Jun. 19th, 2011

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Here's the full list. I may repost at the end with links to my answers after I've answered everything. =)

Day 1: The moment that made you a Klaine shipper.
Day 2: Favourite Kurt solo.
Day 3: Favourite Blaine solo.
Day 4: Favourite Klaine duet.
Day 5: A song that describes their relationship.
Day 6: Favorite friendship between Kurt and another character.
Day 7: Favorite friendship between Blaine and another character.
Day 8: Favourite Kurt scene.
Day 9: Favourite Blaine scene.
Day 10: Favourite Klaine scene.
Day 11: Favourite Chris quote about Klaine.
Day 12: Favourite Darren quote about Klaine.
Day 13: Favourite Kurt screencap.
Day 14: Favourite Blaine screencap.
Day 15: Favourite Klaine screencap.
Day 16: Favourite Kurt outfit.
Day 17: Favourite Blaine outfit.
Day 18: Favourite Kurt hairstyle.
Day 19: Favourite Blaine hairstyle.
Day 20: Favourite Klaine funny scene.
Day 21: Favourite Klaine eyesex scene.
Day 22: Favourite Klaine fanart.
Day 23: Favourite Klaine video.
Day 24: Random quote that describes Klaine.
Day 25: Favourite Chris quote about Darren.
Day 26: Favourite Darren quote about Chris.
Day 27: Favourite Chris photo.
Day 28: Favourite Darren photo.
Day 29: Favourite Criss/Colfer photo.
Day 30: A list with your top 5 moments.
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Day 1: The moment that made you a Klaine shipper.

Honestly? Pretty much the first second Blaine was onscreen.

Kurt's been my favorite character from the very first seconds of Glee that I watched and I want good things for my poor baby. Over last summer the buzz was that Kurt would get a boyfriend in season two, and rumor was it'd be a football player. (I wonder now if the plan was for things to go way differently with Karofsky? Ew.)

When Sam came on the show everyone flipped, but then he turned out to be straight and went after Quinn, and I was kind of disappointed. (Others shipped Hevans regardless... =P) Then things started going so badly for Kurt that I was just...so tired of it, on his behalf. They started talking about Darren joining the cast and being a "mentor" for Kurt, and I was like...okay, they're calling him a mentor, nothing is going to come of this, too bad. And then Blaine (or, as I saw someone else refer to him, Blarren Crissderson, lol) was just his dapper little self and I was completely charmed right off the bat and even though I was pretty sure for two or three episodes that they weren't going to be canon (oh, how wonderfully wrong I turned out to be!!) I was shipping them. I think every episode from "Never Been Kissed" to "Original Song," every time either of them was on screen I was on pins and needles. And then, the Kliss/the Kiss Heard 'Round the World...le sigh. ^_^


Jun. 19th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Forgot The Glee Project was on tonight. X/

Will watch on oxygen.com...as soon as the SITE IS WORKING. GAH.

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