Kinleys
WHAT WILL YOU POST THIS AS? Please Remember Me--Tim McGraw

This is a masterpiece of nonsensicalness, y/y?

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Firefox spellcheck recognizes nonsensicalness as a word?

And just because I can, I'm linking to Shelly's answers on Facebook, because so many of hers actually made sense that it got kinda weird. Lol. Dueling Guitars indeed.


Nov. 5th, 2008 03:57 am
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From [profile] kiashyel
At this moment in time if you HAD to have someone's name tattooed on you it would be? Uh...probably J.R.R. Tolkien's initial-symbol, lol. I would never tattoo a name on myself!!
Are you allergic to anything? Seafood.
Who did you kiss at midnight on New Years? Lol, no one. Planning on fixing that this year!
Are you a dog or cat person? CAT.
Have you ever dated someone longer than a year? Not yet.
Do you plan on being in a relationship 2 months from now? Yes!
Have you ever seen your best friend cry? Well yeah.
Did you get any compliments today? They were from a couple of days ago, but I just read them today. I was told I was a Grammar Snob and that I was dry (as in, my humor). And yes, I'm sure they were compliments, and I was quite pleased by both. ^_^
What would you say if someone told you they were in love with your brother? I'd tell them they were SOL as both my brothers are happily married.
Who was the last person to call you their homie g? Uh...probably Nico, if anyone ever.
What time did you wake up this morning? wasn't morning anymore.
Does it matter to you if your bf/gf smokes cigs? Yeeeeeah...I've had crushes on smokers but I don't really think I could kiss a smoker. That could get problematic sooner or later.
Do you hate the last girl you had a conversation with? Of course not. I don't converse with those I hate.
Does the person you like, like you back? I'm pretty sure he's totally in love with me. ^_^
What were you doing at 9:00 pm last night? Um. Last night. Uh. What day was it? I think I was at Nico's but the days are starting to run together again.
Ever been swimming in a lake or river? Well, yeah, back when I used to swim.
Did anyone call you last night? Nope. Yesterday afternoon and this morning but not last night. I text a lot more than I talk.
How many different houses have you lived in throughout your life? Six, if you count both apartments.
What is your name if you spell it without the letters "N" "O" and "L"? Sarah Strbe. XD
Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? Depends...which I guess means no, lol.
Did you cry today? No.
Last person who text messaged you? Nico, I'm pretty sure.
Do you currently have a hickey? Not currently. And if anyone other than the two people I told about it can tell me when it was, well, fail. (It was not intentional, Cody was duly punished for it after the fact, and it has not happened since.)
Who did you last go out to eat with? mother.
Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months or more? Yeah. We're a third of the way there. ^_^
What made you happy today? Hm. Cody called me this morning. I made significant NaNo progress and am not behind. I voted and that made me feel smart. I got a library card, though I'm not likely to use it. Wolf was a cute kid. I found out that Steven is even MORE cool than I thought initially.
When was the last time you were told you were beautiful? Sunday. I still don't believe him, but I love to hear it.
Do you find it in your heart to forgive? Oh, usually. If the offense is particularly bad I'll stop talking to someone, but I don't waste time being mad at them. (It's an extreme example of forgive and FORGET.)
When was the last time something bothered you? Today, when Arkansas Prop One passed. =(
Ever thought you were going to marry someone you didn’t end up marrying? Yeah, more than once.
Do you call anyone by their last name? No, people call ME by MY last name! Lol.
Last person to make you smile? Uh...Steven.
If you're sleeping and someone calls you what do you say? Assuming I answer, I still usually just say "Hello?" Depends on who it is.
Where did you get your last bruise from? I get banged up so often they all kinda blur together.
When was the last time you felt your heart was actually breaking? Hmm...honestly probably when I realized that things were falling apart with Duncan.
Who are you closest to in your family? Jennifer.
What does the 50th text in your inbox say? I keep my inbox empty. Phone storage is for ringtones!
Would you ever live with anyone on your top friends? Uh, my MySpace top friends? Let's see...I will be living with Cody someday (when we get married), I DID live with Nico for about two and a half weeks, and I could probably deal with Kristy, Shelly, or Jacqui. Possibly others in a more-than-two-roommates kind of situation.
Feel like talking to someone that you haven't in a while? You know, it's funny. Kade emailed me out of nowhere and gave me her new number, and we exchanged texts for like half an hour. I'd been thinking about her for about a week. So I guess I'd have to say Hobbity...
Expecting something to change in the next month? Yeah, I expect to have a JOB. Grr.
Would you get married if you could right now? You know, if all the finances/etc. were there, I might just jump the gun and marry Cody. Maybe not the wisest move at this moment, but I think we could make it.
Who was the last person you were mad at? Hmm...Nico.
Who was the last person to comment/message you? Uh, I think it was GamgeeFest. On LJ anyway.
Do you think too much or too little? Way, way, way too much.
Did you kiss or hug anyone today? Steven gave me a hug before I left, and I think I gave Wolf a hug at some point...
Have you ever in any way, been betrayed by someone you trust? Yeah.
Was the first person you talked to today male or female? Male, because it was my ABF. ^_^
Have you ever had your heart broken? Several times. I finally managed to find all the pieces though, and I gave them to someone I trust.
Do you think you'll be married in 10 years? I know I'll be married in about a year. =D
Who would you honestly say you would risk your life for? A couple of people. It's a relatively short list though.
What’s the most important part of a relationship in your opinion? Trust.
What are your plans for this weekend? None on Saturday, driving down to see Cody on Sunday.
When's last time you wanted to cry? I did cry on Friday.
Who was the last person you took a picture with? As in, I was IN the picture with them? Cody.
When was the last time you were told you were amazing? Sunday.
If you could have one thing right now, what would it be? A GOOD JOB!!
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Now I understand why Shelly kind of fell off the face of the earth for a while when she first got together with Josh. =) (Five and a half weeks and I STILL feel like I'm dreaming. YAY.)

That being said, I'm posting my chapter soon. If not tonight, then in the morning.

Blogthings, because I read my flist... )
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1. How do you feel about the second to last person you kissed? The second-to-last person to kiss me on the cheek is kinda douchey. Like, not in a "OMG I never want to see him again" way, but in a "huh, what was I thinking in getting that close?" kinda way.
2. What's bothering you right now? That I missed the call from Hastings, because I'm afraid that they think I wasn't serious about the job! Must call first thing in the morning.
3. Will you kiss the last person you kissed again? The odds are 99.99999999%.
4. What is in your wallet? $20, all my cards (credit, debit, alcohol membership cards, driver's license, etc), and some photos.
5. Wallpaper on your computer's desktop? Rurouni Kenshin fanart by Hakubaikou from DA.
6. Background on your cell phone? ...Elijah.
7. Next time you will kiss someone? Probably Sunday after next. Hee.
8. Where was your default picture taken? On MySpace/Facebook I have one up from Shelly's wedding.
9. Eyes: Aquamarine.
10. Life: Is pretty freaking great right now. The only thing that would make it perfect would be a job.
11. Future: ...also pretty freaking great, other than the job thing. But I may have a job--I'll find out first thing tomorrow.
12. Doing this weekend? IDK yet. D&D seems to have fallen apart, so...yeah. No clue. Maybe I'll stay in all night and read a book.
13. Wearing? Pajamas.
16. Listening to? I'm the Least You Could Do by the Bloodhound Gang.
17. Have you ever kissed anyone named Patty? No.
18. What do you smell like? Nothing, really, lol. Nail polish a little.
19. Eating? Not at the moment.
20. On your bed, what is your favorite thing? Squishy pillow!!
21. Do you believe in a soul mate? Yeah.
22. What do you wear to bed? ...pajamas. I have a pair of flannel jammies for winter, and a pair of satin ones for Not Summer, lol, but for the most part I wear drawstring pants or shorts and a t-shirt.
23. Do you remember your dreams? Sometimes. Depends on how vivid they are and how long afterwards I wake up--and whether I tell someone about them, lol.
24. Do you burn easily in the sun? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Natural redhead, keep out of direct sunlight!
25. Have you ever been gambling? Huh. No, not unless you count buying lotto tickets.
27. What did you do this past weekend? Saturday night I watched anime with Kristy and Jared, and Sunday I met up with Cody. =) Then after he left I did laundry and hung out with Kristy all day. Lol.
28. Who do you miss? Cody, Katchan and Esme.
29. Who is the last girl you hugged? Kristy.
30. Orange or apple juice? Either, depending on my mood. Right this minute I'd take orange.
31. Who was the last person you went somewhere with? Nico, and Allan.
32. Have you kissed anyone in the past month? Well, not on the lips, but yes. Hee.
34. Last time you ate a home grown tomato? Ew, tomatoes.
36. What was the last thing you drank? Pepsi. =( The Mountain Dew was out at Taco Bell.
37. Whose house did you go to last night? Kristy's.
38. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital? Mom.
39. Do you like someone right now? I more than like him.
40. What do you wear more, slacks, jeans, or sweatpants? Probably a tie between jeans and slacks/trousers, but NEVER sweatpants. Not even to sleep, or if I'm sick.
41. What is the last movie you watched in the theatre? The new Indiana Jones, I think.
42. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink: Dr. Pepper or the Wal*Mart knockoff, cranberry-apple juice, and milk. Oh, and here lately a lot of white zin at Nico's. Lol.
43. What are you excited about? I have a boyfriend who loves me. =) Also the idea of working at Hastings, but that's not for sure yet.
44. Do you want someone you can't have? Well, there's Elijah, but the person I really want I CAN have. Lol. 'Bout freaking time.
45. Who was last to slap your butt? O_o Probably that chick at the club. Kristy thought she was on ecstasy so I called security on her.
46. Where was the last place you went? Nico, Allen and I went to Taco Bell, but only through the drive-thru. Before that Nico and I went to Colton's.
47. What's on your mind right now? Cody, lol.
48. Have you cried recently? Nope.
49. If an unstoppable force comes across an unmovable object then what happens? Zero is divided!
50. Is taking a shower a daily habit? Yes, but I don't always wash my hair.

You know the drill, more random surveys under the cut... )
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Seriously. Paused torrents and the internet is still slow. Probably need to restart the computer.

From David on MySpace, and the answers may run a bit differently now...

Q: Are you proud of the person you've become?
A: Most days. Not always.

Q. Where is your significant other at the moment?
A: Hmm...he got out of class about 30 minutes ago, I'm surprised I'm not on the phone with him.

Q: How did you and your top 4 become friends?
A: Work, camp, work, and internet, in that order.

Q: How late did you stay up last night and why?
A: Last night was weird, I crashed from about 10:30 PM-2 AM, then watched a movie and ended up sleeping from about 6 or 6:30 AM to 11.

Q: What's the connection between you and the last person you texted?
A: I'm his fag hag. Lol.

Q: Have you ever kissed someone whose name started with a C?
A: Haha, no, but I might in the not-too-distant future! *dies laughing*

Q: Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?
A: Bah. I'm usually doing good to make it to two weeks.

Q: Who was the last person that called you on the phone?
A: Umm...IDK. I missed a call from a number I didn't recognize, and when I called back I got "The customer you are trying to reach has a voice mail box that is not yet set up." So I called again and hung up before it went to voicemail so that they'd have a missed call. Might've been a wrong number.

Q: Who was the last person to send you a MySpace message?
A: I think it was Hobbitmum, but I'm really not sure.

Q: Whose bed did you sleep in last night?
A: Um, MINE? Would that not be the answer like 90% of the time? Weird question.

Q: Do you miss anyone?
A: Always.

Q: What does your 8th text message say?
A: I keep my inbox empty.

Q: Have you held hands with anyone today?
A: Not today. Soon maybe.

Q: What are you excited about?
A: Cody coming to visit me.

Q: Plans for tonight?
A: Nope.

Q: Do you like to cuddle?
A: Very much.

Q: What are your plans for the weekend?
A: Being in a wedding! =D

Q: Whats your hair look like today?
A: I haven't looked in a mirror since this morning, but it must be pretty hot because a random woman in the Wal*Mart parking lot told me it was really pretty. =D

Q: Did you ever lose a friend?
A: Yeah.

Q: What are you doing right now?
A: ...filling out this meme.

Q: Whats the last thing you had to drink?
A: Dr. Pepper.

Q: What was the last thing you ate?
A: A lime popsicle.

Q: Ever go camping?
A: Eww, nature.

Q: Have you ever lost anything down a toilet?
A: Not unless it was when I was too little to remember. Even at the age of three, when my mom read me that book "I Love You Forever" and the kid flushes his mom's watch, I was all "Um...WHY?"

Q: Are you someone's best friend?
A: Several people's, actually.

Q: Do you have a dog?
A: I'm terrified of dogs.

Q: Do you like birds?
A: Meh.

Q: Biggest annoyance in your life today?
A: Distance.

Q: Who do you tell everything to?
A: No one, really. I have different go-to friends for different topics.

Q. Have you spoken to your mother today?
A: We went shopping. She bought me a cheese grater, yay!

Q: Are you happy?
A: I'm kinda cranky, actually, for no apparent reason.

Q: Do you drink bottled water?
A: If I'm going to drink plain water (not likely) I definitely prefer it not be city water from the tap.

Q: Will you be in a relationship 4 months from now?
A: I highly doubt it will be that long.

Q: Does anyone love you?
A: No. I'm TOTALLY unlovable. XD

Q: Do you fall for people easily?
A: Ehh...yeah. -_-*

Q: When is the last time you saw number 1 on your top friends?
A: Yesterday.

Q: Does the last person you shared a bed with mean anything to you?
A: I can't remember the last time I shared a bed. For real. I want to say it was with Shelly for some camp thing or another, in which case, yes, she means a lot to me, and I'm going to be in her wedding this weekend and all, but whoever it was, it was a really long time ago, and that's probably not at all what this question was driving at. Lol.

Q: Are you too forgiving?
A: Sometimes, and sometimes not enough. Overall I'd say yes though.

Q: Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
A: I would be willing to bet that at least one person is, and fairly sure there are more.

Q: Do you like your name?
A: First and last, yes, full name with middle initial, yes, middle name, no.

Q: Did the one person who hurt you the most recently apologize?
A: The people who have hurt me most in my life probably have no idea that they did anything at all.

Q: Do you care if people hate you for no reason?
A: Not really. If they're that petty I don't want them around me anyway.

Q: What are you wearing?
A: Purple-and-metallic striped shirt and black pinstriped pants. Plus jewelry, and earlier I had on purple patent-leather Mary Janes, but I'm barefoot now.

Q: Do you remember your dreams?
A: It depends on how vivid they are and how quickly I have to wake up. I've had some VERY vivid ones lately.

Q: Was this your best summer?
A: Hmm...there's a couple weeks to go, and honestly, if things go like I think they will over the next few weeks, the answer will probably be yes.

Q: Were you happy when you woke up today?
A: No, the alarm was going off.

Q: Who'd you last eat with?
A: Mom.

Q: What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself?
A: Lol, wow, these question-writers know me! Hmm...I think it was probably Dr. Pepper.

Q: Did your last kiss mean anything?
A: It was one of my nieces or nephews, so yeah.

Q: Would you ever date someone who thought they knew EVERYTHING?
A: Well, I wouldn't date someone stupid!

Q: How long was your last phone call?
A: Like 15 seconds, lol. I just had one question and Dad was in a hurry.

Q: Do you smoke weed regularly?
A: I don't smoke weed AT ALL.

Q: Do you like someone right now?
A: Yes indeedy!

Q: Are you playing hard to get right now?
A: No, I just AM hard to get. But I'm worth it!

Q: How many people have you kissed that had a name that started with the letter Z?
A:! Lol.

Blogthings under here. )


Aug. 5th, 2008 02:50 am
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Start with your name: Sarah.

What do you think about smoking weed? Kill your brain cells if you want, but leave me alone.

How did you wake up this morning? Late.

Do you believe everything you hear? No.

Is the person you have a crush on older or younger than you? Younger. Quite a bit younger actually.

Is it easy for others to make you feel awkward? Yeah.

Are you taller than 5'5"? Yes.

If you're being extremely quiet what’s it mean? That I'm wrapped up in something, or mad at whoever I'm with--in the latter case, there are other signs, though.

What time did you go to bed last night? Last night? It was almost 6 AM...
What will you do Friday? Going to a wedding.

Have you ever been awake for 48 hours? My record is about 34.

Look outside, how's the weather? TOO. FUCKING. HOT.

How do you feel? Meh.

Do you trust all your friends? To one extent or another.

Did you like anyone last summer? My like for that person was fading out by the time summer came around.

What's one of your favorite colors? Purple!
What are you doing today? Going to help Kristy fix her car, apparently.

Next vacation you're going on? No idea.

How do you feel about the person who texted you last? Uhh...Nico's pretty awesome. =)

What's the last thing you ate? Cottage cheese and a grilled cheese sammich. =)
What are you looking forward to? ...Shelly's wedding, which is not the one on Friday.

Who makes the best grilled cheese sandwich? I don't think I've ever had anyone make me one besides myself and my mom...and they're more or less the same.

How many windows are open on your computer? Five--and FIrefox has two tabs.

How many hours did you sleep last night? Like...nine.

Are you sarcastic? NOOOO NEVER!
In the past week have you felt stupid? Not for very long, but it happens often enough.

What were you doing at seven this morning? Sleeping.

In the past week have you felt sad? Not really.

Has someone disappointed you recently? Define recently.

Do you have plans for this weekend? Wedding on Friday, may take up the whole weekend if Shelly's not busy. We shall see.


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Go over 45, you're a bad influence. If you go under 10, chances are you live under a rock and have no life... even more harsh. Total the number of things in each list you've done.

No need to say which ones. If people really want to know they will message you. (I'm open for questioning; if you're curious I don't mind comments...)

1. smoked
2. consumed alcohol
3. slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex
4. slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex
5. kissed someone of the same sex
6. had sex
7. had someone in your room other than family
8. watched porn
9. bought porn
10. done drugs

1. taken painkillers
2. taken someone else's prescription medicine.
3. lied to your parents.
4. lied to a friend.
5. snuck out of the house
6. done something illegal.
7. cut yourself.
8. hurt someone
9. wished someone to die.
10. seen someone die.

1. missed curfew.
2. stayed out all night.
3. eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself.
4. been to a therapist.
5. been to rehab.
6. dyed your hair.
7. received a ticket.
8. been in an accident.
9. been to a club.
10. been to a bar.

1. been to a wild party.
2. been to a Mardi Gras parade.
3. drank more than four beers in a night.
4. had a spring break in Florida.
5. sniffed anything.
6. wore black nail polish.
7. wore arm bands.
8. wore t-shirts with band names.
9. listened to rap.
10. owned a 50 Cent CD.

1. dressed Gothic.
2. dressed prep.
3. dressed punk.
4. dressed grunge.
5. stole something.
6. been too drunk to remember anything.
7. blacked out.
8. fainted.
9. had a crush on a neighbor.
10. had a crush on a teacher.

1. snuck into someone else's room.
2. had a crush on your friend.
3. been to a concert.
4. dry-humped someone.
5. been called a slut.
6. called someone a slut.
7. installed speakers in your car.
8. broken a mirror.
9. showered at someone of the opposites sex's house.
10. brushed your teeth with someone elses toothbrush

1. consider/considered Ludacris your favorite rapper.
2. seen an R-rated movie in theater.
3. cruised the mall.
4. skipped school.
5. had surgery.
6. had an injury.
7. gone to court.
8. walked out of a restaurant without paying
9. caught something on fire.
10. lied about your age.

1. owned/rented an apartment.
2. broke the law in the police's presence.
3. made out with someone who had a gf/bf.
4. got in trouble with the police.
5. talked to a stranger.
6. hugged a stranger.
7. kissed a stranger.
8. rode in the car with a stranger.
9. been harassed.
10. been verbally harassed.

1. met face-to-face with someone you met online.
2. stayed online for about 5 hours straight.
3. talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight.
4. watched TV for 5 hours straight.
5. been to a fair.
6. been called a bad influence.
7. drank and drove.
8. prank-called someone.
9. laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex.
10. cheated on a test.
Total: 6

Grand Total: 42 (HAAA life, the universe and everything!)

-If You Have Less Than 10.. write [im an uber Goody Goody]
-If You Have More Than 10.. write [im still a goody goody]
-If You Have More Than 20 ..write [im average]
-If You Have More Than 30.. write [im a bad kid]
-If You Have More Than 40.. write [im a very bad influence]
-If You Have More Than 50.... write ..[im a horrible person]

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It took me a week to set everything up, but FINALLY, I've got Detour to Destiny a home of its own--here on LJ.

[profile] detourdestiny

It's full of awesome. ^_^ And now there's going to be no more drama like there was on the fanfiction websites. (FFN deleted us for quoting lyrics, FOS is now offering anything BUT Freedom of Speech.)

So now it seems like all is going to be smooth sailing insofar as getting it FINISHED and posted. I've gotten back into the writing groove, and Shelly's all graduated. The only thing that can interfere there is wedding plans. Hee!

If you want to know what I'm talking about, you can read the FAQ here. :D
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Your Ice Cream Personality:

You are not a particularly modest person. You're proud of who you are, and you don't care who knows it.

You are incredibly cautious. You rather miss out on something than make a mistake. No one would ever call you wild... but they would call you responsible.

You are a fairly open minded person with a wide range of tastes. You are quite accepting of unusual ideas and people.

You tend to have a one track mind. You prefer not to multitask.

You are a serious and contemplative person. You definitely do your own thing in life.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

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I went to my friend LynnDee's graduation tonight. I've known her since she was three. I feel old. All the kids I knew a long time ago are BIG. They're...teenagers. And not barely-qualifying 13-year-olds, I mean, they're later-teen teenagers. It's so WEIRD!

She was the valedictorian; but this is slightly less impressive when I say that she was in the smallest graduating class I've EVER seen, lol.

Class motto: Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. --James Dean

Her party is on Saturday, but I thought I wasn't going to get to go because tomorrow is Shelly's bachelorette party and I didn't want to drive over there three times, but it turns out that we'll be in Branson overnight, so I can hang out with Shelly or hang out in Harrison until the party. YAY!

In light of this fact, I'm getting to redo the CD I tried to burn for her earlier (which failed, right before I HAD to head out the door). Tracklist for LynnDee's Graduation Mix:

Graduation (Friends Forever)--Vitamin C
Water Buffalo Song (VeggieTales cover)--Superchic[k]
One Girl Revolution--Superchic[k]
Hero (Red Pill Mix)--Superchic[k]
Youth of the Nation--P.O.D.
(There's Gotta Be) More To Life--Stacie Orrico
With Arms Wide Open--Creed
Mobile--Avril Lavigne
Unwritten--Natasha Bedingfield
Who I Am--Jessica Andrews
Your Crowning Glory (from The Princess Diaries 2)--Julie Andrews and Raven
Smell the Color 9--Chris Ride
By Heart--Point of Grace
I Am--Ginny Owens
The Prayer--Lauren Talley and David Phelps
I Hope You Dance--Lee Ann Womack
Shine All Your Light--Amy Grant
Live Out Loud--Steven Curtis Chapman
College Kids--Relient K

I'm listening to it now to make sure it burned correctly. Then I am heading to...well, not bed exactly. Bed and books, now that I've restocked on Post-Its. ^_^


May. 15th, 2008 01:24 pm
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Still alive, still seeking recepta-wench job.

Got my stimulus check. Does anyone else think that sounds dirty? Just me? Okay then.

FINALLY ordered checks (with, like, ten left...but then again, I started with 50 in October). LotR checks again FTW! And they had a special deal, $5 off if you ordered a matching checkbook cover and address labels...and the power of Elijah Wood was too hard to resist. ^_^ I needed address labels ANYWAY.

Going to Shelly's bachelorette party tomorrow. YAY.

Going to LynnDee's graduation tonight. That's two in a week, Jared and Dena's was on Monday.

Gotta rocket.
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My bridesmaid dress!!

Of course, on me, that drapey thing at the top COVERS my *ahem* bust, but hey. It's pretty. I lurrrrrrrves it. And I am VERY happy that I get to keep it!!

No pics of me IN it, though. They had the style, not the color, in stock at the store (at least in the size we needed) so I had to try it on in *shudder* PINK. Gag me with a spork, plz.


Apr. 25th, 2008 03:50 am
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What Your Feet Say About You:

You are pretty average in your expressiveness. You can express yourself well, but you don't always want to.

You are a somewhat passionate person. A few things get you very fired up, but you're usually pretty laid back.

You are an assertive person at times. You'll pull out all the stops to get what you want, if it's worth it.

You take a while to fall in love, but once you do, you stay pretty attached to your partner.

You are not easily frightened, but you have a few strong phobias.

You are intellectual and philosophical. You are more concerned with thoughts than action.

You are an amazingly hard worker. You aren't spoiled and you don't mind getting your hands dirty.

You are easily influenced by other people. You're quite impressionable, so you should only be around people who are a good influence.

Impressionable? FTW?

Going to Branson tomorrow, to see Shelly and try on my bridesmaid's dress. Yay!

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