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And I really can't do anything about it--I pay $4 a month for my satellite, it's provided by the apartment complex.

Can anyone direct me to a good, stable livestream of Glee? I managed to find an upload the same night it aired last week, but I'd like a reliable source--and to not be behind so I can be glexting with everyone else while it airs!

ETA: I found a 24-hour feed of the Fox channel, so yay, I can even watch House, which I had been planning to just watch on Hulu or whatever the next day/week/whatever. WOOT.

fandom meme

Jan. 5th, 2010 10:36 pm
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Bear with me, been a while since I've memed. =) And I can already see that this is going to be heavily Adult-Swim biased, because that's more or less the only (fictional) thing Cody and I can agree on. (We also watch a lot of MythBusters and other non-fictional sorts of TV, and rarely ever watch movies.) Oh, and I'm including books. So nyeah. =P

Fandom Meme 2009

For length, and slight slashiness. )
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Blogthings spam. Sigh. It feels so good to get caught up on LJ, but then I blow it off for a week or more and end up behind again. Anywhoozles...

I'm not even angry, I'm being so sincere right now... )

BTW, House? Holy crap, season ending. SPOILERS: Between Kutner and Amber...that was crazy-tastic. And then the whole thing in the last two eps with Cuddy? At least we all know what he WANTS now. But yay Chase and Cameron. Wonder if she's changing her name? Will they be Chase and Chase? XD (Have been thinking over all that myself. Plan is still to hyphenate.)
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Which has got to be, like, one step lower than copying-and-pasting MSN, lol. Typos preserved.

Nico (4:06 AM 6/18/08): Chickens represent the last dying vestigages of existential and aerodynamic irony.
Sarah (4:06 AM 6/18/08): The sad thing is I 100% understood that.
Nico (4:08 AM 6/18/08): The surprising thing is all words were in t9 dict. Night

So today was...weird. Got up and went to Lions and drama ensued and ARGH I'm tired of typing about it. However, the guy that I've been talking to has been very sweet, letting me rant. :) (And I found out that a guy I know who's happily married, with a daughter, and another on the way any day now, met his wife online. ^_^)

So after that I came home. My address labels were here (finally!) after having been misprinted the first time. I was online for a while, chatting with one of the parties involved and said Internet Guy (okay, okay--it's Cody), and sorting books until about six, then talked with Cody while he was on his way home, and hung up around seven, at which point (having been laying on my bed anyway) I fell asleep. Nico texted me a couple of times and I woke up long enough to reply and then fell back asleep, until he texted me after he got home. He woke me at 1:30 and asked me to sign into MSN, and while I was there I realized I was hungry and proposed that we go get food.

Got into my car and it wouldn't start. -_-* No idea why. And we're not talking it just wouldn't turn over, but if I turn the key partway, the clock doesn't come on or anything. I'm thinking the battery is probably dead. *sigh*

So we took Nico's car, which is having issues, too. It worked fine to get us to McD's, then to the Taco Bell lot where we ATE the McD's, and then when we went to leave it wouldn't start. GAH. So we had to push it over to where TB employees are allowed to park when on shift, then we each had to walk home. We kept texting each other to make sure neither of us got murdered, lol.

AAAAAND I'm still awake. It's daylight out now. I'm afraid if I go to sleep now I'll miss all appointments/meetings, so I'm just killing the time until my mechanic cousin is likely to be at work, to ask what he thinks it is. (Probably the battery. IDK who'll be able to jump it. I'll call Kristy first and go from there, I guess.) I have an interview with the local paper at 1:30 (for a job, lol, I should probably specify XD) and a Lions committee meeting at 3, so I have to get this all taken care of early. Sigh.

Best moment of the night: Nico and I were sitting on the sidewalk at Taco Bell, eating our McD's. He asked when Cody's birthday was and I told him, then he hacked up a bit of phlegm and spit it out and said "Hmm, cancer." I thought he was referring to the fact that he's a smoker and HE'S TOTALLY GOING TO DIE HINT HINT IF YOU'RE READING THIS NICO, but then he was all "OMG, no, I mean his zodiac!" Lol.

And in other news I've become re-addicted to the Sims. Then again I've found a custom item that raises all a Sim's stats except environment to full, including Mood and Aspiration. Hee. This is good, because my kid got taken away by social services due to his bad grades. I screwed up and he transitioned to Child at the wrong time of day, so he'd go to school and come home having reached Energy Desperation and he'd pass out. By the time he'd had enough rest, he didn't have time to get his homework done before the bus came. In retrospect I probably could have solved this by having him skip a day of school, but anyway I had to exit without saving. It was pretty heartbreaking watching his mom cry. :( Yay for Cosmic Rewind, lol. He's now a very well-adjusted Teen, with a better haircut than the one the game spontaneously generated for him. XD

And I still like House+Cameron, but if the Sims of them I downloaded are any indication, they would have really ugly babies. Lol. Probably because his face is so narrow and hers is so round. It's possible to combine the two manually without being completely uggo, but the game genetics fail at mixing them properly, lol.

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