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And from what I can tell, I am so, so in the minority on this--but.

Maybe I'm biased because I hated Lindsey from like episode two of The Glee Project, but I really don't think that performance ("Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do") was all that great. I mean, there were no real problems with it, it was executed flawlessly from a TECHNICAL standpoint, but it was Whatever. I can get Kurt and Rachel being overwhelmed by the lack of experience on their resumes compared to those kids, but the performance they witnessed was not as good/compelling as many, many, many of the things they've participated in as part of New Directions, either singly, together, or with the rest of the group. "Some People" may not be Kurt's greatest number ever, but I would say it was better than the NYADA kids' performance. Ditto something like "Telephone" or "Hit Me Baby One More Time" for Rachel, or this week's "You Can't Stop the Beat" for the whole group. Honestly I had a hard time finding a less-than-stellar group number at all, and I have a feeling this one's gonna grow on me--whereas "Anything Goes" is probably going to get skipped almost as often as "The Living Years."

Point being, while the Hummelberry scene in the car was very touching and I'm glad they're ridiculously good friends now ("You make me wanna be your boyfriend"!), I feel like it was much like Kurt's panic over Blaine transferring--only emotionally justified, and not actually necessary.

Also since other people have said it, I feel a bit less racist saying this--the "cocoa babies" line squicked me. Just. Ew. Creepy enough to talk about makin' babies in high school, it's just kind of doubly weird with the race thing thrown in there, and I don't care how confident he makes Mercedes feel, they've been dating for all of what? Three and a half months at the most? And it's possible that he's just the Sam rebound anyway? It'd be one thing to have a semi-serious conversation when the two of them were alone ("So, um, hey, do you want to have kids someday? If we're even still together, when we're WAY WAY older? Just kinda curious..."), but just randomly blurting it in the middle of the hall in front of Jacob Ben Israel's camera? I'm just kind of not okay with that.

(Also it reminded me of that episode of Family Guy when Lois was modeling and Cleveland said he wanted to make caramel-colored babies with her--that was intended to feel skeevy. So maybe that's influencing me a bit, but STILL.)


Sep. 21st, 2011 07:51 pm
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You Are Unique

You reveal yourself in time to those closest to you. You think true love takes time.

No matter how old you become, you continue to have a youthful and hopeful energy. You have passion.

You're very sensitive to what's going on around you, yet you remain calm. You don't rock the boat unless you have to.

You are definitely special. You came in to this world with a lot of gifts.

My idea of "toast" is most people's idea of "slightly warm bread." I don't like for it to be all gritty and crunchy.
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There are all kind of prettyful/funny Glee-related things on my Tumblr. =D

Also, Darren.
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Blaine's transfer and all Klaine scenes were 100% PERFECT. Kurt totally acknowledged that Blaine didn't need to be transferring just for him and Blaine was all "nope, this is for me too." And they're stupidly adorable in love. And BOWTIES, and the HUG, and HOLDING HANDS IN THE LIMA BEAN.

It's Not Unusual? 'Scuse me, I might be pregnant now. Best New Directions audition OF ALL TIME? YES.

Santana getting booted? I...I am torn. But I'm hoping it leads to a redemption/coming out storyline for her.


Why the heck is Emma STILL a virgin??? WHY? I'm glad they're--dating? Living together? But GRRRRRAHGH. On the other hand, good job Mr. Schue, after the smackdown on Sugar, we might have to look into getting you a Man Card.

Quinn? Quinn looks awesome. I hope she rejoins Glee but maintains the badassery. And the HAIR. Minus the smoking, BAD Quinn! And lol Unholy Trinity. Maybe Santana will join the Skanks as well? =/

Lindsey's (from The Glee Project) character is as annoying as Lindsey herself. But I CANNOT WAIT to see the other three! Kind of glad we've got her more or less out of the way.

Sue is...Sue. She makes me want to rip my teeth out and I wouldn't change a thing about her ever.

Thanks, Finn, you having no clue what you want to do with your life is EXACTLY my headcanon, and exactly why I can't decide if you're good for Rachel or not. (I'm sure Kurt could be an awesome stepbrother and help you work on that; you were fairly awesome to him last year when he was having a hard time. After you got your head out of your ass anyway.)

Where was Karofsky? NGL, I want him to join Glee and then for it to give him the guts to come out, having the support of the rest of ND. Wasn't Becky supposed to join Glee, BTW? Ah, well, we just got started I suppose.

And I think I'll withhold comment on Mercedes' boyfriend for now. So far, I am...not enchanted. I was way more excited over the brief hint of Samcedes in the finale. He'll gain a lot of awesome points if he signs up, even if he kind of only doo-wops and shuffles along. =)

And GRR apparently I don't get Fox anymore. So I'll be watching online. >_

Oh, Darren

Sep. 18th, 2011 06:58 pm
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I don't even want to admit how much time I've spent looking at this since Darren tweeted it...
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Nah. If Chris Colfer wins it'll be all over the internet.
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A hoodie.

A purple hoodie.

A purple satin hoodie.
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Nothing and everything, respectively. I'm looking to move.
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I'm on Tumblr.

Let me know who you are, if you're there, too. (Michele and Brandy and Sara I know for sure are there.)

I intend to just reblog stuff, really. This, LJ, is my journal/blog. I have my website for permanent stuff. I may post links to my site on my Tumblr if I get fandom followers on Tumblr.

Goal: NOT to let it take over my life.

We'll see how well that works out.

ETA: Also, Google+. It's interesting, but I doubt it's going to replace Facebook--people like my dad and Dana have hopped on the Facebook bandwagon, but good luck ever getting them to switch.

Then again, maybe that's the awesome part.

ETA AGAIN: Oh hey, there's the correct link to my Tumblr!
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When even long-time New Yorkers think it's time to move on, I think the rest of us should DO SO.
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Oh, that would probably be the time I was out to dinner and had just heard the third story about the guy's ex-boyfriend, and he asked me why I was being so quiet, and I had to admit "Well, I...thought this was a date."

It's funny now, lol.
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Sep. 9th, 2011 06:38 pm
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Is it weird that I actually think about these kinds of things sometimes? (Mostly just the whole idea of becoming famous; things like how I already own shoes that I would want to wear on the red carpet, and then when the fashion magazines asked me where the shoes came from, I'd be all, "That's right, bitches, I'm wearing diamonds and a thousand-dollar dress with $20 shoes that I bought in my podunk hometown five years ago because I AM AWESOME.")

Anyway. I just wouldn't want it to be a reality show that was ALL ABOUT ME (like, Paris Hilton's show, or the Kardashians). That's boring, and lame any way you slice it. Maybe like touring the country seeking out/helping talented people? Or like Sarah's Book Club? =) I don't know, I would just want it to have some kind of theme or purpose, not just having cameras follow me around while I lived my personal life.
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I. Er. Um.

Do whatever the heck you need to in order to get out of Arkansas and into a large city at the first available opportunity.

(This would've spared me all of Cody and most, if not all, of Nico, maybe college would've been completely different...)

But of course that would open a time vortex of ridiculous proportions, trying to change one's own timeline. I'm not an idiot.


Sep. 6th, 2011 10:29 pm
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Tumblr people: If you're on Tumblr, can you only reblog your friends, or can you reblog anything on Tumblr?

(It's probably going to be the death of me. But. SO MUCH KLAINE. Not sure how much longer I can resist.)

my new baby

Sep. 1st, 2011 10:59 pm
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I'm caving to the obvious; his name is Darren.

1. This car is male; stick-shift innuendo aside I just get that vibe.

2. Also he's a bit of a flirt/show-off.

3. And maybe kinda loud? Maybe it just sounds that way to me because I've always driven automatics but I feel like he runs louder than Laurien.

4. Also, baby looks good in red (click for fullsize, if you're so inclined):

Just like:


So for Christmas, I want one of these. Because it would just be hilarious if Darren-the-car also had the eyebrows.
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There's a girl at work and I've been having what the Fug Girls call the "Pregnant or Donuts?" conundrum. I honestly couldn't tell if she had just gained a wee bit of chubby belly or if she was knocked up. No announcements had been made, no one was talking about it, and I didn't want to ASK, you know? I figured I'd just wait it out, lol.

She just posted on Facebook that she's 13 weeks and craving a Kit Kat. AWKWARD AVERTED.

In other news, I need to pack tonight because tomorrow I am headed out to Michele's for the weekend. YAY!! =D It's kind of last-minute--I completely forgot until yesterday that I have Monday off.

Also, as of yesterday I've been at my job for two years (not counting the two weeks where I was part-time, working around the few hours I got at my previous job) and I now have two weeks of vacation to play with. =D Though I probably need to save it up to go job-hunting in St. Louis.


Sep. 1st, 2011 01:29 pm
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Evidently, I am not as sneaky as I thought, and the whole office knows that Cody and I are not together.

On the bright side I took down the wedding pictures that have been on my desk this whole time. I am debating on how childish it might be to replace them with a picture of Darren. (Yeah, the eye candy would be nice, but that's probably not going to happen considering I already get teased a bit for my fannishness. Then again there's one girl there who has a frekaing JUSTIN BIEBER calendar so I don't know that anyone would have any room to say anything.)

Is it weird that I'm already mentally planning my NEXT wedding the same way I did the first one--you know, when it's lightyears before I've even met anyone?
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New chapter of Detour to Destiny. We're so freakin' close to posting the end of the third book (and writing the fourth). I can almost taste it.

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