Mar. 8th, 2011


Mar. 8th, 2011 11:14 pm
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Chris Colfer (Kurt from Glee) asks a a fish's opinion of the show...and seems genuinely disappointed in the fish's answer.

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The lady I spoke with on the phone at Walmart lied, when I got there at 10:30 the woman said if they put anything out before midnight they could get fined. So I came home and went back. XD

There's a locked cart of boxes that all say "TIME SENSITIVE MATERIAL" with a "do not sell before" date on them, and they roll it out and will hand you stuff off of it. I had to wait behind like three gamer dudes who were there for Dragon Quest (I think? Dragon something that came out today).

It wasn't the mad rush of a Midnight Release Party (I so want to go to one of those in costume, someday), but both of the women working electronics seemed to think it was pretty normal for people to be waiting on them, lol. Interesting.

Was asked my opinion of the CD itself, so I'm pasting my comment because I'm way too lazy to write it twice in different words, lol:

Quite a bit of it is very obviously about her (Avril's) divorce, but there's a couple of her trademark rock anthems in there (the What the Hell single, obviously, and Smile, and I think Stop Standing There might qualify), and I've been listening to it since I got it.

There's a lot more piano and stripped-down-ness here and I'm digging that, too. =) Spring for the deluxe, it's worth the money just for her cover of Bad Reputation. She recorded it to play over the loudspeakers at her concerts and I had a bootleg of that, but this is the polished studio version. =)

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