Jun. 11th, 2011

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There's now a website that will check for you and build you a little tree, if you do multiple searches and they meet up somewhere along the line. I think I had a tree with like fifteen branches when I got to fiddling with it last night.


According to them, though, some of the ones that we disproved the last time I talked about this work, so I'm not sure about that. (Then again, Wikipedia gets edited all the time, so it could happen.)
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There's a parking lot that I pass on my way to work, with a sign: ALL PARKING SPACES RESERVED. And I wonder to myself why the entire lot is so shy. They look like perfectly respectable parking spaces to me. (I know, I know, but it amuses me. I won't be going into standup anytime soon, lol.)

Also, the other day, I had to call someone from work, and got their voicemail (happens a lot, I could recite the message we have to give in my sleep). One person said "You've reached -phone number.-" Then two or three people chorused together: "SPEEEEEEEEAK!" Random Rent reference made my day! =D

So I have Klaine rolling around in my head a lot (I'm on the Klaine Train, I've been Klainewashed, I am a Klaineiac...love this fandom, no lie), and I ran across another reference to "Kurt loves scarves, I love Kurt" (a fandom thing, which stemmed from the canon line "Well, Blaine loves football...I love scarves"), and this old Sesame Street song popped into my head:

And now I kind of want Kurt and Blaine to sing it. For the lulz. (Not as a competition piece, but just, as a weekly assignment song or as a goofing around thing.) I am torn as to which of them should take which part, though--at first I was thinking Kurt for Bert, because lol the name and also Kurt is the more uptight of the two...but...BLAINE'S TRIANGLE EYEBROWS. IT'S THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO MOCK THEM MORE. BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM.

Sesame Street's owners, though, seem...unlikely to let that shit fly, I would think. At least in canon. (Fanvid, anyone?)

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