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So I participated in a secret santa over on [ profile] beyond_dapper. And today was a bad day. And I don't know what possessed me, but I made a video of myself opening my presents.

So yeah. That's me. =)
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Kia made me a Klaine fanmix!!!
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At the link, there's a spoiler for an upcoming Glee ep, but really I just wanted to show off the suggestive Klaine banter epic comment thread.
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Spoilers ahoy! )
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Blaine's transfer and all Klaine scenes were 100% PERFECT. Kurt totally acknowledged that Blaine didn't need to be transferring just for him and Blaine was all "nope, this is for me too." And they're stupidly adorable in love. And BOWTIES, and the HUG, and HOLDING HANDS IN THE LIMA BEAN.

It's Not Unusual? 'Scuse me, I might be pregnant now. Best New Directions audition OF ALL TIME? YES.

Santana getting booted? I...I am torn. But I'm hoping it leads to a redemption/coming out storyline for her.


Why the heck is Emma STILL a virgin??? WHY? I'm glad they're--dating? Living together? But GRRRRRAHGH. On the other hand, good job Mr. Schue, after the smackdown on Sugar, we might have to look into getting you a Man Card.

Quinn? Quinn looks awesome. I hope she rejoins Glee but maintains the badassery. And the HAIR. Minus the smoking, BAD Quinn! And lol Unholy Trinity. Maybe Santana will join the Skanks as well? =/

Lindsey's (from The Glee Project) character is as annoying as Lindsey herself. But I CANNOT WAIT to see the other three! Kind of glad we've got her more or less out of the way.

Sue is...Sue. She makes me want to rip my teeth out and I wouldn't change a thing about her ever.

Thanks, Finn, you having no clue what you want to do with your life is EXACTLY my headcanon, and exactly why I can't decide if you're good for Rachel or not. (I'm sure Kurt could be an awesome stepbrother and help you work on that; you were fairly awesome to him last year when he was having a hard time. After you got your head out of your ass anyway.)

Where was Karofsky? NGL, I want him to join Glee and then for it to give him the guts to come out, having the support of the rest of ND. Wasn't Becky supposed to join Glee, BTW? Ah, well, we just got started I suppose.

And I think I'll withhold comment on Mercedes' boyfriend for now. So far, I am...not enchanted. I was way more excited over the brief hint of Samcedes in the finale. He'll gain a lot of awesome points if he signs up, even if he kind of only doo-wops and shuffles along. =)

And GRR apparently I don't get Fox anymore. So I'll be watching online. >_


Sep. 6th, 2011 10:29 pm
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Tumblr people: If you're on Tumblr, can you only reblog your friends, or can you reblog anything on Tumblr?

(It's probably going to be the death of me. But. SO MUCH KLAINE. Not sure how much longer I can resist.)
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I put my "live album" together and put up a (crappy) piece of Klaine fanart on my website.


Jul. 29th, 2011 06:03 pm
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No, no, NO, it is NOT worth $25 for a PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT WITH BLACK TEXT, especially when you know you can duplicate it for less because it's basically Impact lolcat font, and doubly especially when you would have to be super-careful where you wear it.

But dammit I still kinda want a Born This Way-theme shirt that says LIKES KLAINE. Which doesn't even make sense because it's supposed to be something you're insecure about so mine would most accurately say "fat" but then again the whole not-being-able-to-wear-it-everywhere kinda points back to it being a good idea to go ahead and run with "Likes Klaine."

In other news, I've decided that as much as I love Glee, Ryan Murphy (the creator/producer/often writer/director) is kind of a dick--between this and the kind of crap he says on the Glee Project, I don't think he's really in his line of work because he loves telling good stories; it sounds more to me like he's in it for fame/money. =(

(Which...all the more reason for fanfic, right?)
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This is the entire freaking concert. Enjoy. Please.

Any and all squees welcome. =)
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Day 30: A list with your top 5 moments.

5. Blaine convincing Burt that Kurt needed The Talk.
The fact that he was willing to go through so much awkward because he legitimately cared about his friend, and his friend's safety, before they were even together--wow. I don't think I'd have that much courage. (Reference intended.)

4. The Kliss!
Mark Lowry (a comedian) ruined the phrase "You move me" for me a long time ago. But this has redeemed it, at least partially. =D

3. "I love you." "I love you too."
Because. AWWWWW.

2. Gay marriage becoming legal in New York
It wasn't a Glee moment. But my heart leapt for these two as soon as I heard it was official.

1. "Oh, me too. I've talked to Blaine and he's on board too." (re: college in New York)
This, to me, speaks even more to Klaine's longevity than the I love you's--I love you was something that they'd both been mulling over and probably wanted to say much sooner than they did but were afraid the other didn't, and it's also something that, while a big deal, is easily said. But this, this, means they've been having actual conversations about their futures, and they've come to the conclusion that they want to spend them together. SQUEE!

And that concludes 30 days of Klaine! <3
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I have my baby name book out because I'm having to come up with names for twelve characters (because I am insane and I'm at least starting that Glee Project AU; no idea if it'll get finished--I may post the first chapter on FFN with a link to my site just to get traffic); and on a whim I looked up Kurt and Blaine.

Kurt is a French/Latin name meaning "courteous."

Blaine is an Irish name meaning "thin and lean."

And I was like...they were each named after what their soulmate, well, is.

I know there's no way that could've been intentional but it just plays further into the whole thing and dangit I might have to go and write a ficlet about that.
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Day 29: Favourite Criss/Colfer photo.

So that rules out anything where they're in character/in uniform (unless it's obviously a set photo). Hm.

They're both awfully adorable here, even though Darren seems to be sock-phobic. =)

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Sometimes I love my life.

Day 27: Favourite Chris photo.

This whole photoshoot (H magazine, evidently?) is beautiful, but--one, I'm a sucker for Chucks+suit, and two, he just looks simultaneously so badass and so happy here. Guh.

Day 28: Favourite Darren photo.

I cannot narrow it down to less than two. How can I explain?

This is the one that I use as album art for his songs in iTunes (that aren't really on an album--stuff I've yoinked from YouTube and such), and is also printed off and hanging over my desk:

And don't get me wrong, I love me some sweet, cute, innocent Darren.

But this is the one that I keep coming back to (and is currently my phone wallpaper):

I fixed this one so that you can click through for fullsize (the other two just are at fullsize), and you really...just should. Really. Really really.

I don't even like hairy men Darren you really are a liferuiner OMG
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Urgh. I forgot.

Day 25: Favourite Chris quote about Darren.

Were you surprised that everyone reacted so strongly to Darren Criss?
I think it was so successful because it’s the first time you see Kurt smile, personally. So you’re welcome, Darren…

No, I mean, I was a huge fan of Darren’s, and he doesn’t believe me. He doesn’t believe that I was a huge A Very Potter Musical fan before, even though I quote it all the time and try to convince him, he still doesn’t believe me. He thinks I just did some research on him. So yeah, I definitely was not surprised.

And [Teenage Dream] was such a good song. Like, we heard the arrangement first and I got chills. I thought, ‘This is one of the best songs we’ve ever done.’

Are you hoping he stays on the show long-term?

Yeah! Yeah, he’s fun to have around.

Day 26: Favourite Darren quote about Chris.

Darren's Twitter: 

I...I can't even... We're on a plane with a genius. - Lea Michele, reacting to Chris Colfer's in-flight artwork

(I realize it's Lea speaking, technically, but I think it says something that Darren felt the need to memorialize it and that something is the thing that CrissColfer fic is made of.)
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Day 23: Favourite Klaine video.

Because there's no bad way to mix Klaine and Disney. Really.

Day 24: Random quote that describes Klaine.

Why did I draw a blank? WHY?? Ah well, it's random, not favorite, so no shame in a bit of google-fu we go. =D

True love is when you put someone on a pedestal, and they fall - but you are there to catch them.  ~Author Unknown
Because of the whole "Dude, this is pretty much Blaine and the Pips..." after Kurt had idolized him for so long, and then BAM! Blaine realizes he's in love and Kurt still wants him, lol.

You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart as well.  ~Author Unknown
Because...I didn't put that much thought into until the season was over and I read it in an article somewhere, but before spying on Dalton, Kurt was getting dangerously close to becoming a gay teen suicide statistic. (Not that he isn't strong, but I think it was either Rachel or Mercedes that commented that he was so stressed from Karofsky's bullying that he was starting to lose weight, and not in a good way--even the strongest people have limits.) And then Blaine was there to bring him hope when he needed it most. He may've been texting "Courage," but that wasn't all that Kurt got from it. (And now I feel like writing a fanfic, because, dammit, feelings.)
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Day 22: Favourite Klaine fanart.

Oh, Muchacha10, can anyone compare to your Disney-Prince style? I think not.

It was so hard to pick, but I decided to go with her comic: The Proposal. Here's the first part, click it to be taken to the list of all the pages.


Sugary sweetness, oh my Gaga.

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Day 21: Favourite Klaine eyesex scene.

Oh Lord. Baby It's Cold Outside. Can't go wrong with a classic. I think the most shocking thing about that one is that it didn't end with Blaine's confession of undying love/the Kliss.
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Day 20: Favourite Klaine funny scene.

I've been trying really hard to think of a scene where they're just funny, and there really isn't one. It seems to always have a deeper romantic meaning when I think about it. Blaine talking to Burt about Kurt needing the talk? Born from Blaine genuinely caring about Kurt's well-being. Blaine shoving Karofsky? He got the crap beat out of him at Sadie Hawkins so he's knowingly taking a risk just to keep Kurt safe. Kurt freaking out about Pavarotti being sick? A) it's a metaphor for Kurt at Dalton and B) Pavarotti actually did die so maybe Blaine was wrong about him being okay.

Except maybe Blaine waking up in Kurt's bed in Blame Blaine It On the Alcohol. That's pretty much just hilarious. Drunk!Blaine is just...GAH. Love him.

(Well, and the Gap Attack is pretty lulzy, but that's kind of...anti-Klaine.)
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Day 19: Favourite Blaine hairstyle.

I may have started writing a fanfic about this, actually. Erm.

The hairstyle that Blaine will have in season three. When he transfers to McKinley and is no longer required to conform to a dress code, and therefore spends his summer growing his hair out.

Oh yes. Beats the hell out of helmet hair.

(Also: this is more or less what I draw when I draw Blaine. The helmet hair is hard to draw.)

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