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I have the first four. Saw the fifth in theaters and not again since. Haven't seen 6, 7, or 8 at all. (Please tell me the Neverending Camping Trip of DOOOOOM is a bit less tedious in the movie than the book? Because...good book, but it took a while to slog through.)

It's a shame, really--if I'd gone to the theaters, I could've seen myself going in cosplay. And Harry Potter's never even been one of my mega fandoms, you know?

Though of course nowadays when I hear the name, I think of Darren singing "I'm Harry freakin' Potter!"

Also I need to reread the series back-to-back, because I never have--I read the first five, then had to wait a while for six to come out in paperback, then had to wait for seven to come out at all. I waited to buy the paperback but I borrowed a copy just a few days after it came out.
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If you prefer, you can watch the whole concert on my website, via YouTube. I didn't want to have to re-upload to get it on my site, and YouTube has the nifty annotations.
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This is the entire freaking concert. Enjoy. Please.

Any and all squees welcome. =)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]The last one, of course. =P


Jul. 29th, 2007 10:27 pm
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So...I finished reading just before nine. So my stats... 13-and-a-half hours actual reading time, taking place in the space of 20 hours and 15 minutes.

That fanfic is probably going to happen after all. Eventually. I might wait until I own my own copy of DH because I think I'm going to need to reference it rather heavily. I first need to write a chapter for Shelly and finish my zombie story, among other things...

Review...when I feel like it. Probably not until I'm done taking down all the quotes I Post-It-ed.

It was better than I expected, but I think that's because two of the three people whose opinions I highly valued said that it wasn't as good as THEY expected. (The third I have yet to talk to about it. *coughhobbitycough*)

I will say this much...once in a while I would look up and be, "Oh, hey, I'm actually reading the book, this is canon. It's not a fanfic." I think JKR's writing might have deteriorated a bit in the sense that in places it felt like a really, really, REALLY good fanfic. Or maybe it was just because a couple of things fans had theorized on turned out to be right. (Will say more in a spoiler-warned post.)

But overall? Definitely not the worst of the lot. If you made it through Half-Blood Prince then you'll want to at least read it and find out how it ends. The epilogue could have been a bit better just because she doesn't really explain who people are, but oh well. It's not my favorite, but it beats out at least two of the others, lol.

Hmm. I wonder which one is my favorite. *begins pondering*
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I just crawled out of bed at the crack of noon, lol. I am just over halfway/387 pages/roughly 6-and-a-half hours into it. (I read until I got to the halfway point, 380 pages, then finished the chapter.)

So fanfic idea (which may or may not happen depending on what happens with the REST of the book), a couple of art ideas that probably won't happen, I don't think I'd like the HP characters drawn in my style (though Lord only knows there's a million OTHER people drawing them in animé style), and only one of the things I was spoiled for has happened. (Spoilers courtesy [profile] potterpuffs.)

Gah. The Rurouni Kenshin fanfic I've been following has been updated, and I'm putting off reading it, lol.

Okay. Must put in contacts and go to Wal*Mart. Need meds, printer/drawing paper, and foods. And drinks. All I have in the fridge/freezer is a pizza and a bag of tortillas. XD Pharmacy closes in...three hours and fifteen minutes. I'm good, lol. Will update...later?
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Started DH at 1:45, right after my last entry. I'm about a third of the way through, but then again I stopped to cook a pizza for lunch and have taken a nap today, lol. I'm rather surprised that Murphy's Law hasn't kicked in--I kind of figured I'd be getting a lot more phone calls than I have.

So yeah...taking a break from the book for a few minutes. Doing blogthings.

There are NO spoilers beneath the cut! XD )

Okay...I'm hungry. I think I'm going to make a Mickey D's run and then continue reading.


Jul. 28th, 2007 01:36 pm
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Nico brought it to me last night, finally, after we went and saw OotP. (Which was good, with only a few relatively minor disappointments. Nothing that made me want to scream. More on that later.)

Consequently I won't be online much. I have today and tomorrow off work (the joys of a Monday to Friday 9-5 schedule are revealing themselves to me!) and plan to be at least 2/3 done reading it by then. Hopefully finished, but I'm trying to stay realistic.

(BTW: no, I won't be getting the camera cord until Monday, anyway. Katchan called me and pointed out that I could stick the memory card right into the side of my computer. Works wonderfully, no software needed. YES.)

girl crush

Jul. 22nd, 2007 11:17 pm
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According to

1. girl crush
feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl. a nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level.
I have a girl crush on a girl from a band. she can sing, she's GORGEOUS, she's doing an awesome degree and she's intelligent. i want to BE her.

Heh. I first read about these years ago, in one of Lois Lowry's Anastasia books (it must be longer ago than I thought, because now that I think about it I discovered these books when I had chicken pox and Mom brought me random books from the library, and I remember thinking that if she really knew what was in them she wouldn't have picked them for me--Anastasia's father says "damn" in one of them, and later she talks about SEX!! But nothing that, I realize now, the average 13-year-old hasn't heard anyway). I was going to say that I don't remember which one it was in, but the page I've linked to has conveniently informed me that it is, in fact, Anastasia Has the Answers. (My favorite of the series is Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst, which I severely need to track down and own, as well as my second-favorite, Anastasia's Chosen Career.) But I digress. In Anastasia Has the Answers, Anastasia asks her mom if it's okay to have a crush on a girl--she has a gym teacher who has good style and always seems to be composed and put-together, and Anastasia really admires her and wants to be her. Katherine--Anastasia's mom--says it's perfectly okay, and at one point she had a crush on her own piano teacher, whose name was Hermione. XD (Who would've guessed THAT name would catch on, judging by Anastasia's reaction?)

I STILL digress. I was going to say that I HAD one of these back in college--on my history professor, Mrs. Richardson, lol. She (as one article said is often the case) looked fabulous, much younger than her age, was witty and cool.

And now, it seems, I have developed one on a celebrity.

You Are Avril Lavigne!

A bit hardcore on the outside...
But sweet and sensitive on the inside.
"It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life"

Lol. I do. I wanna BE her. (Well, no--international singing star...not really. But attitude-wise? Yeah, kinda.) I heart her music and her style and her stick-straight hair (which, if her lyrics are true, is not natural, yay!)...yeah. (Though I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed that her hair has gone blonder with every CD she puts out...) Tough on the outside, but a romantic at heart. Liking skater boys, being annoyed by I could ramble. But I won't.

Funnily enough this developed AFTER I named a character Avril. The character was not named to honor Miss Lavigne, nor is she all that much like her personality-wise. She is naturally blessed with the aforementioned stick-straight hair, but that's about it. (And she's a pretty kick-ass character, if I do say so myself.)

So...thoughts? Any other straight girls on the flist who've had this happen to them? (*coughgamgeefestandgwenstefanicough*)

...and speaking of Hermione--it looks like it's going to be a while before I get to read HP7, since I'm NOT buying it just yet--I'm waiting for the paperback, since it would be kind of dumb to have the first six in paperback and then one hardcover, methinks--so please be kind, lol. I don't mind minor, relatively expected spoilers (I already know about Bellatrix), but no major plot points, at least not without a warning? Plzkthx. (I'm on the waiting list to read Nico's copy but since Chris is on that list before me, I'm willing to bet I'll be able to get ahold of it at the library first.)
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First and foremost--Saturday night will be my LAST night working at Taco Bell. Monday morning I will be starting work at Computer Automations, and I'll post details later, when I am not quite so sleepy. In a nutshell, I will be a telemarketer--but don't worry, I'm calling school districts, not individuals, so I won't be calling you, lol.

(Please don't comment saying that everyone I talk to is going to hate me. I've already heard it, thanks.)

And, well, that's exactly one-half of the things I was feeling dissatisfied about in my life taken care of. ^_^

Went to the doctor today, all is well. Yay. Got my prescription set up to go for six more months, and everything ready to transfer to a doctor here in Mountain Home so I don't have to drive to Harrison again.

While I was over there, did some shopping with my friend LynnDee, who I hadn't seen in WAY too long, that was cool. (Nevermind that when I dropped her off and chatted for a while with her mom, her mom was asking about my plans to continue school. I'm not wasting my mind, thank you very much. I'm using it on the things I actually care about, using the side of my brain that's actually more developed--the creative side.) Bought some new clothes--a much-needed pair of black jeans and two TOTALLY not-needed tops. I'm between sizes at the moment shirt-wise, but out of all the things I tried on today, only one looked better in the bigger size, and one of the tops I bought today is actually a size smaller than the smaller of the two sizes I've been wearing! So yay. ^_^

Spoke with Kristi (the landlady) today (I had an electrical outlet die on me and her hubby, the maintenance man, had to fix it), and while she had me in the office, she told me that my move date had been backed off, from September 1st to sometime in October. Fine by me, I'd much prefer to move when it's NOT hot outside! Then she said, "Would you like to move into one of the units that's already finished, and just stay, instead of having to move twice?"

Um. YEAH. Good thing I never got around to ordering those address labels. XD

Almost went to the Harry Potter midnight premiere tonight, but snafus occurred. Oh well. I will definitely see it while it's in theaters, but since the midnight premiere is past, I will probably wait until after payday. I dooooo want to go to a book party, though. (I'm thinking of going in normal clothes and entering a costume contest as "young Mrs. Weasley." XD) Nico's buying it and has promised to loan it to me as soon as he finishes it--I'm going to wait and buy the paperback since I have all the first six in paperback.

Nico and his family are going to Silver Dollar City on Thursday. Guess who's getting to tag along? ^_^

Random side note: Not only is the shaved ice place open, they're open until 9 PM. OMG YAYZORS.
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Posted more stuff on my dA account. I have a functioning scanner now (YAYZORS) and internet at 3 AM, so I plan on keeping that updated more. I've taken to checking it at least once every other day, lol. I've even made a deviant ID. ^_^

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Written last night...

Go call your parents and tell them how much you love them. I just talked to Nico and one of the girls from work got picked up an hour-and-a-half late, by her cousin, because while she was at work her parents were killed in a car wreck. Hit head-on by a drunk driver.

And none of us are really sure what's going to happen to her or who she's going to live with now or anything, because none of us really talk to her. I mean, we do, but we don't have deep conversations with her. She's only 16, but that's all I really know. I don't even know if she has any siblings. And now I feel guilty about not talking to her.

But really. Go hug your respective moms and dads.



Pretty typical, except we were in a completely new house--that of my brother in Tulsa. (I swear, [profile] taethowen, one of these days I am going to come see them and stay longer and we'll meet up!)

The coolest part: my niece Pauletta. (Or Pauly, or Polly...she had two different things in her room and they each had one of those spellings on it. I think she prefers Pauly and I'm running with that because I prefer it, lol.) OMG. I know she's, like, going to be fifteen in February, but MY GOD she's suddenly a TEENAGER and all COOL. Seriously. (I think I may have ranted about this when we saw them before the reunion, and if I did, whatever I said applies--times ten.) I wish we lived closer, we had a lot of fun together and I think we have a lot in common.

Like, we have the EXACT SAME poster of Orlando Bloom from PotC2 hanging on our walls. Granted, hers is next to Johnny Depp from the same movie, and a few pictures from magazines, while mine has a poster of Orli as himself and a Superchic[k] poster next to it, but still. Way to rock.

My sister Alicia commented on how her hair was looking darker and then caught herself--"Or are you putting something on it these days?" and Pauly was all, "Yeah, I colored it." I held up my hand for high five and said, "Ha, you cheat too. Go you!" ^_^ (We both have lighter red hair and dye it deep, auburn red.)

We watched She's the Man, which is really really really funny (and based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, which I now feel the need to read and see how they compare). Most of the funniness is because Amanda Bynes is actually not that good at pretending to be a guy (or is good at not being good...yeah, you get the idea), despite the fact that Pauly pointed out that she probably didn't really need to wrap up her boobs. XD

The first night we were there we waited up for my OTHER brother to show up, and we were in the computer room, messing around on the internet, and encountered a weird popup ad which posed as a salesperson--named Greg--trying to IM with you. Said things like "This is a limited time offer and if you click on this link within the next few minutes you'll get even more savings!" (I think it was for a paid movie and music download service, IIRC.) We were bored and they have sufficient virus protection, so Pauly started talking to "Greg." Or rather, insulting him. "no i dont want your stupid offer u shithead" and the like. At first I was kind of surprised but once I realized that it was a bot that responded to keywords on your end, it actually got to be kind of funny. (If you're not sure what I'm talking about, chat with the Snapeybot.) "Say this! Let me type one!" And the oddest thing was that the bot kept insisting that it was real. If you asked if he was real he'd go "I'm a real person :-)" But then he wouldn't respond to stuff that a real person would try to use as a sales pitch--like, when it claimed to be from LA I typed "Really? I have a friend in San Diego" (yes, you, GamgeeFest) and if I was a salesperson I totally would have jumped on that. But Greg? Nope. Silence. Maybe you had to be there, but it was really freaking funny to us at two AM.

I wore one of my reversible shirts the day we left, and when my grandpa found out it was a men's shirt he said something about how the Bible says a woman is not supposed to wear "that which pertains to a man." GAH. Maybe if I had a little more of that which pertains to a woman, men's shirts wouldn't fit me so well and it wouldn't be an issue. And, I'm sorry, but I've discovered that because they AREN'T tailored to contain boobs, men's shirts--the button-down variety, anyway--fit me really well and look pretty damn good on me. So I have no intention of giving them up. (Wore one of my dad's old shirts today, as a matter of fact.) And if you ask me, a shirt's a shirt. Shirts "pertain to women" as much as anything else. They may be tailored differently and have the buttons on the opposite sides, but they're all still SHIRTS, for pity's sake. It's not like I was wearing, say, an athletic cup. Or boy underwear (I know one girl who does! O_o).

Me and Laurien are both fine, but I hit a deer on the way home Wednesday night. I saw him way in advance and by the time I got to him I wasn't even going 20 miles an hour (I wouldn't have hit him at all if he had jumped left instead of right!!), so it was more like I tripped him and he fell onto the hood. He freaked out and kicked until he slid off of the hood and then ran away in the blink of an eye, leaving no trace other than a bit of white fluff in the air. I think he's fine, I double-checked my car when I got home and there was no blood or dents or anything, so he couldn't have hit anything too hard.

It snowed and iced a bit Thursday night, and left enough on the roads (well, our road if not the highway) that I wasn't about to drive to work Friday. So I called in, and Ken tried to get me to come in, but I told him no, there was ice on our road, I couldn't drive on it, and I didn't have anyone who could drive on it that was willing to come pick me up at two in the morning. So he said fine. Then fifteen minutes later I get a voicemail (at my house, my phone sometimes gets such bad reception that it doesn't ring but will notify me of the voicemail) and it's Nico saying that I was lying about there being ice and that I was expected at work. So I called back and insisted that there was ice (my aunt, who lives on the same 40 acres as my family, had nearly gotten in a wreck earlier in the day because of it), and Nico finally says fine, but I have to deal with the consequences. I ask what they might be and Ken says I'd be suspended for a week if I didn't show up (AFTER he had already okayed me not coming in!!). So I ask to talk to Ken but the phone gets handed to Candise and I have to repeat the whole damn thing to her, and she finally is like, "Whatever," and HANGS UP ON ME. Pity, too, because we were getting along so well. So I go and tell Dad and ask him (again) if he'll come pick me up (the answer was more or less "not no but hell no," except he doesn't swear), and he points out things like the last time I tried to drive on this stuff it cost $54 to get Laurien out of the ditch, and that there's a whole section of road where they've cleared out the trees, so it's not a matter of going a little ways into the ditch and getting stopped by a sapling, but down a 50-foot hill, and Mom (who had followed me down the stairs) pointed out that even if had been just slush (it wasn't) when I left at four, it would have been ice when I came home at two or three in the morning and it was seven degrees outside. (And while I'm typing this calmly, at the time there was a lot of me yelling and being mad and crying, because it was beyond frustrating to be in that position.)

So I weighed the worst case scenarios--If I called in, I lost my hours for that night and got suspended for a week--which I could have spent doing things like getting some extra shifts at the Steak House, getting my oil changed, getting my hair cut, going Christmas shopping, making cookies, that sort of thing. (Another reason to hate day shift: It is really hard to do some of that stuff because I'm working all the hours that other places are open and therefore can't GET to them.) On the other hand, if I tried to drive on the ice, my car skids and I end up at the bottom of the ravine dead. Or even okay but with a totaled car. (It makes me sick to my stomach to think of Laurien ending up that way, and I really do think that I love her the way some people love their kids. Except I think most people don't leave their kids out in cold windy parking lots.) Either way, I wasn't about to run the risk.

So I called Ken back and said, "I'm not coming. Last time I tried to drive in weather like this it cost $54 to get my car out of the ditch and I was lucky that there were trees to break my fall." And he said he'd mark it down, then asked if I was crying. I said maybe, because I wasn't, but I had been crying less than ten minutes previously and apparently you could still hear it in my voice. He said not to cry, I think he said there was nothing to cry about (which made me want to scream but I restrained myself), and I asked if I was suspended. He said no. So I think he was just testing to see if I was telling the truth, his theory being that if I was just being lazy I would have gotten scared of being suspended and come on in.

So I don't know what's gotten into Nico that he felt like he had to try and get me in trouble. The roads were clear the next day so I only missed one night of work, plus I called in nearly three hours ahead of time (and it wasn't like I called during a rush, either) so if they were really short they could have called in someone who lives in town (or at least right on the highway instead of three miles from it)--and they couldn't have been too short, because he told me that he got to go home early. (Last night he only talked to me if he had to, as of tonight he's still irritated at me but not so much that he didn't call me to tell me about the car wreck. I think it's going to end up like our fights usually do--we're both so stubborn that neither one of us will admit to being wrong, so eventually we both just drop it and move on.) ETA: As of today I think we're okay, but then I only saw him on my way out.

Anyway. Today there was a mandatory meeting at the Steak House (which sucked that I had to come in on a Sunday, and I'm not even entirely sure that we're getting paid for it--we didn't clock in, but they did pass around a sheet so they would know who was there). Brian, an older guy who's been working there for a little while--cooking and prep, mostly--is actually going to be the new manager. (Not the shift manager, I think Paula's still going to be my direct supervisor.) And I think he's really nice, so yay! ^_^ He's also going to wait tables and basically do every job in the restaurant so he can see what needs to be changed. (The one suggestion made today was that we get mashed potatoes, because we're constantly getting asked for them. And seriously, what kind of non-chain restaurant south of Kansas City doesn't have mashed potatoes? Even KFC has mashed potatoes.) And we're having a contest for Christmas bonuses--the three people who sell the most appetizers between now and the 21st are going to get $300, $100, and $50 respectively. I doubt I'll be in the running, working only three days a week and the lunch shift no less, but I'm going to try. You never know, right?

OH. There's a special going on at our Wal-Mart's optometrist's office, eye exam AND contacts for $99. So yesterday, I had to go get another nosepad for my glasses (the last one lasted THREE DAYS OMG!) and while I was right there I made an appointment. I could have contacts as soon as WEDNESDAY, and I cannot WAIT. No longer will putting on eye makeup be a total waste! *happydance*

So yeah. I have to be up in a little less than four hours. Damn day shift. Will post this tomorrow after work, if all goes according to plan (which it hasn't, the last few weeks).

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It seems IMDB has some stills from the Order of the Phoenix movie, which isn't going to be coming out at Christmas, but next summer. Hmm. Harry's hair is short! Gah! Neville and the twins have shot up, height-wise... And Umbridge isn't ugly enough. Her costume's great, but she's not...toady, like she was in the book. Time will tell if her voice is annoying enough, lol.

Anyway. When that celebrity-lookalike thing was going around, Dominic Monaghan showed up on Nico's, and unfortunately the site didn't choose the greatest pic of Dom, which caused Nico to comment that he looked like a squirrel.

So, of course, I feel the need to set the record straight. Dominic Monaghan does NOT look like a least not all the time. And I have pictures to prove it! (And for the Lost/LotR fans reading this, they're all click-for-fullsize, so feel free to snag. ^_-)



(I think said Lost/LotR fans will recognize this for what it really excuse to share the Dommy lovin'...)
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Destiny In Doubt chapter six is up. For the interested. *coughhobbitycough*

I wish to goodness I had my LotR binder with me today, because I have plenty of time that I could be using to fill up my OC_Art table. *sigh*

I'm thinking of logging off and spending an hour in the student center (which will be pretty much empty at this time of year) working on my latest pic, which I can't describe, because it's a major DID spoiler. *sigh* (Characters: Sarah and Frodo. For those who read DID, that should be 'nuff said.)

OMG. FOS is now taking RPF. Shelly, THAT would be a good place to post Love Online! And now I need to work on She Will Be Loved a bit more! YAY! ('Scuse me whilst I fangirl.)

Anyway. I'll probably start reading Half Blood Prince tonight, assuming I actually go straight home after work. I don't know, I should go home and get some sleep so I'm all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the job search tomorrow. Wish me luck...

 Explains a lot, really. (Thanks, Nico, for finding that one.)

And now I'm rambling. A couple of pics (not RL pics, just random stuff for random people)...
For Nico:
 I found that on a comment page, long ago, and have kept forgetting to post it for ya. Go me.

For Hobbity (once she returns from vacay, wherever she is):
 As a casualty of said war, I thought you'd appreciate it.

The real reason I enjoy my "Employee of the Month" t-shirt so much:
 I have absolutely no idea who made it or why, but it still cracks me up to no end.

I thought I had another one, but looking at it again, I think it would be better served by being posted over on DLBE. So TTYL, people!


Jul. 31st, 2006 01:52 pm
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Work's been crazy. I win one battle, just to have the victory before that crumble. Like, this week, I FINALLY have forty hours--because Ken's forgotten that I don't want to work ten hours in any given day and has me down for 2-12 on Friday AND Saturday.

And I'm sorry if that makes me a whiner, but there were REVOLUTIONS in the early 1900's to prevent that kind of thing. I know federal and Arkansas law don't require shit as far as giving breaks, but DAMN.

Anyway. I worked day the last two Thrusdays and therefore couldn't come online, since the library was closed by the time I got off, but I did ask for no more day shift.

I'm probably going to get in trouble at work if I keep up like this, but

A) Is it so hard to put me down as four-until-close three days and four-and-then-close two days a week? and

B) I don't much care, I'm unhappy with my job and will turn in my two weeks the first second I can secure something better.

Am I being unreasonable? Really?

Ah, heck with it.

Sometime in the last little while (the night after I posted my last work-related entry? It's been a while, I forget), Nico gave me a sip of his Bud Lite. Brings the alcohol count to five out of six. Beer is nasty! Or, as Nico called it, "an acquired taste." Though, granted, it wasn't quite so nasty as I'd always been led to believe. It reminded me of straight carbonated water (which you get sometimes at work, when the soda syrup needs to be changed).

So, yuck, we'll leave that aside for the moment.

But Nico and I have determined that he is the person my parents always warned me about. XD (Don't even comment, Robert, it was in fun.)

Last Tuesday night some random guy was hitting on me. I was in back drive for an hour or so (right in that last bit before Robert left, I kept getting deployed as his expediter, but once the dinner rush was over I'd bounce around and do whatever most needed to be done, cover breaks and such) and this guy came through, with a buddy in his passenger seat. He was all, "Hey, I saw you earlier this evening, and here I am again, it must be fate!" I just kind of smiled and nodded my way through it, you get a lot of teenage guys playing around just to make idiots of themselves. "My name's Brad!" Or Matt, or Dan, or something with a flat A sound in the middle. I didn't catch it. But I'm relatively sure it was Brad. Blue eyes, I know that.

"Okay, well, I'm Sarah..." I figured this wasn't exactly endangering me to tell him that much, as I kind of have a nametag pinned on my shirt and all.

"All right, Sarah, well, I might see you again later!"

So I give him his change and he and his buddy are on their way. I get to thinking about it--most of the times guys flirt with me, it's because I'm in front drive and they think my voice is sexy, and then they don't follow through when they get to the window, because after my voice, my face is somewhat of a disappointment to them. But this guy didn't hear me or see me at all until he got to the window, so I'm kind of encouraged by this, but forget about it.

About twenty or twenty-five minutes later this girl comes through, and suddenly the same guy (he was wearing a bright blue shirt that was hard to miss) is leaning over from the passenger seat. "Hey, look, I'm back! Our relationship is building!"

"Oh, yeah, I remember you. I remember." I get her change together. "Do you really think you should say that kind of thing to me right in front of your girlfriend?" Teasing tone.

She looks up, wide-eyed. "Oh, no, I'm not his girlfriend. We're not going out."

To which my intelligent response is, "Oh!"

And after they leave, I resolve that if he comes back again, I'll give him my number. Third time's the charm, right?

And I haven't seen him since.

Nico swears that A) I screwed that up big time, and B) he could still, in theory, come back and try again, even though it's been nearly a week I shouldn't give up on him.

(It HAS been a week. Maybe he's only free on Tuesday nights...WOOT for tomorrow! Or today if he comes tonight!)

If he does I am SO getting his number. So, if you're that guy and you're reading this--I'M INTERESTED! Try again! You'll get luckier this time!

Though it's beyond me how any guy could even be attracted to me when I'm in my full uniform with my hair pulled back. It doesn't flatter me in ANY way, shape, or form. (XD It crossed my mind that maybe he was hitting on me because he actually thought I was a guy and he happened to swing that way, but then it occurred to me that he DOES know my name.)

I think I'm losing weight again. (Geez, Nico, those two-hour after-work walks may actually be working!) Mom swears I have a dimple in my right cheek that didn't show when I was heavier. After several minutes of mirror analysis, I think she may be right. I am not sure if I am pleased with this or not. Having something in common with Sawyer? ...ehh, we'll see. Anyway, I also got a new necklace (yay for random Dad presents!) and even though it's relatively short, I can wear it without extenders and it isn't hidden by my chin. I need to go through all my "extender" necklaces/chokers again and see if I can actually wear them properly now. (I own at least three chokers that I wrap around twice and wear as bracelets.) So yay!

Work has been odd without Robert, whose last night was last Tuesday (he's moving down to Jonesboro for school, and taking his slacker brother with him). Someone's total was six dollars even and as soon as they pulled away I was all, "That'll never happen again!" and there was no one to laugh about it. *sigh*

Though Robert and his brother came to Taco Bell on Saturday night and it just happened to coincide with my break, so that was cool. ^_^

Mrs. Steve FINALLY popped on the 24th! Haven't seen the baby yet, but everyone's said he's cute, so luckily it seems little Ezekiel Draven (is that not the coolest name?) has escaped taking after his father. XD

Bought HP&tHBP, haven't started reading it yet. Finished American Gods last night (by Neil Gaiman, definitely recommending that one), and will be done with George MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin very soon, so I'll be starting it right after that--mainly because I know once I start it I won't read anything else until I finish, lol.

Ahh, let's see--not much else. At least that I'm allowed to tell. *cough*
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Jun. 19th, 2006 03:19 pm
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I finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


May. 23rd, 2006 01:23 am
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So the zoo was fun. I won't bore you with all the details, I'm sure everyone's been to a zoo at some time in their life.

I got to see zebras, so I was happy. Also got Dippin' Dots for the second time ever, and they were yummy.

Skipped the monkey exhibit--I really don't like monkeys, never have even as a child. I was going to go in because Alicia was going to let the boys out of the stroller so they could run around (and I'm sure they were tres adorable), but the minute we walked into the building, the smell was--arrrgh. I mean, all the buildings smelled to some degree, but that one I couldn't tolerate.

Got slightly sunburnt, didn't even know it until I remarked about the kids' sunburns and Mom was all, "Oh, you're red too," and I looked in the mirror. THEN my nose felt a wee bit sore. Thanks, Mom.

Saw a Dory fish and a Nemo fish in the same room, so that was amusing.

Stood at the Burmese python cage for a few minutes, thinking maybe the glass would randomly disappear. It didn't, despite the fact that there was a bratty kid around at the time. ^_-

What else? ...New word of the day: herpetarium. Definition: a place where herps are housed and displayed (think of it like aquarium). And the definition of a herp: a collective word for amphibians and reptiles--any creature that cannot control its own body temperature. So the building that housed frogs, snakes, and lizards was labeled "herpetarium."
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(This was written last Tuesday night at home after work.)

Amazing the stuff I forget, sometimes.

This morning, or rather, early this afternoon, as I was leaving the house, I found mail for me. Credit card offer, meaningless CAAP scores (and even if they weren't meaningless it wouldn't matter, I scored higher than 98% of my fellow test-takers, and 99% of people nationwide on just about all but math--and even there I did better than half by just guessing...and I am in drama queen mode today, it seems), which I didn't even bother opening until tonight. But I DID open the Priority Mail package from the U.S. Department of Official Mail in New Orleans. (WTF? I thought that there was, like, nothing in New Orleans, much less a functioning Post Office. But whatever.)


Time to buy tickets and start packing!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!

*does the passport dance*


(And this on Thrusday night)

Lost has ben fan-flippin'-tastic the last two weeks--Hobbity, you REALLY picked the wrong time to quit watching. First Michael goes nuts, they find another hatch, and then this week THERE WERE TWO CC MOMENTS. Oh, and the flashbacks of what happened while Micheal was gone. XD

I've now seen all four HP movies; I think Prisoner of Azkaban may be my favorite thus far, but I really need to watch it and Goblet of Fire a few more times before I say definitively--I've seen PoA twice and GoF once.

Azkaban is a word that's fun to say.

The TV gods have smiled on me. Last week, there was a special called "Keith Barry: Extraordinary"--a magic show. He did the new trend of performing tricks for celebrities, and one of said celebs was Elijah Wood (thankfully, pre-shaved-head!). He did this trick kind of like the cups and balls, only instead of a ball under the cup, it was a metal spike, and Elijah had to guess which cup it was under, and he tested Elijah's guess by slamming their hands down on the cup (ie, if Elijah had been wrong, he would have gotten spiked!!). Of course no bloodiness ensued even though they mixed the cups three different times, but the looks on Elijah's face--OMG. Shelly, Hobbity--DOWNLOAD.

Then later that same evening, Dominic and JJ were on Jimmy Kimmel. (JJ "guest-directed" and kept popping up from backstage, wearing a headset.) If I was going to start addictively watching a late-night TV talk show, Kimmel would be it. He cracks me up. At any rate, there was much joking about M:I:3 (ridiculous to have two colons in an abbreviation, but whatever) and how JJ was ignoring Dom to hang with his new pal Tom, (Dom had pics of what he was doing in his free time that included having a tea party with stuffed animals XD) and "Gordon Fisherman" was in the audience, and--well, a LOT of stuff that you just plain wouldn't laugh at unless you were an addicted Lost fan. Again--Shelly, Hobbity, this one is a MUST-have.

Graduation was boring. Really. Jacqui showed up, though, and came to my party. Yay! My "party" was my family sitting around eating ice-cream cake, nothing really happened.

The student speaker at graduation mentioned that there's a sign as you're leaving the campus buildings that says "you can go anywhere from here." She'd been blathering about what a nice community Mountain Home is, and she was all, "Why would anyone want to leave?" Later that evening, Jacqui was all, "Why would anyone want to STAY?" XD Highlight of that day.

The worst bit is that someone gave the camera to Dad, who managed to take an ENTIRE ROLL OF FILM and yet did not get so much as ONE picture of me that DOES NOT LOOK LIKE CRAP. I mean, I know I'm not photogenic by ANY stretch of the imagination, but really, out of an ENTIRE ROLL OF FILM I thought I'd get one pic of myself in my cap and gown that was at least PRESENTABLE. So, sorry guys, but I'm NOT sharing any of the pics. I plan to get professional pics taken anyway (ooh, possibly in St. Louis, since I think my sister gets a family discount), so you can see THOSE. And I might post a pic of my cake, since it was all purple and sparkly. XD

I GOT BALLOONS FOR GRADUATION! YAY! The two mylars are still floating!


This morning as I was getting ready to leave, I sat down with my breakfast (if it still counts as such when it's closing in on noon) and turned on the TV, thinking I'd watch something like Full House or Family Matters, whatever happened to be on, and stumbled across an episode of Mister Roger's Neighborhood. And...I watched it.

I have to confess, I watched it as a kid since before I can remember up until I was way too old *coughtwelvecough*. I couldn't really pin it down then, but I think I figured it out today--he reminds me of my two grandfathers. And, really, what would you rather spend your time with--your grandpa, who adores you and loves to be around you, or a loud, annoying barrage of random facts? (Which, if you think about it, is what most kids' shows are now.) Would you rather feel special, or pressured to learn?

Plus the stuff like the videos of factories ("How Harmonicas Are Made") were cool, and the make-believe stuff was how I played as a kid. I would build houses out of blocks, and then take all the little figurines and action figures I had (McDonald's toys and cereal box prizes, mostly) and make up stories about them. ^_^ Ahh, childhood.

I wonder where the actors from that show are now. I mean, I know Mister Rogers did, like, almost all the puppets, but, like, Mr. McFeely and Lady Aberlin and everyone. Hmm.

Yeah. I'm always going to have a soft spot for Mister Rogers. I got more teary when he died than when Mother Theresa died. Why can't kids' shows be more like that anymore? Poor children today, once they get too old for their shows they're ashamed to admit they watched them. (Really, what 6-year-old is going to admit five years later that they enjoyed Dora? Or Caillou? Or *shudder* Bear in the Big Blue House? Or any of them?)

Anyway. I need sleep. I have to get up at 9:30 to be at work. And if in the next few days you read about the manager of Mtn. Home Taco Bell being found shot dead in his bed, IT WASN'T ME.

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Love to the flist--there's like, at least three dramas going on. I <3 you all.

I'm at the public library, and according to the timer I have 19 Mins Left. I think I'll go grab lunch before heading to work, and then read some GoF if there's any time left.

I must say that my favorite HP characters are the Weasley twins and Sirius Black. OMG. I'm in deep enough to have favorite characters. Somebody help me.

Notes to self: Lost, the 2 HP movies I've seen and the books I'm reading, Lijah on the magic show, JJ on Jimmy Kimmel, and graduation.

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