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So, does anyone else remember when Garth Brooks decided to make a movie and went all Super Method Actor? He was supposed to star as a fictional rockstar named Chris Gaines and he ended up living the guy's life for a while? He released an album under the name Chris Gaines (known both as Chris Gaines' Greatest Hits AND Garth Brooks In...The Life Of Chris Gaines). If you missed out on the spectacle, educate thyself.

I remember them tentatively playing the only single released from the album on country radio, and most of the DJs either laughing about what an idiot he was, or being all "Um...WTF?" The only positive reaction came from the midnight-to-five DJ, but he was syndicated out of California, so go figure. The song (Lost In You) got to number one on the pop charts, but didn't do so well on country.

The movie was made, but never released--it turned out to be a social project that just plain didn't work and money was lost, blah blah blah. (I think it would probably go over fairly well today, in the era of MySpace and such. That and country gets more pop by the minute--and I appreciate that. But I digress.)

Anyway, I hadn't heard the song since the whole fiasco was actually happening (waaaaaaay back in '99, when I was first venturing into nonChristian music via a radio and headphones so my parents wouldn't freak), and downloaded it. I like it.

And I wouldn't be making an entry about it, but I went to go find the album cover on Wikipedia, and read a bit more about it, and, well...

HOT DAMN. I don't care what kind of music he wants to record, or if he wants to abandon music entirely and go live on a commune in India, whatever floats his boat, but HE SHOULD HAVE STUCK WITH THIS LOOK. If I was on the DLBE board right now, I would be using the "melted" smiley. A cowboy hat is never going to do this for him. EVER.
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Monday night...

On being smaller... )

Tuesday night (early Thursday morning? It's ten to five!)

I seem to have a one-track mind lately... )


Feb. 5th, 2007 07:15 pm
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I've looked into it; internet is more than affordable for me (even high-speed, which I WILL probably get), so I'm going to have internet hooked up in the next few weeks...

Just as soon as I buy a new computer. XD I'm waiting to see which, if any, of the three credit cards I applied for I get, and I will probably be heading to Wal*Mart the same day I get my card. (I want the Visa, but I'm betting I only get the Capital One. Because Capital One will give credit to ANYBODY. SRSLY.)

When I get it hooked up I will be getting MSN Messenger and Yahoo!Messenger and all that other good stuff. And will probably be available to talk for an hour or two or more each night. And on weekends.

I have decided, therefore, in the meantime, that I am completely SLACKING OFF THE INTERNET. I know there was stuff I said I'd post...I'll get to it when I can work on it until 3 AM. HA. I'm coming to check stuff when I can, but make no promises as to when and how long, and yeah, I'm probably not getting to DLBE. Or myspace. Or anything but email and LJ. I will more than make up for it in the first few days of having internet at my house, I am sure.

(And my brother has explained to me how to get free basic cable through your internet line. Not entirely legal, maybe, but then neither is fanfiction and neither are the prices they charge around here. I can afford one or the other but not both, methinks. So yay for Lost, and my mom's taping it for me in the meantime.)

Oh, okay

Dec. 25th, 2006 03:29 pm
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Read the flist. Wasn't nearly as far back as I'd thought it would be.

Hopefully the same holds true for DLBE, if I get to it today. (I may not even bother, honestly, it's difficult to see on this monitor. But then again we've revamped our colors since the last time I was here.)
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I haven't been on headset for the last two days. GO ME! ^_^

Written last night:

Random moments...

My old crush, Tim, came through the drive-thru the other day. (If you weren't reading my LJ then, I'm pretty sure he has a tag.) Had a girl with him. Didn't feel a damn thing, other than curiosity. On the other hand, Brad came through a few weeks ago and was all, "Hey! How are ya?" He got his food handed to him, a "thanks!" and the window slammed shut. Darn him to heck. Tim never knew how I felt about him. Brad TOYED with me. *resentment*

I just spent the last hour or so rereading conversations I had with Hobbity around the time Mirielle was born. I was on Jason and Alicia's computer so I could use DLBE chat. Good times, good times... Hobbity: We SO need to resurrect that Cult of Lij idea! ZOMG! (as I said that night)

Lucky, one of the girls from work, came up to me when I was ordering my dinner Friday night and thanked me for inventing my potato bowl. (Which, FYI, is a double order of Cheesy Fiesta Potatos minus the sour cream and green onions, put into a Border Bowl bowl. But I just ring up the ingredients--two sides of potatoes and two pumps of nacho cheese--and it only costs me 60ยข after my employee discount. If you tried to order it anywhere other than our Taco Bell, and maybe even there if you didn't call it Strobel's Potato Bowl, it would probably cost you around $2.50.) She called it orgasmic... I have to agree. Potatoes and nacho cheese: so simple, so delicious. ^_^ (Was kind of annoyed when Hannah chimed in with "Yeah, thanks! I always eat what you eat!" >_< There's reasonable adoption of a brilliant idea, and then there's just plain not being capable of sustaining your own separate personality.) Anyway, the point of this whole ramble is that it was nice to have someone appreciate my genius for once. ^_^ That and I think every fast food restaurant should have a special combo created by each employee that's worked there six months or more. Mine would be said potato bowl, and my special quesadilla, with a large drink. Robert has a particular burrito, Nico's invented a couple of different things, the most popular being his Baja Nachos. When Wes worked there his trademark was steamed-not-grilled quesadillas wrapped like burritos and chicken Meximelts with jalapeno sauce on them. Miss Sharon orders her taco filling in a bowl, with the crunchy shell separate. (I wonder how she actually eats it. I haven't a clue.) The point is, the thing Nico said to me early on is very true: The longer you work at Taco Bell (and presumably any restaurant), the more complicated your order gets. (My Steak House "usual" has already moved from just a burger with only cheese and pickle to a burger, medium well, with only cheese and pickle, on an untoasted bun.)

And even though it's only quarter to one, I'm freaking tired and have to get up at 7:30. Damn day shift. I'm going to go to sleep, even though odds are Nico's going to call me when he gets home. Whatever. Keep your stick on the ice. The randomness shall continue later.

(Bonus points to anyone who can pick up on the reference in the last paragraph!)


Nov. 2nd, 2006 07:49 pm
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I know, I know, I haven't been online and haven't posted and haven't been on DLBE all week.

Well. I blame RL again. Stuff keeps happening.

And still happening. So you're getting the short version--no, I'm not dead, yes, everything's fine. But I only have about 20 minutes until they kick me out of the library.'m going to go home, write a post about what I did over the weekend and Halloween (OMG fun!) on my computer if it kills me, and then try to get done at the Steak House early enough tomorrow so that I can at least copy-and-paste that in, lol. Maaaaybe get to DLBE if I'm lucky.

In the meantime...
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So yeah...bought Gold Community for DLBE for another YEAR! OMG YEAH! *nance*


Jul. 11th, 2006 02:51 pm
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My board's Gold Community dues are coming up again. These allow the board to remain ad-free and set up our own custom smileys, and if we don't pay it's a huge pain in the rear to set them all up again.

It's so frustrating--with our current number of members--nay, let's just say with the fifteen or so ACTIVE members--it's only pennies a day to keep this up. I asked them to start making SMALL donations when we last paid it three months ago and then hopefully over the three months we would have had enough, maybe more than enough. I've asked these people to donate even just couch change. I've asked them to send me cash and I'll donate FOR them if they don't have a credit card or whatever.

But it runs out on Friday and the Community Chest is EMPTY. EMPTY. "You have 0.00 in your chest!" *headdesk*

I don't want to make this known to the board or they'll really not donate (they've always come through in the past, I will grant them that), but if all else fails I'll just pay for the next three months (maybe six, it's cheaper) myself on Thursday.

But DAMN. They all talk about how much they love the board and then they don't donate. I know we're all poor teenagers (except HM who's married with kids older than me), but really--couch change!


On the good news front, Green Street Hooligans came in the mail today and I am SO watching it tonight, or maybe tomorrow on my DAY OFF. ^_^
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I was talking with Dutchie (who is, of course, from Holland) on DLBE, and she just told me she had to go because it was bedtime.

It's 4:30.

It's also her birthday! Happy birthday, Dutchie! ^_^


Oct. 26th, 2005 02:49 pm
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Leetle bit of a deeference, no? ^_^


Elladan and Elrohir. And yes, that IS my front door. And no, I really don't know why it's dark magenta. I didn't pick it.


Life Chain is an anti-abortion protest. All we do (yes, I participate) is stand along the main street in town for an hour, holding signs that say things like "Abortion Kills Children" and "Adoption: The Loving Option." I just wanted to post this pic since that little guy in the lawnchair is Grandpa. ^_^

It's not rocket science. XD

Yes, Dad has a gun. He was killing some of the squirrels that live in the trees on our porch and throw nutshells down on it. Or at us. Not that I approve of that, but I happened to be outside with the camera at the moment.


I know that the pic is crappy, but that is a REAL LIVE POSSUM that was in our yard!!! OMG, somebody call Red Green! (Not that anyone else watches that show...)

 Note the green mirror on the driver's side. Sigh.
 This happened about 30 minutes after I spent $2 to wash her. I'm never doing that again. She's getting hose baths from now on. Period.
 BUMPER STICKER! I'm pimping my website! MWAHAHA! (DLBE's take note: You, too, can get one of these, here!)

I went out on Keller Green, which is the center of the campus, and took these. I'm going to put them in spatial order, meaning that they're in this order, clockwise, IRL.
 McClain Hall
 First National Hall
 Dryer Hall
 Roller Hall
I have Bio in McClain, the Honors Forum meets in the belltower of First National (you're looking at the windows in that pic), the rest of my classes are in Dryer, and the library and Student Center *coughcarpetedcafeteriacough* are in Roller. And speaking of the library...
 HOW WICKED IS THAT??? Okay, okay, so it's really...
There's some really pretty stuff in here. The library's down on the third floor, but the second floor has this lobby (Gaston Lobby...if any of you are wondering what the names are, they're all the names of the $$$ donors, and if you lived here you'd sniggle--First National is a bank, Gaston's is a restaurant, that kind of thing) with a pretty floor.
 And then if you look up...
 You can see the THIRD floor!
 I went up to the third floor and took this down through that hole. ^_^


 I'm not fond of this pic at all (thanks DAAAAD), but there's my shirt, Hobbity. (And GamgeeFest. Lol.)
 There's my BROOCH! Karen from Acting class gave me that sweater around the time of the play (it was a costume option).
 Other than that I'm sitting on the stairs, there's no real point to this one, I just like it. ^_^
 Okay, so it's just my hand--but that's my Sting necklace. ^_^
 Since I don't have Photoshop OR a life...


I know, I know, you're all gagging to see these...gagging? I must have watched Josie and the Pussycats more recently than I thought!
 My bed. Yes, it's built into the bookshelves. ^_^
 Zooming in on the most important shelf...
 Just to the left of chair! And my not-quite-LotR-but-yet-LotR-RELATED posters. I DID NOT BUY THE ORLI ONE FOR MYSELF. LOST! SQUEE!
 Continuing left, my entertainment center. Which has been rearranged since I took that pic, the DVD's are now on the top two shelves of the rack...the Lost Season One set is on the floor, spread open...
 And to the RIGHT of the LOTR WALL!
 Just to tease Hobbity, here's a closeup from the above pic. It's showing chapter 137 of D2D. XD See anything interesting?
 And this, of course, is the focal point of the LotR wall. Quite helpful, when I'm having writer's block on D2D. *mad sniggling*

Okay. Pic spam over! Comment with questions and I shall answer!

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I just got off the phone with Hobbity!

I'm curious as to how I sounded compared to how you THOUGHT I would sound. Like I told you, you sounded lower and yet younger somehow...

Here's the pic I was doodling to kill the time until you called:
 (click to enlarge, silly...and it is rather huge...if you can't decipher my handwriting, comment and I'll translate, lol)

And as I also said...this is a huge spoiler/hint. ^_^ (Take this in the context of May 7th...)


Sep. 16th, 2005 11:40 am
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I'm on amazon looking at Ringers, and it seems that LOST season one is THE top seller right now. ^_^ Yay!

My shirt shipped! YAY!

Hobbity's gonna call me!

I'll post more after I get off the phone, I'm trying to get done at the Plaza before she calls...


Sep. 14th, 2005 03:50 pm
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I just came from Hastings, where I put "The Purifiers" on order. I had no idea that it was coming to the States at all until Shelly told me she'd rented it. I looked at the box for the rental copy, but I refrained from touching it. I knew if I picked it up I'd very likely be compulsed to rent it until my copy came, lol, and I never rent anything.

Saw Paul. He's still alive, then, lol.

Adding about a million smilies to DLBE, since Gold Community is guaranteed for another set of three, heck. I'm rich. It won't suffer, lol.
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I have officially adopted Rena as my daughter. --Hobbitmum



Aug. 29th, 2005 03:47 pm
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A friend from DLBE, Hobbitmum, just had me send her a copy of pandemoniumfromamerica. I got an email from her earlier today...

I will be sending you some mail soon. however it would help to know if you like Elijah, Orli or Dom the best of the three.

OMG! I asked for a postcard back, lol, and now I'm getting MAIL! WHEE! But WHAT IS IT???

Half Fling is so funny. I would love to know what they are saying.

So would I. Anyone who can find me the REAL lyrics to it gets a million brownies!

Man it gets crazy with 5 kids sometimes., esp. when 3 are in college.  kids in 5 different schools in 3 different cities and two different states!! and people wonder why I go to DLBE? 

Wow. I am so never having kids. Thanks for the reinforcement, HM! ^_^

To let loose some of my insanity and enjoy ht ecompany of fellow LOTR lovers. I makes me able to cope with the hectic world around me. 

Aww. If DLBE had a mission statement, that would be in it. ^_-

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I have a birthday thread on DLBE!

And looky what the lovely DLBE's got me!

Could I have a better board, really?

*tries to ignore the totally unintended possible double meaning of her "cream filling" post*

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Oooh. I'm irritated. Hobbity just informed me that the Grey Panthers have reopened. What the frick is up with that???

Okay. Long story coming:

I was a member of an LotR-humor board called Elijah's Grey Panthers. (GP's, the GP, whatever. You get the idea.) All was happy and sunny there, jokes abounded, great source for new Lij pictures. It was a good thing.

And then sometime in, like...October, I think...yes. The last days of September, I think it may've been the 30th or 29th, the admins there declared that with 400+ members, the board had lost its close-knit family feeling like it had had originally, so they were scaling back--membership was no longer open and they were cutting back to their original dozen or so members. That was a sad day.

I applied to be let back in, kept checking back to see if they'd heard my plea. One day I found an ezinbox message from HobbityShoeSupply (aka Waffles/Waffley/Hobbity/HSS/she of many names) that basically said she wanted to keep in contact with some of the other "rejects." I ezinboxed her back and was all "OH! YAY! Human contact!" Lol. I reminded her that somewhere on one of the Official GP Messages, we were given permission to go start a new board for ourselves, and making my long story not quite so long, DLBE was born. On October 5th, we co-founded DomLijBilEans: Lord of the Onion Rings, our own spinoff board. It was basically the same board with open membership and only about five members. (We started with, like, five, and have grown to thirteen.)

It's been great! After about a month I didn't even miss GP anymore because we did just as much on our own. I dearly love the DLBE board.

And then today Hobbity emails me and tells me that GP has opened up free membership again.

That leaves us in a quandary--do we leave DLBE open? Do we let people go to both? Do we inquire about maybe moving our threads to the GP board? I mean, when you start something to counteract being thrown out, and then you're let back in...gah.

And we have our own in-jokes at DLBE that the GP crowd won't get. (I ate Waffles!) It's just--I'm very frustrated and confused and I have my email open in another window, debating what to tell Hobbity. Gah. And here back in October I would have rejoiced at this news.

So anyway. I just emailed Hobbity and told her that closing DLBE is NOT an option as far as I'm concerned. But what to do? It's not so much a matter of us being in any kind of danger or whatever, but it's just a matter of ettiquette as anything else.

RANT TWO (mostly copied from one of my posts on the plaza):

You know what irritates me? People who talk/act like they're huge fans (of Lij or Orli or whoever) and then DON'T HAVE THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT. I was talking to a girl at church yesterday and we were all happy because Orli broke up with Kate Bosworth, but then she insisted that the two of them had been engaged (which they never were, that was just a rumor that went around). And she was wearing an "I Love Orlando" ring. That just annoyed the heck out of me.

Now, see, I either look things up for myself or ask for a confirmation, or I pass it on as "I HEARD this, I don't know if it's right." If it's not one of my main guys (like, say, if it's about Viggo or Sean Bean) I'll admit that the bigger fan is more likely to know than I am. It's why I don't like to hang around my acquaintance Kira so much anymore, she talks like she's a huge fan of Orli's but then doesn't know simple things. (She has a pic of Orli where he had some temporary tattoos on, and she insists that they're real and that he covers them with makeup at all his public appearances. Shelly--you know the pic I mean, the B&W one with the skeleton tattoos.)

A true fan gets the story straight, and anyone who won't go to that much effort is just a casual fan--and there's NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. I admit I don't care as much about, say, Karl Urban as I do my precious Lij, even though I think he's really cute--but I don't try to act like I know all that much about Karl. Bascially, I feel *I* have the right to wear a "Mrs. Wood" t-shirt (if I could find one, anyway) because I know stuff about Elijah. (I've seen almost half the movies he's made and I'm tracking down the rest, I know what the rest are, I know where he was born, I know what films he's currently working on, so on and so forth...) I also feel that wearing something that said "I love Karl Urban" would make me a poser, because yeah, I DO think he's cute, but I don't care enough about him to research him. Not exactly adoration, now is it?

And it applies to people who pose as LotR fans (instead of an actor's fan). Like, say, Kade--she LIKES the LotR movies and she'll talk about them, but she ADMITS that she's not the hugest fan and doesn't try to act like she knows all about it. THAT is a good fan. I hate it when people who know what she knows about LotR try to act like they're loving adorers of all things Tolkien. ("Spell Silmarillion, b****!" Lol.) (Not that Kate hates Tolkien, mind you, she's tried reading the books and hopefull she'll finish them someday, but it's not #1 on her priority list--and that's cool with me.)

Anyway. Enough ranting.

I saw Grandma yesterday, we came over while Aunt Diane and Uncle Norman went to church, ended up bringing our dinner over and eating there. She's doing about the same as last time. (But that's better than a turn for the worse!) Apparently the seizures were what was causing the dry heaves that were plaguing her all the time. They've told her that they won't take her to the hospital anymore because the hospital doesn't know what to do with her, that if they take her anywhere it'll be a nursing home. I know it sounds really cruel, but at the same time, I really think it's making her fight to get better. (And of course if she was suddenly taken up with symptoms we WOULD take her to the hospital, we're not torturers or anything.)

I went to Carissa's for the weekend. (She's the one who picks me up for church.) On Saturday she called and asked if I wanted to come over, since she was having a birthday party and she said I could just stay overnight and they'd take me to church in the morning per usual. And I had nothing to do, and I was gonna get cake, so I went. (You have to understand. Me and Carissa are not close. But I'm nice to her because she drives me to church, and she's nice to everyone because she's sugary. I'd call her a friend. But not a GOOD friend.)

It was all right. It was mostly her family and all, the only people I knew were her and her parents and boyfriend. (Lucky girl. But I'll get to that in a minute.) Not what I'd call a party in the strictest sense (in the strictest sense I've only had like four birthday parties in my life, lol), but not a bad time.

Most of the family left around ten or so, and me and Carissa and Justin watched a movie (She's All That, I'd seen it), and then just talked for, like, forever. He didn't leave until 2 AM. (Which was okay because I was with them the whole time and they were totally kosher.) They don't even kiss. They're THAT kind of couple, which is irritating, sort of. I don't go in for that whole 'courtship' movement.

But anyway. I don't know what it is with Justin, but it's really hard for me to be around him. Not that I can't stand him. I don't have a crush on him, but I keep accidentally saying things and I'm paranoid he or Carissa will misinterpret them as me having a crush on him. I totally don't. I mean, he's cute, but he wants to be a youth pastor and I SO swore that off. I'm not being my mother or putting up with what she puts up with. Not happening.

But I AM jealous of Carissa. Not because of Justin, I don't want Justin. (He's cute enough, but the youth-pastor thing killed any possibilities of me even remotely liking him that way.) I'm jealous because she has a BOYFRIEND. They're so cute together! But it drives me nuts to see him hugging on her because THAT'S what I want--a boy that'll let me hug him and be in love with him and all that jazz. (Yes. I know I'm in love with the idea of being in love. I don't care.) Gah. Anyway.

Happy Single Awareness Day. I'll talk more about that tomorrow when I find out if I'm still Valentine-less or not.

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