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Wikipedia's list of musicians that died at 27 (a phenomenon brought to light recently by the death of Amy Winehouse).

Do you have to be a good musician to get in the "27 club"?

Because also according to Wikipedia, Katy Perry turns 27 on the 25th. Just sayin'.
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At the link, there's a spoiler for an upcoming Glee ep, but really I just wanted to show off the suggestive Klaine banter epic comment thread.

Oh, Darren

Sep. 18th, 2011 06:58 pm
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I don't even want to admit how much time I've spent looking at this since Darren tweeted it...
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I'm on Tumblr.

Let me know who you are, if you're there, too. (Michele and Brandy and Sara I know for sure are there.)

I intend to just reblog stuff, really. This, LJ, is my journal/blog. I have my website for permanent stuff. I may post links to my site on my Tumblr if I get fandom followers on Tumblr.

Goal: NOT to let it take over my life.

We'll see how well that works out.

ETA: Also, Google+. It's interesting, but I doubt it's going to replace Facebook--people like my dad and Dana have hopped on the Facebook bandwagon, but good luck ever getting them to switch.

Then again, maybe that's the awesome part.

ETA AGAIN: Oh hey, there's the correct link to my Tumblr!
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When even long-time New Yorkers think it's time to move on, I think the rest of us should DO SO.


Sep. 9th, 2011 06:38 pm
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I'm the anon that posted here.



Aug. 17th, 2011 11:09 pm
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It's TRUE.
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If you prefer, you can watch the whole concert on my website, via YouTube. I didn't want to have to re-upload to get it on my site, and YouTube has the nifty annotations.
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I have so many FEELINGS about the Darren concert--namely, a weird kind of disconnect because we were so far back (row S, and A was at the front), and we didn't get to talk to him afterward or anything; he wasn't signing. So yes, there's video, and the pics Dani took, but it still feels a little unreal that I was THAT CLOSE.

But it was an amazing set, and Darren was exactly as humble/dapper/polite/charming/amazing/amazeballs/supermegafoxyawesomehot as he always seems to be--it's not fake. Someone (I'm presuming a girl =/) passed out during the concert and he stopped and was genuinely concerned, for her, and for everyone else (lecturing everyone to stay hydrated out there). And. Just. GUH.

How do you not just love a guy who walks out with his guitar and starts his set with a Disney song?

Okay. I'm putting the videos on YouTube first and foremost, and I'm sure I'll have more direct/coherent things to say there.

Also, this was why he wasn't signing autographs afterward, as far as I can tell (judging by the fact that it's empty):

And part of me thinks I should be kind of mad, but he just looks so darn adorable and excited--and I rode that roller coaster maybe half an hour before the concert and I don't blame him, it was awesome--that all I can really summon up is a mild irritation. Not getting an autograph just means I have a reason to see him in concert again. =) And. You know. Celebrities are people, too (scroll down to where he's answering the first letter, the bold text). Amazing as they are.

I'm a bit ridiculously starstruck right now, and I need the concert on my iPod ASAP. OFF TO DO TECHNICAL SORTS OF THINGYS NOW.
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I added a list of fanfic recommendations to my site; so far it's only for Animorphs and Glee because that's all I've really read in recent memory.

And it'll probably get a lot added to it.

Dammit. I just thought of one I forgot.
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There's now a website that will check for you and build you a little tree, if you do multiple searches and they meet up somewhere along the line. I think I had a tree with like fifteen branches when I got to fiddling with it last night.

According to them, though, some of the ones that we disproved the last time I talked about this work, so I'm not sure about that. (Then again, Wikipedia gets edited all the time, so it could happen.)
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xkcd is always amazing. Today's is about Wikipedia. The mouseover text describes a game, of sorts:

"Wikipedia trivia: if you take any article, click on the first link in the article text not in parentheses or italics, and then repeat, you will eventually end up at "Philosophy"."

Which sounds funny, and you could laugh it off...

...but I went and tried it, and so far it's worked for the articles:
Darren Criss
Lord of the Rings
Mai Tai
Abbey Dawn
Hello Kitty
Justin Bieber (at this point I was trying to be silly)
Dick and Jane
Slush (as in, the beverage)
Lady Gaga discography
Troll (Internet)
MyLifeIsAverageand yes, Philosophy.

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Both my competition-winning fic, Rachel's Last Stand, and a new Animorphs ficlet, Poetic Justice, can be found here. LOOKIT MY SHINY BANNER. IT MATCHES. AND IT WASN'T EVEN PLANNED.

Piece of Glee art, here.

And new Glee fanfiction here: Blaine It On the Alcohol. This is...mostly fluff and gap-filling. But it was fun to picture and fun to write.
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funny pictures history - Everything Went Better Than Expected!
see more Historic LOL
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That's great, but I can't help but think that their chart just looks phallic.

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That is all.

(Oh, and if you go here, there's a never-before-published Glee fanfic: "The Sex Talk." In which Blaine insists that Kurt needs...educating, and then Burt wonders just why Blaine was so insistent that Kurt needed...educating.)

(Also, while there's an Animorphs fic section set up, it is sadly empty so far. But I'm working on it!)

(And if you encounter anything not working, please let me know!)
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Cannot decide if Glee covering Friday is awesome or terrifying.

Celbrity Abs Guess Who--someone I care more about this time, but I still had to read the hint.

I'm usually at the far right, or second to far right. =)

(On Glee: why does Charice have an accent when she speaks but not when she sings?)


Old news by now, but YAY for Andy Serkis.

I made cupcakes last Saturday, but I should've made these. And yes, that moment WAS so exciting!

Working on my website, too. No more excuses.
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I'm generally pretty bad at ROFLrazzi's "Celebrity Abs Guess Who." (They show a picture of a shirtless dude's torso, no face, give a clue as to who it might be, and you guess. In case that wasn't obvious.) When I do get them, it's usually because of the hint and not the photo.

But goshdarnit if I didn't get Matthew Morrison--without reading the hint. And pretty instantaneously.

(And while I see that yes, he is well-defined, I'm not even that attracted to him. Had this been Darren Criss I would've been...more excited and less surprised at guessing it, lol.)

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