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This site is awesome: this group sets up elaborate practical jokes, but they're usually with the goal of making people feel good. =D Read about the original MP3 experiment--I want to do that someday!!--and even the Suicide Jumper is...kinda heartwarming. Food Court Musical, ZOMG!

And when you've entertained yourself, plz 2 continyoo reeding. ...Okay, I know that there are some people who read something romantic and are all "ZOMG, gag me with a chocolate heart," though they seem to be diminishing in number lately. If you're one of those, you may want to skip this entry, lol, 'cause it's pretty much all about Cody. If you're Kristy or Nico you've probably heard a large amount of this already, lol.

I think it's finally happened: I've finally made good decisions regarding a guy. =P Cody and I have been together a week now (or will have been, in about 12 hours), which sadly puts him ahead of Sam, but I'm not worried about his going anywhere anytime soon.

My parents are being so surprisingly chill about the whole thing that I actually told them I'm going down to see him tomorrow. (I should be asleep, but I have to flatiron and don't want to do it in the morning.) And they didn't even throw a hissy about it. WEIRD. But yay for things being easy.

The more Cody and I talk, the awesomer he gets. The latest example would be today--I asked if I had to dress up, since I'm meeting his family and all, and he said no, not really. "No cleavage," lol. And of course I countered this with the obligatory flat-chested self-deprecating joke, and he assured me that A) he didn't care at all how big/small I am, and B) he totally hadn't meant to go there with it, he'd just meant don't dress like a slut, which he knew I never would anyway.

Last night I was over at Kristy's, hanging out while she deployed from home. While she was getting ready, I was at the computer, so I added Cody to her MSN since I actually hang out over there a lot and we'll often both sit in front of the computer and talk to other people, lol. I chatted with him for a while, but finally I had to hand the keyboard over to Kristy so she could get to work. He totally kept chatting with her, and she started telling him about her guy problems and he gave her really good advice. I thought that was incredibly sweet. ^_^ (Of course now and again he'd ask if I was still there and say something to me, too, lol.)

And then on Wednesday (yeah, I'm working backwards, lol) I found I out have the chance to go to St. Louis. (Dad's going to Saskatoon for Lions International US/Canada Forum, flying out of St. Louis, Mom is going to St. Louis to see the kids, and I have a job now but I don't start until October, so I don't have to be home for interviews or anything, so I'm riding along.) I told Mom I wanted to go, thinking it was the weekend between Cody weekends (we're probably going to go every other weekend, and alternate, so we're only making the drive once a month). When I looked at it on a calendar, though, it was in fact the SAME weekend. =( I toyed with the idea of not going after all, but when it came down to it, I'm going to see Cody relatively often, and I haven't seen the kids since the reunion in May and probably won't again until the holidays. I hated to break it to him, but I did. I was all "I hate it that my going means you'll have to wait three weeks," and he said that it would be well worth the wait. When I continued apologizing and assuring him that it wasn't that I particularly wanted to have to wait any longer to see him, he said (and I quote), "it's okay sweetie I understand." He called me sweetie! =D And he was totally serious, too, there was no guilt trip at all. Kristy was like "Well, did you expect anything less?" and I told her I was expecting him to be more disappointed, but instead he was awesome and understanding (and I told him so, lol). As mentioned above, we have resolved the whole three-weeks wait with my going to see him this week, lol. (Tomorrow morning. ZOMG I can't wait to see him!)

Also, when he was here, he gave me some gas money for the drive down. I told him he didn't have to, and that I'd rather he hung onto his money so he could come see me again, lol, and he told me "It's not gas money. It's an investment in my happiness." And you can't argue with that, seriously. Even my mother thought this was incredibly charming when I told her. ^_^

I was involuntarily volunteered to run the Operation Christmas Child booth today at the fair by Dad, and then the crazy weather and tornado alarms and all happened, so I helped dismantle said booth, and then the word came through that we were, in fact, not in danger, so I went to dinner with my parents tonight. I showed them the pic of Cody that I took with my phone, and they both think he needs a haircut and that he and I should go to church together and they DO want to meet him (though they weren't so insistent this time, lol), but really, for them, they're being amazingly nonchalant. I figured they'd freak when I said I was going down there, but they didn't. I also figured they'd freak when I said I was meeting his family when I told them that they wouldn't get to meet him unless I decided to marry him (and I'm only half-kidding), but I just got that trite-but-true bit of advice about how you can tell a lot about how a guy will treat you when you see how he treats his mother. (When talking about her, sometimes he gets pissy, especially when she put the kibosh on his coming to see me the first time we planned it, but he usually follows it up with something like, "But I guess it's understandable, she works so hard, etc etc.")

I was talking with Kristy at some point this week (I don't remember what day now, lol) about Cody and his ever-growing awesomeness, and how he's not someone I ever would have pictured myself with (geekiness notwithstanding), but how much--well, frankly--better he is than any other guy I've ever dated/wanted to date, and she was like, "You know, I bet that Cody isn't everything you want, or at least thought you wanted, but I bet he's everything you need. God knows." And I totally think she's right. I really think that there's some Divine Design working here--I've also been talking to Kristy a lot about how sometimes you have to realize that it's okay to be single. While I still wanted to be in a relationship, I was finally starting to accept that I'd live and be okay even if I never did--and that never falling would be better in the long run than falling for the wrong guy. I have a good circle of friends that are going to take care of me and be there for me if/when I need them, and I'm an independent woman. And yeah, it sounds trite even to me and we've all heard it a million times--but just as I was cursing my luck and was about to decide that the whole dating thing just wasn't worth the hassle anymore, along came Cody--Cody, who has been incredibly patient with me and does his best to allay my fears and insecurities. I don't think I tell him enough just how impressed I am, really.

And on a semi-related note, I've been praying again lately--a lot--and trying to pray more prayers of thankfulness than asking for things. When I do ask for things, they're generally blessings for other people, not myself. I finally feel like things are going right and I have no business asking for anything, like I'm I already getting more than I deserve. I know I've been well-off before in my life (I never had to pay for school, for instance)--for most of my life, really--but I've never felt so appreciative of what I have before. I'm trying to pinpoint when exactly I started feeling like this and I can't remember any closer than that it's definitely been since I've not had a job and since I've met Cody, lol, but before Shelly's wedding. IDK. Maybe Kristy is rubbing off on me, lol. I'm still not thrilled with the idea of church--I'm almost certainly going to have to go while we're in St. Louis >_< --but God's been pretty good to me lately and, well, like Cameron said in that one episode of House, "It means something to me, to be grateful for what I've received."


Apr. 11th, 2008 10:24 am
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It's official now, 5%. Which kind of sucks because our boss was pushing for another dollar an hour, flat (and for those of you who are persistently nosy and good at math, would have been 12.5%), but I'll still take it. Especially since he said it would probably end up being 4%.

It's almost twice as much as the typical raise at Taco Bell.

Got paid for 44 hours last week, but since 8 was sick time I didn't actually get overtime. Sucky. But anyway, FYI, they're now taking out close to $150 with tax and insurance stuff. Geez. But still, it's more money, looking forward to next check where I'll have ACTUAL overtime, and maybe I'll be able to breathe a little after I pay my rent.

I realized the other day that the $60 I'm not spending on my electric this month needs to go to get new tires--so said Hannah, one of my acting classmates who now works in Wal*Mart's automotive department, when I got my oil changed. Yay for El Dorado Tire, home of the gently used tire for $30. But hey, at least I'm only spending the regular amount of money instead of twice as much. ^_^

Must hold out money for car insurance from THIS check.

We're having a companywide yard sale tomorrow, all day. Kristy and I are sharing a table, which is good, because she HAS tables. XD Yay for a little more spending money! And getting rid of useless crap! Lol.

Went to Kristy's last night and played Rockband. I've been playing bass on hard, and last night I actually played (and did pretty okay on) Orange Crush on expert!! Not ready to move along to expert as a regular thing, though, hard is still pretty challenging. Later on we traded instruments and it forced me to level up to medium on drums. I still suck, lol, but I think 80-90% of the time Kristy and I play, she's on drums, so I haven't had as much practice. That's the nice thing about bass; no one EVER tries to tear it away from you. Plus when I've mastered it (which, suddenly, there's light at the end of that tunnel, lol), I can just slide over to guitar, lol, and it'll be an all-new experience.

I think we're probably going to play again tomorrow after the yard sale. Yay!
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Now, Here Is What You Are Supposed To Do...And Please Do Not Spoil The
Hit Forward, Delete My Answers And Type In Your Answers.
Then Send This To A Whole Bunch Of People That You Know...And Send It
Back To Me So I Can See Your
The Theory Is That You Will Learn A Lot Of Little Known Facts About
Those You Know.

My first name was at random but my grandmother and I have the same middle name.

Hmm...I don't cry a lot...OH. Christmas Day.

Actually, I LOVE my handwriting. Probably a little too much.

Summer sausage, when it's done right.

No, and don't want them.

Probably; but if I was another person I might not be as fascinated by weird people as I am now. Haha.

No, never, not at all! Me? Use sarcasm? NO WAY!


I'd rather hang-glide, but if the opportunity was there (read: if someone else offered to take me and pay for it) I'd go.

Honey Nut Cheerios.

Assuming they're the kind that tie--I practically never wear that kind anymore. Oh, and except for my sparkly kicks--they don't cover the top of my foot and the tie is pretty much just for decoration.

12. DO YOU Think you're strong?
Nah, I'm a wimp. I can carry a heavy box or a TV but apparently I can't hold up my end of a couch.

I tend to pick something different every time I buy a box, but I think I can narrow it down to two favorites: chocolate chip cookie dough and butter pecan.

What they're wearing, lol. I'm too addicted to Go Fug Yourself. ( Then usually hair, and then how happy they seem to be.

Red, hands down. I have a strong and deep-seated hatred of the color pink. And I look hot in red. :D

Hmm, I try really hard not to think negatively about myself, but I hate that I'm such a picky eater.


That's the point!

Black pants and red high heels, respectively.

I'm eating pocky right now, and thinking about using Kristy's hot water heater to make tea.

Tech support, and the ending theme song from Rurouni Kenshin. In Japanese.

Some shade of blue-ish purple, probably with a funky name.

Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath & Body Works. OMG, delicious.

24. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? sister was just texting me, but I'm pretty sure the last person I actually TALKED to was Nico.

Betty's cool. :)

-_- I hate sports. The closest I'll come to watching sports is during the Olympics, I might watch gymnastics or skating. And horseback events, lol.

Aquamarine. ^_^

Yuppers! (I'm kind of digging the fact that people don't REALIZE this. Contacts are AWSOME.)

You know, I usually say pizza, but lately I've come to appreciate a well-made pasta--it's more difficult than people give it credit for.

Happy endings...though I like a good scary movie now and again. SCARY, not GORY. (NEVER. SEEING. HOSTEL. OR. SAW. PERIOD.)

Boondock Saints at home...uh...what DID I see at the theater?...OH! Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Haha, I don't go to the theater a lot. (But I might be going this weekend...)

Beige, technically, but it has a red, blue, and black pattern on it. I loves it. :)

Winter!! Summer is too hot, lol.

Hm...kisses, I think.

Nothing beats a well-made brownie. Except maybe well-made red velvet cake. Hmm...

Kristy? This question is dumb, lol.

*looks over list* ...Ashley or Linda.

I have a book of one-act plays in my bag now (one of those textbooks I didn't sell back; I think it was from Fine Arts: Theater, but it might have been one my acting classes...or both, now that I think about it, because I know we were thinking of putting on one of the plays in it), plus I have a book of Tolkien short stories and poems at home that I'm reading. I think that's it. I might be reading a third one as well...haha.

It's midnight blue. And dirty, lol. It has one of those gel cushions for my wrist though. (My mouse at home is a touch mouse, lol.)

Last night? Nothing, not even a movie. I was OUT last night. (I played video games the day before...and watched a DVD the day before that...but I honestly can't think of the last time I watched ACTUAL TV. I only get three channels. But I'm getting satellite!!)

Hmm...good music, friends talking, my phone ringing with the ringtone of someone I want to talk to.


Edmonton, I think... hm, no, Google Maps says it's farther to Halifax. Then again that's driving directions. One of those two, lol. Been to Mexico and about half of the states, too.

Hm...yeah, I can write and draw.

Here in town @ BRMC.

All of them, lol.
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Actually, the Ozark Choral Society concert in review first--selections from Phantom of the Opera, selections from Beauty and the Beast, a few solos. Too much choralizing and not enough solos, IMHO, but then I guess everyone needs their moment and the director has to play fair. They had to condense both, and rearrange, but they did a good job. (But the Phantom kidnapping Christine right after "Masquerade"?? WTF??!)

Three-and-a-half stars out of five, for local theater.

Saw Karen briefly, which was nice, but we really didn't talk other than for her to say that I was looking good--both weight-wise and my outfit. Lol. Yay. Right afterward, me and Jacqui headed for the club. (Well, okay, Mickey D's pitstop--drinking on an empty stomach is BAD!)

When we got there, Nico, April (who wrecked my battery, lol, if you'll recall), her husband Kevin, their friend Ryan (who I'd met twice or thrice at April's place), Ryan's little (underage) brother Chris, and Wigz were there.  Candise and Kelly showed up not too much later.

I kind of sat there for a while, soaking it in. The music was WAY louder, there were a few people dancing, but it wasn't crowded (at only 10:30ish). Nico finally dragged me to the bar to get drinks. I wasn't sure what I wanted and just said "something fruity." "Two something fruitys, please!" XD I guess Amaretto Sours were on special because that's what we got. GOOD STUFF. Amaretto, sweet and sour mix, and Sprite. Mmm.

While I was sitting there drinking it, a woman came around offering Jello shots, and Nico bought a round. Wasn't so impressed by that--it ONLY tasted of Jello, and not at all of alcohol (despite the fact that it's made with vodka). If I wanted to taste that I'd make plain old Jello! Two bucks for THAT? No thanks, I'd rather save my money for a REAL drink.

The girl that was selling them was Asian, so after she walked away Jacqui was all, "Lick Poop...take Jello shot..." But then that's not funny unless you've seen the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. Ahem.

So anyway I just kind of sat there for a long time. Candise was all, "Why are you just sitting there? You're supposed to be down there, moving!" (We had a table elevated from the main dance floor.) And I just shrugged and held up my drink. "More of this first!" Lol. (I found out later that the Amaretto Sour is actually really low in alcohol, lol, but whatever.)

About the time I was finally finishing it (not that I drink slowly by ANY stretch of the imagination!) Bri, Tab, and Rackle showed up, completing our little group. When THEY were there, THEN I had the guts to go dance--we were all dancing in a group.

I started off dancing in little bursts, then going and sitting, then dancing again for longer and longer...all told I think I spent about three hours on the floor. In THREE INCH HEELS, thanks.

There was a lot of dancing going on purely for shits and giggles, girl-on-girl (not me but the other girls), girl-on-Nico, lol. At one point I was sitting on a stool against the wall (but not at a table) and Ryan, who was pretty crunked by that point, backed up to me and danced for a second, but it didn't last long, lol.

But the dancing and all was building up my confidence...I went to Nico and asked him. "Dude, I know you called dibs, but would you be upset if I danced with Ryan?" (Ryan is straight, lol, but still.) Nico kind of laughed me off and said to go for it--so I did.

Dancing with a guy is completely different--even if it's a guy you don't care about. It was fun, and intense (if you get my drift--I wouldn't have done it if my mother was there! ^_^). I fully enjoyed it, but a large part of me kept wishing it was Duncan, lol. (Practice for when it IS, hopefully.) It was also kind of funny because of HOW drunk Ryan was. It was crazy, he not only kept his feet but was moving them way more than I moved mine (I'm more of a hip- and shoulder-shaker)--so long as no one bumped into him. If someone did, then he kind of headed in a floorly direction, lol. One time I was all, "Are you okay?" and he did this motion to indicate that he was seeing double, then indicated that his vision was centered again, and nodded, then carried on dancing right where he'd left off. Lol.

When the song ended I sat back down, but then they announced the Cha Cha Slide ("Only losers like you would request this song! You're the only people in the world that like it!" And yet everyone danced, lol), so I got back up and found myself dancing with Ryan again. I thought I kind of sucked but Nico said I did okay. Jacqui pointed out later that it's kind of hard to screw up as the instructions are IN THE SONG, but then I reminded her that I doooo tend to get left and right mixed up. (At least when told them verbally--I do okay on DDR because it's a visual representation.)

We kept dancing through the next song, and then I sat down. Nico pushed a drink to me, something red and fruity--something called a Southern Mother Fucker. I tried to look it up online later and since I couldn't find it, I'm thinking it might be a Firehouse specialty. (There are other drinks such as the Purple Mother Fucker, so I'm guessing it's the same thing, just with Southern Comfort in it.) Whatever it was, it was good. I downed it pretty quickly, and good thing, too, because not too much later the club closed.

Out in the parking lot I thanked Ryan for dancing with me--I was glad he was there, I wouldn't have had the guts to ask a total stranger to dance, and I would have missed out!--"Sorry I sucked..." He gave me a side hug and a kiss on the cheek. ^_^ (Five o'clock shadow, up close and personal, lol.) Everyone had decided to meet back up at McDonald's here in Mountain Home, but as me and Jacqui were on our way Nico called me from someone's cellphone (Wigz or April, I'm not sure, lol) and told me April's car had broken down, so plans were off.

Jacqui and I came home and I changed, then we turned around and went out again because I had to get a Mother's Day present for Mom, lol. As we were passing, we saw someone turn in at Taco Bell, so we circled back to say hi--it was Tab, Bri, Rackle, Candise and Kelly, all eating Mickey D's. We chatted for a few minutes. Jacqui fell asleep, lol, so I left her in the car while I got Mom's present. (A book I thought she'd like. She hasn't said anything yet.)

When me and Jacqui got back to my place she went right to sleep, I went online for an hour or so.

The next morning we got up and had lunch with my parents (Jacqui's mom was out of town), which was funny. I told them I didn't know the name of the red drink and Jacqui said it had been at least an hour between when I finished it and when we left. ^_^**

And that's pretty much everything...except the PICS! All of the following gacked from Nico and Rackle, the little shutterbugs. Also all click-to-enlarge.

 This is almost everyone--Kelly with her back to the camera, Wigz in the strapless top, Bri with her back to the camera, Tab above that, Rackle in the blue top, and me with my back to the camera, too, lol.

This is April, whose birthday we were celebrating.

Someone must have said something funny to Tab, because this is not alcohol, lol.

Me and Jacqui and my Amaretto Sour, lol.

Me and Nico finally have a smooshy pic! ^_^

Nico and Chris, who barely said three words all night, lol.

This is my new favorite pic of myself, it's my default pic on MySpace and my MSN userpic. My headline on both: "I may not be a ten, but the boys say I clean up good...I'm here for the party!"

Nico shakin' his groove thang. ^_^

Wigz, Tab, and me. I have NO idea why I look so mad, lol. Or why I thought that that move resembled dancing.

This is NOT a pic of Tab dancing. It's a lovely photo of my shoulder. Lol.

This is me dancing with Ryan. My mother must never know of this pic's existence.

The man's a brilliant dancer, no matter how drunk he is. (I didn't do that, I swear!)

 So yeah. I had fun. ^_^
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ARGH! THE INTERNET ATE MY ENTRY! I shall have to retype it. What's with this "saved draft" thing???


Wednesday was a Lostless Wednesday (as is the coming one! Oh well, the next new ep will be my reward for surviving finals, I guess), so I met Nico for dinner (mmm, Chili's), and we went back to his place (he's back living with his old roommates). From there we walked down to the lake where we sat throwing rocks into the water skipping stones and talking. I made a lot of cracks about his enthusiasm for "exploring unspoiled nature" whilst leaving cigarette butts behind him. XD

Anyway. We were too lazy to walk all the way back (uphill all the way, thanks) so his roommate drove down and got us. Yay cellphones!

Then Thursday was the cast part for Great Gatsby. (If I didn't journal about that, it's because I didn't have a part, just ran the lights.) That was fun. I ended up sitting and talking with Megan, Deidre, and Dustin. Luke came and sat part of the time (he works at the place we had it, but he sat with us on his break) and when the crowd at his end of the table thinned out, Robert moved down. Deidre fixated on Dustin and he let her ask him a zillion random questions.

The thing that annoyed me, though...Dustin and I had Bio together last semester and Acting all this semester, and I've always thought he was cute, and now, now that all that's over, now that I'm likely to only see him once or twice again...NOW I find out how much we really have in common. *sigh*

Anyway. No point in dwelling on THAT. The other important thing that happened at the party was--and you are all sworn to secrecy--I had my first sip of alcohol.

It was a Schmirnoff's Twisted IV, watermelon-flavored. (Granted, it was a .5% alcohol wine cooler, which is less alcohol than NyQuil, so it probably doesn't really count, but I still feel really devious for having done it.) It was Megan's--she drank one, then half of another, and when she moved it away from her so she wouldn't keep sipping on it and make herself sick, it ended up in front of me, and when she noticed me looking at it, she encouraged me to try it. She told me it tasted like a watermelon Jolly Rancher, and given my love for those (and the fact that it WAS such a small amount of alcohol, and that I was with friends, and that I fully intended to be one of the last to leave and therefore had WAY more than enough time for it to disappear from my system before I was driving), I took one sip. One, mind you.

And the part that makes me feel really devious...I liked it.

It really did taste like a liquefied, carbonated watermelon Jolly Rancher, and it felt warm going down. Not entirely unpleasant.

Kat's been bugging me about trying alcohol when I'm in Canada (the legal age up there is only 19) and now I think I will. I mean, I've made it clear that I never, ever, ever want to experience a hangover, and I'm not going to drink just for the sake of drinking (if something tastes nasty, I will not feel the need to drink it anyway to prove anything or what-not), but I definitely think I would like to have one of those coolers all to myself.

At any rate...what else? Went over to Grandpa's on Saturday, ended up staying three hours. He got started telling me stories from his childhood and when he was dating Grandma. He met her when he was eight and never looked at another girl. AWW! Lucky.

Talked with Nickie, and I'll probably be going to her baby shower in June. Yay. Camp is this weekend and she's thinking of coming by and saying hi. I hope she does.

Why is it SO dark outside at four PM? That seems weird--it feels like seven or eight already!

OH! Nico's mom is wanting him to go back and visit Chicago for his sister's graduation, and he wants to take me and Wigz (another girl from work) and roadtrip up to Chicago in Laurien and show us both around. ^_^ I'm so for it. Now I just have to figure out what to tell Mom and Dad, and when to tell them...
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Well, I have to be at work at four and I get out of class at do the math. I'm skipping BCM today to be on now, lol. So apologies to DLBE and the Plaza, which I ignored yesterday and will have to do again today--tomorrow I get out of class at 2:30 and don't have to work, so I'll be on until I have to leave to get home for LOST.

Other than that...the only announcement worth making is that in Theater Practicum/Acting II we've chosen what half of our production will be--Luke's going to adapt "Where the Wild Things Are" (which I'd never read before class today, lol) into a script for us. ^_^

The other thing Dr. Dilday is considering is "The Romancers" by Edmond Rostand (that should probably have accent marks somewhere), the same dude who wrote "Cyrano de Bergerac." ^_^ That makes me happy.

Gah. The school 'net was down for a few moments and now it's going as slow as dial-up. *rips at hair* How on earth did we used to do this???


Oct. 26th, 2005 02:49 pm
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Leetle bit of a deeference, no? ^_^


Elladan and Elrohir. And yes, that IS my front door. And no, I really don't know why it's dark magenta. I didn't pick it.


Life Chain is an anti-abortion protest. All we do (yes, I participate) is stand along the main street in town for an hour, holding signs that say things like "Abortion Kills Children" and "Adoption: The Loving Option." I just wanted to post this pic since that little guy in the lawnchair is Grandpa. ^_^

It's not rocket science. XD

Yes, Dad has a gun. He was killing some of the squirrels that live in the trees on our porch and throw nutshells down on it. Or at us. Not that I approve of that, but I happened to be outside with the camera at the moment.


I know that the pic is crappy, but that is a REAL LIVE POSSUM that was in our yard!!! OMG, somebody call Red Green! (Not that anyone else watches that show...)

 Note the green mirror on the driver's side. Sigh.
 This happened about 30 minutes after I spent $2 to wash her. I'm never doing that again. She's getting hose baths from now on. Period.
 BUMPER STICKER! I'm pimping my website! MWAHAHA! (DLBE's take note: You, too, can get one of these, here!)

I went out on Keller Green, which is the center of the campus, and took these. I'm going to put them in spatial order, meaning that they're in this order, clockwise, IRL.
 McClain Hall
 First National Hall
 Dryer Hall
 Roller Hall
I have Bio in McClain, the Honors Forum meets in the belltower of First National (you're looking at the windows in that pic), the rest of my classes are in Dryer, and the library and Student Center *coughcarpetedcafeteriacough* are in Roller. And speaking of the library...
 HOW WICKED IS THAT??? Okay, okay, so it's really...
There's some really pretty stuff in here. The library's down on the third floor, but the second floor has this lobby (Gaston Lobby...if any of you are wondering what the names are, they're all the names of the $$$ donors, and if you lived here you'd sniggle--First National is a bank, Gaston's is a restaurant, that kind of thing) with a pretty floor.
 And then if you look up...
 You can see the THIRD floor!
 I went up to the third floor and took this down through that hole. ^_^


 I'm not fond of this pic at all (thanks DAAAAD), but there's my shirt, Hobbity. (And GamgeeFest. Lol.)
 There's my BROOCH! Karen from Acting class gave me that sweater around the time of the play (it was a costume option).
 Other than that I'm sitting on the stairs, there's no real point to this one, I just like it. ^_^
 Okay, so it's just my hand--but that's my Sting necklace. ^_^
 Since I don't have Photoshop OR a life...


I know, I know, you're all gagging to see these...gagging? I must have watched Josie and the Pussycats more recently than I thought!
 My bed. Yes, it's built into the bookshelves. ^_^
 Zooming in on the most important shelf...
 Just to the left of chair! And my not-quite-LotR-but-yet-LotR-RELATED posters. I DID NOT BUY THE ORLI ONE FOR MYSELF. LOST! SQUEE!
 Continuing left, my entertainment center. Which has been rearranged since I took that pic, the DVD's are now on the top two shelves of the rack...the Lost Season One set is on the floor, spread open...
 And to the RIGHT of the LOTR WALL!
 Just to tease Hobbity, here's a closeup from the above pic. It's showing chapter 137 of D2D. XD See anything interesting?
 And this, of course, is the focal point of the LotR wall. Quite helpful, when I'm having writer's block on D2D. *mad sniggling*

Okay. Pic spam over! Comment with questions and I shall answer!


Sep. 14th, 2005 03:50 pm
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I just came from Hastings, where I put "The Purifiers" on order. I had no idea that it was coming to the States at all until Shelly told me she'd rented it. I looked at the box for the rental copy, but I refrained from touching it. I knew if I picked it up I'd very likely be compulsed to rent it until my copy came, lol, and I never rent anything.

Saw Paul. He's still alive, then, lol.

Adding about a million smilies to DLBE, since Gold Community is guaranteed for another set of three, heck. I'm rich. It won't suffer, lol.


Jun. 13th, 2005 04:42 pm
rena_librarian: (Default) know when you take quizzes on, they invite you to fill out a dating profile? Well, I was really, really, really bored one day and did it for "sherry and giggles," and now they email with "matches" ever so often.

I got an email today and they sent me someone I know! XD One of the guys from Acting I, "Dangerous Dan." He's, how shall we say, "developmentally disabled." Not like, he can't function, clearly he was in college and Acting I, Kinda freaked me out to see his picture...


Apr. 26th, 2005 05:35 pm
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Just wanted to post a PIC from the performance. (More later when I can study them all and decide which ones. I'll probably post an illustrated guide of my weekend. ^_^)

 Click to enlarge!

'Tis Tim, as Sherriff Peters! And yes, he's SUPPOSED to look a little teed off--I cropped it from a picture where he's looking at the County Attorney, who's a real jack***. Sadly, I think that's the best one I got of him. (Some of them didn't turn out, methinks, and some are really grainy, the lighting kind of sucked...)

Anyway. I have a final at six. I'll try to hurry and get back here.

And to stave off the merciless questioning--NO, I did NOT get a chance to ask him out. He totally left. I'll see him at the final on Thursday, and I won't be in sucha  rush to get anywhere or get anything cleaned up, so, you know...yeah. Then.

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All I have online today is this half-hour between classes (finals are this week, so we had a test in Fine Arts Theater).

The cast party on Friday night was wonderful, I will detail it tonight so I can post tomorrow. (If I don't get too wrapped up in doing review responses for SID. WHEE!) Friday was just one incredibly long story.

I just have to take a moment and post this semideep thought that occurred to me: so many things in my life have come full circle, and I noticed three of them over the weekend.

One: I was raised to be more scared than I think I would have been naturally, because I tried to do what my mom did. She never got that whole "it's ONLY a movie" concept, so she's always been unnaturally scared by horror movies and will to this day cover her eyes if a commercial for one comes on. I remember there was one movie that came out and the commercial really freaked us both out. But now, seven years later, after hanging with Kat who got that negative programming out of me and after falling "in love" with a certain blue-eyed actor, "The Faculty" is one of my favorite movies.

Two: Three years ago at camp, our theme was military. "Operation Pursue Jesus." We divided the camp up into four teams, as always, and that year we used dogtags to tell the four teams apart. The four teams were named for the first four letters of that alphabet that pilots use to spell, where there's a distinct word that starts with each letter. (I'll google that later, maybe, I can't remember what it's called right now.) At the time I wanted to be on Team Alpha or Team Bravo, but I wasn't, and I'm glad I was on the one I was, because now I have a gold dogtag that has "Charlie Company" engraved on it. Hehehe. I'm going to start wearing it again.

Three: About a year and three months ago, give or take, Shelly started out on the monstrosity now known as D2D/SID. (Yeah, she totally started without me and asked me to run with it with her--which I did. ^_^) Anyway, almost the first thing she does inthe story is play Pippin's song from RotK. Now, we're fifty chapters ahead of what's being posted on FFN, and I would love to point out that as of last night I have written us to the point where we're hearing that song again, 107 chapters later. Wow, wow, wow. Who'd'a thunk it?

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Opening night. Wish me a broken leg.

No time to do anything else online today. Sorry, Plaza and DLBE...

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On my way to rehearse with Anna. Did these the other day but the internet died on me, so I saved the code. Here ya go.

Your Inner European is French!

Smart and sophisticated.

You have the best of everything - at least, *you* think so.

You Are 40% Normal

(Somewhat Normal)

While some of your behavior is quite normal...

Other things you do are downright strange

You've got a little of your freak going on

But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself


Your Irish Name Is...

Fiona O'Farrell

That's cool!

Your Brain is 66.67% Female, 33.33% Male

Your brain leans female

You think with your heart, not your head

Sweet and considerate, you are a giver

But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

Oh, good. I was having doubts. *sniggle*

You Belong in 1967


If you scored...

1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too.

1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all!

1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.

1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good!

Drugs indeed. Lol. *Charlie!*

You Are A Good Friend

You're always willing to listen

Or lend a shoulder to cry on

You're there through thick and thin

Many people consider you their "best friend"!

Wheee! I rather thought I'd get that...

You Are Best Described By...

Landscape With Butterflies

By Salvador Dali

Nice. But where's Starry Night by Van Gogh???

Hopefully I'll be back later--I have a COMPLETELY FINISHED Lost fic that I'd dearly love to post today...


Apr. 12th, 2005 03:52 pm
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Opening night is a week from Thursday, we're doing two performances, and I have yet to learn my lines. We're going off the book (meaning no more scripts in our hands) Thursday. GAAAH.

Plus I have to rearrange my work schedule next week, I'll be closing in the middle of the week.

And my rehearsals are really going to cut into my online time, methinks. (Hobbity and Meri and Shelly take note!)

But no stressing, it's only for about a week. Next Friday it'll all be over.


Cameron hugged me today. He's playing my husband, though we don't have any sort of romantic dialogue. We never speak to each other, as a matter of fact. (Though I just realized that that means when he tells how he found the body I should probably be listening in rapt attention, as my character would be worried about her hubby...hmmm.) Anyway. We were standing there waiting to make our entry and he put his arm around my shoulders, hamming it up for Anna. (He has a girlfriend who's wearing his promise ring, I highly doubt he meant anything by it and that's just as well, he's not a Christian as far as I know.) 'Twas nice, though. Now if only I was playing TIM'S wife, then I could really have some fun with that...

*sigh* Tim always has to leave right after Acting.

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I just got done with the blocking for my part in Trifles. I'm playing Mrs. Hale, who SO rocks--she's all like, "The law is one thing, but what's right is another thing entirely." ^_^ Luckily I only have one part.

Anyway. More later. But read the play.

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Jennifer came back around ten to eight and woke Maddy up. Jerry and Sherri had left.

Me and Maddy watched "Beauty and the Beast," her favorite movie. Mine, too, when I was that age. I'm glad she's into the eductaed, take-control-of-her-own-fate Disney Princess instead of like, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. Don't get me wrong, I love those stories, too, but Belle is all proactive and thinks for herself. She's just so much cooler! Come on, the girl refuses to marry the buffoon, she sacrifies her dreams to save her father's life, then stages a protest to keep her dad out of the asylum and to save the Beast's life. Also she understands that looks aren't everything.

And I love the whole stained-glass window thing at the beginning and end. And the songs. And, just...everything! I have this movie memorized, I watched it so much when I was a kid. When we watch it I can quote the whole dang thing, with much higher accuracy than I have with LotR, even.

My only nitpick about it is that the Beast/Prince needs a name. Really. They named the freaking HORSE, but not the romantic lead? What's with that?

Anyway. I'm on my way to Acting class, thirty minutes early, in hopes of seeing Tim. Mwahaha.

Jason and Alicia will be gone when I get home and I didn't see them this morning since they were still asleep. *sigh* That sucks.

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That was a bumper sticker I saw the other day working drive-through. Seemed to fit.

I have a whole freaking list of things to journal about, if I get to 'em, I get to 'em, if not, oh well. Right now I'm going to run through the day-by-day account of what's happened since Wednesday night.

After work Wednesday, I went and saw Grandma, but the majority of my time was spent entertaining Gabriel to keep him out of everyone else's hair. (He'd my cousin's son. He's thirteen. 'Nuff said.) He'd been visiting Aunt Diane/Uncle Norman/Grandma/Grandpa for a few days.

The next morning, he got sent home early--they were saying Grandma had hit the final stretch and had maybe TWO WEEKS, so he didn't need to be around anymore. I drove him home, dropped him off at his dad's shop--my cousin Rodney runs a mechanic shop--on my way to school. (Homeschool their kids, they do, makes it nice, lol.)

At World Lit, I asked Becky if she was free, she was, and we conspired to get the Acting class to go to lunch. After class I had to run to Wal*Mart so she tagged along, and then we did whatever we could to kill time until Acting, and we did ask everyone to go. (We swung by the youth center where Paul and Cameron hang out, actually, but they weren't there.) We got our parts for the one-acts (actaully they'd been on blackboard, but I HATE blackboard, remind me to rant on that one of these days). (I'm playing Mrs. Hale in Trifles. I kind of wanted Mrs. Peters because that would've made me Tim's wife, teehee, but I play a better Mrs. Hale, granted. She's kind of a rule-breaker, lol.)

They read through Aria Da Capo, and then a bunch of us went to lunch at Fox's Pizza (yes, Kade, makes me think of you), a place where I'd not been. (It opened since the start of this semester.) Let me think, after everyone got there, going around the table, it was Paul, Becky, Kira and her boyfriend, Greg, his mom, Dr. Dilday, Mrs. Dilday, Anna's fiancé, Anna, me, Tim, and Cameron. (Yes. I sat by Tim. Quite deliberately. Though in retrospect I wish I'd sat across from him, would've made it easier to talk to him. Whatever.)

It was fun, I laughed a lot, just like I do in Acting class. There's a lot of stuff that I'm not going to bother mentioning simply because you had to be there. You'd have to know completely about all the plays we're doing and stuff. But I had a blast, let that be said.

Stupid Kira told me that she and her boyfriend would come if they didn't have to contribute because they were broke, and Becky kind of let it slide so they came along. Kira also told me that neither one of them had eaten in three days because they had so little money. Gah. Well, hon, that's what you get for moving in with your boyfriend when you're nineteen. Or twenty. Whatever. I don't want to be mean but I just don't have a lot of sympathy for that kind of thing. Finish school, get real jobs, and THEN get married and live together. (And for pity's sake don't ignore the "get married" part!)

So anyway, about quarter to four my cell phone starts ringing and it's Dad. Grandma died. Eish. Talk about guilt trip. Here I was, having myself a grand old time, and my grandma's freaking DYING.

But I didn't cry. I told Dad that I couldn't miss my remaining class (algebra) and I'd be home at the normal time. Then I called Mom and told her the same because I KNEW that Dad had misunderstood me. (The man is DEAF. Really.) I kind of mouthed to Becky what was going on, and she nodded, and we caught Anna's attention, so I got a hug from Anna. Anna's nothing if not caring. ^_^ And then the conversation moved on, which was fine with me.

The people there kind of trickled away after that, people had to go and stuff. When I left at 4:20 it was Anna, her fiancé, Becky (who had left and brought two of her kids back), Greg, and his mom. Greg, of course. (He was also the only one there before me. Hmmm. Gah.)

Survived algebra, asked Dr. Bendler about The Numbers. (All the Lost fans just perked up, methinks.) 'Twas kind of funny, there was only one other lady there in the room, and she was all, "I bet I know what show you watch!" Lol. So we were discussing Lost and Dr. Bendler was checking out the sequence.

His official verdict: He couldn't come up with anything on the spot, but he'd work on it and get back to me. Hehehe.

Got online, stayed until the library closed. Some people close down bars, I close down libraries. Hehe. Told Shelly and Kat specifically about Grandma and posted here.

Kade called me on my way home. I told her, and told her I felt like I should be more sad (more on that later), and she made me feel heaps better about THAT. She got me to laugh.

Got home, dumped my bookbag, went to Aunt Diane's (which is where Grandma and Grandpa have been staying since she'd gotten really bad). I got there and hugged Grandpa and when I asked how he was all he said was, "I'm all right. I miss my Grandma."

My stupid family. I swear, to hear them talk, it's more like they're planning a WEDDING than a FUNERAL. Nobody's upset. I mean, I knew I wasn't going to be upset, really, but I figured THEY would all be falling to pieces. (So is it good or bad that they're not?) The funeral is Monday, tomorrow.

Anyway. Friday, classes, work, yadda yadda yadda. I didn't tell anyone about Grandma, just talked even less than usual and asked Ken for Monday off, which was no big deal. (He had me scheduled for a ten-hour shift on Friday anyway. God, I hope Sandee's not the manager that day.) Found out that Jerry and Sherri and the kids and Jason and Alicia and the kids and Jennifer were coming. Whee. And Jerry and Sherri were just here last weekend for Easter, to see Grandma. But I hadn't seen Maddy and the boys since Christmas, so that's cool. (If I'm confusing anyone by randomly mentioning names in my family, tell me, I'll post a family tree or something, lol.)

Saturday I worked five to close (midnight). Sandee was the only manager, but she was really nice (for her, anyway). Erika (who's my age but half my height, lol) told me that her mom called and talked to Sandee ("You don't need to talk to my daughter like that," that kind of thing) and ever since then Sandee's been really nice to her. Hmm. Maybe she's trying to get out of being written up or something. Anyway. I slept in and accomplished nothing before work, lol. Jason and Alicia and Jennifer got here while I was at work.

On my way in I had country radio on (I was going to be making a phone call and so didn't want to waste my CD batteries for half a trip...not that that makes any sense to anyone but me, but whatever), and they played that new song, "You Didn't Even Know My Name," I think it's called. I don't know. It's about a baby who's born dead and it's something along the lines of "You loved me just the same, and you didn't even know my name." It's actually really catchy and perky for being about such sad stuff, I like the song. But I was thinking of Grandma and then I thought of my cousin Brenda's baby that was born dead (named Timothy, oddly enough--if he would have survived he'd be what they call a "special needs" child--handicapped. He literally had two left feet and stuff), and how Grandma is finally getting to see him, him and my brother that was killed. (Yes. 'Twas before I was born. I never knew him.) I finally broke down and cried a little, but it didn't last long. I spilled and had to pull over and clean it up and by the time I could pull back onto the road, the song was done and my tears were gone.

BIG SECRET: I got pulled over on my way home. I was fiddling with my CD player (the batteries were dying and I was trying to change them), and I went over the yellow line a few times. So he pulled me over to make sure I wasn't drunk, but no ticket. *GI-NORMOUS sigh of relief* (There was one time that there was freaking DEER in the road so I came to a dead halt and honked the horn before it got out of the way, I wonder if he saw that it was a deer? I didn't think of it until after he let me go.)

Anyway. When I got up this morning Jason, Alicia, Jennifer, and the kids were here. They had Madison's birthday party yesterday (her birthday was March 8, but they were trying to wait for us), but Maddy wanted to open the presents from US down here, so when I got up we did that. Then Alicia gave me the present from them (the Garfield movie! SQUEE!). The card is hilarious. It's shaped like a big half-oval, and it's kinda yellow. On the front it says, "Don't think of this as a mere birthday card!" Then you open it up and it says, "When filled with meat, cheese, and salsa, you've got yourself a paper taco!" *sniggle* (Obviously, with me working at Taco Bell, lol...)

Then the visitation. Gah. I spent my time in the foyer making sure none of the kids caused property damage and talking with my friend LynnDee, shaking hands, smiling and nodding. I think I knew about 10% of the people I saw today. Gah.

I WAS going to go into the actual room, but I got to the door and kind of glanced in, looked up front, and saw just enough to see the casket, didn't see Grandma in it. I pulled back, Uncle Norman asked if I was okay, I must have looked sick or something. I told him I was fine and went and sat on this bench in the foyer. Later LynnDee tried to get me to go into the other room and I flat-out refused.


It's not that I'm squeamish about dead bodies. I've been to other funerals and seen other people's relatives. (I think I was at someone's visitation when I was all of five, I don't know who, and I think I touched the dead lady's hand, even, not knowing any better. I didn't know she was dead, lol. It's not a really clear memory, maybe someone stopped me, but I remember being fascinated by the woman who could sleep with all the other people around, and her weird bed, lol.) But anyway, that's DIFFERENT. This is OUR dead body.

I think maybe I'm scared that seeing her is going to make me freak out. Part of me is upset at myself for not being emotional, berating myself for continuing to have a good time with the Acting class five minutes after I got the call. Another part of me is screaming that no one can see me cry, that everyone else needs my shoulders to cry on and no one's going to let me cry on theirs because there isn't going to be a free one. (And it's like Kade said, "It's not like you're all, 'Hallelujah, the b**** is gone!' You're sad, but you're okay because she's in a better place and all that.") I tried to get a hug from Dad at the visitation but he was so freaking busy he didn't even notice. Gah.

So then we finally came home and got changed or whatever and headed to Aunt Diane's to eat. I ate before we went because I knew I wasn't going to like the food there, and once we got there I just couldn't take it. I still knew only about half the people, and no one was being--sad. Properly funeral-sad. (Which I know is weird coming from me because I'm all "There's no use crying over spilled milk, we knew it was coming," but I figured everyone ELSE would be all weepy.) I left after about twenty minutes, and it would have been half that if the twins weren't being so darn cute.

I played video games for a while, then finished the book I was reading (Richard Matheson's "Somewhere In Time," another book that was way better than an already-fantastic movie--if you look for it, "Bid Time Return" is the same book, they republished it with the movie title), then fell asleep. Alicia woke me up around nine and was all, "Aren't you going to come out?" Jerry and Sherri and the kids had showed up, lol.

So we've all been talking and then they all went to bed and I've been writing this pretty much ever since. It's 2:45 now.

The funeral's tomorrow. Whee. I got the day off work but I'm still going to school since I get out at eleven and I can be home by noon and the funeral's not 'til two. I need to sleep before school, lol, so I'm stopping now.

Wait. One last thing, while I'm on the subject, since the stuff on my list is all totally unrelated--I feel rotten about this, too. Supremely MERCENARY. Grandma promised, probably four years ago, to give me a set of plates when I moved out. (They're pretty. Orange, lol, that's why I liked them, it shocked me that she'd have a dish set that color.) And it has totally crossed my mind to wonder if I'll get them now. And I feel AWFUL for thinking of it. I mean, it's not like I've been waiting for her to die to get them or anything, but I just feel really heartless for thinking of it.

So there it is. Am I mean? Heartless? Rotten? I usually only cry when I'm angry, but you'd think THIS would be the exception, not the end of RotK, you know? Maybe Shelly's right, maybe I just don't grieve like other people. (She quoted "Finding Neverland" to me. I need to see that movie.) But still. I feel worse about not feeling bad about Grandma than I do about Grandma in the first place. Gah.


Mar. 29th, 2005 12:13 am
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I can't log on because it's peak hours and they're overloaded. GAAAAAH! Stupid people.

I have me and Shelly's new story to post! Chapter one is totally ready! I even have the title and chapter title ready, which is rare for me! (Well. Not on D2D so much, we had all the chapter titles ready. But "Detour to Destiny" was literally thought up by the two of us whilst sitting at the computer with the "upload story" screen up, lol. I would love to have the transcript of that conversation now, lol, I'd put it on the group.)

I did drive-through again yesterday at work. I was expediting (aka putting the food in bags and giving it to people) over the weekend, but I was back in drive-through yesterday. Interesting stuff that happened:

  • A car came through with a bumper sticker that said "So many women...none as good as mine." I thought that was sweet.
  • I took in a $20 bill that had "In God We Trust" highlited. Whee! Yay for smart people!
  • Gail referred to a taco without beef as "no moo." I laughed insanely.

So I still have no life, lol.

I'm going to head up to acting class momentarily. It IS early...but Tim is almost always early. Hehehe. Me and Becky are going to be all, "Let's go have lunch--anyone else want to come? What about you, Tim?" So hopefully I won't be back online RIGHT after class, lol.

There are only 19 school days left, about a calendar month when you count the weekends. I've decided that since Tim is going to a different school this fall, if we get down to the last two or three days and he still hasn't noticed me, I'm going to ask him out--as friends. You know. "I really wanna go see this movie but I don't want to go alone, what are you doing Friday night?" That kind of thing.

Okay. Leaving now.


Mar. 10th, 2005 06:03 pm
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I have a lot of stuff written down to journal about, and I'll likely end up typing them up at home tonight or over spring break and posting them whenever I get online, the way I do my weekends. But some stuff happened today I just HAVE to pontificate on, lol.

Photobucket replacement seems to be working. Let me try it again:
 <--that should be a clicky piccy. We'll see. Anyway, if you want an unlimited version of photobucket, go to THIS SITE, ImageShack. (And would you believe I found it via "random journal" button???)

I was talking to Becky this morning before World Lit about just wanting to go out and DO something. Have lunch, go shopping, whatever, preferably with the Acting Class (meaning Tim, of course). So afterwards (we got out early because we had a test, which everyone bombed, but Dr. Dilday says if everyone bombs it doesn't hurt anyone) me and her and Shannon (yes, I know a Shannon, she's much nicer than Lost Shannon) met Shannon's boyfriend at Hastings, then went to Taco Bell for lunch. Apparently Becky eats free (she's the one married to the manager, my boss, lol) and she got free food for all four of us. That was kind of weird, waving to my coworkers while my boss is taking my order for free food. I love my life, lol. Then I saw some soda spilled on the counter and felt like I should go get a rag and clean it up.

Then me and Becky came back, went to the BCM meeting, then Acting class. OH! WE GOT OUR SCRIPTS FOR THE PLAYS AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER!!! We're doing "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell (which we read in Comp II and Fine Arts Theater, so I knew it already, yay!) and "Aria De Capo" by Edna St. Vincent Millay, and one other to be announced. Personally I think "Aria De Capo" is silly, so I'm reading for the two female parts in "Trifles," because I wouldn't mind playing either one. (And yes, I've got links to both scripts there.) Hopefully I can avoid being in "Aria De Capo."

So after Acting me and Becky bugged Dr. Dilday about the World Lit test and got him to go at least run the scantron part so we could know how we did, and went and sat in the "student center" *coughcarpetedcafeteriacough* and discussed the Acting class going out together, going dancing or to dinner or just...SOMETHING. Then Karen and Greg walked in, he'd shown her how to log on to Blackboard (the student-teacher email program on campus, more or less, it's a place where they can post assignments), and we put it to them and they both totally wanted to. Greg left (had somewhere to be, apparently), then me, Karen, and Becky sat and talked. Then Becky left to pick up her son, so me and Karen talked, and THIS is what I have to talk about--

She thinks that Greg likes me.


   -She knows his mom, and his mom said he likes someone in the Acting class.
   -Greg is not gay, and the females in the class are ME, Karen, Becky, Anna, Megan, and Kira. By process of elimination:
       -Karen is old, way too old for him.
       -Becky's younger than Karen, but ditto, plus she's happlily married.
       -Anna and Megan are BOTH engaged.
       -Kira annoys him as much as she does me!
   -He acted like he wanted to hang out with us today but couldn't or was too embarassed to.
   -He was enthusiastic about going out with "the acting class," but he may have the same ulterior motive that I do, spending time with a crush.
   -He thinks I'm cool because I'm a Ringer who read the books before seeing the movies.
   -Karen said that he suggested going in the computer lab to show her the Blackboard thing by saying "We go in there sometimes." There was a day when we were doing monologues when he, me, Karen, and Kira waited our turns in that room. ONCE.
   -Karen pointed out that he seemed reluctant to leave today, and was kind of red.
   -I'd almost forgotten about it until after I talked to Karen, but one of his monologues is from Romeo and Juliet (you know, the whole gorgeous "But soft! What light from yonder window breaks?" bit), and once I walked into class, and he totally started performing it directly to me. (Ironically it was the day I lost my job, and it was kind of nice, lol.) Of course he claimed he was practicing, I smiled and said, "Wow, that was good," or something like that. (Not exactly the lovestruck reaction that he may, in hindsight, have been hoping for.)

So. Wow. Um. Yeah. He just might like me that way.

And you'd think that after all the complaining I've done about wanting a boyfriend that this would be good news.

But nooooo, of course not.


   -Petty as this sounds, Greg smells. Karen says it's the smell of the chemicals in kitty litter, it's not like he doesn't shower or anything, but I don't like sitting too close to him. (She says it gets in your clothes and stuff, his family has a lot of cats.)
   -On a much more important note, I think we have some major religious differences--like MAJOR, show-stopping differences. Like, as in, since I would never date anyone that I have a reason not to marry, I couldn't date him.
   -And there's know, that would be weird, dating one guy and having a crush on someone else.

Gah. The library's closing soon. So, on a parting's not like I hate him, I think he's a really cool friend (hello, Ringer!), but I don't really like him that way, and...gah. I'm all confused. The IRONY of my life...gah. More later, the comp will shut down on me soon.

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Sunday afternoon--

"Conservatives have a reputation for being humorless and unhip, but I want people to know that we're not that scary." --Julia Gorin, Fox News Channel pundit
Haha. I found that in a magazine last Sunday while I was at the hospital, waiting around to visit Grandma. I love it.

Weeeeellllllllll...I think it's been like, a WEEK since I seriously wrote anything besides comments. Gah. I've been busy. (Sadly I can't say I've been productive, really, but busy.)

You know what? I just realized that there's not really much profanity in this song, just G**d*** and one f***. Hmm. Go Eminem. *shrug*

Lessee...I made a list in my notebook of things to journal about. ^_^ First off: about that last long entry, like I said in the notice at the top of it, that was just the catharsis I needed. I've had my normal daily ups and downs, but I haven't hit low like that since, I've leveled off at fine/okay/all right. Sorry 'bout my hormonal rant.

Grandma...over the week she's bounced up and down, better and worse...gah. But everyone has pretty much realized that she's never going to get better *enough* to come home and live her old life. Bedridden in a nursing home, maybe. So the family got together today (meaning Dad and my three aunts and Grandpa) and they talked to Grandma and all, and they've pretty much decided to pull her off all her medicine, save painkillers if she needs them, and let her come home and live out her last days. *long deep sigh* It'll probably be Tuesday before she gets out of the hospital, and then it's just a matter of time. And her birthday and me and Maddy's are all coming up, too. Maddy's is Tuesday, mine is the next Monday, and Grandma's 84th is on the 27th.

I said I wanted this Saturday off of work so we could go up to St. Louis on Friday night and come home Sunday, but now that's all in jeopardy. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHH! *bangs head against wall*

But now on to the good stuff!

Last TUESDAY I came to Acting II early (I'd been shopping with Mom, I dragged Becky out to meet her when she picekd me up, lol) and the only person in the room waaaaas...TIM! Squee! So I choked out conversation (why does he make me so nervous? Teehee), asked "How's it going?" and all, and he said he was auditioning for a solo. Of course, that confused me, so I asked what he meant--turns out he's in the Ozark Choral Society! That's this independent local choir, they have two big concerts every year, one for spring and one for Christmas. (I've known several different people who were in it at different times, including Karen, also from Acting class, and two of Dad's boss's children.) Anyway. So I was all, "I didn't even know you could sing!" And he said, "Yeah, most peolpe don't, I'm usually so quiet." Which is so true, lol, it's quite endearing... Anyway. We were having a real, decent conversation, and FREAKING KIRA walked in and RUINED the moment. Gah. She's so clueless. I cannot stand her anymore but she STILL talks to me. Her ONLY redeeming quality is that she bought me my Orli poster. Anyway, she was ranting on and on about some guy who was backig out and ALMOST hit her car, the kind of things that ALMOST happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME, that NORMAL people can just shrug off and go on and not even think about, but she was all kicking the door closed and going "That mother-f***er!" and just being a drama queen. It was disgusting and I probably would have made a restroom dash, but I didn't want to leave Tim subject to her wrath. And I wanted to write "she's being a BIT dramatic, don't you think?" on a piece of paper and slide it over to Tim and see if I could get him to crack up, but we weren't situated right, I couldn't. To quote Cody in the "Rhoda" skit from camp, "Stupid woman!!!" And the b**** KNOWS that I like Tim. Gah.

So anyway, on THURSDAY, as soon as Tim walked in, I was all, "So how did it go? Your audition?" And he smiled real big and said, "I got it!" And I had a fangirl moment worthy of Lij or Dom, "Really? That's SO GREAT!" ^_^ So I'm going to keep up with that, I've told him I'm coming to the concert--I will take off work for it if I have to, but I shouldn't have to--and maybe, hopefully, he'll get the clue.

Also on Thursday, we filmed our monologues. We're supposed to watch them up in McMullin Lecture Hall on the BIG screen on Tuesday. Gah. I didn't mind being FILMED at all, but I'm going to HATE watching myself on the HUGE screen. I would say I hope we can't have the hall (outside people wanting to use it get priority over classes wanting to use it), but I want to see everyone ELSE'S on the big screen, lol. Especially Tim's, prejudices aside, I really do think his monologue is one of the best. He plays this Catholic boy having a crisis of faith and he does it REALLY well. I think the only one that's better is Ken, who's doing a monologue from "King Lear," talking about how it's stupid that men blame the stars (astrology) for their mistakes.

"I wish that I was with anywhere, with anyone, making out..." Lol. The song I'm listening to now says that. *nort* "Screaming Infidelities" by Dashboard Confessional, thanks to Kade. I'm listening to a mix she burned me.

They've instituted a policy in the library--no more incoming or outgoing calls on cellphones. They don't care if you put it on silent and step out when it goes off, but not INSIDE the library. Yeah. Like I'm going to leave my email account open on a computer and my bag with my $109 calculator on the floor to answer my phone. Ha. They'e funny, really. So now my cellphoen is virtually useless, I can only be reached while I'm driving or at home for the evening or if I call out. Nobody can call me at all while I'm at school, whether I'm in a class or not. (I get turning off cell phones in class, but in the library??? NOBODY that I know has ever complained about it.) And I get "No, you can't call your significant other and have a mushy conversation," but I don't get "No, your mom cannot call you and tell you she's waiting in the parking lot for you." GAH! I hate stupid people.

We just read some poetry by Wordsworth for World Lit. And I just have to think--with the name Wordsworth, how could you be anything BUT a poet or writer? ^_^ I love that.

I've had good days all this week at work. I've done nothing but back drive and dishes and evil b****-monster Sandee hasn't really spoken to me since last Saturday. (Not yesterday. Saturday before.) YAY! Oh, and there's this system called "CHAMPS cards." Each letter of "champs" stands for something like cleanliness, attitude, speed, you get the idea. (I don't know what they all stand for.) Anyway. Any employee can fill one out for another employee, and at the end of the week they draw one and the winner is Champ of the Week and gets a $10 gift certificate. Nico informed me on Friday that he was giving me one for my positive attitude! ^_^ And then when they were counting them out last night I saw that I actually had THREE! Yay! I think this job is going better than Subway.

Speaking of that...I worked 'til 2 in the morning last night. Whee. At midnight (when I was scheduled to get off) they asked who wanted to stay, and they said it shouldn't be more than an hour more. Turned out to be two hours. But hey, it made up for the times I got sent home early because there were too many people working. And we're allowed free soda while we work, but we can't just fill a cup before we leave and take it with us, but Steve (the manager on duty at the time) said that me and Wesley (the other guy working) were allowed to do that, because there weren't many people that would stay until 2 AM and not complain. So YAY! Everyone thinks I have a great attitude! What I REALLY have is dollar signs in my eyes, but whatever works, lol. Ken said I should be able to get a raise as soon as my second paycheck, and I don't see why I shouldn't be getting one. ^_^ YAY! I don't LOVE my job, (like I said to Becky, it's not exactly like I want to go out and write a Broadway muscial abotu how wonderful my job is, lol) but I'm REALLY happy with how it's going. ^_^
, from ten to midnight, Robert was helping me with dishes. I kinda know him from school. I recognized him, anyway. He used to come to SubWay every day and we were making small talk about how I used to work there and school and all. Anyway. Turns out he's a PHYSICS major!!! Wants to work at NASA. How cool is THAT? ^_^ And he's way younger than I thought, he's nineteen, my age. I would have guessed, like, twenty-three or something. And it makes me feel smart working around him because he's only been there a week so I actually know more than him. Lol. So now I have two friends at work, Robert and Nico (the gay"ish" guy, still not sure about that...).

I had my midterm in college algebra. The good news is I only missed five questions. The bad news is that makes my grade 75%, because there were only 20 questions. Gah. And sadly I still feel like I did well.

I finished reading "The Bumblebee Flies Anyway," by Robert Cormier. The book was better than the movie for the most part (because as far as I'm concerned Elijah was in both, lol), but the movie ended so much better. But no one can bring Cormier's words to the screen, not really. Does anyone want the full dish on both, spoilers included? 'Cause I can ruin the ending of both if anyone wants to understand the differences, lol.

My black-and-silver pen from the insurance lady just died, lol. Don't you hate it when you get a pen that writes the way you like it to and it dies? Especially when it's not, like, a $10 pen so you feel stupid refilling it...and even if you DO refill it it's not the same point so it's not the same anyway... I may poke around and see if I have a cartridge like that in a c****y-looking pen, though. And while I'm on that, have you ever had a pen with a bad point that you just wanted to use up so you could throw it away? I have a few of really does influence what you write, it's just like Anne of Green Gables. In the fourth book (Anne of Windy Poplars) she wrote letters to Gilbert every night at twilight, but she only wrote love letters if her pen wasn't scratchy. Lol. And sadly, I keep pens in three different spots in my roon 'cause I'm always writing stuff down. My desk, my TV chair, and my bed. And the all-time best pens (they even come in about eight different pretty colors--at least if you count black and blue) are the RSVP's by Pentel, medium tip. They're clear so you can see how much ink is in them, and they have a cushion, and the ball in the lid and the back tip are both the color of the ink. *nods wisely* And now back to our regularly scheduled journal entry...

I was going to talk about Lost parings and the imminent death, but since I have SIX WEEKS to think about it, and this is getting rather lengthy, I think I'll put that off. Let me post the schedule, though:
-April 13: "Deus Ex Machina" (Locke)
-April 20: "Do No Harm" (Jack)
-April 27: "The Greater Good" (Sayid)
After that, the 22nd episode is to be about Kate. I think there's 23 or 24 altogether. Shelyl confirmed it but I've forgotten which she said. That Sayid title is full of foreboding fo rme, because when do you talk about the greater good? When someone has to SACRIFICE something for it. Gah. (Unless, of course, he sacrifices SHANNON, lol...)

Shelly emailed me the screencap of Shannon's dead body (from Boone's vision quest) the other day. Lol. Like her subject line said, "Cracked ME up..."

Oh! One last thing. I sold my copy of PotC back to the store and bought the Lost Disc Edition. I just noticed that the skull that's on all the promos is wearing the red band adn baubles like Jack, lol...Anyway, review of stuff on the Lost Disc:
-"Becoming Captain Jack" Makes it worth the price to any Johnny Depp fan. He explains how he decided to play Jack as drunk and yet intelligent and how they came to the costume and all that. Highly amusing. It's put me on a Johnny Depp kick for the moment.
-"Becoming Barbossa" Intriguing. He was talking about the freaking apples, lol, that was kinda funny.
-"Thar She Blows!" Meh. Whatever. Interesting to see the ship out of its movie element but nothing to shout about.
-"The Monkey's Name Is Jack" I hate monkeys and I thought this was cute. basically it talks about training the monkeys. Geoffrey Rush's imitation of the monkey was hilarious!
-More "Fly On the Set" featurettes
-"The Dock" Funny stuff with Johnny, he's in costume minus his wig, lol.
-"The Tavern" ORLI! *drool* Shelly, we're screencapping from this when I see you, okay? Does Johnny wear that huge hat to disguise the fact that he's a bit shorter than the other people? Never noticed that before...
-"The Plank" A few Orli shots, too much Keira.
-"Pirates Around the World" They show two clips dubbed into different languages, and if you can sit through the Elizabeth-threatens-to-drop-the-coin-in-the-water clip, the Will-breaking-Jack-out-of-jail clip is HILARIOUS. (They cover French Canadian, Thai, Castilian, Russian, and Portuguese on the first clip, then Italian, Latin Spanish, German, French, and Japanese in the second. Orli in Japanese! Teehee! Though none of the voice actors had a voice half so sexy as his, not even the Italian one...)
-"Spirit of the Ride" Johnny's pretty cute on here, talking about how he loved the ride as a kid. Other people doing the same. Kind of interesting, not the best, but worth watching.
-"Dead Men Tell No Tales" The History of the Attraction This was on the original DVD, but you could only watch it in a computer DVD-ROM drive, which I don't have. So yay me! It was cool, seeing Walt Disney himself talking about it on Walt Disney Presents, and there were interviews with the designers and all. Pretty cool.
-"Sneak Attack Animatic" As interesting as any pre-viz/animatic on LotR...and it had THE WOODEN EYE! *norting fit*

Bottom line...don't spend your bottom dollar on it, but if you have a wad of cash rolling around, get it. Failing that, give it a rent, anyway. It's an amusing hour and ten minutes. And that reminds me, if I ever mention a movie I've seen/book I've read and you want to know more about it, don't hesitate to ask me to post a review, just let me know whether you want spoilers or not.

Now...I'm going to go write some stuff for Shelly. I have to look up something on TTT DVD first, though. Where, exactly does Aragorn lay his head on the ground? It's not when they think Merry and Pip are dead, it's when they first show the Three Hunters, right?...

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