Jul. 8th, 2011

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Day 19: Favourite Blaine hairstyle.

I may have started writing a fanfic about this, actually. Erm.

The hairstyle that Blaine will have in season three. When he transfers to McKinley and is no longer required to conform to a dress code, and therefore spends his summer growing his hair out.

Oh yes. Beats the hell out of helmet hair.

(Also: this is more or less what I draw when I draw Blaine. The helmet hair is hard to draw.)
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Since I was tagged on DA. But I'm not tagging.


1. I'm actually kind of sad about getting a new car. I thought I'd get to drive my first car forever. If I'd won the lottery I'd have gotten it fixed up; if I win it in the future I may well track down another. (I need to buy a lot more tickets if I want that to happen...)

2. As insane as fandom can be, it's always been there for me and kept me sane in the darkest parts of my life. It's been different fandoms through the years, but it doesn't matter: escapism is my coping device. (I wrote my first fanfictions at the tender age of five, not realizing that fandom would come to be An Actual Thing once the internet came to everyone's house.)

3. Even though I am technically very conservative when it comes to the when and who of sex--marriage only, plzkthx--I'm a very sexual person. Lady on the street, freak in the sheets? That's me.

4. Even though they never, never, NEVER play out exactly, I often "rehearse" conversations in my head before I have them. Not just big, news-giving conversations, but random "oh hey" conversations. I worry that when I am old I may remember the way I pre-imagined certain conversations instead of the conversations themselves.

5. I joke about it, but I'm fairly certain that if a shrink got a hold of me, I'd wind up with a diagnosis of mild OCD.

6. I'm pretty sure that if my extended family really knew me, I wouldn't get invited to any more family reunions. I know I wouldn't if they knew what I really thought of them.

7. I like to dress loud--mostly because other people don't. The fact that American society has gotten away from wearing hats is a tragedy to me.

8. If I have even the slightest half-a-spark of interest in someone of the opposite sex, I will imagine what it might be like to be married to them. Despite #3, I don't just mean in a sexual way--I wonder what sort of house we'd have, how we'd split up the chores, whether or not I'd work, all of it. (This applies to celebrity crushes, fictional characters, and legitimate real-life love interests alike.)

9. I'm not sure if the wide variety in my music library indicates that I have no taste, or PERFECT taste. I'd like to think it's the latter.

10. Gainful employment is the only thing standing between me and purple hair. I wish I had had the guts back when I had the job(s) that would've tolerated it.
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The manager that used to "jokingly" pick on me and insinuate that I was secretly a man? Yeah, when his accounts popped up at work I totally told them where he was working. $3 bonus for me, his wages get garnished, and he never, ever knows I did it. XD
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Day 20: Favourite Klaine funny scene.

I've been trying really hard to think of a scene where they're just funny, and there really isn't one. It seems to always have a deeper romantic meaning when I think about it. Blaine talking to Burt about Kurt needing the talk? Born from Blaine genuinely caring about Kurt's well-being. Blaine shoving Karofsky? He got the crap beat out of him at Sadie Hawkins so he's knowingly taking a risk just to keep Kurt safe. Kurt freaking out about Pavarotti being sick? A) it's a metaphor for Kurt at Dalton and B) Pavarotti actually did die so maybe Blaine was wrong about him being okay.

Except maybe Blaine waking up in Kurt's bed in Blame Blaine It On the Alcohol. That's pretty much just hilarious. Drunk!Blaine is just...GAH. Love him.

(Well, and the Gap Attack is pretty lulzy, but that's kind of...anti-Klaine.)

oh and also

Jul. 8th, 2011 08:13 pm
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Today is Cody's 21st birthday, as I was reminded every time I wrote a receipt today. Normally I don't notice birthdays and such because they're in my head as "March 14th" or whatever, the word, and I write the numbers (3-14-11) on the receipts. But nuuuuuu, his date of birth is 7-8-90 so that's how it stuck in my head and I won't be very shocked if I get a receipt back on Monday where I actually wrote 7-8-90. Urgh.

I asked him back in March what he wanted to do for his birthday, with a feeling of holy shit it's going to be July like any second. Now it feels like so long ago.

It's also three months since he left. Today.

Not gonna lie, I kinda feel like shit today. Fuck the world.

I saw him yesterday--apparently he has a friend in the apartment complex across the street, because I saw him in the parking lot as I was headed home. Bleh.

I need out of this town like I can't even say.

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