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So I participated in a secret santa over on [ profile] beyond_dapper. And today was a bad day. And I don't know what possessed me, but I made a video of myself opening my presents.

So yeah. That's me. =)


Nov. 28th, 2011 06:44 pm
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Putting up a wishlist for the Beyond Dapper Secret Santa. WOOT. If you're not the person who has my name, just scroll on by and ignore this entry, lol!

Christmas wishes! )
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Saturday I punched [ profile] detourdestiny in the arm (-10 points). Last Wednesday I gave [ profile] gamgeefest a kidney (1000 points). In November I helped [ profile] runaway_here across the street (6 points). In July I gave [ profile] ravin_katrinus a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). Last month I turned [ profile] merrybrandytook in for spitting (3 points).

Overall, I've been nice (994 points). For Christmas I deserve a toy train!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

I love how only one of these is someone I ACTUALLY talk to. XD

More blogthings... )


Dec. 21st, 2007 02:59 pm
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Two hours and I am GONE. And I don't have to be back for 16 days. WEWT WEWT.

Firehouse! Christmas party! St. Louis! CANADA!

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Two weekends in a row. This could be habit-forming.

Thursday evening: no salsa lesson, but the girls are getting together to practice.
Thursday night: late dinner with Nico, once he rolls back into town
Friday night: Firehouse with Kristy and her roommates, details TBA
Saturday night: CAS Christmas party (that Nico is not attending, the bitch)
Saturday late night: "powershopping" with Nico once he gets off work
Sunday: driving to St. Louis, probably lateish, I want to sleep in
Monday: Christmas Eve = PRESENTS
Tuesday: I dunno, playing with Chrismas presents or's not like the WHOLE family is getting together anymore...
Wednesday afternoon: FLYING to CANADA ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

???: Downtime! (I think I shall be sleeping on the plane...)

Somewhere in there I have to plan and pack, and make eggnog. I'm thinking I'll make eggnog on Thursday evening so Nico can try it if he wants, and pack Saturday during the afternoon (I am SO sleeping in).

Did laundry at Kristy's last night. Played DDR and Rock Band. AWESOMESAUCE.
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Memeses... )


Dec. 16th, 2007 07:28 pm
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FINALLY caught up on the flist and I had to go back 240 entries. I fail.

(I also have a couple of RSS feeds and comms and of my favorite webcomics finally went the way of RSS, so I don't have to go to their site anymore, yay!...)

Christmas. Yay. I got all my presents wrapped yesterday, including Dad's bday present. His bday is tomorrow; a week before my family traditionally opens presents (Christmas Eve). Sucks to be him. You know he ends up getting two crap presents from everyone instead of one decent one like the rest of us.

Nico was over last night and he was asking me all our routine one-of-us-is-going-out-of-town questions, and after that, he was all, "Dude, when you get back, one weekend in January, we should go to the club." And I had SO been thinking that that day and the day before. ^_^ So yay.

Finalizing plans for Canada--I have my ticket (well, my eticket confirmation number and such), but I still don't know exactly where in the house I'll be sleeping and whatnot. Nor what we'll be doing, though Katchan keeps mentioning something about hot Canadian men... *cough*

OMG. I just realized that I won't have a CD player or MP3 player for all the flying I'll be doing. FTW? MUST. FIX. Mayhap try to resurrect the old one again, maybe? ...if I can remember where I threw it during the move...?

Watching Sex and the City on DVD. It's funny and now Nico and I are going to have more quotes, but I can't say that I'm all "ZOMG HOW DID I GO THIS LONG WITHOUT WATCHING THIS?" Though if Carrie doesn't end up with Mr. Big--and we don't find out his real name--I WILL be severely disappointed. (NO SPOILERS, kplzthx!)

I made Lunch Crumble (the recipe I got from Marvelous Mail) last night. OMG GOODNESS.

I have all the stuff to make REAL eggnog. (Rum included, since I'd had a bottle of brandy in the house before.) Will let you know how it turns out.

ETA: TV on DVD vs. TV on Internet? Hmm. Here's South Park for ya.
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You Know a Lot About Christmas

You got 8/10 correct

You know tons about the history and traditions surrounding Christmas.
When you celebrate the holidays, you never forget their true meaning - or all the little fun details.

Random Christmas fact: "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" is the first Christmas carol. It dates back to the 12th century.

Wow, that's crazy--I love that song when it's sung well.

QuizGalaxy.comHave You Been Naughty or Nice This Year?
thehobbitwaffle thought you were naughty - and gave you tube socks!
knittedpippin thought you were nice - and gave you a bottle of champagne!
screweduptown thought you were nice - and gave you a box of gourmet chocolates!
littlelaiken thought you were nice - and gave you a warm scarf!
mucun thought you were nice - and gave you a tree ornament!
lykaios thought you were naughty - and gave you devil horns!
'Have YOU Been Naughty or Nice This Year?'


Here's a hint, guys--knittedpippin is now my new best friend. XD

You Should Have a Purple Christmas Tree

For you, the holidays represent a time of creativity and expression.
There's no way you'd do something bland simply for tradition's sake.

You are an independent person, and you definitely do the holidays your own way.
And you're decadent enough to go way over the top with any unusual holiday ideas you have.

Your purple tree would look great with: Purple lights and ornaments

You should spend Christmas Eve watching: A Christmas Story

What you should bake for Santa: "Kitchen sink" cookies - with a ton of things in them



Dec. 14th, 2007 02:10 pm
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After today, five more days of work before vacation.

From today, it's seven days until payday. Eight days until the Christmas party. Nine days until I leave for St. Louis. Twelve days until I leave for CANADA.


Three months from today (or 13 weeks to the day, as well, since my birthday's on a Friday) I'll be 22. (OMG, how OLD does that sound??)

My birthday IS on a Friday. Can we say "three-day weekend," anyone?


Dec. 12th, 2006 07:31 pm
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Grr, LJ ate my post! What happened to SAVED DRAFTS??? Anyway...

LOOK at my profile page! Katchan bought me mistletoe--in hopes I'd find someone to share it with.

Well. Heh. As soon as I log off, I'm on my way to meet up with a guy. *blush* I haven't wanted to say anything until today for fear of jinxing it.

Friday after work, me, Robert (who was in town) and Linnemann (all hanging out together) ran into Rachel, Lucas, (I work with both of them) Ruthie, and Matt (also hanging out together) at a gas station. It was freezing that night and we were all complaining, and finally Rachel was like, "Well, we could go back to Matt's place..." And we did, since it was, like, right there.

Matt. OMG. He's so sweet and polite, and draws anime, and...well. OMG. Hot. (I was browsing a bit on myspace to see if he was in any of Rachel's pics, but I couldn't find him.)

So the next night I asked Rachel and Lucas if he was straight and single, which he is, and if he might be interested in me, which they said they'd ask.

Long story short, Lucas came in to work this morning to order food, and then said he needed to talk to me and so I came up to the counter (okay, ran for the counter and nearly killed myself slipping on spilt guacamole--what a way to go!--was more like it) and the asnwer was YES. So I got his number and as soon as I get done here I'm supposed to drop by his work (he works at a gas station here in town).

So...OMG. I'm so floored. YES. He said YES. *dances* It kind of sucks that I will, for the second time, be seeing him in my uniform and with no makeup, but hey, if it worked for him the first time around it should be okay. ^_^

In other news--on Sunday I went to Robert's concert, which was really good (OMG, they actually played a whole symphony! Beethoven's first!). Then later we went and saw Happy Feet, which was really really really good. ^_^ The poster at the theater said "Warning: May cause toe-tapping!" and they were SO right! I was bouncing in my seat for most of the movie (even at the beginning when Mumble was just a baby and wasn't even voiced by Elijah). And it was actually pretty suspensful in parts. (Did anyone else scream when the leopard seal jumped out of the water onto the ice floe?) The animation was amazing--the humans, toward the end, did not look animated at all. I actually thought that they filmed real people for a few minutes. I imagine the penguins would have looked just as real had they not been slightly anthropomorphized. (Mumble's eyes are wide and blue. Wonder where they got the idea for THAT? XD) The music was great, I had to stop on the way home and buy the soundtrack. (Six months after I swore I'd never buy another CD because you can download everything. XD)

Christmas is coming up. I'm about half-done with my shopping, lol. And Sunday is Dad's bday. I cannot wait for vacay--I'm taking off five days, the first of which I'm going to see Shelly, then we're going to St. Louis, and the last day is the Taco Bell Christmas party, which should be fun--it's always held at a bowling alley. ^_^ I didn't go last year, but last year at Christmas I was still only just getting to know the people that I really hang with now.

So. Yeah. I could stay another twenty or twenty-five minutes, but I'm done...and I want to go see Matt. ^_^

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Teeheehee. I'm saying it now because today's the last day I'll be able to get to the library until January third. That's not to say I won't pop online again between now and then (I might be in St. Louis or, if we end up going down to Malvern, I might be able to get on at Aunt Laura's), but I can't guarantee anything.

We might be in Malvern, actually--my grandma (to quote the Princess Diaries movie, "the live one"--my Grandma Crawford) had a triple bypass last week and Mom's down there indefinitely to help take care of her. BUT, if Grandma's out of the hospital by Christmas, then Mom may come back here for Christmas and go down again, or we may have Christmas down there, or (my hope) we'll go get her and go on up to St. Louis as originally planned. (Grandma's got two of her other kids living right there in town with her, my Aunt Laura and my Uncle Kurt, so it's not like there'd be no one to care for her. And Grandpa, too.)

She's doing okay, she wants to be up and running around doing stuff and the nurses won't let her out of bed.

I'm getting CONTACTS in January! WOOT! This is an incredibly good thing, seeing as I had to wire my glasses together this morning because the screw fell out. I'm going to go to Wal-Mart as soon as I'm done here to see if I can get them to put in a new one, and if not--oh well, I only have a monthish to deal with wired glasses. ^_^ Teehee.

I'm sorely tempted to get colored contacts. Dad said I could if I paid for the difference. ^_^ (OMGPURPLEEYESWHEEEE!)

Shelly FINALLY sent me her chapter. WOOT! So I can work on that over the break.

I think I'm going to work on posting some of D2D over at FOSFF now, and let you all go for now. (That and I want to upload some userpics, now that I know how that works...)

Merry and Pippin Christmas to you all! ^_^
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'Tis the season! Gacked from [ profile] gamgeefest.

1. Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree?
'Tis fake, since we're going out of town (most likely). When we host we have a real tree.

2. Do you put up Christmas lights on the exterior of your home?
We did when we lived in town, but since our house can't be seen from the road at all (not even the dirt road), we don't bother. We do have a huge wreath on our porch, though!

3. What's your favorite Christmas song/carol?
Carol of the Bells, Here's Your Christmas Sign

4. What do you like better, turkey or ham?
Ham. Though I really don't like either, I can make myself eat ham--but not turkey.

5. Do you open up any Christmas presents on Christmas Eve?
That's when we open ALL our presents.

6. Have you ever been Christmas caroling?
Once or twice.

7. What was your most memorable Christmas gift(s) that you received?
Hmm...pandemoniumfromamerica. It was the one thing I REALLY wanted, and they wrapped it in a big box like you get a shirt in, and made me open it very last so I thought I hadn't gotten it. ^_^

8. What's your favorite Christmas movie?
*thinks* Home Alone 2, lol...

9. Have you ever built a real snowman?
Many times! Dad and I built Conehead snowmen once, lol...

10. Have you ever peeked into a present and found out what it was before Christmas?
Not intentionally, though I did know I was getting an Easy-Bake Oven when I was five because I saw my sister wrapping it.

She STILL doesn't know about that! XD

11. What is on the top of your Christmas tree?
An angel that we've had for YEARS...

12. Do you own a Santa hat?
Yes, actually!

13. When was the last time you had your picture taken with Santa Claus?

14. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

15. Do you put candy canes on your Christmas tree?
Most of the time. We kind of forgot this year, lol...

16. Who is the hardest person to buy for?
Grandparents, collectively.

17. Who is the easiest person to buy for?
Jason--something with M&M's on it and you're set. (He collects 'em.)

18. How old were you when you realized Santa was imaginary?
I never remember NOT knowing that, I was told the truth so young.

19. What does your morning of Christmas routine consist of?
There's a morning after Christmas Eve? We stay up until midnight or later opening presents and then sleep in until the family gets together for lunch, lol...

20. Egg Nog?
Ew. No thank you.

21. What do you want for Christmas this year?
Music! Movies!

22. Do your pets get presents?

23. Mistletoe?
I have seen it, but never hanging up. Never stood under it. *sigh*

24. You know it's Christmas when...
We decorate the house and make cookies.

25. Favorite Christmas tradition?
I always get Madison and the boys each a book. ^_^

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I got an email of Christmas cartoons and was thrilled to see this one resurface. I just adore this.

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...I took this quiz. ^_^

The Twelve Days of Christmas
for rena_librarian:
Day #Who?What they got you
1stringsesLow fat chocolates
2ndshinyblogthingsTheir business card
3rdwritingofsorrowA Davy Crockett Hat
4ththehobbitwaffleTheir business card
5thdarkest_crocusA Raffi album
6thfunquizzesA flag from an obscure, newly formed country
7thtaethowenA life sized poster of Rod Stewart
8thtaethowenA Sigmund Freud action figure
9thwritingofsorrowA pardon for your restraining order
10thdarkest_crocusA fake ID
11thtaethowenA reservation to stay one night in a haunted castle
12thfunquizzesA sex-ed textbook from 1952
Take this Quiz at
( or, take the 'adult' version at )

1--Ew. Mom? Hungry?
2--Whee, new bookmark! (Not that I don't already have about fifty more than I'll ever need...)
3--I'm so wearing it to school. I'm already known for wearing "groovy hats," in the words of Mrs. Richardson. ^_^
4--Hey! TWO bookmarks!
5--Kat, I know you listen to obscure music, but who the heck is Raffi?
6--HOBBITY'S COUNTRY! It's starting small.
7--XD I'll hang it right next to Orli.
8--...and take that to my Psychology final for good luck.
10--Why can I see her giving me one for real and sneaking me into a club???
11--OMG, that would be so fun. Do I get to bring a guest? *dials Lijah*
12--XD OMG. I think that's what I had in high school!


Dec. 6th, 2005 01:27 pm
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I'm incredibly sleepy.

OMG. I haven't talked about Kyle in a while--he is, for sure, living in Flippin (still don't know where) and I know for sure where he's working (fast food, lol). I happen to know the manager there, saw her last night, and when I told her I knew him she told me when he's going to be there today. ^_^ I plan on getting there about half an hour before he gets off, so this time if he's can't talk (I did spot him there the day we left for St. Louis but he was too busy) I can just wait until he gets off. ^_^ So yay!

I'm not going to be online tomorrow; I have no school (it's Dead Day, AKA a pause to study before finals start on the next day) so I'm going to stay home, sleep in, and (more than likely) play DDR, watch movies, and decorate our tree, which went up over the weekend but hath only lights on it thus far!

Mom bought the blinky lights that I really like, since all our old strands seem to be dead, but instead of the traditional red-yellow-green-blue sequence, this new one has ONLY red-blue-green! What's with THAT?

I mean, really. No potatoes at Thanksgiving and now THIS? What is happening to our holidays? What's NEXT? Valentine's Day (SAD, lol) without chocolate???

I bought Mom's Christmas present yesterday. Go me. All the other little things I plan on getting will just have to wait until payday. (I have to get stuff for Maddy and the boys, but other than that, nothing, because we draw names in our family--sucky, sucky, sucky "tradition" started last year.) I'm going to burn Maddy a CD of princess songs (Disney and Ella Enchanted music, among others) and VeggieTales music. ^_^

I'm wearing a tie today. Dad got rid of a few and guess who was there to scavenge? ^_^ It's purple, totally matches my shirt, and it looks really good, IMHO. (I don't tie it quite so tight as a man would, but I use the same knot--which is easier than one might think, lol.)

It's depressing. I get to stay home tomorrow and there's not going to be any Lost. I mean, I would get them not having it the week of Christmas since nobody's home to watch it, but--gah. I WANT TO SEE MR. EKO MEET THE MONSTER!

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